How To See Through Your Own Bullshit With Ryan Hauser

A few years ago, Ryan Hauser reached a low point in his life.

He put a gun to his head.

A second before pulling the trigger he asked:

“Is there anything else left for me in this world?”

Fast forward to today.

Ryan is a leader in our industry, with a team of 42,000 people.

What took one man from the brink of suicide all the way up to this leve of success?

According to Ryan, just a few mindset tweaks.

Each single one of them created a compound effect that helped him get where he is today.

And in today’s episode, he reveals what every ordinary guy and gal can do to become successful just like him.


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host, Igor Kheifets. Usually, when it comes to guest episodes, I strive to invite
bestselling authors, marketing experts, and other people who seem like they've
been successful their entire lives, who are at a point in their career where
they've achieved what you'd call a guru superstardom. But today, I want to do
something different. I wanted to allow you to go through the emotional journey of
making it from rock bottom, all the way to the top. And that is why I invited Ryan
Houser, somebody I've met recently, and I started working with him recently, who
has simply made the path from the very lowest point you can imagine, all the way
to becoming somebody who's a leader in our community today, who was able to build
a 42,000-member team in the business opportunity. And I'm not talking about him
accomplishing it two years ago, I'm talking about him accomplishing it today.
Right now, the guy is living proof that a normal, average human being can be born
in a really bad environment and simply work hard, mostly on his mind and his work
ethics to become somebody who is able to lead people to success, and not only be a
great role model, but to be a true inspiration to thousands of people. Ryan, thank
you so much for being here today.

Ryan: Thank you. I appreciate it. It's great to be here.

Igor: Alright. So let's go ahead and dive right in. First and foremost, I would
assume that most of our listeners have no idea who you are, because I myself found
out about you only a couple of months ago. You're sort of like incognito,
underground marketer. Because I know everybody. So why don't you go ahead and tell
us a little bit about how did this thing start for you? When did you get started?
How did you get started? And what were you able to accomplish ever since?

Ryan: Well, I started doing my first online stuff, I would say, about '99 to 2000,
just selling stuff on eBay. So I had known that you're able to make money from
people you don't know and will never speak to. But I didn't really get serious
because I've always been an entrepreneur, I've always owned brick and mortar
companies, and I like change. And so, anyways, I kept changing from company to
company and country to country, and it wasn't till about, I would say, 2004 when I
started really getting serious with online. And I got really serious with it after
2007, once I reached a point in my life that was almost a point of no return. And
the main reason that I went to the online world is recession proof, but just pure
freedom. I have two daughters that I always want to be there for, no matter when
they need me. And online was the only way to fulfill that. I've always been
self-employed, but when you own a sign company you have employees, you have major
overhead to deal with. When I was a millionaire in real estate, you had millions
of dollars with the real estate you always had to manage, and you just had to be
places where with online, it's basically the truest freedom out there. And it's
not easy, but it's worth it. And so, that kind of was my main goal. And that's
what got me through problems. There was never a night, never a day, where I said,
"This is just too hard." Because I wanted the outcome and the outcome was the only
thing. And my "why" is my daughters. If the "why" is big enough, you will make it.
You just got to have your "why" big enough.

Igor: Yeah, absolutely. And we've all been there where we got challenged that way,
where we had to make a decision, is the challenge we're looking at is greater than
the reason we're actually doing this in the first place. So I want to give our
listeners a glimpse into what you went through when you got started, because most
people I talk to, most people that join my VIP club, most people that come and
then get traffic with us, it's always the same story. They really want to succeed.
They jump from one shiny object to the next. There's a lot of confusion going on.
There's a lot of desperation going on. And it seems like they're stuck in this
feedback loop from hell, as one of my favorite authors, Mark Manson, calls it. And
so, I am wondering if this was any similar to you or were you just always
successful, like you've been with the sign company, the real estate company, and
so forth.

