Near-Passive Income With Michael Cheney of 7 Figure Franchise

What’s the definition of “passive income?”

It’s when you don’t have to work and you still make money.

Is passive income possible?

According to all the VSLs and Gurus – it’s the easiest thing in the world to attain (if you know their secrets lol!).

But according to my experience – passive income doesn’t exist.

But there’s something I call “near-passive” income.

And it’s the next best thing!


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor
Kheifets. My guest today needs no introduction. He's the gurus' guru. He's a
veteran now in the industry. In fact, he's been in it for almost 20 years. Ha! And
I'm just 29, so for me, I mean, He is a Legend! When I started online. He's
already making millions.

And if there's anyone who understands exactly how to make money online. And if
there's anyone who taught tons and tons of people how to do it? It's Mr. Michael

Welcome to the show, Michael.

Michael: Thank you. How are you doing?

Igor: Doing well. Excited! And I'm just gonna fire up *clap* my first question
while right away. I get this all the time! Okay? I talked to people who you
called, you know, "Newbies".

Michael: Right!

Igor: They are just getting started in this industry. And all they want, all they
talk about is PASSIVE INCOME. Igor, how do I have passive income? My dream is to
make passive income and travel the world.

So, my question to you Michael is... Is there such thing as passive income online?
And if there is, how do you get it?

Michael: Well the sure answer is no. But there is some good news! It's like some
of those perpetual motion machines, right?

Scientist for the longest time, back in a day is trying to create a machine that
just could just power itself. Before the use of fuel and everything. There came up
a various idea, maybe with a pendulum. That would go backward and forwards. That
can make the wheel go round and then the wheel somehow will try to make the
pendulum go round.

And they always thought they cracked it! But eventually, these machines. These
perpetual motion machines. kinda perpetual passive machines. In fact, you push it
once and it keeps going and going. They never worked! They always came to a stop!
And it's the same with an online business. Exactly the same.

In fact, I was at the science museum in Scotland. It's the largest Science museum
here in Glasgow, just the other weekend for my birthday with my kids. And there
was this amazing contraption. That's over 2 floors and all these little balls that
were rolling down this thing like a roller coaster for this little balls. You need
to watch them and they'd spin round, While they go down the hall and they lift up
and go around. And it was all great!

It looked like it was powering itself. It ? like it was one of these passive
motion things, where nothing is powering it. But it still needed power to lift the
ball from the very bottom up to the top. Once it goes to the top, wanna,
everything went automatically. The balls rolled and it did all these cool stuff.
But when it goes to the bottom, they needed to get some full of energy again to
get it to the top.

And it's the same with business. Passive income is not possible but near passive
income is possible. So something that you've kinda set going once. You do most of
the work in advance, you'll set it going and will generate income for you in a
consistent basis but you will still need a little bit of maintenance. A little bit
of effort will be required in an ongoing basis, but not very much. 95% of the
effort is in building the whole thing, building the machine, and then 5% of the
effort is just on an ongoing basis just to keep the money coming out. So that's
what we call a near passive income. It's not totally hands-free because that just
doesn't exist. But it's close to hands-free you can get.

Igor: Well, I'm really happy you said that. Because when you to go on Instagram or
Facebook, everybody is raving about how much money they are making and as if they
are not working. But the reality is, it's really not true. I mean at the very
least, even if right now they are not working, today. They've spent a long time,
invested a lot of time, effort, energy, resources to building a system. So, this
brings me to my next question. What is that system? How do you build one?

Michael: Well there's a lot of components to it. It's probably best to go see one
by one and for all your listeners. Just take notes to some of these things. This
is really what you need to build to get to a point where you have a system set up
that's near passive income. It's not totally hands-free. You need a little bit
time in maintaining it and devoting some time to it. funnel It pretty much runs
itself. Like the machine that scratch you from the museum there.

