How To Bring Your List Back From The Dead With A Pole-Dancer Sequence

Do you have a dead list?

Do you feel it hasn’t been monetized as it should?

Is it collecting dust, as you’re too confused at to what to do with it?

If you answered yes to the above questions, the simplest way to remedy that is to start e-mailing your list.

Listen now.

There’s a right and a wrong way to do this. Do it wrong, and you’ll get spam complaints, unsubscribes and hate mail when you try. Do it right, and you’ll bring your list back from the dead, as it generates fresh cash for you.

How can you do it right?

By following my newly rebranded Pole Dancer Sequence of e-mails, the best method in the industry for making your list alive again.

Served to you on a silver platter in today’s podcast.


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Jonathan: You are listening to List Building Lifestyle. Here is the King of Lists
Building himself, Mr. Igor Kheifets. What is up, my man?

Igor: All good, Jonathan. All good. Getting ready for my trip. There is no better
day to do a podcast episode than just before you get on a plane.

Jonathan: Why is that?

Igor: Well, it gets you pumped up, man. It reminds you that you're somebody, that
you're a matter, and that you touch lives. And to me, that's really important.
Someone told my wife once that she should always praise me. Because as a wife,
that's one of the primary things a wife should do. Because everything else, like
food and sex, you can buy that, pretty much. But getting genuine praise, you
can't. So whenever we do a podcast episode and you kind of intro me and you're
like, "He's the Prince of List Building. He's the King of List Building. He's the
that of list building." That's good for me. It's like therapy.

Jonathan: [laughter] I need to start my own show. That's what you're telling me.

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: So what do you have in store for us today?

Igor: Well, I want to discuss a topic which is long overdue, and it's a question I
get a lot, and that is, "How to bring back a dead list?" Basically, the question I
get from customers and listeners is, "Igor, I've build this list with different
traffic source." or "I built it with a free traffic source.", whatever. "This list
ain't producing. 2700 people not opening an email." or "Thousand people opening
emails but not clicking." or "Ten thousand people that have purchased off of a
lead broker that I never mailed in my life." And they purchased them last year.
"Can I do something with that list?" So essentially, all questions, no matter how
they're positioned, all come down to this one truth and that is, "I got a list of
prospects which I haven't contacted recently. I'm not sure what to email them with
and my question is, can I email them in the first place, and if so, what do I
send?" So my answer is twofold. The first part of my answer is quite simply, "Drop
that list and move on." That would probably be the most productive advice I can
give you. Okay?

