How To Create Social Proof Out Of Thin Air With Anthony Tilley


When you start out online, you are a nobody.

People don’t listen to you. They don’t trust you. They wonder who the hell you are.

The online gurus might say that it’s impossible to make a name for yourself.

Turns out that’s not the case.

Take for example my man Anthony Tilley.

He went from a virtual nobody to a celebrity almost overnight. People now hang from his lips whenever he speaks.

He’s done the impossible – he created social proof out of thin air.

How he did it is even more impressive. He used just one simple tactic to make everything happen. It’s doable by anyone.

And he reveals it to you today.


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. When you start out this business, it's really difficult to get
attention. It's even more so difficult to get anyone to give you any credit or to
give you any authority. In other words, whenever you see something people just
don't listen. Now what is that then way to start getting that attention, start
getting that credibility and to have other people listen to what you're saying and
even click one your affiliate links if you've got absolutely no proof whatsoever.
Now, that's a great question and that is why I've invited Anthony Tilley from the
Solopreneur Show to share with us how he went from being a virtual nobody, a
person who was making a little bit of money online but who wasn't really known for
anything and whose name didn't mean anything, to becoming almost an overnight
celebrity within internet marketing space and going "mainstream" using one simple
tactic is gold to reveal to us today. So Anthony, thank you so much for being

Anthony: No problem, it's absolute pleasure, Igor.

Igor: So tell, us we're dying to know how did you take your name and put it on the
map almost overnight?

Anthony: Okay. So if we go back to, I think mid-2011, I was doing okay. I was a
solo ad seller, and obviously that's how you and I started knowing each other, but
it wasn't like it is now. Solo ads were very much this little niche behind the
curtain. So that the mainstream, if you like, of internet marketing people didn't
really know us. So I attended an event in London, and it was an event that was
held by Alex Jeffries and Dean Collins who're well known UK marketers, and while
Dean was on the stage he was talking about interviewing experts. Now I've heard
this before, and I think it's something that probably a lot of people have heard
and, "They'll never talk to me, they won't want to listen. Who am I? I'm nobody.
I've got no credibility whatsoever, why are they going to listen to me and why are
they going to talk to me?" And as we were doing, as Sir Dean was doing this talk
it was quite funny that the camera man behind me dropped his pen, and I sort of
looked over my shoulder and I saw his camera and all of sudden just like this
little light bulb went off in my head because Alex only lives about 20 minutes
down the road from me. I traveled 2.5 hours to meet him in London but he only
actually lived 20 minutes down the road from me, so I thought, "I'm just going to
ask him". Grab the nettle, let's just ask him. So I actually spoke to him not even
in the toilet. [laughter] Rather straight... I'm not gent too many details, but
literally we were in the in the gents and I doorstepped him. He's like, "No
problem at all. No problem." He said, "Just get I contact with my PA and we'll
sort it out." And I didn't kind of think it was going to happen, but 2.5 - three
weeks later in fairness to guy I'm there at his house. What I've done, I actually
contacted. I gotten thing over here, this is long gone. I guess the yellow pages,
I think they've probably have got the white pages in the U.S. You know we're
sitting there and you're looking through businesses, and I managed to find a guy
who was a documentary maker. So I contacted him and he came with me to the house
and we actually did the interview with Alex in his home. We were there for sort of
a half a day, and that was absolutely amazing experience. It to get the time of
this guy, he was a seven figure marketer, I mean he obviously wasn't as big back
then he is now, but was very successful, very well known and in fairness he would
give me his time. As I said, my thought had always been why should these people
give their time to an absolute nobody, but as time has gone on, and I've been
interviewed plenty of times myself, there is a different mindset. It's just
another opportunity to get my story out there, to get an audience, and even though
some be maybe fledgling the show maybe in its early stages or somebody might just
be into the new one offer product, it's content that is out there. It's more just
building your authority has as an interviewee. So they're very happy for
interviewers to come along and to be able to tell them this story to go through
their journey, etc. and it's all about getting themselves out there. So I did the
interview with Alex and basically I then launched it. It was a product that I
launched, it was called The Ultimate Alex Jeffrey's Interview and that was then
what really sort of got me out there in the mainstream, and that was really by you
know, by aligning myself with that expert. So I launched the product, did well.
Had that little front end, had an absolute center behind it. And what actually
happened then towards the end of the year, Alex had a product launch. Now here's
the other thing, this is a big thing for people sort of to think about when we
were building lists. I had a list and it was only a list of about probably 350
people, something like that, but they were all, came on to my list, they were all
buyers of that interview. So when I then at the end of the year promoted Alex's
product launch, I was promoting it to a list purely and simply built on the Alex
Jeffrey's interview, so I actually won the launch. I beat the sort of several
well-known marketers. And I did a few other bits and pieces, traffic driving,
strategies, etc. And I won the launch, and in fairness, he invited me down to his
offices. Obviously I'm not going to go in that, it'd be a long story and we're
sort of short on time here. But he offered me a job, and I was his launch manager
then for six months. Again, that's another sort of thing that really elevated me
and I got to know a lot more people from it.