So the first thing that you gonna need is a way to capture leads. Which I'm sure
your audience know all about. A lead page, squeeze page, whatever you wanna call
it. You're gonna get people in the list so that you follow up with them, give them
offers and so on. So that's the first you gonna need.

Then you gonna need follow up campaigns. Follow up email campaigns that promote
various offers. that Or ideal, your own products so you can keep 100% of the money
for yourself.

Then you're gonna need to kinda scale this up. There's no point to sell care.
Well, I'm gonna create a little E-book. I'll get a little squeeze page and I'll
give something away for free. Maybe the first chunk and so I'll sell the rest of
the E-book. That's not gonna generate that near passive income for you!

It can generate some income but this page that I just got to now. Having been
doing this now for as you say nearly 20 years. I'm only working few hours a week.
I took about 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday. I take weekends off. And I take
several vacations a year. And I'm making closely $200,000,000 a year now.

So that's near passive income. Pretty big scale. But you can't just do that if you
got one product and one squeeze page. I actually got 8 products and 8 funnels if
you like and 8 different squeeze pages. And each of these squeeze pages leads
people through a different funnel and different series of products.

So, you wanna have multiple products. You wanna have multiple price points and
what we've called sales funnel. Again, I'm sure franchise encounters this.

So have a low price offer at the start, then you introduce maybe another high
price offer, maybe a recurring offer. And then at the bottom of the funnel. And
this is normally out of sight by the way. This is this stuff hidden from the
public, is what we called "Deep Sell" offers. It's kinda deep on the ground.

Typically, when people are looking at funnels online. So okay, there's an offer,
it's $90.95, then we click, we buy and there's an OTO or what we've called a one
time offer. That could be $24 or whatever. Or then maybe there's another OTO or
maybe a down-sell.

I'm not saying that people may think that's a funnel. But really, that's just the
start of the funnel that most money is made from these deep sell offers, deep down
in the funnel. Which is hidden away. It's not part of the public sales process.
That's something not usually visible and it's hardly ever something that you'd get
paid a commission on it as an affiliate, right? Because normally, affiliate might
get 50% of a front end $20 product, they might 50% or maybe more. And some of the
other upsell.

But the vendor. The product owner would never dream of giving away any of
percentage of the deep sell offers. That's where all the big money is made. You
know the $2000, $5000, $20,000 offers. I mean, I've got a $20,000 offer in my
business, coaching. Which is, one on one for 90 days. Which I don't have any spots
for right now. But, that's kinda the ultimate deep sell offer in my business. That
$20,000 offer.

So, when you start building these things out. Of course, this all takes time,
right? To build one product takes a lot of time. But then to build the different
products to form the first funnel and then to build multiple funnels takes a lot
of time. But once you got all this setup. And you've got people moving through
each of those funnels on a daily basis, and opting in, and seeing the offers,
seeing the different price points, buying things, seeing those deep sell offers.
Then you'll start to approach that near passive income.

But you need to have an automation in place. You don't want to get involved
*chuckles* in a process of trying to sell any of this stuff manually. Or having to
do sales calls or reaching out to people one on one. Because it's just gonna
clogged up your time. You'll never gonna be able to get to that near passive
income status if you happen to want to get your hands dirty and going to do manual
work if that makes sense?

Igor: Oh Yeah! Absolutely! I mean, I felt a victim to this big big big mistake. I
was chasing the money at that time. I was a high ticket coaching on the phone. I
built funnels, 16-hours a day.

You know the feeling, right? I mean, I'm sure you've been there yourself.

Michael: Yeah.

Igor: And ah, once upon a time. I come back home. And as you know working in a
coffee shop which where I've done all my sales calls and my wife isn't better. Now
we've just had our first baby. Oh! The only baby! You know, for listening to this.
Few years until the future, I'll have more babies. But my wife have never become
my daughter when I'm not at home. I'm like, okay. That's weird.