Jonathan: Ouch

Igor: Yeah. I mean, it hurts. It's something I learned after I started learning
copywriting and I submitted a bunch of work to my mentor, Ross Bowering, and when
I submitted my work, he'd always tell me to go fix it. But not fix it in the form
of rewriting it, but fix it in the form of writing it from scratch. So he would
completely trash my work and say, "Write from scratch." At some point I got so
upset with it, with him, and for doing that all the time. I said, "Ross, why? Why
can't I just rewrite this?" And he says, "It's easier to write from scratch than
it is to fix a bad piece of copy." So my advice to list builders is exactly the
same. It is easier to build a brand new, quality list that's responsive, than it
ever will be to bring back a dead list and make it respond again. Now, so that's
the first part of my answer, which I realize is not the most optimistic one.
However, in case you're stubborn. Let's just say you're stubborn and you really
want to use that dead list for something. I mean, maybe it's the greedy bastard in
you that says, "But I spent all this time and I spent all this money. I want this
list to work. I can't just let it go." What this reminds me of - is people who
hold on to a bad marriage. They keep on suffering together because they invested
lots and lots of time and effort into their marriage and they won't let go, even
if it sucks, and even if they try to fix it and it doesn't work, simply because
they put in a lot of effort into it. So if you insist on acting that way, which I
don't recommend, the best thing you could do is to try what's called a
Resurrection Sequence. Now, the Resurrection Sequence means you have to email your
list for about ten days with infotainment, but without a pitch. And in each and
every single email you have to build up that in some time from now, hopefully,
again, in ten days, so every email will be like a countdown email, you will send
them something awesome, whether a link to a brand new product that you're
producing that's not available in the market right now that fixes their biggest
problem, or maybe some sort of a webinar that you want to do for them. Whatever
that may be, it has to be exciting for them. So you have to send them ten emails
with infotaining content, which hits their insecurities, which hits their deepest
desires, which tells them entertaining stories, but you are not allowed to pitch
anything. All you are doing now is teasing. So you're sort of walking your
prospects into ten-day sequence that's kind of like a strip club, where your job
is to be the pole dancer that teases, and teases, and teases to a point where they
really want to find out what the hell are you sending to them at the end of that
ten-day sequence. That's the best you can do. If they respond to that, and I
assure you, most won't, but some of them will, these will be your active
subscribers that you reengaged successfully. Again, if you're selling something at
the end of those ten days, you will be surprised how many people can actually buy.
But I have to tell you that the chances of that happening are very, very slim. The
reason is, first off, you have to be a highly-skilled email marketer. I'm talking
Ben Settle level, or Jonathan's level, or my level, or Doberman Dan level that
kind of skill set. You can't do it if you're just getting into email marketing. It
simply won't work. Second, you have to know your market inside and out. One of the
best things you can do, in general of course, is to know your market, know thy
audience. You have to know them better than they know themselves. You have to know
their deepest secrets, their deepest desires, their deepest needs, their deepest
insecurities. So you have to go way below the surface way, way, way behind the
curtain, if you will, in order to engage them. Because the things that get
attention are those deep things. Jonathan, you sent out an email a couple of days
ago that said, "What to talk about on your podcast." or something like that, where
you spoke about someone emailing you and asking like, they want to do a podcast,
but they have no clue what to talk about. For me, that was a big email because
every single time we sit down to record I get on my Evernote and I start trying to
brainstorm ideas. "What the hell do I talk about today? What the hell do I talk
about today?" At this point we've done a ton of episodes. I think we're way over
80. You can only imagine how difficult it might be for someone like me to now
come, sit down, and say, "Okay. I have to talk about something and it can't be
what I spoke about in the previous episodes. Imagine how difficult it is. So it's
an insecurity of mine. I do wake up in the morning on the podcast day, if you
will, and I'm wondering, "What the hell am I going to talk about today?" So that
insecurity gets my attention, I read the email, I click the link, I watch the
video, period. It's psychologically impossible for me to ignore that statement
that subject line simply grabs a hold of me and it pulls me in no matter what I
do. No matter what I'm busy with, no matter what's going on in my schedule that
day. It really doesn't matter. The psychological need to fulfill this desire; to
forever solve the mystery of, "What the hell do I talk about?" will drive me to
checking out that email and clicking on that link. So your job, in that
Resurrection Sequence, is to go ahead and know thy market so well that you can
write infotaining email, hitting those frustrations, hitting those insecurities,
delivering those most desired benefits. That's the only chance you really got to
reengage the list, again, only a portion of that dead list. Because I assure you,
if you haven't mailed them for a while, A, a lot of them won't know who you are,
and that's the biggest thing. I mean the people that I don't know who hit my
inbox; I don't even read their emails. I just check the little box next to their
name and I hit delete or mark as spam, because I don't know who they are. Unless
the subject line, of course, is so enticing that hits my nerves. So they don't
know who you are, you're probably not going to inbox, because you haven't mailed
them ever, because it's just going to be out of the blue like that, and you have
to stay relevant, so if they've been on your list for a year they might not be
interested in whatever it is that you're selling at that time so if they had
hemorrhoids issue a year ago, they might have fixed that. Or they might have said,
"Okay. Well, I'm going to live with my hemorrhoids for the rest of my life." and
they're not interested in fixing that anymore. Whatever the case may be, it might
not be relevant. So get ready for the vast majority of that list to remain dead,
even after the sequence.

Jonathan: So couple things here, Igor. First of all, you should rename that to
"The Pole Dancer Sequence". [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] Noted.

Jonathan: I think it'll get attention. But hitting those nerves is super important
in everything you do, and so I'm wondering. There are a couple things that you
said that I thought were interesting, and I want your take on it. You said this
thing about people don't know who you are, and your subject line having to be so
enticing. So what would you say is more important, a hot subject line or people
recognizing the name of the email sender?

Igor: Well, I hate to make the choice. I hate to be forced to choose between the
two, but if I had to choose, I would much rather take the scenario where my market
knows my name and knows what I stand for, rather than having the world's best
subject lines. Because I can clearly see a situation where a great subject line
fails because I don't like the receiver of the email doesn't know who the sender
is, and at the same time, I see clearly how jut knowing who the sender is
automatically makes the subject like better because of that preexisting
familiarity with the sender's name.

Jonathan: Yeah, cool. So, is there really a chance of, because after you've been
forgotten, is there really a chance that you can resurrect people? Have you
successfully done this in the past?

Igor: Well, believe it or not, I have. There were a couple of times my life when
it neglected my list, and the first time I think I told a story of how I built my
list through blogging on Get Response. I built a list of about thousand people. I
started mailing that list after about eight months of blogging and not mailing it,
and I had like ten people open and three people click the link, 30 people
unsubscribe or something like that. Ridiculous numbers that I don't even remember,
but their response was, it didn't exist. So that list I dropped and started
building again on Aweber. Now, there was another time when I built the buyer's
list, okay, and I neglected it completely which was when I started my traffic
business. I collected automatically through an email part, I was collecting my
buyers, but I wasn't mailing them at all. Because at the time, even though it was
familiar with email marketing, I wasn't a smart email marketer. I was a newbie
email marker. So I made the same mistakes as everybody else. At some point I
realized, "Wait a minute. I have to this buyer list. Why am I not mailing that?"
So I started mailing that buyer list every other, day because again, I was timid,
I was scared, I wasn't sure what I was doing so I mailed once, I mailed twice, I
mailed three times, and I didn't dare to send them a link. I didn't dare to tell
them, "Go buy something." Even though they were buyers. Even though they told me,
"Hey, Igor, we buy stuff. We are totally cool with that." So I mailed them like
that for about seven or 10 emails and I started noticing that the open rates were
fluctuating. So one email would get very low open rate, the other one would get a
decent one, then I would get a great one, then I would get a low again. So I
realized it was actually getting to a point where this list is just like any other
list that I've had. So at some point I worked up the courage to send them an offer
for traffic, and I did, and it worked. Ever since I started to aggressively email,
and that was the first time I when I used the Resurrection Sequence. The other
time I wrote a Resurrection Sequence, actually let's call it The Pole Dancer

