Igor, Oprah and Dr. Phil

It’s a joke.

There are people who think their online businesses are enough to make them millionaires.

Don’t make me laugh.

You can have the greatest funnels.

You can be a member of the best companies.

You can have high-quality traffic served to you on a silver platter from me, the King of Listbuilding.

Yet, if you neglect one tiny thing in your marketing you are doomed.

What’s that tiny thing?

It’s the key difference maker between the jokers and the kings of online marketing.

And you discover it in today’s podcast.


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with the man,
the myth, the legend, Mr. Igor Kheifets.

Igor: Jonathan, I’m upset.

Jonathan: What? You? I thought you were Mr. Happy Go Lucky, what’s got your
panties in a bunch?

Igor: No, I’m upset. You know sometimes you wake up in the morning and the days
going great and I woke up on the right side of the bed and the birds are chirping
and you know the coffee tastes good and my bacon and everything – I mean my life
is awesome. But then sometimes just for the kicks, I will get on our customer
support desk and I will check what is going on because I’m trying to be a good
sport and help my team get better and make sure that our customers’ needs are met.
And so today, I did exactly that and I regret doing it because I stumbled into
this support ticket where my guy, Dennis, my business partner and my best friend
at this point, he’s also my customer support, head of customer support for Igor’s
Solos Ads. Anyone who has done business with us knows him. He talks to this client
and he asked him so you said you wanted to make sales what are you doing right now
to help yourself make sales like what is your plan to be making sales because
while we can supply you with the traffic, you have to be doing something with it
to convert it into cash. This person kind of gave sort of a half-ass answer like
no I’m just looking for the best traffic. We ask or Dennis asked him like okay but
you got to learn how to market first before you can buy paid traffic. It is
absolutely critical that you understand how to market through that traffic because
otherwise you’re putting fuel into a high performance vehicle that you don’t know
how to drive and you will just end up in a ditch somewhere upside down. I mean
that should be making perfect sense to anyone who is a reasonable human being and
to which he got the most incredible response which I could have never anticipated
myself which left me extremely upset. The response read, “I may not want to be an
online marketer myself. I just want to make money online.”

Jonathan: What?

Igor: What? Exactly. What are you talking about? What are you talking about?

Jonathan: [laughter] I want to say something here, Igor. It says a lot about you
guys that you care about your customers enough to wake the hell up and help
themselves. So I respect that but what on earth is wrong with this guy. He just
wants to make money but he doesn’t want to work? Wait, wait, doesn’t want to be an
online marketer, he just wants to make money online. I’m confused could you
explain that to me?

Igor: Well, I wish I could. From trying to interpret this statement and this is
sort of going through the Torah, the Hebrew Bible and trying to interpret the
meaning of everything that it says. I remember trying to do that in elementary
school here in Israel, it was hell for me. Honestly, because it’s so confusing.
You know trying to interpret this statement all I can think is I want to pay
someone lots of money or hopefully less money than I have to pay for them to do
all the work for me so I can profit and just make money which of course ain’t ever
going to happen. So in other words, I’m noticing this behavior a lot recently
where people can sort of expect to get everything done for them which I realize me
saying that right now kind of hurts me and people like me who offer services to
the marketplace, right? Other people out there want to pay for everything so it’s
done for them and then just get the result. Now here’s the deal though? It’s now
how it works. The done for you services, you can pick up on the marketplace kind
of like software, traffic services, funnel building services, copywriting
services, these are awesome especially if you work with a proven professional that
has a proven track record but you know these are tools. These are not designed to
make you successful, just because you use them. But these are tools and if you’re
smart enough and you know how to use them and you leverage these tools to get the
slight edge over your competitors that’s awesome. You will get ahead but if you
treat this as the be all end all, it’s not going to happen. I had another client,
I mean this guy, he was a member of my VIP Club, and I spoke to him. The first
time we spoke, he said I’ve been with this company for three years and then I
changed to this company now I’m here and I moved because someone who is my upline
promised to give a sales funnel which he says converts like crazy so I signed up
at this level for two grand and I got the funnel but it’s not converting either.

Jonathan: Ooo.

