How To Develop Godlike Focus & Will Power

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, two men joined the same opportunity.

They were very much alike, these two men.

They were both in their 50’s.

They were using the same funnel and promoting the same offer.

They even used the same paid traffic source.

But there was a difference.

You see, the first man made 70% of his money back, reinvested them all back into his business and eventually quit his dead-end job.

The other man did nothing.

He paid for software, joined a great opportunity, consulted experts but still, nothing.

I have often wondered what make’s the difference in people’s lives.

I even consulted some of the top earners in our industry.

We all agree that there is only one thing that can make you succeed or fail in your business.

And you discover it in today’s podcast.


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with the man,
the myth, the legend, Mr Igor Kheifets. What is up, my man?

Igor: The List Building king is in the house.

Jonathan: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. So what you have in store for us today?

Igor: Well Jonathan, I know not everybody likes these. Well, I'm pretty sure
there's a segment of our listeners who definitely love these, but I'm sure most
people simply want the mechanics. "What am I supposed to do on daily basis to make
sales?" kind of information. Today, we are going to devote a little bit of time to
some mindset.

Jonathan: No, not mindset. Who needs that crap?

Igor: Well, you kind of need it. In fact, in our new VIP site, we just redesigned
our VIP club members’ area, that's the first thing we do now, we kind of put in
place a few key concepts regarding your mindset, regarding your belief system.
Because believe or not Jonathan, I've seen instances, I've seen this, I never
spoke about this, but I've seen... Imagine two different clients, they are fairly
similar in the way they approach their business. Both are males in their 50s, both
are with the same company and use the exact same sales funnel. The only difference
is that one lives somewhere in Connecticut, the other one is in South Dakota, or
something like that. They both use the same funnel, they both promote the same
company, so they got the same offer they're putting out, and they both use me for
their traffic. So they both get the exact same traffic from the exact same source.
And here is the predicament that I kind of stumbled into, one of them will make a
ton of sales, all the way to the point of either making 50-70% of their money back
right away, and then kind of follow up with the leads in addition to that, and
make an iTicket sales on the backend, and really just constantly buying more
traffic, just re-investing again and again and again and again, while the other
guy makes nothing. Nothing. It got me thinking, "What's the difference if
everything else is exactly the same?" Now, I realize that if I were to follow them
for 24 hours each, and kind of put down everything they were doing in a notebook
or something, then I would review these side by side, I would find some
differences for sure. But given that both of these guys had day jobs at the time,
it got me puzzled, and I started consulting my coach, Tom Beal, and other people
in my industry why that might be happening. And no one, including me, including
again, just some of the smartest people I know when it comes to promoting biz ops
could tell any difference besides their mindset. One had better mindset than the
other and that dictated the result they were getting in their business. So that is
why I decided that today it is worth for us to take the 20 minutes or 25 minutes
to talk about one of the mindset elements that I believe you have to put in place
for yourself in order to succeed in this industry. That's definitely one of those
elements that I see in all top-earners today and that I definitely have had at the
time when I started and I still have it, only to a lesser extent because I do
devote more time to my family at this point.

Jonathan: So what does that mean exactly? What does it mean "to have a better
mindset"? How does one person have a better mindset than another?

Igor: Well, it really comes down to the goggles you wear to view the world,
because the world is really, in my belief, a projection of who we are. In other
words, two different people can look at the same thing and see two different
things. There's this famous drawing of an old lady that turns into a young lady if
you can actually see her, and that's a great example. So you can go ahead and
Google that. Google the "old lady and young lady painting" or something like that,
and you'll see it. Basically, if you're a positive person or something like that,
you'll see a young woman turning around, and if you're a negative person, I guess
maybe doesn't even have to do anything with your negativity, but more so with your
vision, you'll see an old person, an old lady looking at you. It's phenomenal. It
just opens your eyes to the realization that just allows you to recognize that two
people can be looking at the exact same thing seeing two completely different
things, completely contrasting things. So when it comes to the real world, we're
talking about infinite possibilities. We're talking about ten different people
looking at the exact same thing, let's say, let's just for the sake of the example
just take a traffic campaign. Now, they can look at the exact same thing and see
completely different things. They can look at the exact same company and arrive at
completely different conclusions. So that usually dictates not only the way they
see things, but the results they're getting because that will also dictate their
belief system.

