Michael Shane’s Approach with ChatGPT

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Do you know how ChatGPT lends a hand in email marketing tasks?🤔 We are going to answer this question today at the List Building Lifestyle show. Tune in as we uncover how ChatGPT amps up by generating prompts, proofreading emails, and helping avoid spam filters, all to enhance your email marketing strategies.🚀 Join us for a thought-provoking conversation about utilizing AI technology to enhance your email campaigns! 📧

[02:02] Optimizing prompts for better results:

  • You can ask Chat GPT and it can analyze email content and provide suggestions to avoid triggering spam filters in your industry or niche.
  • ChatGPT can give you a list of common spam words and help proofread and rewrite your emails to avoid spam filters.
  • A technique recommended by Michael Sane, founder of Groove, to use ChatGPT effectively is by crafting the best possible prompts. 
  • This means starting a new ChatGPT session and asking it to imagine being the best prompt engineer, then using its response as the prompt for your task.
  • Despite the hassle of starting a new instance each time, this method is praised for generating excellent prompts.
  • It’s best to use ChatGPT this way because it understands your needs, and success depends on how well you articulate your requests.

[04:49] Providing additional context for better outcomes: 

  • The quality of responses from ChatGPT can be significantly improved by providing sufficient context and information in the prompt. 
  • Encouraging ChatGPT to ask questions ensures it gets all the details for a better response.

[05:16] Enhancing specificity in prompts: 

  • Specificity in prompts is emphasized, as it leads to more detailed and tailored responses from ChatGPT. 
  • By providing specific instructions, details about the target audience or niche market, and desired outcomes, you can receive more precise and relevant content from ChatGPT. 
  • This also involves providing prompts for marketing emails aimed at a particular group, leading to better, more detailed responses.

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