Black Belt Recruiting Secrets With Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard is the Self Made Man.

He went from waiting tables to making six figures in just 18 months with his network marketing business.

He’s one of the most successful list builders in the history of Network Marketing.

And there’s a few things he can teach you about building a highly leveraged -figure team-based business with min. effort.


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“Leaders only work with leaders. Leaders will only work with someone who they view as
a peer or someone who is at a level above them that they can learn from.”

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor
Kheifets. Today, I’m truly excited to be hosting my guest who is based out of
Austin Texas and he is a serial entrepreneur who started and grew several major
projects that have collectively change the lives of hundreds of thousands of
people. He went from waiting tables to make seven figures and eventually
becoming a role model for men and women over the planet who are passionate
about shaping the world around them according to their dream vision. Now of
course I’m talking about Mike Dillard and Mike has a passion for racing off road
and on when he is not flying down the track at 160 mph, he spends his days
helping entrepreneurs realize their worthy goals at . Now make sure you go ahead and check that
out right now to see how you can link arms with Mike in your pursuit of living
the List Building Lifestyle so without further ado please allow me to introduce to
you, with great pleasure and honor, Mr. Mike Dillard.

Mike: Hey Igor, happy to be here, brother.

Igor: Mike, like I said before we started. Mike, I truly appreciated you taking the time.
You’re really busy helping so many people and I’ve been waiting for this call for
a little while now. I’ve been really getting ready because I believe what we are
going to share with our listeners on this call alone can truly be a game changer.

Mike: [laughter] No pressure on me then. [laughter]

Igor: Absolutely no pressure on you.

Mike: No, I’m excited to be here and looking forward to it and I will do my absolute

Igor: Alright so another quick introduction. You know how I came across your work.
I first discovered your work when I stumbled into Magnetic Sponsoring. That
was way back when, a training program you designed to empower network
marketers because I started network marketing to basically to use the internet to
attract their ideal clients so instead of me going out there chasing people, you
were teaching guys like me how to stop knocking on doors, stop doing the cold
calls and have the internet bring customers over to you. Like I said that was like
a long, long time ago so what have you been up to lately?

Mike: Oh goodness, well it seems like a long time ago but when you think about it that
book actually came out nine years ago. So it wasn’t too long but it is amazing
how much has happened since then. Gosh, these days, I really have two passion
projects, one is Self Made Man and the podcast there and the goal for that project
is to really empower men specifically, we have a ton of female fans as well but
the goal was to empower young men in this current generation with mentors and
role models and leadership that is becoming more and more rare especially for
guys who are in their 20s so that was really the goal behind that platform and it’s
done really, really well. It’s one of the top podcasts on iTunes these days. And
then my future project which I’ve been working on for almost two years now is
actually in the hydroponic food space, one of my biggest goals is to put clean
healthy pesticide-free food back on people’s dinner tables at a price that
everybody can afford in case you’re like most people and you can’t afford to
shop at Whole Foods every week. So that’s a pretty neat project. I’m working
with some absolutely amazing people that I’ll be able to share more about as we
reach the end 2016 beginning of 2017 so that’s what I’ve been up to.

Igor: Wow! And that’s what I’m talking about a way to make a difference. Truly, I
can only applaud what you’re trying to achieve here because your goals seem to
be always bigger than yourself. They are bigger, like a huge mission and most
people that I talk to all they think about is the money, money, money at most they
are talking about their families but very few people take on this challenge to
change the world and it seems like you’ve been doing just that for a very long
time now. So I’m looking forward to diving into the story on how you went from
being ultra-broke to making over $15 million owning and flipping several mega-
successful companies and all in a span of less than a decade. Specifically, I
would love to focus on the transformation you went through as a self made man
and basically have you share with our listeners what were some of the core
changes you were forced to make when it comes to your inner game to become
truly wealth not just rich.

