My First Product That Sold

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Ever tried launching a product only to watch it fall flat? Let’s venture into my world of product creation, where my initial attempts resulted in unexpected setbacks and crucial lessons. Join me as I reveal the rocky road of my first-ever ebooks, their connection to mindset theory, and the harsh reality of manifestation. Discover the transformative pivot that led to my success in refurbishing a PLR product and the golden rule I learned about leveraging Private Label Rights effectively. Tune in for insights into the highs, lows, and strategic turnarounds in the realm of product launches!

[00:00] Donald Trump Introduces The Show!

[00:50] In this episode, Igor discusses the failures of his initial mindset-focused ebooks, the misconceptions about manifestation, the unsuccessful attempt at a social media marketing product, and his successful turnaround using a PLR (Private Label Rights) product, emphasizing the importance of practical knowledge and the potential of refurbishing quality PLR content for effective marketing.

[01:57] Igor’s First Product Was A Flop:

  • Embarking on my journey of product creation marked the inception of my first two independently crafted products. I didn’t experience considerable success with either.

  • The first one revolved around mindset, titled “How To Get A Six Figure Mindset,” offering a plethora of practical advice within the realm of mindset. However, it leaned heavily towards theoretical concepts, loosely based on an excellent book that I highly recommend.

  • This book stands out as a valuable resource, particularly in bridging the gap between mindset ideologies and their real-world applications, especially in transforming such advice into actionable strategies within the business domain.
  • There’s a critical missing link between the mindset community, metaphysical concepts, like ‘The Secret,’ and practical implementation in the business sphere. It’s not merely about positively ideating for hours on end; it doesn’t attract money magically. There’s a correlation between the right mindset and the necessary actions one must take. The book, “The Answer” by  John Assaraf, addresses this effectively.

  • Half of the book delves into mindset discussions explained from a scientific perspective, making it more relatable and credible. The other half offers tangible business advice through practical examples, making it an incredibly enriching read.

  • Despite its value, the ebook I wrote, spanning around 80 pages, failed to resonate. Priced at $30, it only managed to sell two copies.

[04:00] The Truth About Manifestation:

  • I learned a valuable lesson from this experience: most individuals interested in mindset topics tend to seek manifestation rather than invest in knowledge. There exists a misconception that manifestation and payment are mutually exclusive.

  • The reality is, that if something requires resources and effort from others, one either needs to barter or pay for it.

  • Things don’t just manifest without reason. Occasional coincidences might occur, but they’re not a reliable method for achieving life goals.

[04:39] Igor’s Second Product:

  • Subsequently, I developed another one centered around social media marketing, leveraging my modest success on Twitter. Unfortunately, it didn’t attract any buyers, despite being priced reasonably low at $10 or $9.
  • However, my fortune changed when I stumbled upon an offer by Andrew Fox, a renowned affiliate marketer, who had packaged an interview on affiliate marketing into a product. 

[04:50] The Product That Sold:

  • Trusting his authority, I acquired the PLR (Private Label Rights) for a mere $50. This comprehensive package included everything necessary to market the product effectively: sales and capture pages, audio and text versions, a cover, and even pre-written emails for an autoresponder.
  • While I only used the core product, I reconstructed the entire marketing setup. Crafting a new sales page, altering the cover design, renaming it, and tweaking the price to $5, I also rewrote all the promotional content and emails.

  • Despite not being the original creator or owning the content, I played a pivotal role in its success by refining the marketing aspects. This experience taught me the importance of recognizing valuable PLR products and the potential of refurbishing them into something marketable with your brand.
  • Hence, my advice to anyone considering PLR rights for products is simple: if it’s a quality product you’re proud to associate with, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

[06:44] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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