How To Build Authority And Trust With Your Market Without Hype Or Sleazy Sales Talk With Michael Mansell

How can you create an aura of authority that will make your market trust and follow you, without looking desperate?

A hot-button question.

So I hop on the call with the best guy out there to show us the nitty-gritty – Michael Mansell.

Michael grew one of the largest teams across two biz opps at the same time.

That’s while most marketers struggle to build a team in one biz opp in their lifetime.

I challenge him to reveal what he did to get where he’s today, and he doesn’t hold back.

He digs deep and unmasks the psychological reasons that make people trust and accept you as their leader.

He also explains how to do it while you sound genuine, avoid sleazy sales talk, and stand fearless in the face of competition.


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“Seeing what their story is about, where they are coming from, what they are
struggling with and who they are as a person rather than leading this is who I am,
this is what I can provide for you, this is what I can do for you, this is what
I’ve done, this is what I think you can do.”

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. Helping people isn’t that what internet marketing is all
about? Or is it about the money? Can it be both? Well to be honest most gurus talk
a big talk about waking up in the morning and sweating blood to help their clients
but when it comes down to cold hard numbers it looks like the only bank account
that is actually growing is their own. Their customers on the other hand are going
hand to mouth following their latest hype talk piece of crap course or coaching
program. But there are a few good fellows that stick out like a fart in an
elevator; people who care just as much about seeing their customers thrive as
watching their children grow. Michael Mansell is one such fellow, born in Japan
and raised in Minnesota. Michael has inherited his entrepreneurial gene from his
father and went into sales straight after college. He quickly became the top
producer in several companies until he finally figured out he can do this on his
own, make more money and have a bigger impact on his community. Michael built one
of the largest teams in two different companies all at the same time. His team
success duplication strategies are as impressive as they are refreshing. I
recently had the pleasure of training Mike’s team on Solo Ads and I witnessed
first hand how much they love this guy. They know that he has got their backs.
Please help me welcome Michael Mansell. Michael, thank you so much for taking the
time to share your wisdom with us.

Michael: Yeah, absolutely, Igor, nice to be here.

Igor: So let’s just start I mean I’m not sure if any of our listeners actually
have an idea who you are, okay although you’ve had some tremendous success
online in the recent years. So why don’t you go ahead and share your story,
where did you start and where are you today?

Michael: Yeah, absolutely. It’s similar to a lot of my peers and other fellow
internet marketers. They are doing the right thing today where starting out kind
of struggling, trying to feel our way out, but the one thing that I’ve noticed
that a lot of other successful internet marketers tell me that I actually never
really had, was a mentor. I have heard a lot of other guys and girls say well so
and so who mentored me and I found my path but I kind of have a little bit of a
different path that I took to get where I am today and a lot of it is just my
personal style of how I learn and how I apply things in life and that all started
on how I was raised and I was basically homeschooled. I didn’t have the
traditional education and structure growing up because my parents chose to home
school me my entire education years clear through high school. From a very young
age I learned to teach myself what I needed to know because basically my mom would
come in and she would give us our lesson plans for the day and then she would go
off and do her housework and do everything else she needed to get done for the day
and we were kind of left there to figure it out on our own. As a kid I didn’t
know any different but for awhile I somewhat resented that because I kind of felt
like I missed out on having that traditional education growing up but what I soon
realized was that that was one of the biggest things that contributed to my
ability to create something without somebody there showing me step by step how to
do it. But I would say I’m a very unique case and that’s not how most people
learn, it’s not the normal way that people are kind of raised to learn things in
life and so I kind of got started from a young age. I was in about my early 20s; I
was actually about 20 years old if I remember correctly when I got my first sales
job that was actually door to door route sale with Schwan’s Frozen Foods here in
the United States. It’s a frozen food company so I literally drove a truck and
went door to door knocking on doors selling frozen food. That was my first real
sales job.

Igor: How tough was that?

Michael: It was incredibly tough at first because you’re obviously going up to
somebody’s house that didn’t ask you to be there, has better things to do
during the day and I’m showing up saying, “Hey have you heard about my company
and do you want to buy some food that we can stick in our freezer?” But then one
step further was not only get them to try to buy something right then, the whole
model of that company was to get them on a route where the company would come or I
would come as their salesperson once every two weeks and they would have their
shopping list ready and they would buy whatever they were going to buy but be on a
set schedule. So thinking back that was my earliest experience to what we now know
as an auto ship essentially, getting someone to not only buy right but commit to
something ongoing every single month. It was hard at first but at the same time,
it’s where I realized what my true passion was and that was connecting with
people. Basically finding out what their problem was and providing a solution so
in my earliest sales job it really had to do with, “Hey you don’t want to
leave the house, you’d rather have somebody come to you where you can do your
shopping, we have the food, it will keep for a long time, and in my whole sales
pitch but really my value added proposition saying this is a value I can provide
for you and getting them to buy into that concept and then obviously providing the
service going forward from there.

