Biz Opp Pre-suasion Secrets

True story.

Customer shouts:

“Igor, enough with all the questions! I don’t have time for this back and forth! Just give me the freaking buy link already!”

What did we do?

We didn’t give him the buy link.

We asked him more questions.

Why would we do that?

Shouldn’t be jumping at the bit to sell him traffic?


Why not?

Find out in today’s episode of the List Building Lifestyle


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle.
Here is the King of List Building himself, Mr. Igor Kheifets. What is
up, my man?

Igor: King is in the house again. Ready to rock n' roll.

Jonathan: Ready to rock n' roll so Igor what do you have in store for us

Igor: Well, you know Jonathan, how there are these programs you can
promote that ask for a really small commitment right upfront like a $1
trial or a free trial?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: And you know a lot of my customers promote that stuff and
sometimes they are surprised that on say a 500 click purchase, they will
only get one or two trials. It happens. I will be the first one to admit
it. So the question is why does that happen, how come you bring 500
target visitors to a page and only 2 will commit. Well, you know my
answer to that is because a $1 trial is not as risk-free or easy to
commit to as you might think. In fact,

Jonathan: Why it's only a dollar, Igor, come on ñ bullshit?

Igor: Oh no, I assure you.

Jonathan: I throw dollars away.

Igor: I know but they throw a dollar away on candy, it's an emotional
decision. If you're asking them to commit to a business opportunity for
a dollar that's totally a different conversation and often times, it
doesn't matter how much money you're asking for. You can be asking for a
dollar or you can be asking for $10, you can be asking for a hundred. It
really doesn't matter. What matters is how do they feel about making
this commitment and this is where a lot of people get scared, not the
marketers but the people, the prospects. Because when it comes to just
promoting a business opportunity everybody is a hero, we got the best
thing, it converts like crazy, and anyone who sees this and doesn't join
is stupid, they can't see the value, whatever. But the truth of the
matter is when they were the prospect for that opportunity they didn't
jump in; it took him awhile before it kind of grew on them. In other
works, I will even ask you, have you joined a program in the past maybe
a coaching program or whatever like how do you make decisions? Do you
just kind of decide and just bam jump in?

Jonathan: I will tell you what. Alright damaging admission time ñ I love
to buy shit. I love to buy shit but it's got to be like 500 or under. I
don't think about it too much if I think it might help me or I'm
interested I buy it but big stuff like for instance, this year I did
Strategic Coach which is kind of a big investment and it was only after
three years of looking at it that I said, alright I'm finally going to
do it and I jumped in after three years.

Igor: Did you say three years?

Jonathan: [laughter] 3 - 1, 2, 3 [laughter]

Igor: What's wrong with you? It's Dan Sullivan, he's written tons of
books, and he's like the most respected guy. Joe Polish refers back to
Dan Sullivan as his coach. Why would you wait for three years? He's
proven like proven stuff.

Jonathan: And that's the interesting part is that I listened to him on
those shows, I Love Marketing. He's doing stuff with Joe Polish. He's
doing 10x Talk. I love the guy. I love everything he stands for and
putting that big investment scared the hell out of me.

Igor: Yeah. Well, here's the thing. While we love the people we buy from
when it comes to the action of commitment. When it comes to committing
with their hard earned dollars, it's a different conversation, isn't it?
It's not like you say Dan Sullivan, he's not worth the money. You can
never say that I mean he can make you millions if you just follow his
advice not at all in fact you get a lot of his free advice in the
podcast, you'd be like I know ñ this is the closest thing, sure fire
thing that you can ever get yet these emotions that run through our
bloodstream when we try to make a buying decision, I mean it's not easy
to deal with that stuff so my point is that big, bold moves scare
people. By big, bold moves I mean committing financially and stuff
because committing to anything even at a dollar trial knowing that there
is going to be a billing cycle coming up, it's always a difficult
decision. The way you comfort people and create an environment where
they feel at ease investing; in fact you can create an environment where
people feel proud and super pumped up to invest with you is by creating
a sales funnel because we are internet marketers, we do talk in terms of
sales funnels at this point. You create a sales funnel which asks for
several incremental commitments starting with the smallest thing usually
an opt in. So if you think you got this incremental funnel going on
already simply because you have a squeeze page and a sales letter, this
is where you, my friend, are wrong. By incremental funnel I mean having
like having five steps in place before showing them the sales letter. I
will give an example. So I sign up for this guy's list, his name is
Bedros Keuilian. He's a marketer. He coaches top formers. Now if you go
to his website, you realize that this guy is probably expensive but he
knows what he's talking about. When I got on his website, the first
thing that I was offered was an opt in to a free video which I did grab.
I couldn't find a buy now button or a price ñ anything ñ nothing. So I
got an email, I went to check out the video. Notice I've already done
three things. I opted in. If we don't consider visiting the website a
commitment of course but I opted in, I opened the email that I received
and I clicked on the link inside the email. That's three
micro-commitments then I watched the video now that's number four.
Towards the end of the video, I was asked to put down an application to
potentially discuss coaching together which I did not. So right there I
was already reluctant to proceed although he didn't ask me for any
money. I could easily submit an application, get on the phone with him,
and waste his time. I could do that but I didn't, right?