Igor: So now, can you give me a different funnel. He keeps on going around looking
for better offers and better funnels. Now at this point, it should be obvious to
him that the problem ain’t the funnel and not the offer. The problem is the person
who runs the damn show.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: You know. It really brings us to an interesting discussion I had with
another client where he asked me, “What am I supposed to do? Like Igor, I got your
done for you emails. I’m driving your traffic. But what am I supposed to do just
sit here, get traffic, and drive your emails to my list? Is that it?” I’m like,
“Of course not so he says okay so what am I supposed to do?” I’m like, “Well you
have to be the star of your show.” “My show?” “Yeah”, I say, “The star of your
show because right now you’re sort of like Oprah. You are becoming a star and
you’re building media and presence and real estate online that would drive traffic
to the offers you will eventually recommend. So if your business opportunity is
the book in Oprah’s book club then you have to become Oprah recommending the
damn books and remember Oprah had tremendous influence over the marketplace.”
She created people like well partially created like Robert Kiyosaki. Did you know that
nobody wanted to publish Kiyosaki? He actually went to 24 publishing houses.
Everybody denied him. He self-published the book and eventually it somehow ended
up on Oprah’s desk and she invited him to the show. Camera is on, lights on, they
do the show, 60 minutes later cameras are off, lights are off, she turns around
and she says you’re welcome, I just sold a million copies of your book. She turned
him into a bestseller over night.

Jonathan: Unbelievable. [Laughter] Nice to have that kind of power, huh?

Igor: Yeah, absolutely. Now obviously don’t want to become Oprah. It’s too big of
a gap between where you are right now and where you want to be but you do want to
build a tribe of your own which hangs on to your every word just like housewives
would hang on to Oprah where you get respect just like Oprah was respected. At
that point, you can recommend the company. You can recommend a business
opportunity and people will actually listen and act on your recommendation.

Jonathan: You know sometimes it’s hard to see that so I want to turn it around
into the way that you and I work together not trying to plug my business but I
have a done for you podcasting thing but if I told you Igor, this is done for you
and you didn’t show up and record these shows what exactly would we have to work

Igor: Not much. Not much.

Jonathan: Right, I mean dead air? [Laughter] Like come on man you got something
into it to expect a return. Are people looking at this as if it was like a passive
stock investment or something where they could just throw money in and it grows is
that what they are thinking?

Igor: Yeah but that doesn’t even work, Jonathan, we all heard of the stories of
stockbrokers that give bad advice and we all know that stockbrokers have no
fricking clue you know where the stock is going to go. We all read it and saw it
in the Wolf of Wall Street, remember that scene with Matthew McConaughey and Leo
DiCaprio where he’s like the least of all people stockbrokers are supposed to know
where the stock goes, it goes up and it goes down. We don’t know. Our job is to
keep the money in the game. We just keep them spending that money. So I’ll give
you a better example actually with your podcasting service. When I started working
with you, you had a blue print, you still have it. You definitely wrote about in
your recent newsletter edition, The Podcast Module where you are able to get the
show into the new and noteworthy section of iTunes which I am still there for
Israel, I am one of the top podcasters in Israel as it turns out, did not know
that, in the business category.

Jonathan: Right.

Igor: I was for about two months, I was the new and noteworthy in the States as
well which is awesome. Now that just didn’t happen. While you had the blueprint
and you told me what to do, I had to go out there, I had to get deep with my
market, I had to write the sequence for the list, I had to go out and promote to
get people on that list so I’m sort of revealing your blueprint, I’m sorry.

Jonathan: [laughter] It’s all good.

Igor: But there was work involved so I’ve done my part and it was the mutual, the
contribution from your side and my side that created the end result. So while I
used the tool and in this case you were my tool, you were my slight edge in my
modest beginning of podcasting. It just didn’t happen. I had to make it happen
with your help. Same thing with any other tool you pick up in the marketplace to
promote your business, to enhance your business, to hit your goals, you know what
even Tony Robbins seminars, let’s take those. I mean those are fricking amazing.
People go there. They are pumped up. They walk on hot coals. They do all kinds of
crazy shit but a lot of them come back home pumped up two days later the whole
effect wears off and they are exactly where they were because they don’t do
anything. So does it mean that the seminars are not good, does it mean that Tony
Robbins is a fraud? Hardly, hardly, it means that you’re missing the point that
you’re still expecting for that event or tool to change everything for you without
massive action on your part. Now I realize that it sounds like a cliché, I guess
at least in my marketplace you hear the take action phrase every single day but I
do want this – this episode to sort of be like a reminder that no matter how “done
for you” business is, there is always things for you to do to push it forward and
the done for you services alone will not be able to carry you all the way to the
promise land. For instance, my new enhanced traffic source, it is something that
we only launch a couple of weeks ago which is already creating some tremendous
results like I’m talking 80% opt in rate, crazy sales. But that alone does not

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: Because I can drive 20 $1 trials to your business but it’s up to you convert
those trials into paid sign up that go to the $47 a month and $97 a month and
$2000 and etc., etc., etc. In and of itself the traffic ain’t going to close those
$2000 sales for you. It just ain’t going to happen.

