How To Create Outrageously-Profitable Campaigns With Bill Glazer

Ever wonder what makes a great offer? Is there method to the madness? Or do successful marketers just far out winning campaigns on their morning drive? Igor interviews Bill Glazer, co-founder of Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle and the author of “Outrageous Marketing Campaigns” to discovered the definite way to creating winning marketing campaigns.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets. We are privileged. We live in peaceful times. We conquered most known diseases, and the ones still unbeaten have been weakened and slowed down. We're fighting hunger and water shortages. We don't have to chase or grow our food. Most of the civilized world has a roof over their head and food on the table. And most importantly, we've figured out a way to make money from home while helping other people. We've created an easy way to share information and connect people from the furthest corners of the world with each other using the internet.

Our dynamic progress as internet marketers and as a species in general has occurred as a result of standing on the shoulders of giants who came before us. It's mostly thanks to people who figured out how to successfully market their products and services, and then made it their life's mission to educate others. As a result, we have learned to generate profits we never thought possible while having fun and helping people.

My guest today is a direct response giant, on whose shoulders we stand. He's widely referred to as the guru by today's most respected internet marketers, such as Ryan Dice, Mike Koenigs, Matt Bacak and Russell Bronson. He's the author of the direct response bestseller, Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful. Recently, he has also written Outrageous Multi Step Marketing Campaigns, and is now working on the sequel. My guest is the epitome of the three elephants that hold the direct response marketing universe on their shoulders. My guest is none other than Bill Glazer. Bill, welcome to the List Building Lifestyle.

Bill Glazer: Thank you very much for inviting me, and I'm looking forward to our conversation.

Igor Kheifets: Same here. The first thing that I was always curious about, as somebody who's been following you, reading your books, watching you speak on stage, talk about productivity, talk about marketing, is you come from a very interesting background. You were selling men's clothing in Baltimore, but you ended up turning your store round, building a whole national I think franchise chain, and eventually sold that. But basically, you started out in a very boring business, so how did you end up becoming this marketing genius?

Bill Glazer: Well first of all my father would not call it a boring business. Because what happened with me is I went to college, and my father had a menswear business, and he asked me to actually go there and work there. And I built a very nice business, but I knew that I really could be a much better business, but I just didn't really know how I could find that thing. Actually, I worked for my father for 20 years, and after 20 years, another menswear guy, who's a good friend of mine, said to me, "Bill ..." Because I was in Baltimore, Maryland, and my friend was in Philadelphia. He said to me, "Bill," he says, "Why don't you come on over for a day, and there's this big event that's gonna be there. And all of the most special people, like Zig Ziggler, people like that, will be there. Why don't you just come there? We'll listen what he says."

Actually I went there, and we were there. It started at 9:00 AM in the morning and 5:00 PM at night. And at 5:00 PM, it was at that point, there was probably 10,000 attendees there. And at the end, at 5:00 PM, this older guy gets up to everybody, says to them, "Listen, if you guys wanna leave now, you can go leave now, but it's gonna be really hard for you to get to your cars, because there's so many cars around. If you want to, I'll mention to you another presentation, and it's a guy that's really a marketing guy, and you can just listen to what he says, and hopefully, if you're trying to build your business, it's the smart thing to do."

So I listened to this guy, never heard of his name before, but I found out that his name was Dan Kennedy. So I stayed. Out of 10,000 people, it was probably maybe 3000 of them that stayed. And at the very end, Dan Kennedy was nice enough to sell me a product.

Igor Kheifets: Nice enough.

Bill Glazer: And the product was actually magnetic marketing. And at that time, that product was $197, which was very inexpensive. Now it's going for much more, as it should be by the way. And I bought it for $197, and I just couldn't wait to hear more about it, which I did. I started using that in my business, to use his type of marketing in order to eventually build my father's business so we eventually were able to sell that business. And then I could get out of it because what I ... At the same time, Dan Kennedy ... I met him after that. This was about a year after that. And he said to me, "Bill," he says, "You're doing so well with your menswear stores. You should be teaching other menswear stores how to build their business as well." And he says, "And I'll help you do that, plus I'll let you join," his platinum mastermind group, which I did.

