What Drives Me in Business

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Embark on a journey of self-reflection with Igor on the List Building Lifestyle today.🚀 He’s talking about what drives him forward, opening up about his relentless craving for new experiences and challenges, and sharing how this thirst for variety shapes his path. Through his story, he reveals a deep-seated commitment to growth and progress, 🎨 painting a picture of a life guided by the pursuit of fresh horizons and constant evolution. Join him in embracing change and 🌱 set yourself out on your own journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

[01:42] Need for Variety:

  • There is always a psychological need for variety as a driving force in Igor’s life. 
  • Repeating the same tasks or engaging in the same activities over and over again leads to feelings of boredom and frustration.
  • Igor thrives on new experiences, challenges, and changes in their environment.
  • Some people find comfort and security in routines and familiarity, but this mindset doesn’t align with his preferences and needs. 
  • This implies that while stability may suit some, it doesn’t fulfill desire for excitement, novelty, and the unknown.

[02:54] Desire for Growth:

  • Alongside variety, there’s a need for growth and progress as well.
  • Igor enjoys challenges that offer a sense of continuous improvement, whether in business ventures or even activities like video games.
  • It’s not solely about raising standards; it’s a craving for variety and new challenges.
  • Even if an income stream is successful, repetition is boring, and he prefers to explore new, exciting ventures to keep things fresh and engaging.

[04:27] Values and Standards:

  • When it comes to values and standards, one should be deeply invested in ensuring that their children receive an education that reflects basic beliefs and principles. 
  • Igor grew concerned when his daughter’s school started emphasizing divisive social issues over core subjects. To him, education should focus on essential skills without pushing controversial ideologies.
  • It’s essential that they grow up in an environment that nurtures their intellectual and moral development.
  • Prioritizing a balanced approach to education, that fosters critical thinking and provides a strong foundation in essential subjects. 
  • Troubled by trends undermining traditional values and freedom of expression, Igor advocates for an inclusive society where diverse perspectives are respected and individuals can freely make informed choices.

[07:17] Future Planning and Investment:

  • Emphasizing the importance of future planning and investment across different facets of life, including relationships, finances, and social circles.
  • Dedicate considerable time and thought to envisioning and shaping the outcomes you desire for the future.
  • While evaluating his relationships, Igor aims to strengthen existing ones, build new connections, or address toxic dynamics for future growth and fulfillment.
  • Financial planning is significant as it involves strategizing to secure well-being through saving, investing, or entrepreneurial ventures, with the aim of achieving stability and prosperity.

[08:09] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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