Igor: Wow, incredible. So I just want to kind of pinpoint couple things that stand
out for me. All of doing that in order to kind of provide a fresh perspective on
what you're saying and perhaps help our listeners to grab more gold out of what
you're saying because a lot of times I notice that when I tell people a story they
kind of miss the whole point. So the one thing that I'm hearing is that this one
little interview actually opened the door to bunch of opportunities for you. Not
only did it put you on the map within the inner marketing community all the way to
becoming the launch manager, which is a very prestigious position. I know people
who actually brag about being launched managers for guys like Todd Brown and
______ stuff like that which happens to be one of Alex's mentors. So that's one.
It puts you on the map. It gave you social proof and it built your authority
almost overnight. The next thing I hear is that by having people listen to that
interview, all of the sudden when you send out an affiliate link that's relevant
to what they've purchased before and what they're interested in, they buy like
crazy. Because I haven't heard a story yet ever where somebody with a list of 300
people dominated a launch contest or anything like that. Usually those are the
people with list tens of thousands of customers. Now, you're telling me that with
a list of just 300 you were able to beat a couple of well known marketers. I know
the JV zoo game that means they've had at the very least three to seven maybe ten
thousand buyers on their list. Now, that is incredible in enough itself. I mean
just think of the average customer value for each listener of the content you
produced. So basically what you're saying is by associating yourself with an
expert and producing a piece of content where you're interviewing the expert,
which means the experts are actually providing all of the content for you, you not
only create a product, you not only build your credibility, not only make more
money but you also end up creating all these amazing opportunities for yourself.
Now, what is then the best way to reach out to somebody? Let's just say you're not
in the seminar. Let's just say you can't quarter a guru next to toilet or
whatever. How would you then go about securing a high guest or a high profile
interviewee for your next content piece?

Anthony: I think with the rise of Facebook. I mean I know people get a lot of
messages, they get a lot of emails, so this is going to have to be one of those
things where you don't just reach out to one person, because you know, if they're
away, if they just don't look at their Facebook that often, etc., etc. But
basically what I was just is initially Facebook. Just Facebook message him, but I
would also as well email them as well. Do the two points, just in the Facebook
message you can relate the fact that I've also emailed you. In an email you can
also relate to the fact that I've just sent you a Facebook message. And thing is
to be clear about who you are and what you're looking to do. So there's no point
in sending, "Can I interview you?" and that's it. They want to know what they're
being interviewed for, what's the end goal of it. So I've had a few people come at
me. There's a German marketer ______ who I've never met, we never talked. And he
messaged me and just said, "Hey, how are you doing? Hope that everything's well.
I'm reading; enjoy your stuff, really. I know you're an authority on list
building. I've got an upcoming launch where I'm actually interviewing XYZ." So he
actually listed a series of other marketers. He said, "I'd really love you to be
part of that interview series. Would it be possible for us to get together?" I
said, "Sounds nice, yes. No problem at all." So we scheduled the interview and
sort of did it. And in fact, and this has happening to me from both sides of the
fence. We did the interview first of all and it was, technically it was a complete
disaster. His internet went down; it was problems with sound, etc, etc. He only
came back to me and said, "Can we do it again?" I was like, "Yes, not a problem."
And I've had the same thing on my podcast as well. Someone was kind enough to come
back and do it. We often think that these sort of experts and authority figures
sort of on this pedestal, in this sort of ivory tower, etc. We have the normal
people that put their legs up their trousers one leg at a time and just reach out
and just ask them and give them an end game. Let them know the reason you're
interviewing them, what it is that you're looking to get from it. It's all
exposure, and we're in marketing. So we want as much exposure as possible, so I
think the key is, people, the key for your listeners Igor is really, it's a grab
the nettle, to bite the bullet. Whatever sort of buzz word you want to use, and
just actually do it, just try. They will be surprised the number of people that
will say yes.

