Solo Ads Affiliate Marketing – 3 Ways To Promote Affiliate Offers With Solo Ads

Solo ads are a dream for affiliate marketers.

It’s an instant way to get traffic for virtually any affiliate link.

But, there’s some dangers you must be aware of.

In fact, there’s 3 ways to promote affiliate programs with solo ads.

Discover all three methods in this mind-blowing episode!


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Jonathan: You are listening to the List Building Lifestyle show. Welcome back to
another edition. Here is the King of Solo Ads, Mr. Igor Khefeits.

Igor: Wow, we are back to the king. Yes! That was my favorite.

Jonathan: It’s a rotation.

Igor: Right, right, right. Cool, Jonathan, are you ready to chat about affiliate

Jonathan: You know what I can’t wait to chat about affiliate marketing because I’m
hoping today you’ll convince me that I should be doing this.

Igor: Right. Wait you don’t do any?

Jonathan: I understand that most people when they start out getting internet
marketing and internet lifestyle, internet business, they go the affiliate route.
I was too dumb to that so I just built my own stuff and figured it out.

Igor: Wow. Poor Jonathan. Poor thing. Let’s fix that. Now – I’m really surprised
though because you have a list, you have an audience. It only makes sense for you
to promote some.

Jonathan: I’m a greedy pig. I only want to sell my own stuff. [laughter]

Igor: Right, you don’t share customers. Yeah, customer sharing doesn’t make sense
to you, understood. That’s the Jewish approach.

Jonathan: I’m honorary Jewish today. [laughter] Yeah, I just didn’t know all about
that stuff. I have trust issues, Igor. So I think that some of the stuff that
you’re going to talk about eliminates that right? Because you’re going to talk –
well look I’m not going to say what you’re going to talk about. You talk about
that. [laughter]

Igor: Alright sounds good. So today’s episode is all for affiliate marketers,
anyone who is either considering affiliate marketing and not sure how to start or
somebody who is already doing it but it’s not really working out for them or
somebody who’s doing it and getting okay results and wants to improve them. So
when it comes to Solo Ads, the affiliate marketers are the dominating bunch, if
you will. Most people who do Solo Ads are usually trying to do them with an
affiliate offer, an offer that is not theirs, an offer that they aren’t in control
of it in anyway and it’s product that was created by somebody else and they are
basically getting a commission for referring the sale. So they go to a website
like for example and they pick up an affiliate link and they start
buying traffic. Now of course I will share everything and explain everything in
the frame of the Solo Ads however this is true if you’re doing any other traffic
source, really because when it comes down to is making more money and getting more
sales when you’re promoting affiliate products. So what happens is most people
when they drive paid traffic to an affiliate offer is they drive it directly to
the sales page, directly to the affiliate link they were given. Now that’s a huge
frickin’ mistake, huge mistake, because at best they are going to get a couple of
sales and then all of this traffic that they pay for basically is lost and due to
the fact that affiliate offers usually pay a percentage which means they don’t pay
100% commission on the offer itself, they pay 50% or 70% commission on the sale.
You’ll need a lot of sales, you’ll need many, many sales in order to break even
and make money for your promotions. But as soon as you ran the promo and the
traffic is gone, that’s it, there is no back end, there is follow up, there’s no
nothing. So the incorrect way to do affiliate marketing when you’re running paid
traffic is to simply run it to your affiliate link. Now the correct way to do it
is a little bit different but with this little difference it makes tremendous,
tremendous difference to your business and to your bottom line. So there is
actually three ways to do it. The first way is to create a squeeze page and
connect the squeeze page to the affiliate link. So as soon as someone opts in they
get redirected to your affiliate link. That’s what we do for our customers for
free. So when they come in with an affiliate link and get traffic with us, we will
build them a squeeze page for free in order to do that. The reason that you want
to do that is because when you send traffic to a squeeze page first, compared when
you send it to a sales page, you’ll have a bunch of people opt in and then out of
those that opt in, they will prequalify themselves as being willing to jump
through a hoop to check out what is going on. You’ll have a couple cynics but
you’ll now have a bunch of people to follow up on and you get a couple more sales
as well. So this way in my experience you’re at least doubling the amount of sales
that you’ll make with this offer regardless of what the offer is. So if you were
to make two sales if you run directly, you’d make four if you have a follow up
sequence. That’s one benefit, that’s the most basic way to do it. Like I said,
what we do; everyone that comes to buy traffic with us, we give them a free
squeeze page because we believe they will get better results this way. Now the
second way to do it is to have what is called a bridge page which is a concept
that I believe everybody is familiar with but in case you’re not. A bridge page is
a sandwich page between your squeeze page and you’re affiliate link. Now what this
page does is first off it introduces you and by the time you’re emailing your
list, you’re not coming across as a random person spamming them, right, because
that’s what most affiliate marketers are to them, they are just hiding their link.
They are not showing up. So when Bob Jones emails you, you’re like who the hell is
Bob Jones and why is he emailing, I never subscribed to Bob Jones. So you
definitely want to use the bridge page if not for anything else but just for the
benefit of introducing yourself and when you show up in their inbox you’ll be
welcomed. Well, at least you will not be hated upon or they are not going to
wonder about you being a spammer, they will recognize your name from the bridge
page. The other thing that it does if you’re smart about your bridge page is it
can actually pre-sell the crap out of the offer itself. If you would like to know
how to do that rather than go into this right now, you can go to and get my Ultimate Bridge Page System which is now
available to you for 50% off. That’s going to give you my formula for creating a
bridge page for anything. Like I don’t care if you’re selling tires, you’ll be
able to create a really kickass bridge page for that. That’s the second way to do
it. That’s a really good way to do that but there is a even better way, Jonathan.
Even a better way.