Ryan: Okay. Good question. I kind of need to go back, way back, to my early life
to explain, because people are not going to understand why I quit. And so, I have
fought my whole life. From when I was a newborn, I was blamed for my parents'
marriage, and I was treated accordingly. I'm the second child, ten months younger
than my brother. You can see right there most people don't have kids the same day
they get back from the hospital having another kid. Anyway, so I had had a rough
childhood and it was always that having to fight hard just to get to where other
people were just floating around. And so, I've always had to fight. I've always
had to struggle my whole life. And so, in grade 12, I had started my own company.
And I made a six-figure company in grade 12. And I don't have a high school
diploma, and I just figured I'd never needed it, because I knew I wanted to work
for myself. The fact that I left grade 12 making more than any of the teachers in
my school and a couple of them had been teaching for 25 years, I'd already knew
being an employee was not cut out for me, because it put me in control of other
people's hands, which according to my upbringing, I wanted to be in my own
control. And so, what the problem, the reason I told you a little bit about that
childhood is, every business I have started I have made successful, and then when
it goes too easy, I self-sabotage the damn thing. I sell it. I give it away.
Literally, give it away. And I've done that many times. And it's just, I need that
struggle, and I need that pain subconsciously. It's just, if I'm not struggling
and if things are too easy, it's like I'm back in my childhood where there's no
love being felt. And so, then when I started going, I'd given up a sign company
here in Canada and moved to Vegas in the short three months. And when I was in
Vegas, I loved it. I remember sitting in the backyard with my two kids. They were
one and four at the time. In a $19 pool in the backyard, the blow-up pool from
Wal-Mart, and I remember leaning back and saying to my wife, "This is the life."
Now, you got to understand, I was poor right then. I just given everything away in
Canada, gave it away. And then, I let people walk through my house and just take
the furniture. And so, we moved to Las Vegas, and the reason that was the life to
me as I analyzed it since then is, I had nothing but challenges ahead of me. And I
had nothing. And that's what I was accustomed to. And that's why I do all I can
now to take that fight out of my students, like where they don't have to fight as
hard. So I went from there, I started the sign company in Vegas. And anyways, I
ended up buying a house finally, and then when I found out I made equity in that
home, when I only lived in it for a year, I then said, "Dude, I got to get the
real estate." I just made 30 grand in this house, and I didn't do nothing but live
in it. So I decided to go into real estate. So again, what did I do? I shut down
my company, my sign company that was netting me over half a million dollars a
year, and I went to sell it, but everybody wanted me to be a partner, I just
wanted out. And I just went hard at real estate. Year and a half later, I was a
millionaire. I retired at the age of 31. And again, did the same thing,
self-sabotage, went into a serious depression. I didn't even believe in depression
back then, to where then I was ended up living out on some land. And I had ended a
perfect marriage. To this day, she's still in my life. We're still very good
friends. But it ended the marriage. And I lived out on a land for two years, got
depressed so bad I had a gun to my head and I was a half a second from polling the
trigger. And that's when life changed for me. My love for my kids was not enough
to stop me from pulling that trigger because I had so much respect for my ex-wife,
I'm like, "They'll be fine." And plus, with my life insurance, they'll just be
fine. So what you're asking, what stopped me from pulling that trigger? Well, I
said to myself, "Am I done on this Earth? Is there anything else that I can
accomplish?" And just immediately, it was like there are thousands more people I
need to be helping in the world because that's how I was that's how I was with the
real estate. That's why I made it in real estate. I was just helping people. I
wasn't worried about the money. So I put the gun down and went to bed. The next
morning I woke up and I just got on the computer. I'm like, "Look, if my mind can
go from being lost and having everything to completely so strung in a negative way
that I'm about to kill myself, I got to find a way to control it and put it back
in a positive mind. And a year later, I was a certified hypnotist. I had a comedy
stage show in Las Vegas. I had a clinical hypnosis office in Vegas. And again, I
only did that for a year. But I did it mainly for me to learn how to control my
mind. And I'm telling you that mind control is the number one thing really because
if you have control of your mind, there is absolutely nothing in this world that
you can't do. And that's where I sit today. It is absolutely impossible for me to
get depressed. I get sick maybe once every three years now, because when I start
to get sick I can literally just kind of go back and sit down for five to ten
minutes and fix what I'm getting sick of. Some of the sicknesses that would
normally knock me out for like two weeks, they don't even enter. So mind control
is definitely powerful and, as you know, many of your students struggle for the
fact that the companies they're joining don't quit, they quit the companies. And
it's all a mind choice. It's like if something's not really easy, people want to
quit. And so, that kind of brings you up, I don't know if that answered your
question exactly. But that gets me to where I'm at. So I have been, I've had the
ups and I've had the downs, but I'm never more confident and more kind of
confident in my life for the rest of my life than I am now, because I have mind
control. And what's funny is, you have mind control, your world is a lot more
happier. And the weirdest thing is all those materialistic things I used to buy
all the time; I don't ever care to have most of them. It's just weird. The quality
of life is different. You take me back to 2006, I asked for a Corvette for
Christmas. What did I ask for for today? Or this year? A hundred Build-a-Bears to
go give out to physically and sexually abused children. And don't get me wrong,
it's not like I don't drive nice vehicles, I still do. But your mindset changes,
your whole life changes, and it's amazing what world is out there. If you can get
control of your own first.