Igor: Yeah, I agree with you. I'm in full agreement with you on this one, Anthony.
Because I learned in the last year or two after going to a few seminars meeting up
with some high profile players, guys, you and me, we used to look up to them. We
still look up to them in a big way and we think they they're like made of
different sort of material. What I discovered is that all people are exactly the
same. It's just the difference is in the way in how they believe in themselves,
and how most people they don't believe in themselves at all. Guys like us, we
believe in ourselves to an extent, but there's also these guys like we're
billionaires and they have this incredible belief in self. It's all of them, is
that they're all media whores, like no exception. And you and me, again, I mean
exception here either. So if you can show the expert that they will be promoted on
any media really, as long as there is exposure and the market to which they are
promoted to, is a target market to them, then you will be able to get them either
on your show. If you have a show, or on your podcast, we're going to talk about
that just a second, but point is you will be able to secure them as a guest for
your purposes. Now what's important is the relevance of course. Because I actually
mean by to somebody yesterday to do an interview on the podcast, and he's like a
super learner type a guy. He's all about doing superhuman stuff, like speed
reading, remembering a thousand words in 20 seconds. All kinds of crazy stuff like
that. And he basically didn't feel the audience was targeted enough for the whole
thing to be justified, for this 30 or 40 minutes for us to sit down to record to
be justified, and that's perfectly fine. Every now and then I get to get something
like. So Anthony, now what happened recently is that you started a podcast. And
you've launched it recently. It's called The Solopreneur Show, and it's on iTunes,
it's on Stitcher. Guys, you can google Solopreneur Show, and basically you got
into something that's brand new to you but you've been interviewing people for a
little while. So can you talk a little bit about why did you get into podcasting,
what's the benefits of podcasting for somebody who's just getting started online,
and I mean just honestly how difficult is it?

Anthony: Okay. Yes, as you said over the last sort of five or six years, I've
sporadically intimately done these interviews with marketers for different
products that I've done. And it's something that I've always really enjoyed it,
always really enjoyed sort of sitting down talking to people, hearing this story,
learning about where they come from and just the different sort of inspirations
that they have. I find that fascinates. And I've been doing sort of the other
business, the list building and bits and pieces, traffic generation for a number
of years, and I just wanted something different. I just wanted something different
and I sat down, sort of sat down with a bit of paper and just thought, "Okay. I
want to do something that I really, really want to do. Something I really enjoy."
And I really enjoy talking to people. So it was sort of a natural progression from
that point of view, but the reason for the podcast is, it's twofold really. The
nice sort of... Igor, you can hear my dog barking in the background.

Igor: Oh, yeah, we can. [laughter]

Anthony: Old Charlie, he likes to make an entry in anything that I do. He's
appeared in few other podcasts as well.

Igor: [laughter]

Anthony: You're honored. It's a two sort of level thing. There is obviously the
business side of it, and in my marketing brain of the things that I want to do
going on behind it, but also as well there is the pure and simple "I want to do
something not I really enjoy" and obviously, if you going to do that, and from the
business point of view, you got to get it out there to as many people as possible.
Clearly, obviously iTunes is sort of the way to gain, that's sort 50% your
audience is there. But what I've done is not just the audios; I've also done video
as well. So everybody that I interview there's a video of them as well. So the way
it works is those videos are on YouTube, people can subscribe to the channel, they
get 80% percentage of the interview on there, and then if they want to hear the
whole interview, if it's something that they've actually listen to, yes, you want
that guy that really resonates with me, they can then go and join the Facebook
group and the whole interview is in there. So that was the idea of building a
community and just really sort of trying to put some good stuff out there. So that
was the idea behind it. Over the years a lot of people have given me a lot of
compliments about the interviews that I've done. And it's interesting, you said
about the competition. You and I Igor, we've known each other for a number of
years, and I was sort of, it's important I think that I say maybe sort of laying
myself sort of open.

Igor: Whatever you say, just don't embarrass me, okay?

Anthony: I wouldn't embarrass you, no, you're alright.

