How To “De-Salesyfy” Your Emails

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The challenge of finding the perfect balance between promoting your offerings and avoiding that “pushy” or “salesy” tone can be quite perplexing. Even seasoned marketers occasionally wrestle with this dilemma. But fear not, because Igor is on a mission in today’s episode to unravel this issue. Igor is here to take you through a journey of transforming your email strategy, helping you infuse each message with sincerity. If you’re eager to shift your emails from mere sales pitches to genuine conversations, then this episode is your guide to achieving just that. Tune in as Igor lays out the path to impactful and authentic email marketing.

[00:00] Tom Cruise Introduces The Show!

[00:20] In this episode, Igor shares his best strategies to “de-salesyfy” your emails and liberate your emails from the shackles of overt sales pitches and infuse them with genuine, resonant connections.

[01:45] Why Do People Fear Mailing Their List?

  • The primary concern individuals often encounter when managing a list is their hesitation to engage with it. 
  • They fear potential alienation or annoyance that might arise from sending out emails. 
  • Additionally, they wish to avoid appearing pushy. However, the unnoticed potential lies in utilizing this platform to share ideas and subtly influence perspectives. 

[02:00] Igor’s Approach To Cultivating Email Lists:

  • My approach to cultivating my list and crafting daily emails revolves around prioritizing ideas over products. 
  • By narrating stories, recounting personal experiences, or discussing client interactions, I can effectively convey an idea. 
  • Consequently, my email’s conclusion merely requires a gentle mention that a solution or benefit is available should the recipient wish to explore it further.

[04:00] Share Your Story:

  • Another avenue is sharing your origin story, explaining why you ventured into the mattress business due to dissatisfaction with available options. 
  • Alternatively, you can present unconventional ideas. For instance, disputing the conventional use of springs in mattresses, favoring our innovative gel-based design. 
  • Educating and captivating readers in emails can more effectively foster conversions compared to overt sales pitches.

[05:50] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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