Because my wife never goes out. So I started calling her and I realized that the
phone was in the apartment. Like she's just not there. Well, that turned out that
she got pissed with me and left. And I was chasing her around town and eventually
found her in her mother's placed. And turns out that she's upset with me for very
long time because I was always working working working.

Sure, we're making great money! In fact, I was making so much money I had no idea
what to do with it. But the problem was, I almost sacrifice my marriage for that.

And that's when I learned a painful lesson that even if you can make a lot of
money just hustling, hustling, grinding, and hustling. Eventually, it catches up
with you. Either your health, or your marriage or something's gonna happen. It's
gonna let you know. Look, this is not the right way to go.

Michael: That's the important point is. It's kinda timely as well. I mean I was on
Facebook before we jump n this call and I saw a post from John Reese. I'm sure,
almost everybody heard of the traffic guy.

The first guy who made a million dollar launch. And he was talking about this
exact same thing! I was saying would you rather have a business which makes you
know millions and millions and millions of dollars but working every hour under
the sun. You don't have time for your friends, family or to do anything that you
enjoy. Or would you run a lifestyle business that gives you the money that you
need and the spare time that you need to actually go off and enjoy that money. And
it was a serious question.

Well, I've got a lot of friends that are making millions and millions of dollars,
but they are too busy to come to movies with me. The other friends that seem
really successful. I mean they are making good money but they do have time to just
drop everything and go off on vacation or do whatever they want.

In internet marketing, people always focus on the money. The money, the money.
Gonna chase the money! I wanna make a million dollars. I wanna do this. I wanna do
that. That's fine to a certain extent. you've gotta realize just like you said,

Michael: If you sacrifice everything else to do that. It's just a wrong thing to
do. you gotta regret it, right? You might lose your friends, family, your partner.
You might lose your health. You might even lose your life.

If you're just working too hard and burning the candle both ends. And I think
we've all done this. I certainly did it as well. You know when I started out. I
all hours in just not taking breaks just trying to hustle people calls and there
seems to be this positive vibe now. Oh, you're gonna hustle, you're gonna hustle.
I'm like. Oh noh! I'm a professional "balance-oholic". I'm not a "hustler-holic".
I'm not "bounce-oholic".

2 hours a day, I ride my bike. I take my dog for a walk, 2 to 3 hours a day I
spent with my kids and if there's any spare time left overall, I'll do in the

But it's on order. It's not in the case of, me working for the business and trying
to keep this thing going. The business is got to a stage now because it is
structured in a right way which is what we are talking about here with the system
that I can step back and take time off.

So, again you just said before I jump on a call here. Before we kinda start going.
You said, how was the vacation? I have a great time. I didn't do anything on that
vacation. I didn't check email. I didn't do any support or anything like that. I
didn't create anything. And I came back. I've made thousands and thousands, and
thousands of dollars during that time. I think about, fifteen, $20,000 dollars or
something in those few days I was away. I did no work. I came back and to kinda
clear this so-called back clogged took me 3 hours. After 3 hours of just going
through some email. I was back where I was when I started, everything was fine,
the money hasn't been stopped. And that is near passive income.

It continued going while I was away. If I went away for 2 weeks, it will still
work, 3, 4 weeks and so on. If I didn't leave for 6 months of course and yeah
eventually it will tire you off. Like I said in the beginning of this call those
machines. They look great. they look fine, they gonna go for but eventually, they
will slow down. It's not magic. There's a lot of work involved to set all these
infrastructures off, like what we're going through right now. But once you have
it, you can walk away, you can take a step back, you can do the thing you want to
do in your life and the money is still coming in.

It's really about that automation. That's really the key to this. So, like you
Igor. I did the same thing. I used to have group coaching. I was on the phone
doing sales calls, and I was doing group coaching calls on the phone. And It was
great money but it was just eating my time. You know, it was eating my... working
in evenings, working in the morning and it was just. It wasn't ideal.