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Although the guy is really, really good. I mean I respect his
marketing. I admire it. I still look up a lot of his ideas at this point
I will admit and I'm working on getting him on the show as a guest. So
my point is this even at that level when he's super convincing, he's got
a ton of testimonials from really successful people, he's been featured
on different shows, podcasts, I'm not sure if he's written a book or
not, he talks as if he did, I didn't research that. This guy could be
asking for money upfront and some marketers do it that way. I assure you
they are missing out on a lot of business because guys like Jonathan
take three years to make a decision because of that. Right?

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: I assure you.

Jonathan: Igor, who has got that kind of time? Really no, I mean okay
Strategic Coach, they have been around 30 years, they got all the time
in the world, but does the average person have that time to convince and

Igor: Well, this is where the average person has to make a decision. Do
they want to try and make a quick buck and really waste a lot of that
traffic that they are buying or do they want to be smart about it and
help their traffic convert itself into high ticket long term verdicts. I
have always been for the long term approach, you know that's me. I was
for awhile just looking for the quick buck until I realized it doesn't
exist so I just stopped fooling myself. I learned the craft of building
sales funnel and then get commitment. This is what we are looking for;
we are looking for small incremental commitments from people. We are
looking to become part of their world. I mean this is actually the
reason believe it or not why I started this podcast first off I knew it
was a way to reach mass audience and share this wisdom. So that is one.
Two, I knew it was going to be good for business because let's face it
if you are the average listener who listens to the podcast as least
twice a month although we got two episodes a week coming out so you have
8 opportunities to listen to the podcast but let's just say you listen
to the podcast twice a month maybe once when you take the long drive to
Oklahoma City where you got a project going on and the other time when
you walk your dog every now and again in the park and you kind of let
the dog run so you sit down to listen for 20 minute podcast episode in
between other stuff you want to do. That is two commitments I'm getting
from you on a monthly basis. Now guess what? When you're going to decide
to buy traffic if and when that happens first off there is not going to
be too much of a sales conversation going on, you're going to come in
and say I want this many clicks, we'll say it's going to cost this much
and you'll say okay. Why? Because at this point you made so many
micro-commitments with us that you don't feel that we are some sort of
enemy outside of your kingdom. We are in. We are allies. I will give you
another example. If I basically let Jonathan go right now and I say
Jonathan it's been awesome, it's been awesome. In fact, we almost got
too 100 episodes.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: But I'm sorry, man, I have to let you go. I have to continue with
the podcast on my own. Doing stuff like that for me at this point is
like cutting my arm off because Jonathan has become this part of my
machine if you will.

Jonathan: Part of your royal court.

Igor: Yeah, exactly.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: I can't even record an episode now without having Jonathan on the
line. So when Jonathan went to this event in Fort Lauderdale or Orlando
or wherever, I kind of just say okay I'll wait. Because he said I can't
make to record this Monday. I'm like okay. He was like we will have to
reschedule the recording thing and we will push it back. I'm like okay.
There is no argument because that's the way it's set up at this point
which is again the purpose that for you as a marketer to create this
relationship where you become so familiar that imagining life without
you is weird, at the very least if not difficult.

Jonathan: Man, I forget which direct response marketer said it but I was
in a Mastermind this weekend and they were talking about auto-ship
because they do physical products, supplements and things like that.
Auto-ship so people ñ basically subscription and services and they talk
about retention and keeping people on the auto-ship and they talk about
making the pain of stopping your auto-ship worse than anything else so
you keep retention. Making that pain of leaving hurt so bad that people
don't want to leave, it's kind of what you're describing here with our
dynamic. I imagine it's the same thing with your VIP clients and the
people who have your email services and all that. You're doing so much
for them that by leaving you and trying to do it themselves that is just
going to pile up and crush them.