Igor: Wow, so you mentioned that your passion is connecting with people. You know
I hear a lot of people say my passion is helping people and do everything for
other people which for me coming from an Ukrainian background and I’m also
Jewish, it’s kind of weird because here in Israel for instance Jews don’t try
to help each other much. We actually kind of screw each other more often than we
try to help each other. It’s interesting now, you did use the word connecting
what exactly in your opinion what does connecting with other people mean?

Michael: Well connecting with other people is really seeing what their story is
about, where they are coming from, what they are struggling with and who they are
as a person rather than leading this is who I am, this is what I can provide for
you, this is what I can do for you, this is what I’ve done, this is what I think
you can do. It’s really connecting with an individual on a level that is
relatable to them first not just coming at somebody with what you relate with. So
basically I would put myself in their shoes and I would find whatever common
ground, I mean anybody in life I believe you can find some level because we are
all human beings at the end of the day that we can relate on and when you find
that level that you can relate with another human being on that’s what I
consider connecting with that person.

Igor: Wow, this is super refreshing. If you’re listening to this, you should be
writing this down if your goal is to become a wealth individual. You see one of
the most important skills that a salesperson or a marketer can have is listening.
People think listening is a passive activity but it’s actually the most active
thing you can do. So what you’re saying about connecting with people, what I’m
hearing is you’re saying the first thing you have to do before anyone will do
anything for you or with you whether it’s joining your business or purchasing
your product be it frozen food or a piece of software, the first thing that needs
to happen is they need to feel understood and accepted by yourself.

Michael: Yup. Mhh hhm. Yeah absolutely. It doesn’t matter how big or small. A
lot of people feel like they’ve got to find some big relationship or big
relatable aspect between two people for the other person to feel like they’re
accepted for who they are and they are understood like you just mentioned which
was a key factor there. People like to feel understood but where they are at right
now. I used to overcomplicate the whole process. The longer I’ve done this the
more I’ve realized is that we don’t have to spend hours upon hours trying to
find that relatable place most times it is a very simple thing that we can connect
with another human being for them to feel understood on some level. Now sure the
relationship will grow long term if continue to treat that person with respect and
continue to build the relationship but you don’t have to find some big
monumentous thing to have this big relationship with before someone will know,
like and trust you.

Igor: Interesting. So now when you say finding something to relate to, most people
probably think about “oh does that mean I have to ask them about their kids and
start talking about their family?”

Michael: Right.

Igor: Or start pretending to like their hobbies, the classic approach.

Michael: Uh huh

Igor: The classic idea of what a salesperson is right doing the whole small talk

Michael: Right.

Igor: But is it really so?

Michael: No, I used to think so but the longer I’ve done this and the people now
that tried that sales tactic on me, some of them were genuine but some of them
come across very ingenuine when they try to do that, I’m going to talk about
your kids, I’m going to remember your dogs name, I mean all of those things are
good but those are long term. If that happens too fast, it does come across as
very manufactured and ingenuine in my experience and especially when I’m talking
with another company or a salesperson. I kind of see through that now and a lot of
other people do as well so what I find is if I’m talking to somebody I try to
quickly find out what is most important to them. Sure their kids are important,
their family is important but the reason that they are searching for a better
life, a better stream of income, a better business, the right business to start is
their why might be their family, their why might be their kids but they are stuck
at some point in their pursuit of a better life or a better income stream online
and that is ultimately really why they would be talking to you or why you would be
reaching out to them at that point and so getting to that point quickly and
finding out, “Oh they are just not very good at talking to other people or Oh
they are just brand newbies online, they have no clue even where to even start”
so giving them something small they can start to chew on, those little solutions
can still be a plane that you can relate to and connect with them on. People
respect that. You get to that stage faster where they view you as the authority
and that alone can sometimes create a relationship that can build long term so
establishing that authority on you are the authority to solve their problem no
matter how big or small or wherever they are at in their online journey.