The business is not working for me, I was working for the business. So now I
switch this around and built this funnels in a way that they are automated. So
what happens is, a person comes into the first funnel, right. So they opt-in, they
go through that funnel, they buy something everything or nothing. Whatever happens
to that person. Whichever decision they made. They will then put into the next
funnel. So that promotes that first funnel, the products in that first funnel for
a week through email automatically. Nothing. I'm not doing anything at this time
because I set it up in advance.

So they go through and they get all these different emails in a course of a week.
And most people buy something obviously after a course of getting a week's worth
of emails from me but if they don't or even if they do, then they will still be
put into the next funnel automatically. And then they received follow up emails
for that product and so on and the same happens at the of that week and then they
will put into the next funnel.

And we've got 8 funnels active now with multiple products in each funnel and at
the end of each of these funnels is one of these deep sell offers that's gonna
create thousands of dollars of income when people invest on it. And all of these
happen automatically.

The sale of those small products is done automatically. through a website, and
sales videos, the sale of those deep big offers, those high ticket program is also
done automatically either through sales letters, through an evergreen webinar,
videos and so on. So there's no requirement on may as an individual to get involve
to generate any sales or any of these apart of course what we have referred to
earlier is this maintenance which is getting people in. Sending the leads in.
You're not gonna get leads and prospects from thin air. You need to do something
that drives that traffic in and you know, solo ads is your gain Igor that's one

There are tons, I mean there are so many ways to drive traffic. It's just, it's
insane but that's all I need to do. It's to drive traffic on top of these funnels
and everything else happen automatically and money flows out of the other side.So,
it is possible to get that near passive income but you need to create all these
stuff. You need to create this infrastructure, this system in advance and make
sure it's actually automated.

Igor: Yeah! I feel like we're teasing people right now because I'm actually
envious of your life. I mean I too, actually wanna like cycle for 2 hours a day. I
got a buddy of mine who's an avid cyclist and I told him that you qualified for
the Olympics. He was like, what? He's making all these money and he's qualified
for the Olympics? And you know, he's like. He's working really hard, He's got a
grocery store.

Michael: Right! right!

Igor: And it so really sounds like it's a dream. on And I feel like we're teasing.
So I this fun go back and review the parts. So we said, we need the capture page
to capture leads, we need at least one offer in the funnel. Of course, one deep
funnel, you know with the multiple offers with one high ticket offers, low ticket
offers, recurring offers and deep sales offers. We want a one week follow up
sequence and we want all these to be automated.

Now I do have encore question to ask, Michael and I want you to give us the truth
because that what we want. How much time does it you, a person with almost 20
years of experience in this industry to create a machine like that?

Michael: Takes a long time *chuckles*. Even though I developed the expertise to do
all these things because that's the main thing. You got 2 aspects to this, right.
If you're gonna make a funnel of multiple products, multiple sales letter,
millions download pages, emissaries and multiple actual product and training.
You've got one aspect of that which is creating all of that stuff. That's one
aspect, we'll talk about that.

The other aspect is getting the expertise and the knowledge to be able even do
that, right. Okay, that's what you need to do but you might need to spend a
thousand hours of each of those different activities learning how to do them how
to create an E-book. How to master copywriter so people buy from the words that
you used. You have to create videos that sell. How to sell emissaries, how to
protect content, how to process payment. All of this stuff.

So, assuming you already have this knowledge already and you already invested what
is literally thousands and thousands of hours learning to get the expertise to be
able to do this. If you end in the shining star and know all these stuff to go off
and create multiple products for just one funnel and create all different sales
letters and everything else. I mean I usually block out, around 6 weeks.

If I'm gonna go for a stunning start, nothing to create one funnel, it will take
me 6 weeks. Now, will I be doing anything else during my working hours? During
those 6 six apart from all of that stuff. Creating a product, doing a research,
writing a sales letter, creating a sales video and everything else. But the real
back breaker is getting expertise in the first place to be able to even stop.
Actually having some of it will gonna work.