At that point, I won't tell you how much that cost, but it was a lot of money for somebody who had a menswear store to get involved with that, which I paid the money for that. And then from there I built it into a very large business. At some point, Dan came to me about five years after that and said, "Hey Bill, you're doing so great. I'd like to sell you my business." So I bought his business. And then I said to Dan, I said, "The only thing I ask of you ... I'll be more than happy to pay you the money that you're asking for." I'm not allowed to tell you how much I paid him, but I did pay him." He said to me, "Bill, I'm happy to do it but I wanna do it with you, Dan. So I'll pay you for it, but I still want you to be involved."

So we created the business. At that time it was called Glazer Kennedy Insider's Circle. A lot of people probably have heard of it as GKIC. And eventually I built that business and I sold that business to a private equity company, and at that point, I just kept on working with other clients after that and building their business up. And some of those people I'll actually mention to you a little bit later on in the podcast.

But my point is, I went from a menswear guy to becoming a really large marketing business in order to help so many people to grow their businesses.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, that's a really incredible journey. I first came across GKIC about two years into my marketing journey, and I signed up for one of your famous get two months free offers, so you get like an outrageous gift with that. I think it was worth like $2000. So it was the only physical thing I signed up for I think at the time, which to me was weird. Like paying for a piece of paper that comes in the mail, to me that was a very ludicrous idea. But I was in because obviously all roads lead to Rome. You can track pretty much everyone's success back to you and Dan. Frank Kern spoke a lot about that. Russell Bronson was always open about that fact. And so many people always linked back to you as their go-to source for marketing advice, especially in their most difficult times, which was amazing.

So I'm really happy that you succeeded. I'm really happy you sold the menswear business, and I'm really happy you went into a business with Dan Kennedy, because that had tremendous, just tremendous influence on my success. The list builders will attest. The amount of times I mentioned GKIC over the years on the podcast is just ... A lot. Let's just put it this way, a lot.

Let's then talk marketing. You're the outrageous marketing guy. You create outrageous marketing campaigns that are outrageously successful. You've consulted and worked with some of the biggest firms around. So what makes an outrageous marketing campaign? Maybe you can give us an example of the most outrageous marketing campaign you've ever created.

Bill Glazer: Well first of all I like the fact that you're talking about the fact that it's an outrageous campaign, because a lot of people mention the fact that people have great campaigns, but from my perspective, campaigns can work, but I really love the fact that the things are outrageous campaigns. So I actually call it an outrageous campaign. The first great, outrageous campaign that I created, which is one that I think Igor, you'll be surprised was I actually wrote a five-page sales letter, handwritten on yellow legal pad, that actually ... I mailed it out for people that bought clothes from me.

At that point, I had 52,000 clients of mine that actually came to my menswear store, and they were buying suits and shirts and ties and things like that. And I wrote the five-page sales letter. When I mailed it out to people, and it was by a thing called mail, it was real mail.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, we don't use that stuff on the internet.

Bill Glazer: Right, right. Because I'll tell you how we moved it from there to a Walmart by the way. But I used that. We had so many people that came. We couldn't get everybody into our business. People came in. They couldn't even get in because there were so many people coming. And the biggest part of that whole thing was that the reason people came back was because the five-page sales letter was an outrageous letter. Really, at the very end of the fifth page, I gave people four shameless bribe coupons in there. As I wrote the letter, I would keep teasing people on each page what was at the fifth page. And I told a little bit about the bonuses that are waiting for them, but I didn't tell them til they actually [inaudible 00:10:57] there. Of course a lot of people would go to page five right away. That's okay. Have people read the whole thing, and then they saw these great bonuses and the came in.

The reason that I used that one, one of the best outrageous campaigns I've ever created myself, is because I definitely have met a lot of ... Everything I do now is outrageous campaigns. And so, now, people who see my five-page letter, a lot of them now use that same kind of thing online. They send out emails that look like that way. They put it on their websites that look that way. I mean the handwritten sales letters like that. People still use it a lot for their own businesses. So it started out with sending out a regular mail letter, and then it moved to people who have used it so many ways.