Igor: Thank you. [laughter]

Anthony: [laughter] We?ll save it up for the uncut version, the behind the scenes
that went. As I said, you and I, we've know each other, I'm maybe laying myself
here, but I think it's important for the listeners to hear this because so often
when you her marketers or you hear people interviewed, everything is always bout
how so wonderful and how rosy everything is in the garden, etc., etc. But you know
that I don't lack confidence in general and going out and talking and meeting
people, but I often question my own, myself, my knowledge and am I as
knowledgeable as I think I am, etc., etc. And sometimes have sort of, sort of
reservations from that point of view, and I'm sure probably a lot of listeners do
exactly the same. It's "Who am I? Why you should listen to me?" I'll tell you
what, doing these interviews has actually, I think for me has been probably the
best thing that I've ever done in marketing because I've interviewed a lot of
people doing this, we've got a lot in the can, lot of well known people very,
experienced, etc. And it's been brilliant interviewing them because actually I
thinking, I knew that. I knew that, I knew that. I mean when I interview them, I
can interview them not as a newbie, not as somebody who's just asking the
questions. It's as a peer, and it's asking a question and I know what the answer
is going to be. And it helps to get the answers. So for me it's great from that
point of view from my own self esteem if you like, but also as well, and this is
important for your guys, is it for the authority side of things as well as we've
already talked about. I've done it as somebody, a first timer, as a nobody knowing
me. So I've been there, I've done it. I've done that and I'm doing it, sort of a
slightly different level. But it does without doubt give you an authority within
the marketplace, because you are there talking to that person. They might be the
other side of the globe, but you are there, you've got their time and you're
having a conversation with them. The other thing to you guys listening to this as
well is don't forget, you're not just going to be there with them for 30 minutes
on that interview or an hour, however long it is. You're going to get a little bit
of time before; you get a little bit of time afterwards. You probably have a few
emails back and forward with them, they may send you a copy of their new book,
etc., etc. I interviewed Craig Ballantyne this week who was recommended by
yourself as an absolutely awesome guy, and now I'm in a really, really good
relationship with him. Sort of been emailing him back and forward, etc, etc. Spoke
to several members of his team on different things, for projects, etc. So you just
never know here this can come from. So I did it for several different reasons.
Say, for the point of view of just getting out and talking to people, but also as
well to make those contacts, to help me within my business, to take me to the next
level but at the same time delivering content. I've never been a real content
creation monster from my own stuff, but of course, if you're interviewing somebody
once or twice a week, you're creating content is they're doing all the hard work.
You're pitching the ball and they're hitting it. So that's the sort of the idea
behind it. So for your guys, your audience, I think for them to go out and look
for people within their industry to interview, to have then within their sales
funnels to sort of start their own podcast, for MLM or network marketing, that
kind of thing, there are so many different podcasts out there. If you go and
search, it's ridiculous. And there in the research that I did just so, so many out
there, which leads me then to the final part of your question, which was the how
easy is it. I guess it's like marketing generally, it's simple, but it's not easy.
There's a lot of information out there that tells you how to do it. And again, you
know this about me, Igor. I love to know everything about everything. If I do a

Igor: Oh, you're anal about this stuff. I would much rather like hire somebody to
figure this out for me, like I hired Jonathan. You're like, you're going to spend
a month digging through books and courses and webinars, and researching and this
that. I mean I don't know how you have the patience to do it, man.

