Sales Alchemy – How To Turn “Dirt” Leads Into Gold

Here’s a fact for you:

Only 10% of people are ready to buy when they see your offer.

The other 90%?

It’s a different animal that drives newbie marketers crazy.

Those poor souls don’t realize how simple the solution is.

To my disappointment, it evades even the most seasoned online pros.

This is why in today’s podcast I reveal to you what’s needed to turn a lead that lands on your list, into a customer who is 100% ready to buy.


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Igor: Welcome to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor
Kheifets. When people hunt for high quality traffic and leads; they focus on one
aspect, they want buyers. Now here is what they usually don’t understand about
buyers and about prospect psychology in general. Most people they focus ones
ability to spend money. In other words they are looking for people who have some.
They are looking for people who are basically able to swipe a credit card and not
feel it at the end of the month. On one hand, that’s the right way to go about it
but however there is another concept which almost everybody ignores and that is
why almost everybody fails when it comes to paid traffic and that is simply the
readiness of the prospect to buy from you. Now this is different from this ability
or her ability to buy because it’s not about the money. It actually has more to do
with their psychology, with their mindset, with their vision and with their
perception of who you are and how you can help them solve their problems. So if
you think of this in terms of a scale of zero to 100% then most people they are
hoping to find prospects that are somewhere in between 90% and 100% ready to buy
which means they are looking for people who are literally walking around credit
card in hand looking somewhere to swipe it so as soon as they see the ideal offer,
they are going to give you some money. A very small portion of traffic, a very
small portion of leads is like that, I call them the 10 percenters because 10% of
any marketplace is those rabid fanatics, those absolutely irrational people.
Now there is a good and a bad side to marketing to those people. First off you
don’t have to be a great salesman and you don’t have to have a great deal of proof
in order to get their attention, in order to get their approval, in order to get
their money however, it’s just as easy to lose it because these people turn around
and they buy from somebody else just as quickly. They will ask for a refund
quicker than somebody who spent about a month or two or maybe six researching you
and overall these people are flaky. Now again if you are at the early stages of
your business you should take that customer, I know I would and I still do even at
this stage of my business because amongst those 10 percenters there are big ticket
buyers. They are the people who are willing to spend not on one offer not on two
offers but maybe even up to 10 offers with the same vendor if they like this
vendor very much. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the majority of the
marketplace, the majority of the people, the prospects in the marketplace that you
are ever going to encounter on the scale of zero to 100% of readiness to buy are
somewhere from between 30 and 90% ready meaning that you have to move them from
being 30% ready to buy all the way to 90 and 100%. Now this is done through
marketing. This is what marketing is actually all about. In case you don’t know
and many people actually don’t which I was surprised to find out, marketing by
definition is the delivery of the right message to the right prospect in the right
media which means your message needs to create the vision for the prospect to see
and decide that investing with you is the best thing they can do for themselves,
their life and their business.

So this begs the question, okay so if most prospects who land on my list are going
be 30% ready to buy what do I need to tell them in order to move them from this
point of 30% all the way to 90 and 100%. Well that is simple. This is where your
thinking has to change from what do I need to do or what do I need to say or what
kind of benefit are they looking for to what exactly is stopping my prospect from
saying yes right now. This is where you get into the area that so many marketers
either ignore or are aware of it existing and simply choose not to deal with and
that is objections that is reasons not to buy. So you need to figure out and
brainstorm why are people not moving? Is it a life situation that just ain’t
right? Is it the financial situation that just doesn’t allow them to invest into
anything because they are too broke to do it? Is it that they are so overwhelmed
with the technology that they will not invest into any business opportunity until
what a squeeze page is for instance? It could be many, many different reasons and
to find out, you really have to get intimate with your marketplace and you have to
start studying the successful sales presentations and the unsuccessful ones to
understand the good things and the bad things that work and don’t work.

So now that you know the difference between the two concepts of readiness to buy
and the ability to buy, you now have the opportunity to identify each and every
lead and treat that lead exactly the way the lead is supposed to be treated. So in
other words, whether than trying to treat the lead or to perceive the lead you’re
getting as the way the lead should be behaving you can now accept the reality and
say okay this lead is roughly at 30% readiness to buy which means I cannot pitch
them right now, that will simply not be productive instead I need to perhaps send
them a video that overcomes the three most common objections that my potential
prospect has about joining my business opportunity and that might move them
towards the 50% mark so now you have somebody who is moving on the scale towards
the decision, they are with you. They are consuming your content, they are reading
your emails, they are watching your video but they are still moving and your job
is to keep moving them, is to keep pushing them until you get them to a point
where they just need to be tipped off the fence and they will usually do it on
their own and that is the right approach to converting paid traffic. It doesn’t
matter what the source is; be it Facebook ads, Solo Ads, my new traffic source,
PPV traffic, JV traffic, there is no ideal traffic source that will deliver you
100% of the prospects who are 100% ready to buy, it just doesn’t exist because
there are so many people and they are all in different places and their lives
mentally, psychologically, emotionally, professionally, financially and you have
to accept this is truth and simply address each prospect as they come in.

Now you might be thinking okay but how do I address any specific prospect if I am
doing mass marketing, if I’m building a list. This is the beautiful part about it
is that you have so many people on your list that each email can be addressing a
very specific point in their journey and there is no limit to the attempts for you
to move people and you would be surprised that how one small push for one person
can actually lead to a giant leap for another and you’re thinking you are moving
somebody from 30 to 50% but in reality what happens is you’ve just pushed somebody
from 70% to 95% and they are now ready to buy. So don’t be afraid to experiment
with your list. Don’t be afraid to accept that most people out there are
interested in what you’ve got but they are simply not ready right now for whatever
reason that might be and start hitting those reasons hard with your emails, with
your videos, and with any content you’re putting out.

So thanks again for tuning in. This has been another edition of the List Building
Lifestyle. I’m your host, Igor Kheifets. Take care, bye bye.

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