7-Figure Productivity Secrets With Tim Erway

I love Internet marketing.

I love the IM community.

I truly do.

But all this talk about time freedom pisses me off.


Because most marketers who yap about freedom this and travel that don’t actually live their dream lifestyle… unless their dream lifestyle is locking themselves up in their hotel room and working their asses off.

The marketers who make the most work the hardest.

Some are open about it.

They love what they do and they’re proudly releasing products, coaching clients and producing trainings.

These are the marketers I truly respect.

But most are just full of it.

They talk about how they get to wake up on the beach to a bunch of commission notifications in their mailbox.

But they never talk about skipping lunch the day before to meet a deadline or get on the phone with a client in crisis.

Which is why I invited Tim Erway as special guest on the all new List Building Lifestyle.

The guy actually makes seven figures and has a life.

Discover how you can too now.


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Igor: Welcome back to List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets and today I’m hosting Mr. Tim Erway who’s basically built every possible business model out there into multiple six figures and seven figures. Tim’s been focused lately on a scaling businesses not so much like most of our guests putting them together from scratch. So I’m really excited to give you guys a sneak peek into what your life might look like if you really stick to your dreams and your goals. So Tim, how are you doing, man?

Tim: I’m going great, Igor. Thanks so much for having me.

Igor: My pleasure. I have been waiting to for this day for a very long time. You’ve been attempting to schedule this several times and something keeps on going the wrong direction so I’m totally pumped and I’m just curious what have you been up to lately?

Tim: Good question. So for me lately, like you actually mentioned in the introduction, I’m really excited and really just focused on growing my business but not only that helping other people grow their business and so what I’m really focused on right now is teaching people what it takes not only to get to six figures because that’s kind of the start up phase from zero to six figures but going from six figures to seven figures and beyond because as a lot of people find out what gets you to six figures, the levers you pull to get to six figures don’t necessarily translate to getting you to seven figures and multiple seven figures and eight figures. So it’s been a passion of mine over the last couple, three years of really understanding what it takes to grow an ultra successful multiple seven figure and eight figure business. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been focused on lately and really just doing what I love to do. Spending my time doing what I love to do as far martial arts, travel experiences and all that good stuff and really creating that lifestyle equation so that there is more balance in that area where I can actually experience the success that I’ve been able to achieve. Really the reason that all of us got started, Igor, I’m sure you’d agree is to have lifestyle, have freedom and what a lot of people find when they start out in business, they are wearing all the hats in their company. They are doing everything that needs to be done from customer support to marketing to sales to traffic generation, all that stuff is up to them and really what I’m very focused on, very committed to right now is helping actually achieve the lifestyle and the freedom that they wanted when they started out in business.

Igor: Well, I think that’s a noble goal and you know I find that the whole marketplace to be a little bit hypocritical when it comes to selling you on the idea of freedom because most people all they do is talk about freedom this, freedom that, I’m traveling here, I’m traveling there. Very few actually live that life, right? Very few people get to enjoy the free time, they get to wake up in the morning, and say you know what I just don’t feel like working today. I’m just going to go and hang out on the beach or read a book or whatever. But that’s again almost never happens.

Tim: You’re right. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] The more people that I talk to the more I see that to be true. You know what Tim? Here’s the paradigm shift that we all need to sort of experience, how does one go about multiplying income while severely decreasing work hours?