Igor: Wow. That's amazing. So many things to kind of pinpoint, but of course, we
won't have time to do them all. But I just got to say that what I'm hearing is
that you sort of surpassed the superficial part of mind, you sort of went beyond
your ego, and you can recognize the nice haves in your life, like the good cars
and the nice houses, but that's not what gives you true pleasure and true joy. And
it seems like the one thing that you care most about is how to help more people.
So that is where I would like to take the conversation, next stage of this
conversation, now we understand where you come from, we understand your struggles,
or at least, we know about them. I'm sure if I fully understand how you could
sabotage so many successful businesses? How you could sabotage the perfect
marriage? And this is incredible in and of itself. But I would like to ask you the
following question. You said mind control is everything. You said that there is
nothing that can stop you now that you can have full control over your mind. So in
other words, if I were to come in and take everything away from you, you'd be
building back and probably within two weeks from now, you'd be having a
fully-functioning business and making probably some profit too. So with that in
mind, what would you say are some things that people don't do right with their
minds right now? Let's just take an average business-opportunity seeker, an
average person who joins in every business opportunity and goes to the average
struggle, the average journey. What are some of the mind tweaks that you would
suggest to them that they do or some of the pitfalls that are waiting for them
within their own minds that they should be on the lookout for?

Ryan: Okay. Well, one of them is, if they have something that they need to pick or
that they're picking to market, they need to say, "Look, I'm marking this one."
Give it a year from the date that you joined. Give it a year, and you don't move
on to anything else unless that company goes under. Because I'm telling you, one
of the biggest fails is people, they have the mindset that they're going to get
rich quick, and you're just not going to get rich quick. It just does not happen.
Yes, if you have a $100,000 to go throw at some paid marketing, yeah, you could
get rich quick. But, come on. How many people really have that and have that
power? So the thing is you need to stick with something for a year and if you're
wondering if it's legit enough, real simple probably. I have other things that I
tell people to look for when they're picking the product, but here's the main
thing you've got to look at is, if this product sold you, then it can sell
somebody else. Meaning, you can still make a lot of money out of it. So if it
ethically sold you, and when I say that I mean, it wasn't a get-rich-quick aspect
of it that sold you. Because honestly, guys, you don't want to build a business
over taking advantage of people in that get-rich-quick, because they're just never
going to make it. But that's really the only stipulation that you have. Now, as
far as mind control, it's the people you hang around. It's your lifestyle. It's
the people you listen to. So many people will be so gung-ho on a certain product
or company they will read one bad Facebook comment or one bad post and it would
just eat at their gut, and then they're now looking for another opportunity. What
they don't know is that guy that put that negative post up there on the internet,
not only is he not in the company, he just wrote it because he was just angry that
he didn't have the money to join the company. And now, you're allowing somebody at
a way lower value, weaker position in life then you are, to control where you are.
The rule of thumb is, you average the five people that you spend your most time,
and that's where you're at. That's where you're at size wise, that's where you're
at financially. So much of your life is programmed because it's your conscious
mind that is programming your subconscious mind every day. So when you're looking
in the mirror, if you look in the mirror and you're one of those people that, for
instance, you could have the most amazing eyes, but you have a little bit of a
gut, and if you're one of those pretty people that look in that mirror and you
immediately go down to your gut and you're like, "You dumb fat." you program your
subconscious mind that you're fat. So what does that do? Your subconscious mind
cannot program itself. It's not like your conscious mind. So what you're doing is
programming it that you're fat. So now your subconscious mind is going to slow
down your metabolism. It's going to store fat, and you are going to get fatter. So
when you're hanging around people like that, who do nothing but eat junk or they
whine about their bills all the time when you go out with them. In their
paycheck-to-paycheck, like 70% of North America, they are subconsciously keeping
you right there and it is such a struggle. So the best way to get out of your
mindset is shut your life off to those people and focus on the people that are
making it, focus on the leaders. For instance, you can scour the internet and not
find a negative post from me, even if it's a company that kind of burned me. It
just doesn't happen. I just turn my head and I keep moving forward. There are
people in your life like that. When I go to dinner with people, they come out and
they say, "Thank you." They keep offering me to pay for my dinner because they
like the energy that they walk away with. And that's the type that you need to go
with. Because program yourself conscious mind is a lot easier than you think. But
when you're one of those people that do nothing but watch the news or listen to
like rock music or rap music or something as you're going to sleep, you don't
realize it if you don't know about the mind, but you're programming your mind for
that stuff. It's no different than if you ever watched a scary movie and then you
dream something scary that night? And that's what it is. So the more that you can
put positive influences in your life and only listen to people that are going
places, this does not happen overnight, but all you got to do is make little steps
and the compound effect will take off. And six, seven, eight months down the road,
you'll look back on your life and just be like, "This isn't even me. How did I get
here?" Because all of the little things that you did now just took the compound
effect and made it to where everything's just coming together so I hope that
answered your question a little bit there.

