Sandwich Pages

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Have you ever wondered how to link your content to your product in a compelling way that allows you to stand out in the market? Tune in to explore Igor’s valuable insights on how to do that by using a unique and fresh perspective to warm up your audience to increase your conversion rates.

[00:00] In today’s episode, Igor discusses the concept of bridge pages from a fresh and unique perspective and how they can help you to warm up your audience to an offer. 

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[01:43] What are bridge pages?

  • Bridge pages, they’re their warm-up pages, they’re also called sandwich pages.
  • It’s a way for you to warm up an audience toward an offer by either building up or overcoming an objection. 

[02:12] How to bridge the gap between content and the problem?

  • If you’re creating content, you can bridge that gap.
  • Linking it to whatever the problem you’re promoting allows you to stand out and give a unique fresh perspective. 

[03:45] Marketing to specific market segments:

  • There are times when you can just focus on a particular market segment that’s ready to buy a solution.
  • There are times or should they say market segments or groups of people on your list that require more warm up, pre-framing, and bridging because we’re all driven by agendas.
  • We’re all driven by our own set of needs and wants and problems.
  • If we’re marketing to women, we’re not going to talk about heart disease.
  • They just spoke about lungs and linked it specifically to the looks, the way your skin looks and feels, and they had a substantial increase in conversions.

[05:26] The purpose of a bridge page:

  • You don’t have to always build a page, you can also use email as the bridge.
  • The point is that they made the conversation about the agenda and made it relevant to the group in front.
  • So that’s what bridge content is for. It’s to make it relevant to make it different.
  • Sometimes you use the bridge page to tell the story.
  • Sometimes use it to just focus on the different particular angle, and you don’t really always have to come up with anything new either.

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