Tim: I think that’s the Holy Grail really when you look at business and when you look at what the goals are of a business. If you look at a business from a pure business standpoint, the goal of the business is profitable scalable revenue growth. Right? It’s got to be profitable, it’s got to be scalable and it’s got to be revenue… so when you look at a business from that standpoint that’s the goal of the business. But when you take the human equation and you put it into the business, you say what’s the goal of my business, it’s to create scalable revenue growth, profitable sustainable revenue growth, right? But it is to do that in a way that actually creates more freedom that doesn’t require you and so creating a more leveraged system and so the idea is really what do I need to do to increase revenue, what do I need to do to increase profitability, what do I need to do to increase cash while decreasing my personal time? It really comes down to small levers that swing big doors. I want to share a few of these levers just from a big picture standpoint and what they are and then we can dive deeper if you want to do that but the levers are as follows: they are people; strategy, systems, execution and cash flow. Those are the levers. So if you really want to understand what it takes to create a company or a business that creates time and freedom that creates walk away income where you can actually go take a vacation for a month and come back and know that everything is fine then these are the levers that you need to understand how to pull. So we can dive in and talk about each of these specifically if you want. I know this is a lot of high level stuff for your guys so it’s kind of hard to really think if you’re just getting started in business. I’ll tell you this; there is a lot of appeal to creating a very simple business. So for me, the easiest and most fun type of business is an information marketing business. You’ve got really valuable stuff that you can create and you have ideas and you take these ideas and that’s really the value that you’re bringing to the world is your ideas. You’re creating them from scratch and I think we are all here to really as entrepreneurs, artists are here to create beautiful painting or pictures or music or whatever, entrepreneurs are here to bring our ideas to life and that’s what we create and that’s what we bring to the world. So it’s really exciting to be able to do that. Going back to a business model that is really cool, it’s more lifestyle driven because you have very little cost of goods. You have the ability to bring your ideas to life. Information marketing ticks all the boxes for me and I’ve done all kinds of business everything from real estate to software and I still keep coming back to the bringing ideas into the marketplace and sharing value in that respect and making that work for me. I think for me that creates the ultimate leverage and really when we start out with an idea like that maybe it’s information marketing maybe it’s network marketing, maybe it’s any other type of home business, all of these are really possible, great possible vehicles for creating this kind of lifestyle business but unfortunately what you find is as you start growing and like you said Igor, you nailed it a lot of people, they take their pictures on Facebook and you see them enjoying their cars and this and that and in reality though a lot of those people are slaves to their companies, slaves to their business. In other words, they are working 12, 16, 18 hours a day to maintain that illusion of wealth and freedom when in reality if they pulled away and they got into an accident, God forbid their company changed their compensation plan if they are network marketers, their income is gone in an instant and their lifestyle with it. I’ve seen that happen many times where people are on top of the world or seemed to be and the rug get gets pulled out from underneath them and it’s happened to me. I don’t ever want to be stuck in that situation again. So for me, it’s really important to have an idea of what creates a highly leveraged, highly scalable business model that I don’t necessarily need to be there everyday to babysit. It takes me personally out of the equation but it still gives me that income and the lifestyle that I want. Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and create a $20 million a year company. In fact that’s probably opposite lifestyle for a lot of us because that takes a lot of work. There are different phases of growth where you’re having to get back in there, really push that business forward and really move it forward when you create a scalable business and there is kind of that sweet spot for me which is between $5 and $15 million for our type of business where you can kind of just create – you can really have a really good business that supports your lifestyle that has an awesome team that really can maintain your company and really keep things going and where you can still make a huge impact in the world and still be able to do that things that you love to do. I find that’s really the sweet spot for me, does that mean you can’t grow a $100 million a year business and still have free time? No, it means you can but you’re going to have times where it gets more complex. The more money your company makes the more layers of management you have; you have your executive team, you have all these different layers create more complexity and therefore have a lot more moving parts and make it really difficult to maintain so for me I like to keep things simple, I like to keep them really, really profitable. I like to keep less moving parts and I just like to keep it really simple and stupid because I’m not that smart. I don’t know how to grow teams of 100 people and I don’t really have any desire to that. So I really like highly profitable, I like to run a really tight ship, keep it small, keep people who are really committed to the culture and vision of the company and we just have fun and enjoy it. We just got back in fact from a company retreat in Utah and that’s actually why we missed our last meeting together. I was on a late flight and we all went to Utah and went snowboarding and just enjoyed our time in the mountains for awhile because I really want to extend that lifestyle element to the whole team and allow them to participate in that as well. So it’s just a very different way of looking at business than what a lot of people – when you’re just starting out you might not consider this stuff, you’re probably just thinking if I make $10,000 a month to replace my income or if I could just make $20,000 a month or whatever your target is. You know you get there and you look back you know what? I’m working my ass off to make this kind of money, how do I create more leverage? How do I create more scale? How do I create more free time? How do I actually live the lifestyle and the dream that I wanted when I started out in this business? If you don’t figure that out eventually maybe not this year maybe not next year but eventually you hit a glass ceiling and a plateau and you think to yourself, wow this is stressful. This is not the business of my dreams. This is a business of my nightmares because it requires all of my time, attention and energy to run it. So that’s what I’m really looking forward to solve for people.