Jonathan: I've got to challenge you, bro. I have to challenge you right now. So
you and me, we're very much alike on a lot of things, but we're different on our
motivation scale. So earlier you said, "If you're a positive person one thing, if
you're a negative person one thing." But one of the things that you always say on
this show is that you're motivated by negative stuff, so is that really... I mean,
being motivated by negative stuff doesn't get you negative results, so how the
hell does that work?

Igor: Well, you're right about that. For sure, I did see the old lady in that

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: And it took me about five minutes of actually looking for the young lady
until I actually saw the lady. I only found it because I was told to go look for
it, in other words. And yeah, I am motivated more by the negative. For instance,
right now I'm considering myself to be in the best shape of my life. I can do
pull-ups, I do back exercise. I feel like I'm really fit. At least, that's my
perception of myself. I even installed a pull-up bar in my home so I can do
pull-ups more often, because they're good for your back. They kind of a stretch it
up. So you see, that is a positive result that was driven by a negativity, by a
negative instance, where I hurt my back and I was chained to my bed for two weeks.
Now thankfully, my business allows me to work lying down, but there was another
element which caused me to really take this seriously, and that is, I was told
that unless I get my back in shape I will never be able to pick any heavy stuff
up. Now, my daughter at this point weighs about 16 or 18 kilograms, which I think
is 30-something pounds and I was basically told, that's what I heard, "You're not
allowed to pick your daughter up in your arms. You can't hold her anymore." So I
said, "Oh, no, no. That's not going to happen. I'm definitely holding her in my
arms again." I started working out. So I did not... This negative experience
caused me to produce positive results, you're absolutely right. As far as I know,
it's okay to be negative. It's okay to be a negative person if you will, or
negativity-focused person. You can still succeed, and you probably will succeed to
a greater extent than a positive-driven person. But the point of this experiment
with the old and young lady, and again, I hope you really go ahead and Google that
or something, because it's really profound, it really opens your eyes, is to
recognize that you could be going through the exact same experience as somebody
else, but you can come out with completely different conclusions and beliefs. Like
I could have in the midst of that back injury, I could have just said, "Well, now
I'm kind of fucked, and I have to be careful with my back." and I could have
chosen not to exercise and I could've maybe gotten a back surgery. That would have
led to potentially; there was a 50-50 chance to me becoming paralyzed, for
instance. I could have chosen the option of a shot which would relieve me of the
pain, but would not solve the problem. Now, again, that could have been my
decision. So that mindset of mine, the mindset element, I guess, the belief
element which caused me to go the exercise route was I was looking for a long-term
solution. I was not looking for a quick-fix. Which in and of itself is a big thing
for our marketplace, because as you know Jonathan, everybody's looking for that
quick-fix. I mean, they tell you they don't want to get rich overnight, but they
sort of do. Their words and their actions kind of contradict each other.

Jonathan: For sure, man. So back to the mindset thing. So you can be negative. I
like to say the carrot and the stick, you're motivated by the stick, I'm motivated
by the carrot. You can still get the results. So how do you get your mind working
so that it does get you the outcome that you're looking for whether you're
negative or positive?