Actually, if you don't mind, and if you have enough time, I would love to tell you about the seven steps that I actually use now in order to understand this whole process of outrageous campaigns. Do you have time for [crosstalk 00:12:07] talk about it?

Igor Kheifets: Absolutely, yeah. My day is wide open for you, my friend. I'm good. I'm taking notes.

Bill Glazer: That's good. Listen, before I even tell you that, one of the things that I really like is I like the fact that I can help people to grow their business. So I'm glad that you give me a little bit more time to explain to people about what I call the seven steps to apply outrageous to any business at all. Number one, step number one, is the fact that you have to understand that everything you do to advertise and market your business should be outrageous. That's the first thing. It should be outrageous. Any kind of campaign they use, and people would stop and look at it and say to themselves, "Gee, I wanna find out more about it." That's step number one.

Step number two is understand that you are not your customer, and this is so important, step number two. A lot of people can look at a campaign and say to themselves, "I would never buy that way," but it's not about you, that if you own your business. It's about your customer, and your customer would actually say to themselves, "Gee, I want to buy from you." So even if you see some kind of outrageous ad or something like that, and people look at it and say, "Gee, I would never do that. I would never buy something like that." It's not about you who own your business, it's really the customer. So that's step number two.

Step number three is you wanna make sure to train your brain to look for ideas in obvious places. That's a key word, obvious places. A lot of times people will actually go to an event now, maybe it's a marketing event. I know a lot of people now are doing things actually online, advanced [inaudible 00:13:52]. Like virtual summit and things like that. And on that place, you'll see things that way, and you'll be able to see things that are sort of unusual and people should be using that in their own business. That's obvious places that people will actually see outrageous ideas.

Step number four is you wanna train your brain to look for ideas in unobvious places. And that's a key word, unobvious places. Like I know, a lot of times when my bride ... That's my wife, bride. I always call her a bride, because we've been married for 41 years, so she loves the fact that I still call her a bride. Is the fact that we we'll go away. We'll go to a nice country or something like that. And just when you're walking around and you see some unusual things, and I take a photo of it, and on that photo I always use that photos of things, that if just things happen, to use it in my campaigns.

So people can stop and look at it and say to themselves, "My goodness, I've gotta find out more about this. This is Bill that's walking around on top of a big whatever, a big car or something like that, and sitting upfront or something like that." And we take a photo of that, and I talk about where I was and then I tell them, "When I did that, I was thinking about this, so this is something that you wanna get involved with yourself." That's step number four.

Step number five is study what's working outside your industry and S&D it. Now there's two key words of that step number five. One of them, the fact is that working outside your industry, outside your industry. Again, I don't know who's listening to this right now, but let's say somebody's a dentist, and a dentist is using a campaign to get people to come back to his office, and I'll just use that as one example. It doesn't matter what the industry is. But you could use it in somebody's other business to figure out how to use it in your own business.

So never think in terms of the fact that I just wanna get a great campaign ... So let's say when I was a dentist, and again I'm using the fact that I was a dentist, even though I'm in menswear, [inaudible 00:16:13] my menswear business. I didn't wanna look at what other menswear businesses were doing, because I knew that stuff wasn't working. Their businesses weren't great. I was the one that was creating great stuff. So you should be looking at what other people are doing in their business and figure out how to use it in their business.

Then the last part of that, step number six, is S&D it. Now I don't know if everybody understands this word, S&D. Actually, the reason that created that word was that word was written by this guy, that was created by this person, whose name was Bill Glazer, because I was the one that created that whole thing called S&D. S&D is swipe and deploy. People call it all the time, [inaudible 00:17:00] swipe, S&D. It's swipe and deploy. So if you see something that's working in any business, you wanna swipe and deploy it in your own business. You can go to any [inaudible 00:17:11] in the street at all and you can swipe and deploy it for your own business.