Igor: Well, I wish I met back in 2011-2012 when my life looked just like you described when I traded one boss for many bosses. I traded one asshole basically for having a bunch of great people but I was still just as committed to them as I was to my boss because they were paying my bills. I remember that there were quite a few months if not a full year where I worked 7 am to 1 am in the morning and the worst thing, the worst thing besides of course the fact that it’s all on you. I mean it’s all on your shoulders; there is no one else there.

Tim: Mhh hhm.

Igor: The worst I think is the way my relationship with my fiancée at the time suffered. We’re married now and we have a child but it was really difficult because she would be like okay let’s have dinner – no I’m working. Or when we would actually have dinner, I would be working midway through the dinner. I would just stop and text somebody or email someone or check the links or whatever. Or she would say let’s go to bed I’m going to go ahead and I want go to sleep and you say well I still got to do some work. She said I can’t fall asleep without you so go and she goes fall asleep without me. We have a big fight. So it’s not healthy. It’s definitely not healthy.

Tim: Right.

Igor: What you’re describing right now sounds way healthier than running a one man operation striving to earn as much money as you can possibly earn but at the same time losing like you said all the things that are really important, the reasons why that we started the business in the first place. Here is something that I would love for you to sort of chat about like you obviously know your shit when it comes to business like you have system laid out, you’re know your numbers probably. Like if asked you what your average customer life time value is, you’re probably going to give me a very specific number. At that same time, make an impression of an outgoing, fun loving guy that doesn’t take life too seriously so how – I remember when I was just getting my business up and running I was so business oriented that I forgot to have fun. But you seem to have made more money at the same time having way more fun in the process.