Igor: Yeah, a bit. And of course, it leads me to a bunch more questions. I want to
kind of go over a few things that you mentioned, just to pinpoint the big points
that stuck out for me. So one thing you said was you should stick to one thing.
One company, one opportunity, one offer. Which means, if you got into something,
and you got into it not because it was a get-rich-quick scheme, because you really
went for the shiny stuff, but you really, genuinely bought into the idea behind
the company, or the leadership behind the company, that means someone else can get
in as well. That means that someone else can be convinced, which means you can now
start marketing that thing, and you should give it at least a year. I am in full
agreement with you here. I see all too many people jump companies. In fact, any
time I see a client who approaches us for traffic and they're like, "I'm a member
of this company, and that company, and this other company. Which one works best?"
I want to tell them that whichever you promote best, whichever you sell best, and
whichever you believe most, but for the most part, I'll just tell them just,
"Let's just start with this one and let these other two sit. Because a lot of
people try to spread themselves too thin. That was one thing that really stuck
out. Second thing you said, it's the people around you. Now, this is a huge
concept. Huge. Anytime I go to any marketing seminar or a conference with just
mastermind, somebody who makes more money than I do, just has a different sort of
way of looking at things, my world changes instantly. It's like visiting a
different planet and realizing there's a whole world out there you have no idea
even exists. So all you do talk to people with bad mindset who are limited in
their perception of the world around them, then it's kind of like deliberately
keeping yourself in a prison, and not doing anything to break out, although doors
are wide open. All you have to do is just walk out, and just start hanging out
with different people. That's it. I mean even if this means kid of detaching
yourself from your family. I did it. At one point, I did not talk to any of my
family members for like over a year because I couldn't help myself but to get
involved in that negative conversation, even after I became successful. It was
only after I was able to get to this new level of mind control and was able to
protect myself from not getting involved; I was able to resume their relationship.
But yeah, I'm in full agreement with you. And guys, if you have any ability or
possibility to go to any marketing events whatsoever, I know that some of them are
pretty expensive, plus the travel costs, but if you can, if you live in Florida
for instance, you got a bunch of them happening all the time. If you live in Vegas
or Los Angeles, there are tons of them happening there. If you're in London,
there's always tons of marketing events in London and Manchester too. If you can
surround yourself with people who are much smarter than you are, who have achieved
a much higher level of success than you did, and the more of these people you have
access to the better, because you'll just realize how much of a small thinker you
are, just like I did many, many times. So that was the second thing that stuck out
for me. And the third thing, you mentioned the compound effect of the little
things that you do and say to yourself. Do you mind expanding perhaps on that a
little bit? What kind of little things can we do on daily basis that can create
the amazing compound effect of helping us break through the glass ceilings we
have, or perhaps breaking out of a bad environment?

Ryan: Okay. Well, first of all, I'll just use an example and I think it will then
make everybody understand what I mean and then I will give a few suggestions on
how it will work in the online world. And so, let's say you're trying to lose
weight. People, what do they do they? They either go on a crash diet where they
