Tone it Up: How To Write With the Right Attitude

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Have you ever sent an email that was misinterpreted because of the tone? Whether you’re sending an email responding to a client or writing a post on social media, the tone you use can have a significant impact on how your message is received. Tune in as Igor discusses the importance of tone in written communication and ways to control it. 

[00:00] The podcast explores the importance of tone in written communication and ways to control it. 

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[02:16] How to be more strategic about your tone?

  • You want to be more strategic about your tone, you almost have to imagine that you’re having a conversation with somebody and give it context.
  • I tend to imagine the conversation as a guru to students, meaning that I get to talk from a position of authority, almost talking down right from my high mountain with all of my experience.
  • If at that moment, when you’re upset, you’re going to sit down and write an email, what you will notice is your feelings will get transferred over to paper.

[04:04] Speak the email instead of writing:

  • To have a better level of control over your tone is to not write the email, but to speak the email.
  • Transcribe everything you’re saying in real-time and you can dictate or speak your email into your phone.
  • You will notice you’ll have more control over the tone. 

[06:22] How do you model your communication?

  • Whoever you read, or whoever you listen to your favorite author influence or educator, whatever, you will unconsciously model their communication.
  • Start by consuming different, different tonalities in writing and then you’ll be able to model the ones you like.

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