Mike: Sure. It was quite a journey and I think it was really solidified with some words
of wisdom from on of my sponsors or upline members way back when and I
don’t know if this is exactly how he put it but I’ll summarize which is that if you
want to achieve a certain result, you have to become a person who is capable of
achieving that result. Especially in network marketing industry when you’re first
getting started, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of the shiny marketing system or
the ground floor opportunity that is going to make you rich and be responsible for
your results so I spent the first five years of my time in that world really pursuing
those things, looking for the shiny new marketing system or the bright new
company. I failed at every single time. I never made a dollar. I struggled at it
tremendously and yet at every single of one of these companies, there were
always people walking across the stage and always these people making
hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. So the common thread between
all of them and my failures was me. So after pursuing that for five or six years, I
really had to stand back and ask myself what was going on and what I realized is
that all of the people who were having success and making money had become
amazing at something whether it was speaking from stage or holding hotel
meetings or home parties or teleconferences or whatever it may be, they had
figured out their super human trick and had mastered that and they had been able
to use that skill set to achieve the results that they were getting. I watched some
of them go from one company to another to another and within the first few
months they were always one of the top earners in those businesses. So that was
really the big epiphany for me is that my success was not going to have anything
to do with the business or the opportunity or the marketing pieces, it was going to
have to do with my particular skill sets and up until that point in time, I had not
mastered any. So that was epiphany number one, number two is okay how do I
want to build this business. I’m especially back then super shy, super introverted
person. I hated the idea of talking to prospects on the phone or in person. So I
was probably the absolute worst personality type that you could ever stick into
the network marketing industry because it is such a people-based business. Yet
none the less I wanted to figure it out. I had spent five or six years up until that
point trying to succeed in this industry and I wasn’t going to leave until I had. So
I started to think about ways that I could recruit people, talk to prospects and
build my business that would be in sync or had some synergy to my business
personality and what I was starting to discover were my talents which really
came down to writing and writing sales copy specifically so I was absolutely
horrible at selling people on the phone or in person but I was really, really good
at writing sales presentations and sales copy. So that really lead to the discovery
of direct response marketing through guys like Dan Kennedy and Yanick Silver
and I realized that hey you can actually educate people, tell them the story about
the business or the product and sell them on the entire opportunity without
actually having ever speak to anyone until they were ready to get started. So
that’s what I really started focus on was using Google Adwords. I taught myself
how to use Google Adwords. I put a capture page and I started advertising online
and taking people through a marketing funnel that would tell them the story and
sell them the product or service before I ever spoke to them and at that time it
was when you’re ready to get started if they seems like a good fit for you, here’s
my contact information and give me a call and we’ll bring you on to the team.
Part of the piece around that which made it work so well which is really what I
talk about in Magnetic Sponsoring is the leadership aspect when it comes to that
industry specifically one of the big epiphanies that I had was that you have to be
a leader in order to make money by default. This is demanded by the very nature
and the structure of the compensation plans in network marketing where you
don’t build the team and if you don’t lead a team, you don’t make money, ever.
So that was an interesting piece of the puzzle where if you want to make money,
you’ve got to be a leader and when it comes to recruiting you’ve got two options,
you can recruit people who are brand new to the industry who have no idea what
they are doing and 90% of whom are going to quit fairly quickly and then you
can recruit rock stars and all stars and people with a proven track record of
success in that world. I read an analogy somewhere, I don’t remember where it
was, but it was a kin to a football team. If you owned a NFL football team, are
you going to place an ad in a newspaper to recruit your next quarterback like
most business owners do in the network marketing industry, they just place ads
on the web or wherever and they will take anyone who says yes or are you going
to recruit the absolute best professional quarterback out there from another team
or who might be in-between teams at the moment that you can and for me it was
a no brainer, I’m going to really focus on recruiting other proven leaders so that I
don’t have to hold their hands, they know what they are doing, they can come in
day one and start to produce. Now one of the interesting pieces to the
psychology of how do you actually do that is leaders only work with leaders.
Leaders will only work with someone who they view as a peer or someone who
is at a level above them that they can learn from. So that raises an interesting
point which means that if you want to recruit those types of people you have to
become those types of people and the best way that I found to do that was to
really increase my value to the world to gain expertise, to increase my skill sets
and as I became better and better at online marketing, direct response marketing
and writing copy and I had more value to the world and more to teach others and
more to offer others, I naturally became a leader and I naturally became a peer of
those individuals and that’s how I built my first really big team meaning I was
the number one residual income earner in that company. I recruited a grand total
of 15 people over the course of probably three or four months but all of those
people were proven leaders in the industry. They knew what they were doing. I
think 5 of them went on to become among the top five producers in the company
and so it was the absolute easiest team that I had ever built in my life. It was the
most profitable that I had ever built. I put the least amount of work into it and
time into it that I had to but it was built on the foundation of five and six years of
failure and trying to figure this out and really investing in myself.

Igor: In a recent episode of the Self Made Man when you were talking to Tony
Robbins, you guys discussed how you at some point made the shift of thinking
about making money and instead serving the marketplace or giving value. You
briefly mentioned as well that you decided that in order to become the leader that
other leaders would want to work with, you need to become that man of value.
So how did you acquire that expertise, what did you do in order to acquire and
build within yourself build that value so you could then go ahead and share it
with the world?

Mike: You know the old fashioned way, buying every book and course that I could
possibly could, going to every training event that I could possibly could, I really
got into writing copy. I probably spent a couple thousand dollars in my first
year, as much as I could possibly afford on different books and course. I would
spend at least two hours a night reading, writing and studying copy for well over
a year, a year and half. You know there is no shortcut around putting in the
work. If you really want to have long term success and transform your life in a
fundamental way, there is no shortcut around the work. That’s why so few
people actually achieve those levels of results because most people aren’t willing
to put in the effort and the time so my feeling around this is if you can’t shortcut
it, if you have to get it done just go ahead and dive in and get through it as soon
as you humanly possibly can because it’s going to take you at least two to three
years just to get really good at something but yeah it’s just the old fashioned way,
it’s becoming obsessed with achieving results and putting in the time.