Tim: Well, I will tell you this, my friend. It didn’t start out that way. So everything you just said about the work life balance equation like all of that stuff I experienced. There is nothing worse than not being able to unplug. So like you said, you’re having dinner with your fiancée even when you’re there with your fiancée or significant other whoever it is, it sucks when you can’t stop thinking about and pull away from your business. You’re concerned about this. You’re thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow or next week. All you’re doing is projecting into the future and going back to the past and you can’t be present and really enjoy the moment. I get that. I mean that’s what every single person – you get obsessed with this stuff. So it’s very, very easy to kind of let the other plate stop spinning and fall to the floor and I do look at work life balance as spinning plates but it doesn’t need to be difficult. It doesn’t need to be hard and it can be more fun and more enjoyable. So how do I do that? I make it a priority so all of us have various aspects of our lives that are really important to us and when we neglect those like you found one of those might be your relationships for you which it is for me as well. When you neglect that element of your life you start feeling the pressure and what happens is no matter what people try to compartmentalize these areas of their lives but if you neglect one of those thing that you value that is really important to you, you’re going to feel it in business as well because you’re going to reach that burnout. You’re going to get that stress. You’re going to get that point where you’re feeling empty or hollow or you feel like you’re missing something in your life. So how do I do it? I just make it a priority for me. So I’ll share couple of those aspects of life that really mean lifestyle for me. One of them that is really huge for me and I know it is for you. I can tell by the picture of you and your little girl there is relationships and family. So I make that a priority. When you’re just staring out in business maybe making that a priority is less time but the quality of that time can be so much better, in fact, what I found and I have four kids is when I first was doing this stuff, I made time for my kids. I had no other choice but I wasn’t present. I wasn’t there. They knew it. They felt it. My ex, I was there but I wasn’t there because I was in my business, I was thinking about business, all I was doing even when I wasn’t working was in my head working. Even though, I figured this out, I said you know what it’s probably not about quantity, it’s about quality. And so what I did was I just took periods of time. I actually scheduled them in where I would made an agreement with myself and with my family that these times that I’m not working and sometimes it takes an hour to unplug or whatever so you schedule that time in and you just make sure that you’re present and you’re there and you make sure the quality is super high. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your family, make sure that the quality of the time that you do spend is really high. Come up with agreements with those people in your lives so that they have the expectation because for them where they are let down or when they are let down and the stress kind of starts coming into your relationship, it’s because of unmet expectations. So if you set clear expectations and you say look I’m trying to spin plates, I’m trying to juggle a business. I know you understand that but you’re important to me too and I what I really want to do is I want to make this agreement where I agree to take X amount of time spend it with you not do anything or have anything to do with work and really just be there for you and enjoy our time together, is that something we can work out? If you do that you’ll find that that other person is going more often than not be oh my God, thank God, I feel important again, I feel like you care and I understand that you have a lot on your plate. So it’s really setting clear expectations. That’s my answer for the relationship equation but there is a lot of other elements or aspects of your life that are equally important. So relationships are really, really important for me. Another one is experiences. Again with business, when we start in business, we have this idea that we are going travel, we’re going to do all of these great things, and when we’re just completely overwhelmed and totally absorbed in creating our business sometimes we forget that that’s important to us and that is one of the reasons we started. Just like with relationships, we make agreements and we schedule those things. We make them a priority and we say you know what when I hit this target in my business I’m gong to give myself even if it’s a couple of days, maybe it’s every other month just a couple of days where you get to do something fun, that’s cool or maybe it’s a week long vacation twice a year or just hitting one of the places or experiences that you want to have on our bucket list. Like for me for instance, one of them was to do something really exciting, really challenging and I didn’t know what that would be but I wanted to take some time and do something – I like dangerous stuff- so myself, Mike Dillard and a couple of other people raced the Baja 1000. That checked that list for me. I was addicted to it. I loved it. We went several times on trips off road racing and just really enjoyed that for awhile. So I made that a priority. Another area of your life may be to better self or self improvement or whatever label you have for this. So you have an agreement where you schedule time in every single day and make that habit to listen to a podcast like yours, Igor, to read a book, to go to the gym if you like doing that, go ride mountain bike, and whatever it is. For me, I have two agreements that I have that I do. One is martial arts. I’ve been doing it for over a decade and I do it at least two days a week sometimes three days a week. Another daily one that I have with myself because for me having spirituality to check that kind of aspect of my life is meditation, I’m really good about meditating every morning until I got back from this trip. [laughter] But I’m getting back into it again tomorrow. So sometimes when I take vacations or trips, it takes me a few days to just get back into it. But mediation every single day for 20 to 40 minutes actually per day for me is how long I mediate and it’s an agreement. It’s something I set up into my life. All of these things, this is how you create that balance. You schedule it. You make it a priority. You become clear on what’s important to you, what you value. You make it a part of your lifestyle. That’s how it’s done and there is no other way to do. Like people go how do I do it? Well you make time and you make it a priority just like anything else. When you do that, when you make it a priority, the people in our life, they are going to appreciate you more, they are going to respect that you have a goal and a vision to build a business of your dreams, they are going to understand that and they are going to be more willing to support you in that. You’re going to be happier. You’re going to feel less stressed out, less burnt out, less overwhelmed because you’re integrating all of these aspects and elements that are important to your lifestyle and that lifestyle equation now before you have success. I think that’s really important because it’s that double edged sword. People go I know it takes this to become successful but I don’t know how to do it and I don’t have the time to do it. Well, you have to have the time to do it. You have to make that kind of stuff a priority in our life in order to become successful. So figure that out and schedule it in.

Igor: That’s actually very good advice. The first time I heard that was from Dan Kennedy, he says if you take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts and you make one part all about getting it done and other part of it being like it’s done or something like that. Most people the part of getting it done so the process of getting it done is too big like they always bring a lot of space in and so they kind of give themselves a lot of time and they allow the tasks and the business and whatever it to just take a lot of space. If you just make a commitment to not let it take so much space then you get it done faster and like I said the commitment and self-discipline associated with making anything in your life a priority by choice, it’s a very powerful concept. It took me about five years to get by the way. Because growing into my successes, I always felt like they are supposed to come a time – it’s always the distance. It’s always there in the distance. There is supposed to come a time when things just work out when it’s easy to spend time with my wife, when it’s easy to find the time for my daughter. It wasn’t until I decided that come hell or high water I’m back home at 5 from the coffee shop and turn off my cell phone for at least three hours so I can spend time with my family that didn’t happen. That’s when the switch happened for that at the end of the day, it’s your decision.

