Bruce Lee School Of Marketing

You know Bruce Lee from his movies.

To be honest, most of them are mediocre.

The real genius of Bruce was found into his deep thinking.

If he was still alive today, he would be an awesome marketer.

In fact, one of his lesser-known quotes made a huge impact on me.

I now share it with team members and customers because of its power.

And in today’s podcast I break it down and share all the nuggets of marketing goodness you could ever hope to get from Bruce.


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Jonathan: You know what I like Igor? That every time we get together to record,
you applaud me.

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: That really makes me feel good.

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: You guys are listening to List Building Lifestyle; I was messing with
Igor's head over there. We are back for another show. Igor what do you have for us

Igor: Well, as promised I wanted to chat about Bruce Lee. It turns out this guy;
most people know him because of his movies, right? Which incidentally, he wasn't
all that successful in movies to be honest.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: The biggest success he ever experienced was in the Chinese movie and then he
sort of had one successful movie in Hollywood. But it turns out that along his
path as he was teaching Hollywood stars some martial arts and he was actually the
first Eastern guy who decided to do that and caught lots and lots of flack from
other martial arts instructions because at the time, you weren't supposed to share
the secrets with the Westerners, if you will. Bruce Lee suffered an injury and for
six months he went out of training like he was not allowed to train. He had some
sort of back injury which really resonates with me because I was out for like two
weeks, couldn't even walk with my back injury then I went on to a really cool,
really demanding exercise regiment which I'm still sticking by and still have a
pull up bar at my home. It's actually become part of my routine where the first
thing I do in the morning is I strengthen my back muscles and I stretch. Bruce Lee
just like any other overachiever when he was chained to his bed, he started
writing. He started putting his entire martial arts philosophy on paper because it
turns out that as a martial arts teacher, he was very philosophical, and he was
breaking the martial arts as means of expressing yourself honestly through your
body. So you might be wondering, okay Igor so what does any of that have to do
with marketing? Well, it actually has a lot to do with success because Bruce Lee
said something in one of his books which really struck a chord with me and he said
this, "You can never invite the wind but you can leave the window open." Now think
how profound that is for a second, like many people that I talk to ask me what
they are supposed to be doing to succeed, both employees and customers like they
literally want me to show them the magic button, the magic blue print, the magic
system that gets them successful. However, there is no such thing. The best I have
ever seen, the closest I have ever seen to coming to ñ approaching success, the
most proven way if you will is to break down the principles to success and then
figure out on your own how to apply these principles in your present environment
because let's face it when I applied these principles in my environment when I
started that was a different place and time than where you are right now. Although
lots of things don't really change but some do change and you're also a different
person. I started out in this business when I was 19, maybe you're 69 so it maybe
different for you.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: So my point is this while there is no lever you can pull to become
successful, you can leave the window open and maximize the chances of the wind
coming in simply because you're doing the right things to leave your windows open
because if the window is closed it's not going to come in, right? But if you open
it up through your action, there is a much higher chance of making that happen and
that's probably as close as you're ever going to come to come close to success
because again there is no definite 1000% method to become successful in any
industry or any endeavor including sports and business.

Jonathan: I've got the window open and I'm waiting for the wind now, Igor.

Igor: [laughter] So when I talk about getting your window open, I'm talking about
implementing the principles, the success principles you hear from a lot of the I
guess success coaches as well as guys like me who kind of give you the practical
advice to success. This podcast, folks, is a lot of email marketing, on marketing,
on selling, on closing deals, on traffic generation, right? These are all
principles. We can never literally take your business and start breaking down and
telling you what to do in your business, it's just impossible for us to do
something like that. You have to be the one taking those success principals and
figuring out the ways to properly apply them in your specific situation. That's
what I'm talking about when I talk about windows; leaving your specific private
window open for the wind to come in.