The other thing is, well, that's important that really has a big impact here for
this being automated and being effective as it is some of the extra things that we
put in here. We've got deadlines, sequences in place, okay. So people will come in
and they only have a certain amount of time to take advantage of that offer, and
it is all done again automatically.

So they have to go through this, they have to get it otherwise, they'll miss out
on a special price. Again, this is all done automatically for us. And again all
these on-demand kinda online training that we do. Without me being there, they
have sales pitches at the end. Again it's a big component with this.

Having all of that sales follow up, all automated is a huge thing here. It's a
long-winded answer that runs through your question but in short, it will take you,
if you had all the expertise, no exaggeration at least a thousand hours is good
enough with all of these different components to actually get success. Then you
need to devote probably 6 weeks minimum for actually create one funnel. But the
way we got it set up is we now have 8 of these that 9 month set up. So that's a
huge amount of work.

Igor: Well, concerning most people invest anywhere between 30 minutes to maybe an
hour a day at most into their online businesses. I mean we're talking years
basically for somebody who's brand new to create something like that. Now for me
personally, for me, it takes 3 years and half years, when people years and half
years for me to basically create my first success for low ticket offer funnel that
was making me enough money to take my day job that which at that time, it's $1500
a month.

And that was a lot of work, lot of blood-sweat and tears. A lot of mistakes and
lots of funnels that are launched didn't work. So, sounds more like $10,000 to be
honest with you, to get it right, to get it launched, to get a design, to get a
program. To make the necessary mistakes, to learn the necessary things that you
need to know, even to produce something that works, to split test. It's a just
ridiculously amount of work. Honestly, an average person can do that. I believe
most people can develop a funnel, I believe can learn how to write copy.

I just can't believe that 99.9% of people are just too freaking lazy to do it, and
they are too overwhelmed, they are too frustrated, they procrastinate. It's just
impossible for us to look at the world as it is. To expect from people to do that
which begs another question, Michael. Is there a shortcut?

Michael: Yes there is a short-cut. Before I come to that, there's another
component actually that we forgot to talk about here. In terms of what people
would need to do. You said that people need to have the expertise to be able to do
all these things, to create them. You then need to create them. But before you
even do that, you need to be an expert at something which people would buy. Which
is a huge thing in its own way.

Igor: Oh right, yes! Positioning that right!

Michael: You actually got to develop a skill to such a high level that you can
create training on it, that people hand out their money for. So that's the 3
components. So you gotta develop that skill that people = pay money for, then you
gotta develop all the other skills to create the funnel and then you're gonna
programs gone go and create those stuff.

Anyway, so yes! There is a shortcut in doing all these. We have developed these 8
funnels that automate all these. They have the landing pages, everything, the
sales letters, the deep sale offers. What we've done is, we've open this up to our
7-figure franchisee.

So we have the program, the 7-figure franchise. And what this enables you to do is
a piggy bank on our success. So no worry of having to create all these lead pages,
all these multiple products, multiple funnels, multiple sales letter, sales
videos. emissaries, delivery, deep sale offers, product sign-up, thousands of
dollars, all sales follow up, all sales process. You just get to a franchise and
take a license to use our funnel and keep all of the money.

When people all hear this, they were like.. Why would you do this? How does this
even work? It's very simple, we got the 8 funnels, you send a person into that
first funnel with your special link and whenever they buy anything in that funnel,
as a franchisee, you'll get a 100% on anything they buy. Because their link is
hard coded.

Igor: Ohhh wait. A 100%, so you basically giving away all the money to the
franchisee? You mean you're not keeping some of it, like if you buy a Mcdonald's
franchise for a ridiculous million or half a million dollars. I don't think they
will allow you to keep all of the money.