Tim: Absolutely. It reminds me of a quote. I was listening to Tim Farriss’ podcast and I don’t remember the Navy Seal’s name but super, super cool guy, just came out with a book and there was one quote that he said that really resonated with me and it was “Discipline equals freedom.” I think that is so true. If we just take the three to five really important things that we need to do everyday and I don’t do anymore than five and I don’t do any less than three so I take a look at every single day what are the top three to five things that I need to do, tasks that I need to complete in order to achieve my goal for the week or goal for the month or whatever. Everything is always three to five. I have three to five core objectives, three to five monthly goals, three to five weekly goals, and three to five daily tasks that I need to ensure that I’m tracking. If I do those things, do the hardest, “eat the frog” as Brian Tracy would say, do the hardest thing first, earliest. That’s really how discipline equals freedom because you get these things done and you’re not procrastinating and pushing things off until last minute and you’re actually accomplishing more by really being disciplined about what you do and understanding what’s going to make the biggest impact in my business. What are the things that I need to do just today, this week, this month, this year, what are the things that I need to be able to do and accomplish in order to have what I want to have.

Just really quickly, I want to share something that is really important because you mentioned this when you were talking about Dan Kennedy and how you can kind of have so much to do it’s overwhelming. So for me it’s about chunking things down. I use an application – I used to use Omnifocus, I use ToDoList. ToDoList is a great application. It allows you to really prioritize and compartmentalize the different aspects of things that you need to do in each quadrant or each area of your life, personal, business, all that stuff. So I just open mine up and I have on mine right now, I have one project that I’ll be working on today but I also have my personal things. Meditate for 20 minutes, read for 20 minutes, plan my day. All of those things I have to check off which I usually do right about now, the time we are doing our interview between 9 and 9:30, I’ll have done all of these things and then exercise is the other one. So I not only have my work related stuff but the other agreements that I made with myself for checking all the other boxes for me in my life. So if you really want to cool tool that helps you to makes sure that you’re chunking things down, doing those top three to five things that you need to do everyday in order to have a successful day, you can try that application. I highly recommend it.

Igor: So it’s ToDoList app. Now personally, I’ll be honest I was never like good at that stuff. There are so many applications out there for productivity. There is even an app, believe it or not, that reminds you to drink water. Like I have a friend who is a woman and she really takes care of herself and she says that if you don’t drink enough water, you’re skin goes pale or something. I forget to drink water so she is like I installed this app and it reminds me to drink water every hour. I’m listening to this all, we are turning into vegetables now. We got to have apps to remind us to do everything but when it comes to productivity I just use pen and paper.

Tim: That’s fine.

Igor: Works for me. Like I have gazillion notebooks now and I’m always writing something down. I think for me that act of writing it down into the notebook for me means that I have committed with myself like you say made an agreement with myself to actually get it done. It’s like its engrained now and I can’t delete it. I can’t get rid of it so it has to be done no matter what.

