How To Build An Email List – Igor’s Step-by-Step Guide

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Ever wanted to start an email list from scratch? Join me for a step-by-step guide! I’ll simplify the process into five steps, covering everything from choosing the right platform to generating traffic and automating follow-ups. Get ready to craft compelling incentives and learn how to engage subscribers effectively.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor discusses the transformative journey of building an email list from scratch. He breaks down five pivotal steps, offering insights and practical advice based on his 15 years of expertise in list-building. Igor’s focus is on demystifying the process for beginners and offering unconventional yet effective strategies to make list-building an engaging and successful endeavor.

[01:43] Step 1 – Choose A Platform:

  • Step one is choosing an email marketing platform—an online software to collect, store, and send emails to subscribers at the click of a button.

  • The selection process among numerous platforms is akin to test-driving cars; signing up and exploring different platforms helps find the best fit.
  • Most platforms offer a free trial period, like GetResponse, providing a 30-day trial. Other options include Active Campaign, MailChimp, SendinBlue, Constant Contact, MailerLite, HubSpot, and many more. 
  • What’s crucial isn’t the specific platform but committing to one and initiating the accumulation of email addresses.

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[04:44] Step 2 – Incentivize Your Audience:

  • Step two involves creating an incentive for people to share their email addresses—a lead magnet or opt-in bribe. This could be anything valuable to your audience, such as quizzes, webinars, ebooks, or cheat sheets, tailored to solve a particular problem.
  • Starting with an ebook is simple; it’s essentially a Word document converted into a PDF, easily created using tools like ChatGPT or by compiling information on a specific topic. 
  • Specificity is key—make the lead magnet highly relevant to your audience’s particular problem.

[07:56] Step 3 – Start Generating Traffic: 

  • Step three is generating traffic or visitors to your capture page, which translates into email subscribers. There are two ways to get traffic: free and paid.
  • Free traffic demands substantial effort through content creation and leveraging platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Search engine optimization (SEO) also contributes but requires significant labor and tools. Paid traffic, especially through platforms like Facebook ads and Google ads, is faster and more scalable.
  • Personal preferences lean toward paid traffic due to its speed and scalability. I’ve found success using strategies like email drops and Lead banks.

  • Consistency is key; avoid starting and stopping, as it hampers momentum and affects your email reputation with various services.

[09:24] Step 4 – Follow Up:

  • Step four emphasizes the often overlooked but critical follow-up process. The majority of sales from your list result from consistent follow-ups.

  • Setting up automated email sequences immediately after someone joins your list and regularly sending broadcasts fosters familiarity and trust.

[10:54] Step 5 – Automate:

  • Automating this process using email marketing software is crucial to handling large lists efficiently, saving time, and increasing income. 
  • The ability to automate significantly contributes to scaling your business without needing to invest excessive time.

  • Scaling your income without an increase in workload is achievable through smart automation strategies.

  • Building an email list is a long-term endeavor, not a quick fix. It demands effort but leads to an asset that pays dividends over time.

[13:28] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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