Michael: Well, the basic trade of it we've developed these 8 funnels over many
many years. They are all bestsellers in JVZoo. I mean we've got 2 of the top
sellers on the first page in JVZoo included in this funnels. And tied up is we're
giving you all the money when people any of the products inside any of these
funnels and we'll split the deep sell offers, 50/50. So that's what in it for me.
There's gonna be something in for me. I'm not just gonna give my entire business
for nothing.

You as a franchisee can keep all of the money with all the sales from the funnels
and when people buy those deep sale offers, you'll get paid 50% direct to your
Paypal and we'll get 50%. So that's what in it for us.

The other cool thing about this is we pay you instantly, directly to your Paypal
account. There no need of waiting around 30-day, 60-day or whatever. You'll get
paid instantly on the sales directly to your Paypal account. And it's all done for

You send that person one time. They go through that first funnel, if ever they but
anything, you'll get 100%. If they buy the deep sell offer, you'll get paid 50%,
it's around $1000 commission straight to your Paypal account. And then that person
without you or I having to do anything is putting into the next funnel. Funnel 2,
and then they get through and if they buy anything in that funnel you'll get 100%
of the money and if they buy the deep sell offer, you'll get a $1000 and then so

And then move through into each of the paid funnels. So, it just gives you a
business right off the shelves without you having to create all of these yourself.
Without you having to struggle in trying to become an expert in something so that
people will give you to buy that expertise. Without you having to try to learn in
how to create all these stuff. And without having you touch sit down and create
your own. So that's basically how it works.

Igor: Well that's crazy man! When I started online, you're already making millions
of dollars. You're launching products in Clickbank. I never had anything like
that! And I'm like... My god! *chuckles*

Michael: hahaha

Igor: I could have joined. I could have shortcut my way. I mean just the thing how
much money. Let's forget the time. No one can give me back the time, right?

That's the only resource we can not get back. The amount of money we can learn all
these stuff. The amount of money with those bogus bullshit products. It's
ridiculous. And it's just crazy how much the industry is developed ever since I
Started and how much more opportunity. And how much easier for people who can make
money today because of programs like yours. Now, I'm sure there are some programs
out there that also do this.

But you know, the one thing that I love about yours. Well, because I checked out
the entire funnel is your a true blue-blooded veteran. You are one of those
old-school guys that still do long-form copying and believe that copying is the
number one primary once skill in this industry. Which our subscribers believe as
well. You do this right and your customers get to actually experience it and
benefit from it as well.

Like I see many people sell funnels out there. But frankly, those funnels are
shit. I mean those funnels do not convert. But still, they lie for their teeth.
And they're basically saying, oh! millions basically gonna get tons of money with
this list funnel for this business. And you know, they "Oh! I tested this! and I
tested that". But the reality is, they never tested anything.

They launched the business. They get rich selling the business. That when they are
done. In your case, and I know I sound like a fanboy here. And I don't care. I've
been a fanboy here since a long time ago.

What you'd done is you've basically made a living as an internet marketer in this
industry for a long time until you came up with the program.

So you took all the experience and you summed it up into this one good program.
So, I really appreciate you really being to do that. And only as for doing it with
the price that you have. I'm not gonna do pricing in this call, but if you really
wanna know Michael' franchise, just go to
but the price is ridiculously low in comparison to every other franchise/licensing
opportunity I've ever seen in the industry. And trust me, that what I do for a
living. I promote these opportunities for my client with solo ads and I've seen
them all and this is ridiculously a low price offer compared to everything out

So, Michael I wanted to thank you for that.

Michael: You're more than welcome. Oh yeah, maybe I should tell you more a little
about the story on how this came about. Because it wasn't that I can't sit down,
you know let me dream up some offer. How can I create a program that people kinda
like that I'm gonna be able to sell whatever?

This actually came about totally by accident, which I know a lot of people say
before, it bit of cliche but it really did. About this time, about last year. So
it was about 12 months ago from where we at right now. I decided I wanna put on an
event. I wanted to do a training event in Oldenburg. I love public speaking.