Jonathan: A better way?

Igor: And that is, yes, to create your own information products that are
complimentary or directly tied to the problem that the affiliate you’re promoting
is solving and promote the affiliate product on the back end of your offer. So in
other words, I’ll give an example. My first affiliate success came as a result of
me creating an information product about list building. Right, so it was a really
simple list building product and on the back of that I put like on the thank you
page I put a banner ad for a traffic product which is complimentary to list
building. So anyone who is building a list is probably wondering where I can get
more clicks. So I was selling the product for 9.97 and I put a banner ad for a
traffic program for 9.95 that paid 100% commission. So the sale was nothing, it
was 9.95 but the entire sale went to me. What happened was, I quite literally
doubled my money from the same amount of customers, I didn’t pay anything extra
and not work harder, I simply positioned the offer in front of a different
audience, a better audience which is my buyers. As a result almost everybody, not
everybody but almost everybody about 80% of the people who purchased my guide
ended up buying the traffic shortcuts which was called “The Instant Traffic
Shortcuts”, you can actually look up now. It’s by Richard Legg. Anyone who
purchased my product, purchased this product as well and all of a sudden I went
from making 9.97 per customer to almost 20 bucks a customer and that changed
everything, Jonathan. I pretty much doubled my income and that’s what lead me to
finally quitting my day job. I think that month I made 1300 or 1100 bucks which
was enough for me to not work because my wife was still working. It was a game
changer. I still do this stuff by the way, sure game changer

Jonathan: You know that’s the problem I always had with affiliate marketing was
the fact that a) I was promoting somebody else’s offer so they really had all the
power and b) I wasn’t getting the leads so even if they bought I don’t know
anything but whatever piddly commission I got so that’s what I thought you were
going to talk about your bridge page offer because I saw and that to me is
brilliant, it’s like get the leads that you’re paying for and then sell them. Is
anybody else teaching this out here or are you guys the innovators on this?

Igor: I would call it so much as an innovation. The trick has been around for
years but I mean just look at Ben Settle, Ben Settle always brags about how he
dominates affiliate competitions and he basically takes out more people who have
larger lists and one of the reason is because he is promoting this through the
buyers list, you know subscribers of the Email Players newsletter. Not necessarily
his prospect list although it’s nice that he doesn’t segment. Right?

Jonathan: Right, true.

Igor: So sure, he writes amazing emails. Sure, he thinks it through and he emails
seven times on a Sunday to really push the scarcity. Yes, it has a lot to do with
it but he was doing it with a different list, he would not be getting those
results. The buyer list or the buyer relationship is critical like I literally –
six weeks ago – quite literally six weeks ago today, I ran a promotion for Danny
Levis, a marketer who is doing a lot of email marketing stuff. I really love his
stuff. I really love his style. It’s basically think Ben Settle only more
aggressive, more pushy.

Jonathan: Really?

Igor: Like he is really rrrr. Yeah, he’s aggressive and I actually – did you hear
the sound I just made the rrrr?

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: He’s that aggressive. Rrr So I have done a webinar with him and at the end
of the webinar, he offered a course called “Email Alchemy”. Now he said and I
quote that “I only came second to Jon Benson.”

