How To Become an Overnight Authority In Your Niche

How to make money without proof? How to get people to listen if you’re not an authority? How to charge for your advice if you have got no social proof or testimonials? Napoleon Hill figured out the secret nearly one hundred years ago. Here’s what you need to do.


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Welcome bag to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets. Few things are easier than making money for me at this point, because all I have to do is just get on my alever account and just load an e-mail, and send that e-mail out with a link. As a result, because of the relationship I have with my list, I can immediately e-mail my way to tens of thousands of dollars. Now this is a privilege, this is an exception to the rule, because most people, even if they do have a small list, they can't possibly command that much buyer fire power with their list.

In fact, I would argue that right now, as of the moment of me recording this, in the interim marketing space, I am probably in the top ten most powerful super affiliates in the world. Because in the last five promotions I ran through my list, I haven't ranked lower than number three. Every single time I'm either number one, or sometime ... or somewhere in the top three.

Now, I don't share this to brag, but to show you something, a principle at play that allows me to be this way, and this principle you can and you should apply this in your business. You see the reason I'm able to command so much buying power from my list, is because my subscribers, they hold me as an authority, alright? In their eyes I'm an authority on the subject that I talk about. Now, that's a huge advantage that I have over pretty much everyone else in the market place, because in order to get a sale, you need to create belief. In order to create belief you need to first make sure that your audience trusts everything you're saying, or at least most of it, and that it can only be done if and only if, your audience considers you an authority on the very topic you're talking about.

Now, how did I become an authority? Well, probably as a result of many years of hard work where I became visible everywhere, where other people told my audience that I'm legit, me having testimonials from pretty much guru in the game, and having of course hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials from customers. So, for me today, I don't even need to work on my credibility and my authority anymore because it sort of precedes me, and when I enter a room or a seminar, people already recognize me, they know my name, and they want to approach me and not vice versa.

But of course, you're probably thinking, "Igor, that's great for you, but what about me? I'm only starting out, I've been doing this for like six months, and I'm not an authority like you. I can't command tens of thousands of dollars in commission with one e-mail. What am I supposed to do, do I just quit the game, or do I hope some kind of magic transformation occurs overnight?" Well, no. You see when I started in this game, I too was not an authority. And, not only that, I had a huge handicap too, my English was broken, I was talking Borat English. I was doing it out of Israel so very few Americans actually trusted me because they couldn't find any information about me. I was 19 or 18-years-old so naturally I couldn't command presence at the time, I was still really bad at that, and all in all I just couldn't get a sale. I would get rejected all the time, my e-mails wouldn't even be opened let alone clicked on and bought from. So, naturally I know what it feels like to try to break through the market place noise and get people to pay attention, and always get rejected.

Well, here's the thing about authority. Authority can and should be manufactured by specific action steps, and not by your actual results. Most people are stuck in the frame of believing that in order to be an authority, you have to show results. You have to basically come up with a bunch of income screen shots, you have to show people you're making a ton of money, and that the moment you become successful that's the moment when they start buying from you. But of course, there's a flaw in this thinking, because how can you become successful if you need to show how you're making lots of money to be successful. Unless you inherited a lot of money, or unless you have another source of income where you're getting paid a lot of money unrelated to your business, that would be very difficult to pull off, and I did not have that coming in. I had no assets, no connections, no GV's, nothing. So, do you know what I did? I did the same thing that Napoleon Hill did a long time ago.

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So, you're probably familiar with the classic, thinking real rich. It's widely considered to be the bible of success, and Napoleon Hill is sort of like the Jesus of success. And I don't mean to disrespect Jesus, and if you're religious please know that I'm only drawing this metaphor for the sake of the metaphor and not to offend anyone. But, Napoleon Hill is kind of like the Messiah, alright, he's the Moses of modern day success. But, did you know that Napoleon Hill was actually broke for the longest part of his life, and for a brief moment that he was rich and wealthy, he was not able to keep his riches.

So, what happened was, Napoleon Hill was hired by Andrew Carnegie to go and interview a bunch of billionaires, and then to put everything they said into an easy to read book. Which is exactly what Napoleon Hill did flawlessly, and as a result became very famous, celebrated, and people started acknowledging him and his work, and that's how he became rich for a brief of time in his life. But, then of course, he lost all of that, he couldn't sustain that or retain it.

Now, did that stop Napoleon Hill from being the widely accepted authority on the subject of success? No, it did not. He produced ... He released a book, he produced a video series and the audio series, and in fact, towards the end of his life, he was rescued by W. Clement Stone, who brought him in as a speaker at seminars for insurance sales people. So, Napoleon Hill, even though he wasn't rich, even though he wasn't very successful, even though he himself never became rich with anything other than writing that book, he is still ... he was back then, and is still considered, an authority on getting rich.

Now, do you see the contradiction of that? I do, and as far as I'm concerned that's a great thing, because what it tells you is that, we perceive authorities in a certain way, and it's not based on the amount of money they're making. In other words, you don't have to be rich or make a lot of money to command authority with your audience. What you need to do instead, is then to manufacture that authority by interviewing experts and publishing their information as your own by simply taking what they say and interpreting that in your own words, or, publishing exactly what they say, but with your name on it. And the way you do it is very simple. All you have to do is just go interview people.

So, you don't have to have Andrew Carnegie as your friend to connect you to a bunch of billionaires, you can ... what you can do is can simply start reaching out to authorities in your target market, in your niche, and approaching them and asking them about interview possibility. And about three to five times out of ten, even if you're a nobody and have not audience, you will get a yes, because experts love being interviewed. Part of them loves it because of their ego, because they get celebrated as an expert, which is always nice for somebody who releases information and wants to be known for something.

Now, the other part of them is pure greed, because more publicity means more money, more publicity means more leads and more exposure. Therefore, the more interviews they do, the more money they will make.

Now, for you what this means is that, all you have to do is just interview them, then if you're doing an audio interview without video get it transcribed. If you're doing a video interview, you can then release it as video, audio and transcribed version as text, and this way you start publishing information where you get seen with other experts. And what happens at that precise moment, is that your audience learns to see you as an authority, even for ... even if for no other reason than you spent an hour on the phone with somebody they like, admire and respect, and widely consider an authority on the topic.

You do this enough times, and you really only need just a few interviews like that under your belt, and you will be amazed how quickly people start recognizing you as an authority. Because compared to them, you're way ahead. Compared to them, you're somebody who hangs out with the experts. Compared to them, you're somebody who works with the experts, therefore, you're automatically being perceived like an expert.

Now, again, this is a counter intuitive clinical trick or strategy, anyway you wan to call it, but it works. It works, and it is the best way for someone who does not have any credibility or authority to establish credibility and authority right away.

Now, whether it means for you to start a podcast, whether it means for you just to start a You Tube channel where you interview experts, whether it means for you to just publish all the stuff on your blog, or just e-mail it to your list, it doesn't matter, but you have to make sure this information is visible both when people start working with you, as well as when they look you up randomly on the internet, alright? So that's why it probably pays you to have a website where you publish all of that stuff, so when they search for your name all these interviews come up. And as a result, again, you become guilty by association, and that will lead increased authority and respect from your e-mail list, and that will directly, directly lead to more money in the bank.

So, with that said, thank you so much for tuning in for this weeks episode. This is Igor Kheifets, and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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