Jonathan: Respect man, I’ll tell you, I don't know well you read Ben Settle’s
newsletter so I’m sure you’re familiar with Jim Yaghi, the computer scientist,
Adwords hacker guy. I hired him once and it was expensive for me at the time to
hire him and this is one of the reasons I respect what you’re doing and what
you’re saying here. I hired him, I spent quite a bit of money, and I’m like,
“Dude, I need more traffic and stuff like that.” He came in, he looked at what I
was doing, and he turns around and tells me you don’t have a traffic problem. You
have a business problem. Your business is shit. I was like, “Oh my God.”
[Laughter] Wait a second. I could have gotten butt hurt and I could have cried
about it and I could have gone and found another guru who would have got me all
hooked up on traffic that I couldn’t convert but instead I looked at what he was
saying and I reevaluated everything and I went to more of a subscription business
and everything changed for me. That’s why I respect what you’re doing because you
have people coming in and you tell them the truth, “Hey this is probably not going
to work for you if you’re not willing to work the plan.” And not everybody is
willing to do that because they are so gosh darn greedy and that’s why I
appreciate you Igor.

Igor: Well, you are welcome my friend. So here’s what I’m saying. Don’t be like
one of those people that goes out there looking for the magic button, for the
silver bullet, it does not exist. All you are looking for at any given point is
the slight edge. What else can I do to get an inch ahead of my competition? What
else can I do to take a step up on my business to maybe develop myself a bit
better so overall I get better results? You’re not looking to hit a homerun every
time, you’re just looking to get one more homerun for every 10 swings you’re
doing. If we take it to the baseball analogy which you know I am as far from
baseball probably as you Jonathan you are from the Torah, right?

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: That’s what you’re looking to create. You’re not looking to go from a nobody
to a millionaire overnight. That is not possible. You’re looking to get there one
tiny little step at a time. How fast you’ll get there will depend on how quickly
you’ll take those small incremental steps to success.

Jonathan: Do the work. You still got to do the work. I appreciate that, Igor. So
what else man? What else do we need to know about this?

Igor: Well, what I would do is I would probably go and find some old Oprah and Dr.
Phil footage because these are infotaining personalities in two different niches
that create content because they produce content on a weekly or daily basis. They
made it entertaining enough for us to want to watch it and they always either
recommend a product or made money in some other way. So your job is to become the
start of your own Oprah show and if you’re fighting that idea, actually when I say
this, if you cringe, you have to now find out why that is uncomfortable to you and
recognize that unless you are willing to become that you won’t likely make a lot
of money online. Now you might go ahead and say but wait, Igor, wait. There are
those people out there incognito, nobody hears about them, nobody talks about
them, they are kind of like behind the scenes, but they are making a crazy amount
of money. Well, yes, there are people like that and you know what? They are
usually tied with somebody who is the star of the show. Okay for instance, I will
give an example. So you got – we work with a company called Online Sales Pro. Now
on the surface, if you research Online Sales Pro, you’ll find only one person and
that person is Vincent Ortega, Jr. He’s pretty much a bad ass super star when it
comes to home-based businesses. He built a large media following. He’s got
millions of people following him on Instagram like the dudes crazy. It’s about the
lifestyles, he’s got a ton of videos out there, he’s doing tons and tons and tons
of webinars and he’s like the guy who is out there but behind the scenes making
shit happen, there are two guys that I know Joel Kelman and Kevin Cohan. So these
guys they are partners with Vince and Vince is the star but they are behind the
scenes. Joel is the coder. He’s coding all kinds of crazy stuff and Kevin is the
business person who watches the numbers and does all kinds of business development
and stuff like that. Now they got another guy who is responsible for the training
for the company members, he’s the one getting on the daily Q&A calls and stuff
like that so he’s also visible but the point I’m trying to make is that even the
people who are incognito and behind the scenes, they always need the front man. So
if you want to remain behind the scenes and you got the skills for that, you need
to find yourself the front guy or the front gal that is willing to get out there
and become the “personality” of your brand. Now this is actually a good point to
kind of tease you about the next episode because the next episode we are going to
be discussing how to build credibility for a brand new person okay so if you’re
just stepping into the marketplace and you finally decided okay I’m going to
become the star of my own show, I’m going to tell you how to create credibility
without any proof, without any previous track record or anything like that the
first time you step on the “big screen” of the internet.

Jonathan: Wow. So a lot of this stuff is hitting how with me right now. [laughter]
I need to find this COO, good stuff Igor. So you teased out the next episode. I
guess that’s a wrap then for this List Building Lifestyle. Thank you, Igor for
enlightening us once again and thank you List Builders for tuning in, we’ll be
back with you next time.

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  • Ganesh Rao 11th February 2017, 7:33 am

    Good stuff..

    Transparency among so much of opacity.

    No business is ready made where you can just throw a bunch of money and earn more than you put it.
    You need to be the Star of the Show…Period.


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