The Ultimate Work-Life Balance Formula From A Former Workaholic

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Are you struggling to find a work-life balance? You’re not alone. For years, Igor was just like you – obsessed with making money and neglecting everything else. But he found that a life without balance is not sustainable. Now, he shares his tips for putting systems in place, so you can make money AND live your life. Find out how you can achieve the perfect work-life balance and live the life you’ve always wanted. Tune in to this episode and discover the benefits of maintaining a work-life balance and how you can be content with life, even when you’re working hard.

[00:00] Barack Obama Introduces The Show:

[00:11] In this episode, Igor discusses the importance of balancing work in life and prioritizing the things that matter most.

[01:58] Absence of Work And Life Balance:

  • For many years, my work-life balance didn’t even exist. Because I was just obsessed with money.
  • I was so driven by the fear of being poor that even after I made my first million, my motivation remained the same. 

[03:23] Putting A System In Place:

  • After you’ve made your first $10,000 per month or $5,000 per month, whatever that enough number is because then you can start systematizing things.
  • The beauty and the curse of what we do is that we can be making money all the time. And a lot of times, it comes down to what we are doing right now.
  • If you’re the kind of person who is looking for a work-life balance, I suggest you delay thoughts about it until you’re making money for real. And then you can actually create it.
  • For you, that work-life balance might mean that you work late nights, but you don’t work in the morning. Because there are people who just work better at night. 

[04:34] Benefits of Maintaining A Work-Life Balance:

  • You get to travel more, then you do it on the go, by all means, and it’s going to be very, very subjective to what you feel work-life balances. 

[05:07] Being Content With Life:

  • I was completely fine with the idea that I was putting in more hours. I was fine with the idea that I was like, on my computer making shouldn’t happen all the time.
  • Even after I’ve made a lot of money, my lifestyle remains pretty much the same.
  • I’ve never really complained about my work because I love what I do. And I guess that’s been a blessing for me.
  • I jump out of bed and I can be like before I brush my teeth or had my coffee or whatever I can just jump into it.

[08:04] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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