Igor: Wow, this is very different from what most “gurus” with a double ‘o’
preach. In the intro, I mentioned that your strategies are refreshing and they
truly are, I mean they are proven to work but it’s so different like let me try
to kind of feedback what I believe you just said. Now what you’re saying is
you’re establishing authority with trust at the same time with your potential
client by actively listening and discovering what is the most important thing to
them with the relation to the reason why they are searching for a solution online
perhaps like right now we moved away from the frozen food industry we are back
online so what you’re saying by active listening, by understanding and relating
to them and having at least somewhat of an idea why they decided to get online,
what exactly drives them and suggesting even the smallest, the tiniest thing they
could do about achieving that goal or maybe feeling progress towards achievement
of that goal is what allows you to become the authority in their eyes and of
course I guess incidentally they probably want to do business with you.

Michael: Correct. Yeah absolutely and a lot of the time, this is a common mistake
I see a lot of people make is they go too quickly to their product or service or
business that they are offering online and they skip over that important step of
establishing themselves as the authority because as you know, Igor, there is a
million different people out there that have something they want you to pitch to
you, sell to you, they are the greatest and you can’t just …

Igor: I’m one of them.

Michael: I’m the greatest.

Igor: I’m one of them. [laughter]

Michael: Yeah exactly. [laughter] Exactly. The reality is that not everybody will
find connection with me in return and that’s okay. This actually brings up a
thought in my mind that I just came from a conference in Las Vegas where I was
connecting with a lot of my team members and it was really cool to meet them in
person. One of the biggest things that I find people kind of struggling with
online is they go too quickly to try to pitch their thing or they feel like they
don’t want to go to that even small personal level to where they come across as
a real human being that’s in the same real struggle of trying to make it online.
They are afraid to put themselves out there whether they are communicating through
email, through Facebook messaging, through video. The biggest thing that I found
myself kind of educating my team about over this past weekend was you need to come
across as yourself and you will attract other like minded people to yourself. Some
of them said, “How do I reach more people than that?” I said, “Do you
realize how many people that are out there that will relate to you on your level
right now, regardless if you’ve arrived or not?” And they realized that yeah
that there is a lot more people out there and you want to attract people to you
that will in turn relate back to you. If people don’t relate to you, they are
not going to consider you an authority on something or even if they do initially,
you’re going to quickly lose them because maybe you’re not the same style that
they want to be online, you’re not the same type of personality and so what
I’ve found is the more authentic I am online, the more people I attract that I
actually enjoy working with in return.

Igor: Wow. This is again very refreshing because a lot of time you hear that you
got to change, you got to act a certain way.

Michael: Mhh hhm.

Igor: But what you’re actually saying like be who you are just be a decent human
being before you try to be salesman. That’s what is going on here. And what you
said about pitching too fast that should be framed, okay, I actually – you know
when I train my sales staff I actually teach them that your first job is to
disqualify the person that you’re talking to, like to approach it from a
position of I got something cool and I will only give it to cool people that fit
the description of the ideal client and your job is basically to find reason not
to give it to them. When you approach the conversation from that standpoint,
it’s easier to get even the newbies into a position where they don’t pitch too
fast because pitching too fast literally pushes people away. Now I’m just
curious where the hell did you learn all this?

Michael: Well going back being a self-starter and teaching myself stuff, I
actually learned it from reverse engineering other leaders, other what I consider
to be successful people online and it actually goes clear back to when I really
think about you know I say my first sales job was when in my early 20s as a route
salesman but the reality is that I was actually raised a missionary kid. In Japan,
my parents were missionaries so from a very young age, my older brother, my
younger sister and I we were thrown in front of churches to essentially, I mean
when I think about it pitch and sell our mission work for my parents to raise
support for us to go over and continue to do our mission work. So when I really
think back, I was kind of being prepped in a way or taught in a way how to just be
myself in front of the churches from a very young age and help sell the idea that
my parents wanted to be missionaries and go to a foreign country and be supported
by churches. So I think that aspect of it connecting with people came from a very
young age but in terms of how to navigate online that’s just been me really
searching and finding other, what I consider to be authentic leaders online and
reverse engineering where they got their success from but never actually even
communicating with them like I said I really never consider I had just one person
who was my mentor who kind of stepped me through it. I still don’t believe you
have a – a mentor is very important but I actually went and looked at all the
people who I would consider would be a mentor but I didn’t actually have to
personally connect with them to model and learn and figure out what they did right
and then the biggest thing was just putting those things into action. So many
people learn even their own mentors but never actually test it out and try to put
it into action and even if you fail putting it into action was what really changed
it around for me and I was guilty of not putting stuff into action for years and
the instant I put it into action, failed a few times and then boom success started
happening over and over and over again.