Step six is everything can be outrageous. Everyone can be outrageous, including you. That's a key part of this whole thing. Whenever I was creating all these campaigns, I always made myself look like I was outrageous. I was crazy looking. And people should be looking the same way. So make yourself look unusual, make yourself look what I would actually call outrageous in all of your campaigns, because people will stop and they wanna find out more about what you're saying to them by just if you run that business, they want you to look unusual. And even if it's not you that's that person. If you're getting somebody that you have hired, somebody that actually creates your campaigns, and you have photos of them, make their things look unusual. Don't let up look like they're just like, "Ah, I don't wanna be involved in this." Make them look crazy. If you make them look crazy, people will really be happy about being involved in it, and they wanna find out more about it.

Then the last step of this is ... And again, people will be a little bit surprised about what I'm about to say. But step number seven is outrageous advertising is fun and your business can be fun, to run your business can be fun. I always have this all the time when I have clients of mine or people who are members of my mastermind groups, I would always tell them, "Listen, you have this business, you're trying to get more money, but you're just not enjoying yourself." Actually, if you can make things look outrageous, anywhere in your business at all, it will be much more fun and you'll be enjoying yourself. If you enjoy yourself, you'll just like the fact that you're getting more money for your business.

Those are the seven steps, and that's the reason why I use this word outrageous so much, and how many different ways you can use it. You can use it everywhere that you wanna use it, and people will say to themselves, "Gee, I wanna buy your product."

Igor Kheifets: Well it definitely makes you stand out, that's for sure. Whether you label it as outrageous or not, I mean some people may have different feelings or translations to the word, but one thing that stands out for me is that you strive to be unique, while at the same time not forgetting to model after what works. What I would like to do, I would like to go over the seven rules one more time just to make sure they sink, and perhaps share with you the way I understand them.

The first one is be outrageous, which is a reminder that everything you do when it comes to marketing should be outrageous, different, unique. It should always try to stand out, and that should be one of the primary goals of your marketing campaign. The moment you create a campaign that's boring and mundane and gray, I mean you probably won't make a lot of money. Just like Gary Halbert used to say, you can't bore anyone into buying from you.

The second rule is you're not your customer. It took me about four and a half years to learn that rule. I always try to tell to people the way I would wanna be sold to, but that didn't work nearly as well as just giving the market what it wants. You're not your customer is a huge one, and I think the more intelligent the person is in terms of their IQ, the more they need to pay attention to this particular rule, because we tend to judge other people based on ourselves, and if somebody's like super intelligent like 150 IQ, they typically have a hard time selling to people, because it requires for them to sort of be able to look at the world through the eyes of people who are less intelligent than they are, which again is very, very difficult.

For example when you write copy, you have to write it as if you're writing for like a seven-year-old, because the average reading level is like what? Grade one or grade two reading level. And again, that's a huge, huge rule for success in marketing.

Now the third one is you wanna train your brain to look for inspiration or for just ads and pretty much anything that can help you with your business in obvious places, because a lot of times you can see that an inspiration, it's not hiding anywhere, it's right there, but people try to over complicate it.

Now at the same time, rule number four is look for the unobvious places as well. Try to look deeper in things, [inaudible 00:21:49] people. Look into their backend, look into ... Pretty much question everything they do, and try to find out the reason why they say certain things, why they do certain things, why they get certain things in the mail, and on and on and on.

Rule number five is study what works outside your industry. This is a huge one. Huge. There's so many companies out there who succeeded only as a result of tapping inspiration from outside of their own industry. For example FedEx, which is a mailing industry or getting stuff to places industry, was inspired by the overnight bank concept or overnight cheque concept from the banking industry. So there's like a whole business that's been built around a concept from a different industry. The same thing is true I think about fast food joints, who introduced the drive thru concept. Same thing, it actually originated in the banking industry and not in the food industry. So that's huge.

And of course always remember the words S&D, which stand for swipe and deploy. But in our market, in the internet marketing space, trust me Bill, there's no shortage of swipe and deploy. People just tend to swipe. I've actually caught people and sued people for stealing like my entire websites, with my own images, with everything. Like just copy and paste. It was ridiculous. So definitely don't just copy and paste, but get inspired by other people's marketing and swipe and deploy in an ethical way. Get inspired, don't steal it.

Rule number six is everything and everyone can be outrageous. This is I would say the mindset you need to apply to everything you do, because if you don't believe you can be outrageous, you will never be. Whatever you feel or think or believe in, typically you will become the self-fulfilling prophecy for that. So first and foremost believe that everything and everyone can be outrageous.

