Opinionated Marketing

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Wondering how to spice up your email marketing with a dash of authenticity? 🌟Join us as we unveil the secret sauce of expressing genuine opinions in your emails. From cultivating trust to forging real connections with your audience, we’ll show you how injecting a touch of humor and self-deprecation can take your campaigns to new heights. 🚀 Don’t miss this engaging discussion on infusing personality into your email marketing efforts! 📧

[01:41] The Importance of Taking a Stance:

  • Emphasizing the significance of expressing opinions and taking a stand on issues in email marketing, 
  • Genuine expression of viewpoints fosters authenticity, earning respect and credibility from the audience. 
  • When you openly share your thoughts, you create trust and honesty, which helps to connect better with subscribers.
  • Just as in personal relationships, differences can coexist without diminishing rapport.

[04:01] Being Genuine:

  • Engaging with your audience authentically, whether through humor, sarcasm, or self-deprecation, can build rapport and strengthen connections. 
  • By being real and genuine in your communication, you can foster a loyal following.
  • This also underscores the effectiveness of self-deprecating humor as a tool for engaging with the audience. 

[04:53] Learning from Examples:

  • Drawing insights from diverse sources, such as the communication tactics employed by politicians during debates and the marketing strategies of industry figures like Frank Kern.
  • We can learn a lot from them by checking out what works for others, so that you can improve our own email marketing.
  • Igor thinks it’s super important to keep learning and changing our strategies so we can really connect with our audience and make our email campaigns successful.

[06:57] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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