Tim: Love it. I think that’s fantastic. You remind me of a quote and I don’t remember where I saw the quote but I remember the quote very clearly and I thought it was hilarious. It was, “Hmm maybe if we tell people their brains are an app, they will actually start using them.” [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Tim: I thought that was pretty funny. I agree. Whatever works for you, whatever system works for you and me, it was pen and paper for a long time. But I love the convenience of an app. It really doesn’t matter what does matter is that you find something that works for you and you capture all the nonsense that’s going on in your brain – you capture it so it’s not in your brain anymore and then you prioritize as long as you have a system for doing that you’re going to do fine. My good friend, former business partner, one of my students that I have a tremendous amount of respect for, Mike Dillard, he uses a very simple thing, he uses a Microsoft Word or Notepad where he just writes down all the things that he needs to do. He doesn’t do anything really complex or difficult and he’s one of the most productive people that I know. He uses a very simple just Notepad where he writes down what are the things that I need to do, boom. That works for him. Other people I know use sticky notes. They will just have sticky notes and they will have a wall dedicated to organizing or a whiteboard or whatever and they will just use sticky notes. They just pull those notes down as they complete them. So whatever works for you, I think is fine but I really do think that you need to have something that works for you and be really clear about your vision, connect that vision with clear and specific smart goals if you don’t know what smart goals are look that up and then when you have your smart goals create the objectives or things that you need to accomplish, chunking down from your vision of your ideal life, what goals do I need to achieve to have that ideal life, to here are the things that I need to accomplish this month, this year, this week in order to reach that goal so that I have that vision. You got to really – if you want to play big, if you want to have the business of your dreams, you got to start on that grand vision of your ideal lifestyle, what you want to have and then extract from that vision the goals that you need to reach and accomplish in order to achieve or live that lifestyle that you want to live. Make those a priority, create around those goals objectives that are going to be stepping stones for achieving that goal and then integrate your daily action items into your life that move you closer to achieving those objectives so you can reach your goals so you can live your ideal vision.

Igor: I would just like to circle back real quick to what you said about capturing the nonsense in your brain which is such a good way of putting it because there is so much crap going on inside our heads like there are so many thoughts, it’s like a huge tornado of bullshit that constantly preoccupies us. It robs us of all this mental energy required to achieve and just like Mike, this is something that John Carlton shared with me when I was working with him one on one. He says, that the easiest way, the one that is by far is the most effective to sort of like get back into the groove even if you just got hit with some bad news or maybe you’ve had a setback and it really just threw you off your game. The best thing you can do is just sit down and do the classic put thoughts on paper, that trick, you know just write down exactly how you feel, exactly every single word that is literally in your head right now just put it on paper and there is some magic about it because it sort of as if you really physically pull out all that nonsense out of your head and put it on paper. You can feel it leave the body. You can feel the strength coming back and it’s like you now have more capacity to come up with the solution.

Tim: I love that. That’s described perfectly. I love that, Igor. I 100% agree. I think that mental space and energy, we spend so much of that on the bullshit that we have in our heads but when you really take it and put pen to paper or whatever works for you and just get it out. It gives you perspective and it gives you clarity and like you said it increases your capacity to be able to focus on the things that really do matter. So I think that’s brilliant.

Igor: Well, Tim, first off it’s been a great, great call so far, lots and lots of seven figure productivity tips here. So I have two more questions; first one being a last piece of advice for anyone who hasn’t hit six figures yet and where can we go and find out more information about you and how we can work with you.

Tim: Sure, you can check us out – so for you in the home-based business this is going to be perfect for you, it’s elitemarketingpro.com, in that company we focus primarily on helping people to achieve success in their home-based businesses so all things marketing from learning to effectively drive traffic and do it profitably to building a list. All that kind of stuff we teach at Elite Marketing Pro. We have coaching programs. We have over a dozen coaches that are dedicated to helping people actually get results in whatever business that they are in called the Ignition Coaching Program for Start Ups. We have the Acceleration Coaching Program which is more geared towards those that are getting some results and really want to get to that six figure level. Then we have the Elevation which is primarily for six and seven figure people. So we really have something for everyone to help them really scale and grow their business and actually live that kind of lifestyle that we’ve been talking about here in our time together. So if you want to learn more about that check us out at elitemarketingpro.com. I don’t remember if there was another question there.

Igor: Yeah, yeah, the last tip or any last piece of advice for anyone listening that’s getting a little bit of traction going on, some results but still can’t really scale.