Jonathan: Okay, Igor, seriously though, this window open idea maybe some people
are grasping it. I kind of get it but maybe you can explain a little bit more for

Igor: Yeah, I agree, it's a bit of a difficult concept and I have to admit that I
only got it which I think I got it, I can't really talk to Bruce about it. I think
I got it because I went through the journey and to recognize the truth in those
words. So my interpretation of this statement is that by opening a window, Bruce
means by practicing the core principles of success, the same principles you learn
in every podcast you listen to and every legitimate podcast you listen to I guess
and every book you read, in sort of like success oriented literature you read like
most of these the ones that really work, they give you principles, they don't
exactly what to do. They don't tell you wake up in the morning and make a cup of
tea and then cross the road and get in your car like they don't go into details as
far as how to live your life, they give you principles as general guidelines by
which you apply yourself in your environment and so while we don't know what your
environment, we don't know what your personality is, we don't know what your
circumstance is, the point being is that you have to practice the core principles
of success in your specific environment and that is what is called leaving the
window open. The wind comes in that means you're becoming successful is when your
preparation and your actions meet the opportunity but that will not happen unless
you keep your proverbial window open and that's how I get this concept that Bruce
shares in his literature.

Jonathan: Yeah, that's also ñ I like that you said that. Preparation and
opportunity equal luck. That's a saying out there, I don't know who first said but
the idea that is having those core principles in place so that you're prepared now
how do you know which are the core principles because so many people get
distracted out there with new shiny objects, different directions to look. What
are those core principles and how do you know you're doing the right thing?

Igor: Well, you know that's actually a really good question because you're right,
there is way too much success oriented information, there are too many people out
there that actually want to teach you how to be successful when in reality they
are not successful themselves. In fact, this is no joke. I kid you not. I have an
ex-employee of mine who did not stick with my company. She has been with us a
couple of months. She was okay but she wasn't anything special and unfortunately I
didn't appreciate her work ethics and she did not appreciate me being like a crazy
fucking boss, let's put it this way, my work ethics are insane and I demand the
same from my team. So she couldn't stand my attitude towards building something
great in this lifetime. She left and for awhile I did not know and did not really
care what was going on with her to be honest. Then someone who is on my team who
is still in touch with her told me that she now became a life coach.

Jonathan: What?

Igor: So here we are somebody who's getting towards her 30s, somebody who still
lives with mother, and somebody who quite frankly did not achieve anything
meaningful in life, not in terms of family and not in terms of professional or any
sort of career or anything like that, she now becomes a life coach. So obviously
taking advice from someone like about how to live your life or how build a
successful business or how to handle your relationships that's probably not a
great idea. I think I heard an episode on the Doberman Dan Show where he spoke
about this, last week or the week before last, where he was talking about these 22
year old, 25 year old life coaches that have zero life experience. So from that
standpoint, don't listen to that advice. Don't be that person who takes life or
success advice from somebody who never succeeded. However, the people who you
know, who you come across, or you have access through media that are successful,
they tend to share their resources through which they became successful. For
instance, if you're following somebody like Gary Vaynerchuk, he probably has a
video where he talks about the books he read or he gives you the principles by
which he follows etc. Or if you listen to this podcast, we actually have a few
episodes where I pinpoint specific people who influenced my success, I pinpoint
the specific books, and in fact the previous episode or the one before that we
spoke about Steven Pressfield's work that influenced my success for sure, you know
defining the amateur within you and overcoming your procrastination stuff like
that. So you know the internet gives you tons and tons and tons of clues to the
genuine resources that tell you how to become more successful in your life. It's
up to you to implement these in order to keep your window open.

Jonathan: So how do you vet these people, Igor, because there is a lot of people
who are convincing online, they look the part, they play it well but maybe behind
the scenes they are not successful so can you give us some tips on vetting people
while we are talking about this?

Igor: Oh damn, that another great question. To be honest, I never really thought
about that. I sort of like look at somebody and I have a hunch about them. Also in
my position today, I can sort of compare to what they say and what I know and I
can tell whether there is a gap which then raises questions or whether we are on
the same page because most people which I ever connected with who are successful
and whose biographies I've read for incidence and who I got to meet at seminars,
speakers and authors of all kinds, including Robert Kiyosaki who came down to do
an episode of the List Building Lifestyle. A lot of what they are saying is there
are a lot of commonalities. So the people who talk from a true place, people who
teach you the right things, you'll notice that they are probably saying a lot of
the similar stuff that other people who teach from the true place are saying. So
you will notice commonalities. The moment you start hearing the same thing from
mulitiple sources, you know that it's true because the bullshit artists they just
make things up. The people who went through some life changing experiences and
arrived at conclusions that allowed them to become successful, their conclusions
are a lot of times they are very similar. So you might want to keep your ear out
for commonalities more so than just specific principles.