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: Jon Benson, yeah, Jon Benson the founder of the VSL,

Jonathan: The VSL guy, yeah.

Igor: The guy who basically has a list that has been built upon a softer email
marketing, copywriting list, etc., anything to do with copywriting. Mine isn’t,
mine is a list of people who are looking to buy traffic and/or promoting business
opportunities, and with that list I came second. He said, “My conversions were
better than Mike Folsom, Mandy Jenkins”

Jonathan: No kidding?

Igor: A lot of people that we consider to be – yeah, yeah. I mean this is a quote.
So what I’m trying to say is that my buyer list was to blame for that and of
course, guys, my buyers listening right now, I appreciate you. Just so you know,
you’re not just a number on my list, I really appreciate you. What I’m sharing is
basically to let you know that even if you got a tiny, tiny list of buyers that
list will out perform a prospect list about 20 times the size. Always because when
you recommend who’s affiliated to that list, it’s not even fair game.

Jonathan: That’s interesting. You know who else, Doberman Dan had been talking a
lot about that lately too where his small list of newsletter subscribers was
responsible for a huge portion of his income and I’m talking about he’s got
$25,000 a year masterminds, $7000 or $8000 a day in person things and it all came
from a small list of under 200 people where he made I think maybe a couple hundred
grand off that small list.

Igor: Yeah, and I’m not surprised. I mean this is the 80/20 principle. It’s always
going to be like that. It’s always going to be like that, it’s always going to be
the 80% of your audience is usually responsible for 80% of the income. Actually in
my case, it’s 15/90.

Jonathan: Oh yeah.

Igor: 15/90. So it’s the 15/90 principle. I’m sorry ...

Jonathan: So 85/15..

Igor: No, no, no 15%.

Jonathan: What numbers are you telling me?

Igor: 15% of my audience ...

Jonathan: Is 90% of your income.

Igor: Is responsible for 90% of my income.

Jonathan: Thank you for clarify because my head – you can probably see it my ears
are smoking. I’m like, “What is this guy talking about?” [laughter] Alright so
we’ve got a little bit of time left, any closing thoughts because you have hit a
lot of great points here today, Igor.

Igor: Well, so affiliate marketing has its downsides. Let’s face it, you don’t
control the product, you don’t control the offer like the actual offer like the
guarantee, the price point and everything, you’re not controlling that, you’re not
in control of any of that. You don’t get the buyer either. This is a really bad
one, right, the back end is where the money is at and if you’re selling – if
you’re promoting somebody’s product and you’re not getting access to the back end
money that’s a big no-no for me at this point. I was willing to settle when I
started, I didn’t mind, I was looking for the instant cash but today, it’s a big
no-no. However, affiliate marketing is so much easier to start with when you’re
just getting into online marketing because you don’t have to build your own sales
funnel. You don’t have to build the entire product. You don’t have to get it,
designed, you don’t have to kind of lay out sales pitch; none of that stuff you
don’t have to do. All of that is hard work. Now it is worth it, it is worth it.
It’s like if you’re building a house, you don’t build on shifting sands but at the
same time, another analogy comes to mind is like let’s just say you just moved to
a different country and you have and let’s just say you have $10,000 in your
pocket. What you could do is you can either rent a house at 500 bucks a month, get
a job etc, etc, etc. and get a mortgage say a year from now or you could put a
down payment of 5 grand on a house, have 5 grand left and go looking for a job
then. So what would you do? I would probably try to rent first because I’ll have
more liquid cash in my pocket for other things which I’ll need when I’m just
getting started. Same thing here, usually affiliate marketing is the preferred
method to getting started because it’s easier. There’s less of a barrier. Now at
the same time, while you get started with affiliate marketing, get moving and
start building your own shit because your own products will always be more

Jonathan: Boom! Drops the mic. I’m out of here people. [laughter] Good stuff,
Igor. So if I were ever to do affiliate marketing, I have to have a bridge page
number one or I just need to sell to my buyers’ list which would be way easier
since I already have buyers. Got it! Good lessons today.

Igor: Wait, wait, don’t wrap up the episode. Now here’s how you put it on
steroids, Jonathan. Here’s the secret to as of why I even outperformed these other
guys for Daniel Levis. I’ve actually used a bridge page with my buyers.

Jonathan: Ahh. Double dip there.

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: The major influence impacters there. Good stuff there, man. So another
episode of List Building Lifestyle is in the can. We will be back in your earbuds
next time. Thank you for tuning in List Builders.

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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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