eliminate all the bad stuff and just go into healthy and then all they're doing is
building up that desire for that bad stuff even stronger than before they went on
that diet. So they may lose weight, but then end up gaining more because they're
starving themselves. But if you did by the compound effect, so what that means is
if you wanted to lose say ten pounds, just don't cut anything out of your diet
other than say 200 calories a day. And if you take 200 calories a day, every 16
days you lose a pound. So in 160 days, less than 6 months, you'll have lost your
ten pounds and wouldn't even feel like you went on a diet, because you have just
basically eliminated 200 calories. One can of soda, or whatever your fault is.
You're just eliminating one little thing out of your day. So it's an easy change.
You're not having to eliminate the pizzas that you have every Friday night or
anything like that. You're just doing that one little change, and over time it's
going to compound itself into the results that you need. And one last example,
because a lot of people have heard this, and there's still a lot of people that
haven't, surprisingly, but if I wanted you to work for me for 30 days and I said
to you, "Look, I will give you three million dollars cash right now for the 30
days." or "I will pay you a penny a day and double it every day for 30 days."
Which one would you take? And everybody that doesn't know this example would say
the three million right now. The fact is if you had taken the penny a day and
doubled that every day, on the thirtieth day I would owe you 5.36 million dollars.
It's almost double the money you would've made just by understanding how
compounding works. So now, how can you use that into your online world? Honestly,
the biggest thing is get up early. So if you're getting up at seven o'clock now,
or getting up at eight, or getting up at six, get up an hour early, and do three
things in the morning every single morning in that hour and that is all you need
to do. It will change your life. I don't even care what you do. For instance, if
you're a coffee drinker and you've programmed your mind to where you just need
coffee, you just can't function without that coffee, first of all, you're just
lying to yourself and you've created that. So why don't you create the same
problem, but put it into a green smoothie, something that's healthy for you, and
have that every morning. Then go read 20 minutes worth of training or a book every
morning, and then go do just 20 pushups or something, just something physical. Do
that every morning, and so what would you have? That would be take about a half
hour maybe to read, 20 minutes, do 20 pushups, and get your drink, and then, spend
the next 30 minutes on your online marketing. And if you just did that every day,
and why do I say in the morning? Because you don't ever have plans in the morning
but to sleep. So you don't have to worry about Steve phoning you up, "Hey, I got
tickets to the hockey game tonight. Do you want to go?" Because the hockey game
don't start at five or six in the morning. Not only that, as you start to
struggle, because you're getting up an hour earlier, you're going to start
thinking to yourself, "Okay. I need to go to bed an hour earlier." What do a lot
of people do the last hour? They're usually eating. You know what I mean? So
they're making themselves unhealthy and of course it plays with the mind. So
honestly, the best advice I could give on something that would help you in the
compound effect is do it for six months. I'm not kidding you. And trust me; you
will do it for the rest of your life. What would happen is you'll probably even
wake up an hour earlier later on when you see how much more powerful it changed
your life by just doing that. So just wake up one hour earlier and have three
things that you do in the first half hour. The next half hour, do your online
business and your life just will change. It doesn't change overnight, but trust
me, it makes big changes.