Igor: Well, that's a great question. So whether you are a positive, or like you
said, carrot-driven person or a stick-driven person, what you have to do is you
have to create this inner sense of urgency, which puts you in a different frame of
mind. It will force you to look at everything around you as either something that
gets you toward your goal of, let's just say, the goal is to make $1000 a month
from home, so everything you will see then from that point forward is either
something that gets you towards your goal or distracts you from that goal. So in
other words, you must fully commit to your mission of making it, until everything
else seems like a distraction. So you have to be in that frame of mind, the belief
system. In that way, when you encounter challenges, you will see your challenges
as opportunities to excel. You will be able to accept challenges as learning
lessons. In that frame of mind, if you get invited to a birthday party where A,
you have to spend money on a gift, and B, have to give time, which at least is a
couple of hours probably to that birthday party, you will ask yourself, "Is it
worth my time? Is it worth for me to put down two hours and $50 on a gift here,
rather than put this two hours towards my mission?" Then, you will have to weigh
how good of a friend that person is. So obviously, if that's you really, just your
bestest friend, and you will go. But if not, you will be able to make a really
good, in my opinion, decision, to apologize to that person and basically go and
devote that two hours to your mission, which is really the important part of your
life, because if you are just like anything, just like anyone I talk to, if you're
anything like me back in the day when I was striving towards the goal of making
that money, everything did seem like a distraction. The frame of mind that I've
had, which may not be the healthiest, but that was my frame of mind at the time,
was that until I achieve this goal, nothing else matters. I did not have a family
at the time, I mean, I had my parents, and I had my girlfriend, but didn't have a
kid or anything like that, who weren't married yet, so my mission was to start
making that money so I can "start my life". Because until I was secure financially
I couldn't do anything that I really wanted to do, and I couldn't give my family
anything from the things I really wanted them to have. So every single moment,
every single day, every single week, for as long as I did not achieve that goal,
during that time period, everything else seemed like a distraction, every party,
every movie, every sporting event, every trip, every problem even. I mean, I
refused to deal with problems at the time. I literally told my girlfriend, who's
today my wife, and she's the mother of my child, I said, "Look, anything that's
not to do with money right now, you're the one to be handling that." She did not
get me at first, and she didn't believe me, because anytime there was a problem of
any kind, she would come running to me expecting me to solve it, and I told her,
"No, you deal with it on your own." She refused to do it at first, but eventually,
we achieved understanding and she recognized what I was trying to do. So she
became the filter between me and everything else. I refused to pick up the phone.
That was the day, by the way, when I changed this frame of mind that was the day
when I stopped picking up the phone. A lot of my friends and acquaintances, and
even my parents, they get really upset. In fact, my mother got upset to a point
when she stopped talking to me for six months.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: Because I did not pick up the phone, and when I did, when I did feel the
urgency of picking up the phone because it's so difficult to resist when the darn

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: ...she would be like, "So how's your day going?" "It's going fine. Did you
want anything?" "No, I'm just calling to see how your day is going." "Okay, it's
going fine." "So I'll talk to you later?"

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: These were the conversations that start I having with people, and it really
just allowed me to compress time, to get way more productive, and again, I
committed myself to this mission to a point of everything else being a
distraction. Even working two jobs at the time, all the sudden, I didn't have any
time problems. Because while at the job, I still managed to find the time to
advance my business. For instance, my first successful information product, which
was called Crossing The Free Line, which is a thirteen page PDF report on list
building where I introduced the concept of not giving free stuff away. That was
the very first time I actually spoke about it, I took Eben Pagan's Moving the Free
Line, and I said, "That is a big mistake. Don't do it. Here's what you do
instead." I put like a little diagram and then wrote 13 pages explaining that
diagram. I wrote it in three sittings, while I was selling lottery tickets to
regular people in the store, during very slow days. I clearly remember sitting
behind the counter, I had a chair and I had another chair, I'm not sure why there
were two chairs, but there was another chair and so I was sitting on one of them
and I put my laptop on the other, under the counter, and I was sitting down. My
back was like... I mean, right now probably couldn't put my back in this kind of
position that would hurt a lot, but they can that my back was still healthy and I
would be typing like crazy, hoping that the one walks in. I was actually hoping
that this store would not have any customers then.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Of course. But that was the commitment. That was the commitment level that I
showed towards my mission, which I don't see too many people showing, Jonathan. I
don't see too many people willing to make these sacrifices. I see people willing
to pay money. I see people willing, let's just say, are done for your email
service. A couple months ago we started a fully automated done for you daily email
service for people who promote business opportunities. I see people willing to
commit financially to have someone else do things for them, but I don't see people
showing up with an attitude of, "I am the one. I am willing to do whatever it
takes." Not, "I am willing to pay you whatever you want me to pay you to do
whatever, so you do whatever it takes." Can you feel the difference with the two