Tim: I think it always comes back to a few things. I’m glad we didn’t dive into hiring and things like that because none of that stuff matters until you have this stuff figured out. So I think it comes back to clarity. I think that clarity helps with pretty much everything. Because a lot of people think that I’m not motivated or I want this but I’m having issues and I’m struggling with actually staying committed. A lot of people say you know what I start a business, I work really hard at it, I get some results but I feel like I’m always starting over or I just hit a glass ceiling. All of these things come back to a few elements that I think will really help you overcome a lot of these challenges that you’re facing because they are really just symptoms of something that’s really a core issue. So when you have clarity, complete clarity around what you’re vision is and what you really want and take some time to really sit down, this is the most important work you can do for your business and it’s kind of like you have to stop working your business to work on your business kind of thing. So pull away from your business for awhile, dedicate as much time as necessary to sitting down and writing down what you’re ideal lifestyle looks like get really clear on that. I did this a few years back when I did this. I said, you know what I have a successful business from the outside everything looks great but I’m not doing what I love and I’m not moving towards what I want in my ideal lifestyle and so I had to hit the reset button. It’s interesting because I know a lot of people that I’ve taken through this process of really sitting down and creating your ideal life. What’s your ideal average day, what does it look like? What are you doing from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed? Is the vehicle - the business you have now, is that moving you closer to your ideal lifestyle? And if it’s not what is it going to take – what do you have to change in order to make that work for you? So getting clarity around that is going to help with everything else and then really understanding the whole process of creating smart goals. Smart goals, we won’t talk about that, we don’t have time but really getting clear on what smart goals are and how important they are at helping to move you towards your vision and when you have that then you have automatically taken care of another big thing that people are missing in that strategy. So number one I would say is clarity. Number two is strategy. Strategy is the how, how do I get this business that I really want, it comes with understanding goals, objectives and the tasks you need to know to achieve your objectives, to reach your goals to live your ideal vision in your lifestyle. When you have that kind of stuff down, you’re really taking care the lack of motivation problem because your vision is so clear and crystal clear and compelling to you and exciting to you that you don’t worry about motivation because you have something more deep than motivation. You have inspiration. Inspiration pulls you toward your vision where motivation is fleeting and it just comes and goes. Inspiration where you feel like you’re really doing what you’re meant to do. You’re living your purpose. You don’t have problems with motivation. So I really think clarity, strategy, all of that stuff is taken care of when you do these sorts of things, these high level things that a lot of people neglect. They think I just need to make money so I need to do this to make money and they get stuck in that trap but when the going gets tough, they quit. They start something else, the grass is always greener, I’m going to go to this opportunity instead, and they completely start over from scratch losing all the momentum they gathered because they don’t have that clarity around the big picture and what they really want. So all of the other stuff, all the tactical things really don’t matter if you don’t have clarity around where you want to go, what that looks like and how you’re going to get there. Once you have that stuff in place, everything else becomes ten times easier. No obstacle is too big. You’re going to find people who help you achieve what you want. I would say the third piece of advice is find a mentor. Find somebody that has already achieved the results that you want and have them help you walk through this process of really creating your ideal life, of setting realistic goals using the smart goal setting process, and just help you to really put a strategy in place that is an effective strategy that has a high probability of moving you towards what the kind of lifestyle you want to have. So that would be my advice for those of you that are kind of struggling with this stuff, feeling overwhelmed, feeling frustrated, feeling like you’re working hard but not getting as far as you would like that are constantly switching opportunities or switching tactics just not getting anything or not finding anything that’s getting you results. Understand that it is probably – you’re focusing on the surface level stuff where there is probably something that is more integral or more core that is causing you to have these symptoms of things that you perceive of causing failure when it’s actually things that are hidden from you so just understand that a lot of this stuff really comes back to the ultra simple things that I just mentioned in getting clarity, understanding strategy, finding a mentor, those will help you get through all of your challenges.

Igor: Nice, so guys just to sum it all up. Don’t look at the symptoms, looks at the root of the problem which is usually deep down within you and it’s not the opportunity or the method. It’s really just way, way deeper than you think. So alright, well, Tim again, thank you so much. This has been a tremendous call. I’ve actually taken a ton of notes myself. I have got to go ahead and implement some these things you spoke about. I’m going to look up smart goals, I have to be honest I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. But I’m going to look it up for sure. I truly appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us and chat about this stuff. This has been crazy good.

Tim: Awesome, thank you so much Igor, it’s been a pleasure being on your show.

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