Number seven, outrageous advertising or outrageous businesses are fun, which is a huge part, according to you Bill, of what makes this such a great business to run, or such great marketing campaigns to create, because it is fun. And if it's not fun, even if you're making money, you're almost dying inside. So you wanna make sure your business is always fun, so not only you're the one having fun, but your customers are having fun, and maybe the people who are maybe interested in your buying business look at it as a fun business and wanna participate in it as well.

Yo, it's Igor. If you're loving the content hop on over to for more free training and a free transcript of this episode. Oh, and I'd really appreciate if you logged into iTunes and rated the show. It really helps. Thanks.

These are the seven rules, the seven outrageous rules to creating outrageous marketing campaigns by Bill Glazer. My next question-

Bill Glazer: Before we can finish that, can I make one comment?

Igor Kheifets: Absolutely, yes.

Bill Glazer: It's really important for everybody that's listening to this. You just went through those seven steps, and what happened? You became a great student yourself. Just people understanding these seven steps. You studied it, and you learned about new ways to doing it for your own business. What I love about what you just said to me is number one, you became a student. And actually listen, even though I've been a marketing guy for so many, many years, I'm still learning new things. And the fact that you're still learning things is great.

And number two, what I love, the fact is now you're such a good student, you're now teaching other people. So again, I wanna say thank you for actually doing what you just said, and I thank you for actually the fact that you're creating a great business for your own business, and you'll be able to teach other business how to grow their business as well.

Igor Kheifets: First off, thank you very much. It means a lot coming from you. That was the primary purpose behind creating the List Building Lifestyle because so many people out there, they approach us for traffic and help with their marketing, but they don't understand what the hell they're doing. So I figured it's just easier overall and creates a better place for everybody, a better world, a better marketplace for everybody, if people know how to market. It just overall becomes a much easier job for everybody to make money, and overall a much better place.

With that in mind, I wanna pick your brain about one more thing. In my business, when an offer isn't working or when a campaign isn't performing, the two things I look at are headline and an offer. So headline that leads into the offer, and the offer itself. Now we've had plenty of discussions about headlines on this show. Headlines, subject lines, you name it. But few about offers. And I think it's fundamentally important for people to grasp what makes an outrageously profitable offer. So perhaps you can share your thoughts, from your experience, on what are some of the criteria, and what are some of the components, to an outrageously profitable proposition.

Bill Glazer: Recently, I wrote a book, and then after that book I actually had 49 campaigns, 49 marketers who sent me their campaigns, and when they sent me their campaigns, I actually placed them into my book, and I also had of them, 28 of them actually came and spoke at my live event after the book. When people started sending me over their campaigns for me to look at and place there, I really took them to a level that I wanted to make sure those campaigns were great. So I had them send me over all the information, and I put them into the ... Each one would be a chapter in there. And I told them that I want to make sure those campaigns really work.

So basically, what I would like to tell you is the five steps that I use to make sure that every one of those campaigns actually were outrageous campaigns. So here are the five steps that I took up.

The first one is I told them the title of every one of those campaigns were outrageous. I used the word outrageous in every title in there. When they sent the information to me, they knew it was outrageous, but they weren't clear that it was outrageous, so I made sure in every title that I put the word outrageous in there.

The next thing I put in there is all the media that they used, and that's the reason why it works so well, it's a multi-step media. It's not just a one-step, it's multi-step. So I put all the media in those campaigns.

The next thing is I told them the steps of the campaign. So with all the media, what happens first? Is it an email, or maybe it's somebody just getting on the phone and talking to somebody, or whatever. Somebody is then getting them to a website, whatever it is. I taught them all the steps, because people need to know the steps.

Now number four might be the most important thing that I made sure of every one of those things in there. I actually told them what is the results they got, the results from their campaign, because the truth of the matter is, people don't wanna hear about other campaigns if it doesn't work. So I actually [inaudible 00:29:15] them to tell me the results that they got, because nobody wants to get a campaign that's not working, so I made people tell them exactly what they could actually use it in their campaigns, so other people could see their results and say, "Gee, if somebody's creating this million dollars for this, yeah, I definitely want to figure out how I can use it myself."