Anthony: It's interesting. One of the ladies that I interviewed, a lady called
Nicola Cairncross, who's awesome, just a really lovely lady, and she talked in the
interview about archetypes. And she'd actually had sort of several people coming
to hear from different programs that they were sort of working for her, and she
actually wrote a review about a specific one, and a lot of people from this
program had actually come to her and said, "Can you help me?" And she says, "I
don't know who you are. I don't know sort of what type of person you are." So she
gave them three sites to go and look at. She said, "Go look at those, go and ask
the questions, do the tests, come back and I'll tell you what you should be doing
within your business." and it's interesting. And we talk about, it was the first
one that she sort of, she mentioned. It was a site about archetypes, and I said,
"You know what? I'm going to look at that." And I went and did these two tests,
there are tests on there. I came out as what's known as a nurturer, which is my
primary one. Which, I guess I mentioned this to someone who's a bit of an expert
in this thing. She's like, "I could have told you that." [laughter] And said,
"Because you're obsessed by your kids and your family and spending time with
them." She said, "I could have told you exactly what that is." Then said, "I know
you'll do anything for anybody any time. You're the one that always takes the kids
to rugby, because all the other dads are working." She said, "I could have told
you that's what you are." And then I said in the second, when there's a sage, and
that's an interesting part with relating this with the podcast and because the
sage, it's not only somebody who feel the need to teach and to help people, but
also to know ins and outs of everything. They want to know how things work,
because then if you're going to go and teach it, then you can legitimately sort of
know that you know everything, or as much as you can about it. I just really
wanted to find out about this, because I'd seen only sort of podcasts. How do you
get that out there? What'd you do? I didn't know about the audio, I just assumed
that iTunes would host it. You've got to have your own hosting. So I use a company
called Blueberry and Great Media Hosting. You get a plug in for Wordpress, so you
can launch it via the blog, and it's really, really simple. At the moment I do all
of the audio, etc. myself, because that again going back, that's why I love doing.
I love messing around with that. I've always loved messing around in Photoshop and
making videos. I often, at the end of each rugby season for Dan's rugby team, one
of the other dads is taking all the photographs and they'll send me the
photographs and I put them all into like, sort of a two or three minutes video
with, I think that we've had Wild Boys from Duran Duran on there sort of playing,
etc, and bits and pieces like that. So I always love messing around, doing that
stuff anyway, so it's a bit of an excuse I guess to do more of that. So it's not
that difficult. You just go to sort of research it. The biggest thing in terms of
outlay for me, it was getting a new microphone. My mic was a decent one, but there
was a buzzing, so I went and spent like $130 on a real podcaster. You get a
hosting, about $12 a month.

Igor: It's funny. Everybody uses these big fluffy microphones for podcasting. I'm
recording all of mine with an iPhone headset.

Anthony: [laughter]

Igor: I'm just literally holding it up to my mouth right now so the sound is
clear, but for the most part, I never use the different microphone. I'm always
recording on my Mac through my iPhone thing, and man, I've had people compliment
me on to sound quality as if I'm by am using your $130 mic.

Anthony: I think sometimes, I've heard different people say, "I use this or I use
that." etc. Obviously, you just said. I'm not an iPhone user. I know that my

Igor: You should be. You should be.

Anthony: I just can't get into them. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Anthony: It's, as I say, I guess probably the wireless headset that I had was
probably would have been decent enough, but I had this other sort of ISK mic, but
I've had it like 6, 7 years and it was just this buzzing that I could not get rid
of. I need a new one. It looks good as well. The sound quality is excellent on

Igor: Yes, absolutely. Your sound quality is impeccable. So you mentioned
something, and I want to add to it. I want to say that Anthony stepped into
podcasting being an experienced interviewer and marketer with vast knowledge
database. Someone who can actually have a conversation and sound smart while
interviewing someone else, and as you said Anthony, to predict what they're going
to, how they're going to answer the question because there's only one, the right
answer to most these questions. But I wanted to say that if you're brand new in
this business, if you're brand new, you don't understand much and you've probably
been doing this for like six months to a year, you've heard of few terms, but you
haven't really dove deep into anything. And you don't feel smart enough to
interview experts, what you must do then is something else, something completely
different, yet something that's way more effective in my opinion when it comes to
making more sales in your business. And that is think of all the questions you got
about the thing that the expert is going to be talking about, and ask these
questions as if you're asking them for yourself, which you partially are, but what
you're doing is, you're doing a huge service to your market place, to your target
audience by asking these questions for them, and then the expert is the one
delivering the content making you look good in the process. So by the time they're
done listening, they feel like you were the one responsible for opening their eyes
and answering their questions and making their lives better today. So by doing so,
again, you are automatically becoming way more than just an affiliate link. Now,
if you are by the way, afraid of doing this on your own doing podcast on you own
because it's a little bit, I mean it's a techi process, and I am for instance, I
never want to do this on my own, I never want to deal with the tech. Anthony loves
to do it, my friend John Lavigna, who also has a podcast and loves to do it
himself as well. If you all to do it yourselves by all means, and I'm sure if you
become an avid listener of the Solopreneur show and join a Facebook group, Anthony
will be able to share a few tips and tricks with you, but you could outsource it.
There's plenty of outsourcing services out there for podcasting, they're pretty
affordable, and they're really worth it, because you're building this database of
content and credibility that's going to be there for years. I mean, podcasts that
have been recorded years ago are still there for people to listen to. And that is
incredible because that's just automated new generation service for you. Now
Anthony, you've been dropping tons of value here. You've shared a lot, a lot of
personal information, ups and downs, and I really appreciate it. Now the one thing
I want to do is that I would love free to share the URL we can go to just
subscribe to your show, as well as to share with us what is that show about.