Igor: Yeah, what you mentioned right now is actually pretty common habit between
all successful marketers that I know. Craig Valentine’s the same way. He wakes up
at 6AM, writes for an hour. Dan Kennedy talks a lot about waking up in the
morning, the first thing he's doing, he's writing for an hour. And so, what I
recommend to our listeners to do, and what I recommend for our VIP coaching
clients to do as well is right one email per day. So wake up in the morning, read
for 30 minutes, write one email in 30 minutes, and you're done. So what you're
doing is you're basically reading, gaining experience, knowledge, and you're
developing yourself. And then, you're creating content for other people to
consume, which positions you as a leader. And you're mailing it out, so you're
making an offer as well at the end of that email. So you're actually achieving
lots of activities that you have to do as a leader in this community to make
money. And at the same time, you're getting it done on time, and you've got the
rest of the day front of you. So what you're saying is incredible and I would even
take it one step further and say, don't do an hour in the morning if you tried to
do it in the past and it didn’t work for you, do 20 minutes.

Ryan: Yeah, for sure.

Igor: Do 15 minutes. You know what? Challenge yourself to just to wake up. Stay up
for 10 minutes and go back to bed. Just do something different. And do like this
one tiny little thing, and you'll be surprised how you can trick your mind into
obeying you and then develop all these incredible habits.

Ryan: Actually, can I just say one point?

Igor: Yeah, absolutely.

Ryan: Since you mentioned that. Just eliminate the snooze button. Don't push it.
That is programming yourself to be lazy, by pushing the snooze. When you set your
alarm at six, when that thing goes off, get up. Break that second. And you just
watch what that little activity will change in your mindset.

Igor: Well, there you go. So Ryan, first off, thank you so much for sharing all
this wisdom. I have a feeling you'll be coming back to do another episode of the
List Building Lifestyle, for sure. In the meanwhile, how can we find out more
about you? Perhaps work with you, perhaps on a personal level, if there is an
option, or just on any level.

Ryan: Well, I have my Facebook group. It's Ryan Hauser's Mentoring. So if you just
go to, you can go on there where I have a
group that I just started for people that are in my Ryan University. Other than
that, if you want some free training, I did just forward over a funnel at that you can go there. I could send you the Twitter or anything
like that, but I'm not as active out on those platforms.

Igor: Alright, so you've heard it. So go on Facebook and search for Ryan Hauser's
Mentoring. It's a Facebook group; I'm assuming you'll have to request access to
get approved.

Ryan: Yes.

Igor: And just when you ask for access just mention that you listened to the List
Billing Lifestyle and Ryan will approve you. And you can also go to
if you would like to get some free training from Ryan. Well, once again, Ryan,
I've enjoyed this tremendously. I will be reaching out for another episode because
we got lots more to talk about. Thank you so much for sharing all this wisdom. And
until next time we talk, have a good one.

Ryan: Thank you. Appreciate it.

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