Igor: You know it’s funny that you mentioned copy because we talk a lot about copy
on the List Building Lifestyle Show and we interviewed Jon Carlton, Daniel
Levis and bunch of other copywriters that always come in and like the common
denominator is influencing through media in writing and I personally believe that
the number one bread and butter skill for any internet marketer regardless of
what they sell or the kind of value they want to give is the ability to persuade in
print and be able to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes which is a big part of
what copywriting is all about. But what would you say to someone who has the
internal belief that they are not a great writer and not a natural born salesman?
So are they still able to master copywriting?

Mike: Well, that really comes down to figuring out how you are wired. I’m not going
to say that yes that everybody can do that because realistically that’s probably not
the case and the example that I’ll use is maybe you’re wired and your brain is
made to be a engineer. Maybe you’re very quantitative, you love numbers, you
love structure, you love coding and all of that stuff so if you’re wired like that
you can learn the basics of persuasion but you’re probably never going to master
it just as I might be able to learn the very, very fundamentals of code and that
stuff but I absolutely hate and I’ll never be great at it because my brain is not
wired for that. I’m never going to have a passion for that. It’s going to be
frustrating experience whenever I attempt to get into it and so I think it’s really
important for people to figure out what they are wired for and to really pursue a
game plan that is synergistically aligned with that instead of fighting it.

Igor: Alright, so as the expert in the field, as someone who basically went through this
transformation, in case the List Builders who are listening to this show right now
are not wired for copy, what are some of the other perhaps top three skills that
they might become masters at to replace this element?

Mike: Sure, great question. The great part of this is that there is a natural marriage
when it comes to sales out there in the world. It’s one that I’ve been using and
had to use for the majority of my entire career. That is the marriage between the
creative content producer or the writer if you will and the engineering traffic guy,
let’s just call him the traffic guy. Two completely different brains, two
completely different ways of looking at the world, two completely different skill
sets but both equally important when it comes to sales and marketing. One
cannot live without the other. So for me, my talent is obviously on the copy side
and the content side so I can produce these fantastic training products, I can
produce these great courses and sales letters that convert but I need someone who
can put eyeballs in front of them and so for me I always had a second part of the
equation which is my traffic guy. So this is the person that runs currently my
Facebook advertising campaigns and in the past it was Google Adwords,
whatever it maybe and that person has a totally different skill set so to me those
are the two most valuable skill sets out there right now because if you can master
either one of those your ability to make money or sell a product or service is
really unlimited at that point. Then the third skill set is essentially would be the
manager role if you will so maybe you’re a natural people person and natural
leader, a natural manager and that role for you is combine a traffic guy and
combine a content guy and build a company and scale that company. So those
are really the three roles that I see out there at least the primary ones that ideally
everyone can find a fit in on some level or another.

Igor: Alright so we are getting close to the end of this interview and I just like to ask
you one more question. So you are the guy who pretty much introduced me to
list building and you know that’s been one of the major angles of Magnetic
Marketing building a list, building a following, building a tribe and having that
communication, the relationship with your marketplace so you ever since build
lists into the millions. I mean the recent figure I’ve seen was that your Self Made
Man following is about almost half a million subscribers now. So what is the
number one list building tip that you would share with the beginner list builder?

Mike: You have to buy it. [laughter] When I say you have to buy it, I don’t mean buy
your list because that doesn’t work. You have to buy the traffic. So you know
there is two ways to build a list that is to put your content out there for people to
opt into on an organic level either through a blog or through videos or through
social media or whatever it maybe but there is no scale with that and there is no
leverage and so if you want to build a large list quickly you have to advertise,
you have to spend the money on marketing like any other real company does and
in order to spend money on advertising let’s say $500 to $1000 a day, if you want
to generate 500 opt ins a day, a typical business can produce those opt ins for
about $5 a piece. You got to spend $2500 a day. Obviously that’s a lot money
for anyone to spend, well the good news is that you’re customer can actually pay
the bill for that and so for me my formulas always been the same. It’s buy paid
advertising, get people to opt into the list, offer those people fantastic quality
products and once they buy one they will want to buy more to where that person
who opted in and it cost me 5 bucks for their opt in ends up spending $50 to $500
in the next one to two weeks and so once you have that kind of marketing funnel
in place well you can spend as much as you care to spend and grow your list as
fast as you want to grow so that to me is the secret to building a huge list very
quickly is having a marketing funnel in place that converts and that allows you to
buy traffic and put thousands of people in front of your website on a daily basis.

Igor: I love it how it circles back to the old Dan Kennedy saying, “If you can’t spend a
dollar to get a customer, you ain’t got a business in the first place.” Which I
believe to be very, very true, that’s why I got into the paid traffic game in the
first place and now here coming from you it just reassures that for me. So Mike
thank you so much for visiting, for sitting down with us and rapping about list
building. List Builders make sure you go ahead and subscribe for the Self Made
Man podcast and check out , you can sign up for
$1 and get into Mike’s world where he helps you grow your business, grow your
wealth and make a difference in the world. So Mike, until next time we talk,
thank you so much.

Mike: It was a pleasure, Igor. Thank you so much for having me.

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