Anthony: Yes. Basically the show, it's the and that's the show
blog. You can book and see that the show is there, etc. And the idea that the
whole show is based around is for people who have their own business, or who want
to have their own business from home maybe sort of one man bands, one lady bands,
that kind of thing. And it doesn't necessarily have to be they're internet
marketers, they don't have to be sort of have an MLM or network business. They
could be flower arranges, they could be plumbers, they could be solicitors, they
could be digital product creators, whatever it is. The idea is, it's to help
people; it's to give them knowledge about building their own businesses. So couple
of examples of people that I've interviewed, Rob J Temple is a stage hypnotist,
and I interviewed Rob about creating profits from your passion. So he's a digital
product creator, but he's also, I said, a stage hypnotist. So he's actually got
quite a few different products about hypnotism, about mindset, etc. He's got a
free CD with a shipping offer at the moment. So it was talking around that. It was
around helping people het their ideas out there, have a particular passion. Also
as well Kevin Long, he's another guy interviewed who is an expert on launching
Kindle books. So again, somebody's got a book inside them, or if they're an expert
on a particular topic, they can... These books are 50-60 pages, something like
that. Kevin will launch them for you and guarantees to get you to number one on
Kindle. So it's things like that, those kind of people just to give different
ideas and strategies within your business, as we already talked about Craig
Ballantyne who's a real expert on mindset and productivity. I interviewed him
about his book, The Perfect Day Formula. It's all about helping people to work
smarter instead of harder, just a whole sort of range of ideas there to help
people within their business and then within the Facebook group that's where then
the extended interviews are, and also is where I put videos that I do here from
home. There's a section as well called Ask Anthony. So people have specific
questions, they can send them into the show, and I'll answer them on the show, and
then within the group as well. I do video around those particular questions as
well. So the idea, it really is just to help people to build their knowledge base,
and to build their business. And I just wanted to, if I could Igor, I just wanted
to touch back on something you said a minute ago. About the not being an
authority, and while you were talking about it, and I that I this is a good way to
describe it for the guys listening to this, because I know people that are
listening to this are thinking, "I don't know what to say, I don't know what to
ask." Feel that that I'm not an authority. When we go for interview, the person
who's interviewing us doesn't know the answers we're going to give. They just have
a series of questions to extract the answers from us as candidates, and that's
another way for you guys listening to is to think about it. Yes, you don't know
the answer to these questions, but if you have asked personal questions to the
person you're interviewing, then you will do a good interview. Just make sure you
have a list of questions. It's often worth sending them to them in advance as
well, so they know what is going to be. Because they may well as well be able to
give you questions to ask. I've had a couple of people who've sent me questions.
Like, "Here's some ideas for you." Don't ever worry about the fact that you don't
know the answers. I'm lucky the position I'm in now, I know the answers. You can
do your research as well. That's the other thing, as I said. In fact, here's a
good example. Interviewing Craig, I haven't heard of Craig. Three weeks ago I
didn't know who he was, and through a series of a bizarre chain of events, he sort
of ended up on my show. He sent me his book. I read the book and really, a lot of
that interview was based around the fact that I'd read the book. So if you do your
research, same again, you've seen interviews on the TV. These guys that are
interviewing people on TV, interviewing film stars and politicians, etc., they
can't possibly know everything about that person before the interview. They have
researchers who research it, give them the questions. So a lot of the time, they
don't even know what the answers are going to be anyway. So if you do your
research, you will produce a good interview, and it will give you the confidence
as well to do it so I really highly recommend that people go out and do this. I
did this for a long time as a technique and proved it. I did it and it made a huge
difference back then, and now I'm doing it properly and seriously, it's making a
huge difference to me personally. It's just the way I feel about my business, but
it's also as well with the things that I've got intended with it for that for the
back end, etc. I know it will make a big difference to my income as well.

Igor: Well, there you have it folks. If you take interest in what the experts are
doing, they will be happy to award you with attention, and sit down and answer
your questions, just make sure you record it, and make sure your Wi-Fi is stable
so there's no problems. Anthony, thank you so much for sitting down with me on
this very cloudy day. I really appreciate it, thank you for sharing, and guys to
sign up or to subscribe to Anthony's new show. Go ahead and visit, or you can also look up Anthony Tilley or Solopreneur Show
on Facebook and I'm sure you'll find your way around. So Anthony, as always thank
you so much, and until next time we talk, have a good one.

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