Why There’s No Such Thing As An Average Conversion Rate

“Igor, what’s the average conversion rate with your traffic for <<fill in biz opp here>>?”

This is by far the most annoying question we get at Igor Solo Ads.

Not because I can’t identify the average.

But because it’s a really bad question which leads to more bad questions which leads to failure.

In this episode I explain why it’s such a horrible question.

I also share what’s a better question to ask to get better conversions on your ads!


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. One of the most annoying questions that I ever got a traffic
provider as somebody who owns a traffic agency and who “supposed to know” how
thing convert is what the average conversion, what’s the average results for any
particular offer? Now trust me, we get these questions all the time even today,
and the problem I have with these questions is very simple. You see as somebody
who decided to become an entrepreneur and decided to join a business opportunity
and then to promote it with a traffic source. If you’re still clinging of the idea
of average conversions you’re simply looking for safety in numbers and that is a
habit that has been rooted within us since we were kids but the true of the matter
is there is no such thing as average because the average the marketer makes less
than $100 a month and that is actually not really true either because maybe there
is $100 per month that comes in but there is a lot of money coming out of their
pocket at the same time. So the other end of that spectrum is the 4% of the people
who make a lot of money. So you have a lot of people on the left side making
virtually nothing and you just a little bit, just handful of people on the right
side making a lot. I’m talking too much. I’m talking so much that they can buy a
Lamborghini and brag about it in their videos that’s the kind of money I’m talking
about. So you got a bunch of people who are making nothing and you got a handful
of people who are making a lot and you got virtually nobody, virtually no one in
between. So if you were to make an average out of that, you should all come up with
somewhere in between but that would not be a true number. The same is true by the
way with conversions for offers. There is going to be a handful of people who are
always going to convert like crazy and most people who will not convert at all
because of their habits, because of the way they approach their marketing, their
funnels, their concentration and so on and so forth.

Now why do people cling to the idea of averages? How come even though when you
join a business opportunity you will always hear about somebody talking about the
system converting on average at such and such rate throughout the entire thing or
across the board from all traffic sources so on and so forth? You will discussions
in the support groups and the Facebook groups about the average you’re supposed to
get on Facebook ads and the average you’re supposed to get on Solo Ads and the
average you’re supposed to get on referral traffic so on and so forth. Well the
reason for that because like I said people are looking for that average, that
safety in numbers. They are looking for safety in a really unpredictable
environment which is the entrepreneurial journey is all about. When you make the
first step towards becoming an entrepreneur you have to let go of the idea of
safety and with it the idea of averages. The only one place that you can expect an
average is an average minimum wage if you apply for a job. This is the only place
in our society today where you can literally say okay I can predict how much money
I’m going to be making, I can predict how many hours I’m going to be working, I
can literally work the numbers in order to understand that and predict what I’m
going to make. But the problem with that is of course you’re not going to make
much. The other problem with that is somebody else dictates that income or those
numbers for you therefore if you choose to become an entrepreneur if you choose to
build your own income streams either full-time or part-time, this is the world
where the same job thinking, you know same job mentality simply does not apply.
You can’t be thinking like an employee and expect to run a profitable business.
You can’t be thinking like an employee and expect to convert like a top earner.
You have to let go of what makes you an employee and you have to adapt a whole new
set life rules. If you are to become a successful business owner you know
promoting programs and products of your own or promoting affiliate programs and
affiliate products that pay you a commission because this is a totally different
world that requires totally different set of skills, a totally different set of
habits and totally different set of thinking patterns that if you don’t apply them
you will always struggle.

So the curious part is that a lot of times I see people jump from one opportunity
to the next or even they believe that the opportunity is what is going to make
that difference for them. There is always going to people like that. I mean no
matter what you say, there is always going to be people that have struggled with
five different opportunities up until this point, see something new that is
launching so they will jump on that believing that that is what is going to change
it for them but the truth of the matter is it will not do anything. They will
remain stuck within the same vicious cycle of putting money into business
opportunities and hoping the opportunities average is what is going to save them
but that is not true. If you study all of the top earners across small
opportunities and many of them are top earners in several opportunities all at the
same time, you will notice that these guys don’t even talk about averages. Sure if
you ask them what their average conversion rate they will tell you but their
averages do not mean anything and do not dictate anyone else’s averages and that
is what you have to understand if you are to become successful at converting paid
traffic. The averages simply don’t matter. The only thing that really matters is
finding the person or the people that are converting really well right now and
understanding what they are doing in order to convert. It’s not about trying to
understand their average conversion rate they are running at and if the conversion
rate you’re not getting is not matching up with their average then to try and
change the source. Of course that might be the solution maybe the source is really
bad that happens of course but more often than not it’s not the source that is the
problem more often than not it’s not the opportunity that’s your problem, more
often than not is you’re ignoring the actions and the habits on behalf of the top
earners that are leading to the creation of those conversions which you simply
don’t have installed or use in your own business. Therefore the whole concept of
seeking average conversions and average earnings and average success rates is
futile. It’s just useless time waste because you will never be able to build a
thriving business on a foundation based on expecting the average conversion rate
that someone else is getting without truly understanding and analyzing what
exactly are they doing to get those conversion rates in the first place.

So next time you’re facing such a challenge, next time you’re trying to find
safety in numbers, try to catch yourself and understand that you’re trying to
justify failure upfront. What you’re really doing is you’re saying, “Okay this is
what I’m supposed to get and if I don’t get this then the system is broken and it
is not my fault.” Rather than doing that I urge you, I invite you and perhaps even
I challenge you to take extreme ownership of your numbers and rather than trying
to seek the average perhaps you could ask yourself what am I not doing yet that
can improve my conversion by 5 to 10% within the next 30 days. That will be a much
better question to ask yourself when you’re running traffic that will lead to much
better results. Thank you so much for tuning in to another edition of List
Building Lifestyle. I’m your host Igor Kheifets and until next time we chat, have
a good one.

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