Which is now number five, and number five is so key, and in every campaign I place it on there, which is what makes this a great campaign to model it for your own business? When I look at the 49 campaigns that in there, I would tell you right now on my last book and at my live event, I would say about 90% of them anybody can use it in their own business. There was a couple, 10% of them, that wouldn't work in every business, but it would work in most of their businesses. I showed them exactly how somebody could use these campaigns in their own business. It was at the end of every campaign and every chapter of the book and at the live events. So that was exactly what I did, and it's so important, what I just said to people right now, because you don't wanna find out what other people are doing that doesn't work for you. I showed people exactly what it was, the steps you take to it, and how it could work for your own business.

If you want to, I can give you a couple of examples of them. I don't know how much time we have, but I'd be glad to give you a couple of the other people that sent me their campaigns that I placed in my book and also that they spoke at my live event.

Igor Kheifets: I would love to do that. I think we're a little bit short on time at this point, because we still need to talk about one more very, very important thing. But I would prefer for our listeners to actually find out all 49 of those campaigns on their own, which we're gonna touch on in just a second.

First though, I wanna kinda share my take on what I felt made this an outrageously profitable offer if you will. First off, you built up the actual people who were sharing. I mean you did not necessarily need to build them up, because a lot of them are marketing celebrities. I mean let's be honest for a sec here, Yannick Silva, Mike Koenigs, Russell Bronson, Ryan Dice, these people don't need any introductions. If you're into marketing or business or direct response, obviously people probably know who they are. Not to mention that the whole thing is being run by you, and that comes in with a preexisting authority in and of itself. So that was really, really big for that campaign.

The other thing you've done is you translated these campaigns into monetary value by getting all these people who share the campaigns to also share their results, which is always great because then it allows someone like me, who buys those campaigns, to say, "Okay, the potential is right here, and this is something coming from the real world."

Another thing you've done, you made it clear that all these campaigns or maybe 95% of these campaigns are universally applicable, regardless of the business you're in, because there's this huge objection when it comes to helping small businesses grow, and the objection is my business is different, my business is unique, my business is not like other businesses, my business has unique sets of challenges and opportunities you have no idea about. So obviously making sure that whoever lands on that sales page understands that these are universally applicable campaigns eliminates that huge, sometimes critical objection.

Another thing of course is you had a very unique product, because no one else put all these people together in one room for two days, getting them to share some of their most profitable campaigns of that year. It's not a commodity. It's not like coffee or sugar or oil, like you can't get it just by walking into a store. This is a very unique product with a unique proposition, and also the price was kinda ridiculous. I mean it was only what? $397. I mean that's just crazy.

So overall I think all of these have contributed, in addition to what you've mentioned, to the creation of this campaign, which kind of goes to show you that there's some thinking that goes into creating an outrageously profitable campaign, and there are rules you can follow to make your campaigns outrageously profitable as well.

Bill Glazer: Listen, I will tell you, when you were thinking about the fact why I made it so inexpensive, I mean I made it inexpensive for a couple of reasons. Number one is a lot of these people that have sent their campaigns, a couple of them you mentioned like Yannick Silva, Russell, Ryan, even Matt Bacak, a lot of people know Matt Bacak and on and on. These were guys, they were in my own mastermind group for many years. A lot of them, for like eight years, and I helped them to grow their businesses, although when their businesses keep growing, it's not the fact that actually taught them how to do stuff. I always tell them I'm so proud of these guys, how much they've built their businesses, because I love the fact that I would be be able to help people to grow their business. So that's number one.

That was one of the main reasons I got people to be able to send me campaigns and also to speak at my live event, is because they were always saying to me, "Bill, I wanna thank you for helping me," and then I always tell them, "It's not about me helping you, I just like the fact that you're building great businesses." And then the other thing is, a lot of people [inaudible 00:35:08], I don't know if people know this or not, but about two and a half years ago I had a health issue for myself. I actually had a stroke myself. That was one of the main reasons why I wanted to write this book, and I also wanted to actually do a live event, was because I wanted to get back to a point where I could create a great book, and have a live event, and then have some really strong friends of mine to be involved with this whole thing.

