My Messi Encounter

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How would you react if your highly anticipated meeting with Leo Messi ended up being underwhelming? 😕 Get ready for a thrilling episode featuring competitive gift-giving, daring dreams, and a meeting with a soccer legend, leading to unexpected twists and a memorable encounter. 🌟 All this and more on List Building Lifestyle! 🎉

[01:56] Gift-Giving and Inspiration from “Bluefishing”:

  • Igor and his friend engage in a competitive gift-giving tradition, striving to outdo each other with extravagant presents. 
  • Their gift-giving tradition started with simple gift cards but quickly turned into extravagant experiences, like rock concerts and driving a tank over a car.
  • This sparked a competitive cycle of trying to one-up each other, leading to increasingly daring gestures.
  • This tradition evolves as they draw inspiration from “Bluefishing,” a book by Steve Sims, advocating for daring to dream big and pursuing seemingly impossible experiences.

[03:37] Pursuing Unusual Dreams:

  • Motivated by Sims’ philosophy, Igor shifts his mindset towards chasing extraordinary experiences.
  • Joined by like-minded individuals in Sims’ mastermind group, they aim for experiences beyond the ordinary.

[06:26] Meeting with Messi and Disappointment:

  • Driven by his friend’s admiration for soccer star Leo Messi, igor embarks on a mission to organize a meeting. 
  • Through connections and a generous donation to charity, they secure a rendezvous with Messi, overcoming setbacks and months of waiting. 
  • However, meeting Messi in person proves underwhelming for Igor. 
  • Messi’s lackluster behavior and apparent disinterest leave a sour impression, prompting reflection on the nature of celebrity encounters and the value of basic human decency.

[09:39] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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