Jonathan: Absolutely. So I want to push back a little bit, and hopefully I don't
take us over here, but I want to push back to the part where you got that single
minded focus, your family, everybody was set aside while you were chasing your
goals. What would you say to the people that tout the idea of work-life-harmony or
work-life-balance, because it doesn't sound like you were balanced at that time?

Igor: I was not and you're right. I'll be the first one to admit it, I couldn't
see anything else. My goggles, like the goggles I was viewing my life with were
just about that goal. I committed to that goal, so everything else was really a
distraction. Life and work balance was definitely not on the agenda any more. Now,
is it a good thing for most people? Probably not. But is it necessary to achieve
real success in this industry? Probably. In fact, you know what? I'll say it like
that. I haven't seen anyone who hasn't committed this way that actually achieved
real success. Another words, if you're a person who works at a day job with a full
time or part time, and you're billing this business on the side, until you put
yourself in that frame of mind you will always have reasons not to commit. You'll
always have reasons, or should I say, you'll always have obstacles that get in the
way that will always concrete you. You'll forever remain a prisoner to those
circumstances and to those obstacles and to the challenges and to the walls you'd
be hitting, because of that specific frame of mind, of work and life balance. So
in other words, if you're looking to take the weekend off from both your business
and your day job because you're tired and because you just need it. Then you know
what? Stop fucking fooling yourself.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: And don't tell me that you want to make $10,000 per month from home, because
obviously, you value rests more than you do achieving this goal. Mark my words,
when you're closing on your retirement, you will feel that sense of urgency I'm
talking about right now, but it might be too late to build the necessary
foundation and the time, and you will step into retirement having all these
financial issues and it'll be ten times more difficult for you to build something,
because you will constantly be held back by all these problems, which again, you
might not even experience if you just committed on the proper level today.

Jonathan: Yeah. Back to your point about people who might prefer to just throw
money at a problem rather than do the work. I see it all the time, and even now,
you and me are both that way where we will throw money at some stuff to get it off
our plate, but there still is a level of commitment, a level of sacrifice, a level
pain that you're going to feel as an entrepreneur and as a business owner that you
just got to get comfortable with. So yeah, we all sacrifice to get here, but the
thing that I see and I'm sure you see it too Igor, is that people think that they
can just jump ahead of that pain, buy their way out of it and not go through the
growing pains of owning your own business and that's just not the way it is.

Igor: Absolutely, and of course, I wish I could just blame the people, that would
make it so much easier, but I mean guys like you and me, Jonathan, and also carry
a part of that blame. Because we sell this dream, right? We sell this idea that
you can have the perfect work and life balance . It's funny because you are
actually the one living it. I mean I see you posting on Facebook like the most...
This just annoys me so much, trust me. It's something personal, but annoys me so
much. You post these, you're going through the Da Vinci cartoon drawing course
right now, right?

Jonathan: [laughter] Yeah.