So again, yes, I was able to get all these people to come to my event that really are some of the higher levels of marketing guys. But at the same time, I had some regular marketing people there, all came in as well. A lot of people love the fact they helped me because I wanted to get back healthy again so I could help my own ... Back to where I'll be at again. So when I did that, I didn't wanna charge a lot of money, so again, the book was $25. People to come to an event was about $397. And then I recorded it, and it's now available for other people for just $397, and they can hear all of these campaigns, which are amazing. And also they get a copy of the ... When they get a copy of the book [inaudible 00:36:26], there's a copy of the book that's on there as well.

That's the reason why I did it. And again, when I wrote my first book, which was probably 10 years ago, that was called Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful. And there, when I sold the book and I had a live event afterwards, and I gave a lot of money to the junior achievement group, which is to help young people. After I had a stroke, I wanted to find an area that I could give some money to help other people who have a stroke. And so now I give all the money, everybody who purchased the recording for $397, I give all the profits to the Veterans [inaudible 00:37:05] Foundation in Pittsburgh to help other people who have had a stroke, to get them back, because I was able to find somebody to help me to get back, so I wanna get other people to get back. So that's why I pretty much have done that.

I hope that answers your question about what actually I'm now making available to other people, which is the recordings of my live event.

Igor Kheifets: Yes, and that was actually the final thing I wanted to bring out. Thank you for making it so easy. Basically, on this call we've talked about creating outrageous marketing campaigns, and there's no better way of learning how to do it than actually studying outrageous successful, profitable marketing campaigns. Now the problem is that you may see advertising out there, you may logon to and watch a funny cat video and get interrupted by an ad. You may get on your Facebook feed and get an ad there. You may get an ad in your email.

But the problem is you don't know which campaigns that you're seeing and participating in are profitable and which are not, which is where Bill comes in, because Bill knows anyone who's capable of creating super profitable stuff, including some of the biggest names in internet marketing today like Matt Bacak, Russell Bronson, Ryan Dice, Mike Koenigs. I mean so many people that you and I consider to be gurus, these guys call Bill the guru, so when Bill calls them up and says, "Hey Ryan, can you share a really profitable campaign you ran this year," or, "Hey Russell, I heard you launched your new book, can you share the results of that product launch and how much you made et cetera?" Obviously there's no resistance there, and these guys come out and just share what they wouldn't otherwise share.

As a result, Bill takes all that, puts it on tape, and then offers it to you, alongside other 37 or 38 superstars who create marketing campaigns, and offers that for just one time $397. Now I believe, I sincerely believe that for anyone who wants to become a super affiliate, or a super internet marketer, anyone who wants to make six figures or beyond while having fun in their internet marketing business, I sincerely believe with other fiber in my body, not buying this, not getting these recordings, not studying the campaigns by Ryan Dice and Russell Bronson and Matt Bacak, I mean it just contradicts to the core value you bring to the table right now. If you wanna make more money and have more fun and build an internet marketing business with profitable campaigns, you absolutely have to pick up a copy of this program.

Here's what I suggest you do. I suggest you take two steps. First step, I suggest you go to right now and pick up a copy of the recordings of the very first campaign summit. This is the Outrageous Campaign summit, we're gonna call it that way. So you go to and pick up a copy of the campaign summit, the recordings, the Q&A calls, the transcript and PDF format, everything for just one time $397, and start going through those. As you do, you'll also get an electronic copy of Bill's new book, the Outrageous Multi Step Marketing Campaigns, which you otherwise can go and probably get on Amazon, but I highly recommend you get this program instead and just get it as a gift.

In addition to that, Bill is very kind, and he's giving you all access pass to the live stream of the next summit that's taking place in May, and you basically don't have to buy tickets for that, you don't have to buy access to that, because you'll get that free, if and when you go to and pick up a copy of the previous year's Outrageous Marketing summit.