I have not done it in a long time. So I'm gonna put an event in Oldenburg. So I
put this event and I'm trying to sell tickets and ticket sales were okay. But I
thought, where I'm gonna have a ramp sales offer. So let me just gonna keep adding
things to the offer. So okay, what if. Because at moment we have 10% of the offer.
People attend this event.

What if I give them auxiliary recording, right? So this was a full weekend event
where I shared everything that I do online every single thing. Step by step, how
to make millions of dollars a year online. So I thought, okay. I'll give them the
recordings. They'll gonna get recordings so, tight. So let's go give them the
recordings. So that became one of the components.

Then I thought, what if I let them use any of the affiliate promotion that I've
written ever. And every affiliate promotion that I ever write, they can use it
they're own. So throw that in as well. So that means, basically every time I've
written an email or Facebook post or anything promoting products. And anytime I do
that in the future forever. You can just use it as your own. You just type your
affiliate link, pal. The user in and you're good to go.

Alright, so you don't need to research products because I've done that for you.
You don't need to write the copy because I've done that for you. You just grab the
affiliate link, take mine out, put yours in and you're good to go.

So, I threw that in. So what about I gave all of my programs for free? I've been
doing this and as you said *chuckles* nearly 20 years. I've got a lot of training
out there and I know how to drive traffic and how to grow a business with
Facebook. And all these different things. I'm gonna give people the attentive. I'm
gonna give them all of my program for free, so I threw that in and the intermix as

And them I said, what if I give them some of my time? Maybe I'll give them, maybe
30 days consultancy with me. So I'm piling all the stuff on and sell tickets to
this event and this is really the whole point of it. And almost in after 4. What
if give them a $1000 commission in deep sell offers in off guard. And suddenly
become this thing.

I got messages out to resume in Facebook. People said that I get in Bristle,
Scotland but I live in the Canada, or I live in Spain, I live in Australia. I
can't make it. I want all those stuff. Can I give you the money and you give me
that stuff.

That's when I realized that there's something in my hands that was wider and the
grandest scale than that actual event in Oldenburg. So they pay in Oldenburg. I
look the same skies of all. Because I paid the same price. They got to see me live
in Oldenburg. They got everything else as well. Because they were the guys that
took the decision in Oldenburg.

Action takers as it work. Then it became the 7 figure-franchise which got started
selling earlier this year. We've only been doing this for about 9 months now. And
in those 9 months, we've paid $600,034,154.41 in commissions to franchisees in the
past 9 months.

So it's a pretty staggering thing, really taken off now and people are just
jumping all over it. They are grabbing it. They are grabbing the links, they are
sending traffic in with you, solo ads and with different traffic sources and then
seeing the money coming out on the other side. So, it's also for me to see. And I
say this is something that I just didn't sit down in dark room and trying to come
up with an offer. It came totally by pure luck, really! I'm just piling stuff into
this trying to sell these event tickets and then it became juggernaut that
everybody wants a hand on, so that's when I released the public things, started to
developing it and trying to add more components to it.

Igor: Well, so, just like a lot of great things. What happens is sort of like a by
natural product of creation. In a lot of ways which just described is a process
that is very common. I think Eben Pagan spoke about it in one of the seminars that
said when you are out there creating something, you think you're working with one
thing. In the process, you discover 20 different things that end up becoming your
success card.

Michael: Right!

Igor: And you got plenty of success card over the years. Let's face it but for me,
solo ads is very similar. I was working in learning and understanding how to
better convert solo ads for myself.

When I figure it out, this skill, getting traffic and converting it. This is
something that most people don't have but they need. And so I end up starting my
solo ad agency. Like you said, it sort of started like an afterthought. Like a
test, let's see if it works. First I have 3 clients, then I have 13, then I have
30 and it grew eventually. And incidentally, I have 7-figure franchise, for me, I
can completely see, how that could have happened without intentionally sitting
down to create a juggernaut like that.

