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Client reached out asking to help him sell his info product.

It’s an ebook that exposes lying guru bastards and their unruly ways.

He’s written a long form sales letter with all the bells and whistles to sell it.

The price point?

A whopping $2!

Maaaan…. that’s a hard sell.

You can’t make a living exposing scams.


Because you’re not selling anything new OR valuable for that matter.

Tune in for today’s episode to find out what to focus your marketing on in order to get people moving, clicking and buying!

Who Is Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets is the 3rd highest-earning super-affiliate in the internet marketing niche.

Igor’s 2-step system has helped him consistently rank as the highest-earning and the highest-converting (measured in commissions earned per click) for industry’s leading vendors including but not limited to Matt Bacak, John Crestani and Anthony Morrison.

Igor boiled down success in affiliate marketing to a set of predictable easy steps anyone can take to generate commissions.


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