Jonathan: Now, I'm push a little bit further here and say if that if these people
have similar things that they are saying then why would you need to choose one
over the other or why would you need more than one mentor to follow? Why wouldn't
you just follow one person and they would be your personal guy?

Igor: Well that's a good question. First off there is more than one way to climb a
mountain and so while there might be like 60 or 70% commonalities, there's going
to be another 30% that is different. Like for instance, me and Dennis, we are both
pretty successful and we are both, I want to say pretty smart. I mean I know he is
super smart and I want to think of myself as smart but we have different views and
different takes on different things that we don't necessarily always agree on but
there are a lot of things that we do agree on. So there is room to be different
and still be successful. Plus he doesn't have the time to follow everybody, I mean
you start studying everybody and trying to implement everybody you just won't be
able to do it. It's just too much. You have to limit your knowledge in take and
your role model intake and choose to the people that really stick for you, that
really resonate with you and just try to model them.

Jonathan: Yeah, so what I hear you saying is there are some principles at the ñ
some values at the core that you want to look for and see if you spot out like
these people have these in common like you and I value family, value doing work,
value perpetual learning and so that's why we work together although we go
different routes on what we actually do so that's what I'm hearing you saying if
I'm wrong let me know. The other thing is if I've taken you way the hell off the
topic of Bruce Lee, let's bring it back in. [laughter]

Igor: Well, you know first off you are digging very deep and that's good because I
was never good at digging deep as far as delivering so that's really cool of you
to ask these questions because you know having a second perspective on these
things is incredible. Now as far as us being same but different, you're actually
correct. You structure life so much differently than I do. You roll things out so
much differently than I do. For instance you have a newsletter, I don't. I choose
a different media to deliver my content. Or maybe vice versa I put up way more
offers to the marketplace than you do. So you're way more laid back on that

Jonathan: For sure.

Igor: I'm sure that's going to change soon because I have been sort of hammering
that home.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: There is tons of differences between us, there is also lots of commonalities
but the point is you climbed your mountain and I climbed mine and so we just have
to accept the idea that there is tons of ways to climb a mountain that your job is
to try and find yours. Taking this back to Bruce Lee actually, this brings a great
point because Bruce Lee when he taught martial arts and he said that there is no
style that he could teach anybody because in martial arts there is always
different styles like the flying monk and the drunk monkey and stuff like that.
Now Bruce Lee, he never taught people a style, he actually encouraged them to
develop their own styles and to learn the principles and even question the
principles in order to develop their own unique style that fits their own unique
personality and behavior. He was talking about the difference between, I think it
was either Steve McQueen - and someone else I don't remember but he was talking
about the difference in styles that Steve McQueen had this brutality about him. He
could just take you with sheer force while this other guy got a deeper
understanding of philosophy so he was much better at that stuff. So each had to
better understand and better developed their own style that fits what they were
all about. So again going back to keeping the window open that's your job; your
job is to figure out how to keep your window open so when the wind comes in you're
ready to catch it.

Jonathan: Nice. You brought it back, my man. You brought it back, I like that. So
what do you have coming up for us next time?

Igor: Well, next time I want to talk about something interesting. Bo Eason, a
person I never even heard of before, when I first stumbled onto him, he is
actually an ex-NFL player and became this sort of storytelling guru. He said
something interesting in one of his YouTube videos. He said that the highest paid
person of the 21st century is going to be the storyteller.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: It's funny because the highest paid person of the 20th century was a
storyteller and the highest paid person of the 19th century was a storyteller and
so on and so forth.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: You know it's the people who were able to tell stories who were always
awarded with treasures, with rewards and with trophies and their names stood out
throughout history. I would like to devote the next episode to the art of story
selling basically the secrets that the self-made millionaires use in their story
selling in order to become very, very rich.

Jonathan: Very, very rich, alright [laughter]. Looking forward to that one, I
can't wait, man. Thank you, Igor. Thank you List Builders for tuning in and we
will be back with you next time.

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