So, once again guys. If you would like to learn more about Michael's 7-figure
franchise. Just go ahead and visit

And Michael, what are the final words that you'd like to share with our listeners
trying to build the near passive income?

Michael: Well, just like I said, just take action! I'm not gonna pitch this. I'm
not gonna you know, push people to go buy. I mean we've met how a little bit on
how we need to do. We need to have a system in place. And your options are simple.
You can go create go ahead and create yourself or you can choose something where
it's done for you. And nothing in life is free, but might have a free option. Well
yeah! You can take the free option if you want. But as I said, you're looking at
thousands and thousands of hours. But whatever you do, make sure to take that
first step. Whether it's going over checking out more information about the
franchise itself. You know we got some free traffic training in there as well that
you might enjoy or there is thing down. Or whether it's sitting down and saying...

What can I become an expert it?"

"What should I devote 10,000 hours to become an expert?"

And so I can sell my own products and keep 100% of the money and sell somebody
else that already ready to sell 100% of the money.

So it's your decision. What people need to do basically is to make a judgment call
and say what makes more sense to me at this time.

Igor: Yeah. I mean, here's a little bit of a background about our listeners. There
are really 2 categories. There the people who are younger. Around, my age, around
30. Who are doing everything themselves and they enjoy the process like my friend,
Jean Francois, he's a VIP member. And he learns to do VSLs. He learned how to do
audio editing. He learned how to do videos, webinar. The guy is just really
consuming the information like a sponge. He's taking action every single day.
Passionate-driven, technical, invest a lot of time and a lot of money in this
industry. Into this passion, because he builds it, for his kids, for his son. It's
just a legacy thing.

He will go at it, and he will go out with a heart like you, like me, like anyone
in that concord category.

There also another type of client that I have. And these are the people that have
a job, have commitments, much older. Probably, only after 55 years old. And they
give the importance of being technical and investing the hours. But they didn't
enjoy this process. They really don't. They don't go ahead and figure it out.They
don't enjoy writing copy. They are subscribed to my service at where I write their email for them. And they really
enjoyed the benefits of the free time.

Just the certain type of thinking, nothing wrong with it, right? Either there's 2
type of thinking and both can succeed. So if you're subscribed to a Second School
Of Thought, where you prefer to lot of these technical things, to be done by a
professional that you can trust on and that you can rely on. Then I highly
recommend Michael's 7-figure franchise.

If you're somebody, who enjoys figuring it out all out, themselves. The process
just fascinates you. Then don't get it. Don't go to the link that I mentioned.
Don't buy this because you're basically not going to benefit from it. Because you
need to go to the process yourself. You will get more pleasure and you'll create
something incredible that's yours. Like your legacy. Not Michael's legacy but your

But if you're Somebody focus on the end result, the money, the business, the
automation, the freedom. And you don't want to get in the technical requirement of

For example, like I did with podcasting. I'm good at creating the content. I suck
at everything else. Okay, so I just hire a professional to handle everything for
me. Even though I can learn how to do that. This point, not interested.

So same thing with the 7-figure franchise. If you wanna build your own sales
funnel. If you wanna figure all the stuff out. Be my quest and that's what I've
done. But if you kinda the person that enjoys the process and understand that it's
gonna either take them forever. Or you're just gonna quit in and breath through.
You're gonna get frustrated then definitely this is to learn more about Michael's franchise

So, That's about it for the List Building Lifestyle for today. We went a little
bit over time compared to what we usually do. Michael thank you so much for giving
us the precious moments. I truly enjoy this. True pleasure and honor to be hosting
you in my show.

Michael: You're welcome. It has been a lot of fun and hopefully, all of the
listeners get some value at it.

Igor: I'm sure they did.

Thanks for listening to The List Building Lifestyle Show, make sure to
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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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