11 TV Shows That Make You a Better Marketer

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When striving for mastery, the key lies in creating an environment that nurtures your aspirations. Take my own pursuit of influence and persuasion as an example. To ensure I stayed on track, I deliberately crafted a space that fosters these skills, shielding myself from distractions that could hinder my progress. From dissecting TV shows to diving into books, every part of your life will contribute to your growth. So gear up and join me! Together, we’ll create a nurturing haven where success becomes second nature.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor unveils the secrets to building such an empowering environment by being surrounded by the right influences, the perfect resources, and the right atmosphere to hone your craft and ascend to greatness.

[00:34] Importance Of Creating An Environment In Which Your Skill Set Lives:

  • I’ve always believed that to master something, you must fully immerse yourself in an environment that nurtures the skill, idea, or belief system you want to develop. Everything you do afterward should be guided by those principles.

  • For instance, when I decided to pursue influence and persuasion professionally, I made a conscious effort to create an environment that would foster these skills. I realized that without such dedication, other distractions might take my focus away from my goal.

  • As a result, I find myself analyzing everything in my environment through the lens of influence and marketing.

  • Even in downtime, I seek out TV shows or books that offer useful insights into these areas. This approach has helped me continually learn and improve, even during leisure activities.

[02:45] Top Shows For Becoming A Better Marketer:

  • One of my all-time favorites is “House of Cards,” despite its discontinuation due to an actor’s scandal. The show’s focus on power games and the protagonist’s determination not to lose has been particularly influential for me.
  • Another favorite is “Breaking Bad,” where a school teacher turned drug producer embarks on a journey of personal growth and control over his life. The characters’ development and challenges in the world of crime have resonated with me and offered important insights.
  • Both shows, “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad,” have intricate details in body language and psychology that make them outstanding pieces of storytelling.

  • The show Better Call Saul, shot in the same style as Breaking Bad, showcases how the protagonist, Saul Goodman, creatively overcomes challenges and solves problems, even when faced with powerful and intelligent adversaries. Another character from Breaking Bad, an ex-cop, also appears in the show, adding depth to the story.
  • Silicon Valley, a sitcom, humorously portrays the incompetence of people trying to run a high-level tech business. Watching the main character, Richard Hendricks, make mistakes and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship offers valuable business lessons.
  • Homeland, created by Israelis and set in the USA and the Middle East, follows a character named Carrie who can see through complicated spy webs. The show demonstrates how unlikely scenarios can come true and highlights the constant state of tension and pressure in the world of espionage.
  • The sixth show, Death Note, is an anime that tells the story of a smart kid who finds a notebook that can cause death by writing anyone’s name in it. This intense battle of wits between the kid and the detective, L, demonstrates the value of unpredictability in marketing.
  • Westworld, known for its violence and intrigue, offers important lessons about creating a world where robots resemble humans. The show explores the consequences of indulging in complete freedom, reminding marketers to consider the impact of their actions.
  • These shows, each with its unique focus on problem-solving, creativity, and unpredictability, can provide valuable insights and entertainment for marketers seeking to improve their skills and perspectives.

  • “Seinfeld” is an amazing show that turns mundane and everyday scenarios into hilarious sitcom episodes. Jerry Seinfeld’s ability to create humor from the ordinary serves as inspiration for marketers to infuse creativity into their content, especially emails and marketing videos.
  • “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” created by Larry David, another co-creator of “Seinfeld,” follows similar principles by deriving humor from awkward and everyday situations. Though a bit more intense, it still offers valuable insights for marketers to create engaging content.
  • “South Park,” known for its mature content, has evolved from making fun of silly things to satirizing real issues and political campaigns. Marketers can learn from the show’s ability to take ideas and turn them into profitable marketing material, particularly for entertainers, social media users, podcasters, and email writers.
  • “Top Gear,” beloved by car enthusiasts, stands out for its unique angles and frames when reviewing cars, rather than sticking to the traditional approach. This unapologetic presentation of cars can inspire marketers to find distinct perspectives for their products or services.
  • Overall, these shows offer a wide range of lessons, from problem-solving and creativity to finding unique angles in marketing and content creation. Watching and analyzing these shows can help marketers improve their skills and enhance their storytelling abilities.

  • Conan O’Brien’s late-night show teaches valuable interviewing skills, which can be beneficial for marketers who conduct interviews to establish authority and grow their audience quickly. Additionally, late-night shows excel at making jokes about current events, which can inspire email marketers to write timely and engaging content that resonates with their audience.

  • By observing and learning from these shows, marketers can improve their storytelling abilities, find unique angles for their content, develop a strong voice, and create engaging and relevant marketing materials. Each show offers valuable insights that can be applied in different aspects of marketing, making them worth watching for any marketer looking to enhance their skills and effectiveness in the industry.

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