Igor: Yes, that is correct and that is the by-product of strong and
consistent requests of micro-commitments on our part before the sale
takes place. In other words, the reason why somebody will purchase
traffic and become a member of the VIP club and also become a member of
the Igor's Daily Down For You emails so that's three different
transactions is because before the sale takes place there is so many
micro-commitments one has to take that they just can't help it. I mean
we just become someone who's no longer viewed through the skepticism
goggles which is how 99.99% of marketers in your prospects' world are
perceived, through skepticism, through questioning, through CIA
interrogation. We are able to tell our client kind of overtly that we
don't rush into the sale; we don't value the sale more than we value the
customer. So take your time to get to know us before we start the
relationship. If you do and when you like us, if you'd like to work
together, we can definitely help you achieve all kinds of things but
before happens, you have to take these micro-commitments. Believe it or
not, Jonathan, we have a ton of people complaining about that too. We
have a ton of people in fact I think last week there was a person who
emailed us and said just give me the fucking buy link, stop going back
and forth with me, just give me the fucking buy link. I want to buy
traffic. I respect their desire and eagerness to invest however again I
don't feel that allowing people to simply invest like that is the
correct way to go even for those are willing to buy right away because
again what we want to create is long term relationships with our
clients. Same thing for you by the way if you are promoting business
opportunities, sure you're aiming for that $1 trial but if you think
that's all you're selling here, you're really shortsighted because what
you're really doing here is you're selling a commitment to a different
life style and that's more than a dollar. That's way more than a dollar.
If you are someone who wants to build a large team, a large loyal team,
a tribe that commits financially on a long term basis and also to high
extent because let's not forget a lot of these opportunities they allow
you to invest all the way to $25,000 which is why a lot of people make
good money with them because of the high ticket commissions if you are
aiming to get those high ticket commissions you will have to have an
incredible relationship with whoever joins your team and if you are
doing the one too many marketing meaning that you marketing through
technology and you're reaching masses with a single button push like you
do with say our traffic for instance or with email marketing list
building which is the way to do it in my opinion, you have to create an
environment and when I say environment I mean sales funnel which asks
for a ton of small incremental commitments rather than aiming to get one
big commitment and looking for that crazy first person who is going to
just literally push all the doubt out of the away and just commit to you
at that insanely high level without even talking to you first which is
unrealistic, maybe there is one like that in a million. But for the most
part it just doesn't happen.

Jonathan: I like the hot shit attitude, it's kind of like you got to
earn this opportunity. You can't just have it, you got to earn it. We
got to indoctrinate you. We got to know that you are worthy of this
that's a way to flip the script and I've also like to point out the
contrast because I don't know how many episodes ago it was where you
shocked me when I asked you how often you clean up your list and people
that are not opening your emails, you clean them off your list within
two weeks which inspired me to clean off my list. [laughter] But then
you have this long term view of the people who are taking these small
actions and opening the emails, watching your videos, listening to your
podcast, you have a longer term view of them. So that is an interesting
contrast there.

Igor: Yeah, it's really different perception or different way to see
things because most people want to make 100 $7 sales that is what they
think success online is but in my opinion, the direct response, direct
marketing, direct mail marketing approach works better and that approach
is treating your business like a mountain so at the bottom everybody
comes in and then they start climbing the mountain. 80% of the people
kind of stay at the bottom right away, we can say either that these are
the free subscribers on your list or maybe the people who commit to the
$1 trial but then you are not aiming to help those that are willing to
climb up get up by extending the hand. If you want to generate more of
the ones that climb up and get to the peak which are the best clients
which you can possibly have, the clients that have the least price
resistance. The clients that are the most fun to work with but clients
that actually want to go to a seminar or a company event or something
and meet and hug and go to dinner together, these are the best clients.
So to create that you have to work on the pre-commitment stuff before
hand so once again it's not the actual $1 trial sale or what you tell
them after they joined; it's what you do way before that happens, way
before that happens. Okay? That's the approach.

Jonathan: Yeah, interesting little flip to what everybody is doing out
there. So anything you want to say as we are wrapping up here, Igor?

Igor: Yes. Big, bold moves scare people. The more you try to push big,
bold moves on them and by the way like you have to change your
perception of what a big, bold move is ñ a lot of the things you
consider to be small commitments now that you're in that opportunity are
actually big, bold moves for people looking from the outside. Big
commitments and big moves scare people while small incremental steps
produce much better results. So I want you to apply this to your
marketing funnels, now if you can't, if you either don't possess the
time or the skill or whatever then reach out to Dennis, email us at
[email protected] and ask Dennis about the conversion bundle which
is actually a process we put in place to do it for you pretty much
regardless of the opportunity you're with. Dennis will tell you more
about it but essentially it does exactly what we discussed today. We put
pre-qualification steps in place way before they get to see you
affiliate link which creates much higher commitments statistically
speaking because we tested this approach versus just naked sales videos
and it wins every time.

Jonathan: Man, good stuff. Alright so another List Building Lifestyle
show is in the can. Thank you, Igor. Thank you, List Builders. We will
be back with you next time.

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