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: I mean, I love it much better. I wrote a pole dancer sequence for a client
in the make money online space. He had a list of I think it was 400 something
buyers of a software that's designed to write articles, and the sequence was only
four emails long, and it had an offer in it. So it broke many other rules that I
mentioned today, and that's how I know that you shouldn't pitch. Because all in
all from those 400 buyers we made, I think two sales. We got some response, but
was really pathetic and that's where I first learned that, "Hey, when you're
resurrecting a list, don't pitch them." It's too early. If you start a
relationship with a pitch, that's perfectly fine, but if you need to bring it back
from the dead, then you have to wait a little bit and you have to infotain them
more so, then you pitch.

Jonathan: But even with all that you're saying it is better to just start from
scratch, even if it is a buyer's list?

Igor: Yes sir. I mean it hurts. I guess it hurts ten times as much to drop a
buyer's list, because a buyer is ten times more valuable, and you can still try
the resurrection sequence, but I assure you, there's been a long time since you've
emailed that list and they forgotten who you are. Most likely you're just wasting
your time. But if you're working with a highly, let's just, really limited budget.
If you are on a shoestring and you don't know what you're doing, you're at the end
of your rope, try The Pole Dancer Sequence. But if you're capable of letting that
go, which I highly recommend, then by all means absolutely. Let it go. Forget
about it. Kind of like your first girlfriend. Just let her go. Forget about her.
Let her move on, move on yourself and start over having learned your lessons, and
never miss a mailing day ever again.

Jonathan: [laughter] Alright. So Resurrection, or Pole Dancer Sequence is what
we're calling it now. Kill the list even if you're trying to resurrect it. But if
you insist, you've got to use this sequence or you're not selling, right? I'm just
trying to recap for my own good here.

Igor: Yes sir.

Jonathan: You can't sell for a while, you build up anticipation, tease, tease,
tease, and at the end reengage.

Igor: Yeah. You got it.

Jonathan: Alright. What else do I need to know about resurrecting a dead list?

Igor: Well, you've got to make sure before you start that sequence, you absolutely
want to make sure that you're delivering. Okay? You have to set up your auto
respond right, and if you're not sure, if you've had an auto respond account which
you don't think is delivering, then you might as well import those subscribers
into a different email auto responder that would allow you to inbox. Best way to
know is that you check your recent stats. If you're not getting any decent open
rates, then you absolutely want to do that before you mail. Okay, so whatever auto
responder you use, doesn't matter, only what your open rates. Don't look at the
how popular the software is. If, let's just say Russell Bronson, or Igor uses that
particular software, it means it's good. It doesn't really make good. It means
that we inbox but you might not. So definitely check your delivery settings before
you try to resurrect that list, and if you don't know how to do that, then you
should definitely check out our brand new service called Igor's Done for You
Emails, because as one of the bonuses for that service, we teach you how to set up
your auto respond account. Whether it's get response or Aweber for maximum email
delivery. You can find out more about that at d4, as in the number four.

Jonathan: Alright, Igor. As we're coming to the close of this episode, anything
else you want to say about the Resurrection Sequence, AKA, The Pole Dancer

Igor: Well not so much. We discussed the sequence and that's cool. What I want to
say is this, it doesn't matter how many dead lists you've got. None of that will
help you make more money. So what you want to do is, you want to learn the number
one thing from this experience, and that is the list goes dead if you don't email
it right, and if you don't email it every day. So if you've got a list right now,
focus on it right away, and start mailing it every day, and start doing the
infotainment thing. If you don't know what that is, then absolutely check out my
friend Ben Settle at, and he's also got a new show coming out, which
Jonathan is producing. Definitely check that out. Okay? Do the infotainment thing,
because that is what's going to keep them interested, keep them entertained, and
keep them liking you and coming back for more, allowing you to not only pitch in
every email, but to also make money while having tons of fun.

Jonathan: Good stuff, Igor. So you want to tease out what you have coming next
time, or is it just a surprise?

Igor: Well, you know what? Let's keep teasing. So next time, I'm going to share
technique with you that's called Tastes Like Chicken, which is a technique which
will allow you to sell a completely new product to your audience, but make it feel
as if it's something they already know, which means they're going to be much more
receptive to it. So if you're selling a brand new thing and the marketplace is
rejecting you right now, you definitely want to tune in to that episode.

Jonathan: Alright. Looking forward to it. So that is a wrap for another List
Building Lifestyle. Thank you List Builders for tuning in and thank you Igor as
always for sharing your insights with us.

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