Igor: I see your progress. You pop in my news feed and I see the King Fu Pandas,
and the Minions, and other thing that you've drawn. Like Shrek and stuff like
that, and I'm so fucking jealous. I want to draw. I love drawing. In fact, I would
love to learn how to do this stuff so I can teach Erica how to do it, because it's
fun, it's creative, it develops her physical ability to move fingers and stuff
like that, and creativity as well. I've always wanted to learn something like
that. But honestly, I did not put a priority on it, and here I'm looking at you
doing it because I know you are living that perfect life and work balance. You
wake up at 4 AM, you get the work done and then you've got the rest of the day to
yourself, to the addition you guys had the family recently, your wife. It's
awesome. You are living that lifestyle. However, I'm sure it didn't just happen to
you. I'm sure at some point you had to build a proper foundation to do it, and you
took the time, and you were committed to it. I'm sure you didn't just start out
having the perfect four hour days or two hour work day.

Jonathan: No, Igor. It's only been 13 years. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: That's all. That's all it took. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] Yeah, so that's the part I'm trying to make.

Jonathan: Oh, man.

Igor: That's the part I'm trying to make. Right now after years of putting
mechanisms and systems in place you are enjoying it. For me, I'm getting there
right now, after eight years or nine years. For the first seven, I wasn't living
that. I was just taking as much work and as many opportunities I could possibly
take, and I was committed. Then, Erica showed up. So red flag. Got to stop. Then
my health. Red flag. Chill. Right? Then before that, I think I shared about my
marriage when I showed up home and my wife wasn't there so all these red flags
pointed me in the right direction to create the proper work and life balance. Now,
I do love my work, and I still chose to work between four and eight hours per day.
I still want to do it. But now I have way more leverage in my business and the
days I don't feel like it, I'll do the minimum and then I'm done.

Jonathan: That's it. That's being rich. Look, the way I define being rich is
having options, and you have the option to say, "Yeah, I'm going to go hard
today." Or, "No, I'm not." And that's to me being rich.

Igor: Yeah, yeah absolutely. Besides being rich, of course, let's not forget the
fulfillment. For some people, think that fulfillment is the perfect life balance.
Okay. I mean for you it's obviously having the ability to surf, to get some alone
time, to do these things. For me, honestly I get a hard on from writing a really
good sales letter that converts.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: I really feel bad if I don't write an email or two for a couple of days.
That's how I am. I want to let my creativity out. I need this to feel good. Now at
the same time while a put all these in place and I do devote time to my business,
still I make the time to work out, I make the time for my family. I make the time
for my daughter. So whatever's important, you have to make the time for it,
absolutely. Your life should be structured around your work. I agree. Your work
should not dictate the life. Until a certain point, though. Until a certain point.
In other words, there will be times in your life when life will dictate it until
you reach a point when you choose for the work not to dictate it anymore. So I
can't really imagine myself being 18 years old or something like that, or really
just been in the bat at least financially, and not put in 16 hours a day towards
one single goal, and there is to getting rich. I just can't imagine myself doing
something like that.

Jonathan: Amen brother, amen. Anything else as we're wrapping up?

Igor: Yeah, just a reminder. Commit yourself to your goal until everything else
seems like a distraction. Commit yourself to this goal and always check in with
yourself at every step of the way. I'm talking every hour. Not just every day or
every week or every month. Most people kind of set a goal and just throw the piece
of paper out, and then sort of find it two years later to check of the if they
achieved it. I'm talking check in with your goals every fucking hour to see if
you're on track, because you will get distracted. Life will get in the way; people
will try to steal your time. Even your loved ones, especially your loved ones will
try to steal your attention and ask you to put that attention towards something
else that's not your goal. So right now, you are struggling financially or you are
trying to hit a financial goal, okay, you have to quite literally put it in front
of you at all times. I'm talking put it on your wall where you're working, put it
on the back side of your laptop, on the lid, so before you open the laptop you see
the damn goal written on it. Put it on your fucking desktop, put it on the back of
your spouse. [laughter]

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Do whatever you have to do so that goal is constantly in your mind and
everything else is literally a distraction.

Jonathan: There it is. Alright. So that's a wrap for another edition of List
Building Lifestyle. Thank you list builders for tuning in, and thank you Igor for
the motivation today. We'll be back in your earbuds next time.

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