And in addition to that, I really wanna make sure you understand just how much I believe that you should be getting this program right away. I wanna give you a $1200 value gift myself. So when you go to right now, at any time before the next summit, and pick up a copy of this program and forward your receipt to [email protected][inaudible 00:41:14].com, I will also give you access, one full year free access, to my private List Building mastermind called List Building Lifestyle club. You can check it out at

This is a mastermind that other people are paying right now $97 a month, which means for the year it's $1200 bucks, and you get access to that mastermind for free when you pick up a copy of the recordings of the previous year's Outrageous Marketing summit. Within the walls of this mastermind, I am first and foremost giving you access to seven of my most profitable campaigns of 2018, campaigns that netted me anywhere from $20,000 all the way up to $70,000 promoting other people's products to my email list. I'm giving you the emails, the VSLs, the pages, everything.

Another thing I'm giving you is a special report I put together called How to Bring a Dead List Back to Life. This is something you can't find anywhere else. In addition to that, you'll also get access to my inner circle, and once a month, you'll be able to get on a live call with me, where you can ask me any questions, get updates on what I'm working on, see into my most profitable campaigns at that time, get me to reveal my traffic sources, everything.

So basically, I'm giving you access to all of that for free, instead of charging you $1200 a year, if and when you go to and grab a copy of the recordings of the last year's Outrageous Marketing summit for just $397. Now just so you understand, all the profits made are going to charity. Bill is actually not pocketing a cent from the proceeds of the sales from that program. He's doing it 100% for charity, so you're not only improving your own life, and you're not only improving your own customers' lives, but you're also helping other people by donating your money for their cause.

With that said, again, if you want this, and if you wanna get access to my mastermind for free, go to right now, grab a copy, and forward your receipt to [email protected][inaudible 00:43:26].com.

Bill, one last question before I let you go. If you could go back in time, maybe say 10, 15 years or so, what would you tell yourself when you were just getting started with direct response marketing?

Bill Glazer: Well first of all I love that question by the way. Before I even do that, I wanna thank you for everything that you're doing right now, because the people that are getting this product and you're giving them all these other things that you put together for them, I mean that's the type of person that you are. You're actually gonna help other people, which I love that. And again, I appreciate the fact that I'll be able to help people at Veterans [inaudible 00:44:02] Foundation.

Your question, if I was starting away 20 years ago, 15 years ago, whatever it is, one of the things that I would always do then, as I continue to do now, I'm always looking for the next person. When I say the next person, literally the next one that's going to be able to help you go to the next level of your business. I mean a lot of the guys that were mentioned earlier, a lot of them guys were in my mastermind group. Actually, when I started out, I was in the mastermind of group, in Dan Kennedy's group, I was in his mastermind group.

So you're always looking for the right student. You'll be able student, and you always got the great teacher there to actually take you to the next level. There's always another teacher that's gonna be after that, after that, after that. So always look for new ideas that you can use yourself to build your own bigger business.

Igor Kheifets: Again guys, you've been given the seven rules to becoming outrageous with your marketing, you've been given the give steps to creating an outrageous marketing campaign. You also have the opportunity to get access to Russell Bronson's, Ryan Dice's, Matt Bacak's, Mike Koenigs', Bill Glazer's, all of these super profitable campaigns that's already out there, been broken down and dissected for you, for you just to model, again not to steal, but to model in your business, and again it's all for a very, very small fee, and it goes to charity as well. Plus, if you go to, you'll also get access for a full year to coaching with me as well as access to my profitable campaigns, as well as the all access pass to the live stream of the next summit where I happen to be featured.

I actually forgot to mention that, oh my God. I'm actually featured there sharing one of my profitable campaigns of the last six months. Obviously, people like Ryan Dice, Russell Bronson and Matt Bacak are also featured there again and again. Why? Because they keep creating more campaigns for you to study. So get access to all of that at We'll also include the link in the transcription for this episode at

This was Bill Glazer. Like I said in the introduction, the three elephants that hold the marketing universe right now on their shoulders. The forefather of direct response as far as I'm concerned, alongside with Dan Kennedy and other giants. So Bill, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down, to share your wisdom and to answer all my pesky questions. This has been a true pleasure.

Bill Glazer: Thank you.

Igor Kheifets: Until next time we chat, have a good one.

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