Igor: Wow. So you actually didn’t have any mentors but you reversed engineered a
bunch of successful people.

Michael: Yup.

Igor: You essentially followed like – I actually had a bunch of mentors. I had
to pay a bunch of money to get them of course because no one would just give you
their time for free but you know I kind of didn’t mind doing that because early
on I was told like what everybody was told, get a mentor. Now not every mentor was
a great one but they were good enough and I guess I was motivated enough to make
sure that whatever they told I would have to make it work. But one of the pieces
of advice I have no idea who gave it to me and maybe I even read it in a book was
don’t do as the gurus say, do as the gurus do. That’s essentially what
you’ve done.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. That was a big turning point for me and now what
I’m really loving is showing that to my team in terms of the team I’m building
because up until a very recent time and I’m talking a few months ago, I was
still doing my own thing, making my own sales and being that guy who kind of sat
behind making my sales where I could make it and not actually putting in the time
and the energy to the people that I was helping online, show them exactly what I
do rather than just telling them what I think they should do. Now I’ve got
people on my team that are taking my exact same team model, my exact same building
model and it’s cool to see them go out and I’m actually encouraging them to
take what I’m doing copy it, replicate it and even to the point of weaning them
off of me so that they feel like they are now established as a leader, they are
established as someone who is being successful online and now they have people
following and modeling them. That’s my next transition here where I’m getting
really excited about because I’m encouraging people to copy what I’m doing and
I tell people just look what I’m doing. Look what I did on Facebook, look at
what I did on our team group, look what I did in my email that I sent you, look at
those, copy those, motivate yourself to go out and do the same thing and you can
have the exactly what I have.

Igor: You know as you say that I have this little thought creeping up in my mind,
aren’t you afraid of competition? Like you’re teaching the exact same thing in
such a crowded marketplace.

Michael: Yeah, exactly. And people think that it’s a crowded market place,
it’s not crowded with authentic team leaders, authentic business owners. It’s
crowded with a lot of crap but it’s not crowded with authentic people so one of
my books that I get a lot of inspiration from is by a guy named Jeff Olson, The
Slight Edge, and that book is something I actually was already modeling before
even reading the book was when I read certain portions of that book, I was like,
“Wow, these are things that I’m already doing that I need to do even more
of.” It basically was people think that they have to achieve some big guru
status to be successful or be considered an authority online but the reality is
the marketplace, authentic individuals who are genuinely helping their people
succeed online is not a crowded marketplace and it doesn’t take a lot doing the
right things to outshine the crap that is on the internet.

Igor: Wow, that’s actually a very mature look at business, the author of The
Slight Edge; I didn’t catch his last name, sounds like a very smart person.

Michael: Yeah, Jeff Olson.

Igor: Jeff Olson

Michael: I had the pleasure of talking to him in person. He’s very good in that
aspect of just go out there and be yourself and you don’t have to achieve
everything to be successful. You just need to have that little bit over the person
next to you. We hear the phrase about what is success and it’s being willing to
do the things that other people aren’t willing to do but you don’t have to do
everything to achieve that success right away so. Your question was am I afraid of
competition within my own team? And I’m not because my bigger vision right now
for my team is regardless of the business that we are currently involved with or
the product that we are currently selling online, my bigger vision is that I’m
building a team culture that will go out and build similar team cultures online so
that a year from now, two years, five years from now regardless of what product is
trending or what service is being offered online or what company is successful
online, we as a team are generating leaders that come from a very authentic
contributing supportive standpoint rather than the typical sell, sell, sell,
pitch, pitch, pitch, link drop all day model that so many other companies have
unfortunately created in our industry.

Igor: Wow. You know Michael, we are getting close to the end of this episode but I
wanted to get these last couple of minutes in and I wanted to ask you, what are
some of the other books you would recommend for someone who’s still not able to
make money online?

Michael: You know it goes back to some of the cliché ones, I will say Think and
Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, in that one a lot of people have probably heard but
that one will give – a lot of people I think try to jump to books like The
Millionaire Mindset and some of these other ones that are a little bit too much
digest and I think people that are just getting started online need to realize
that they are just starting out online and they can’t go and bite off a big
chunk of mindset, deep content from somebody who’s making $10 million a year and
be able to relate to them to know how to actually apply to their life right now
and where they are at. So starting out with books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad or Think
and Grow Rich are age old tested books that would give people insight that they
could actually apply and relate to right now because what I found and this even
goes with talking about how much income somebody can generate. What I found is
people can’t comprehend more than two times their current monthly or yearly
income from their job that they are trying to get away from and that all goes back
to what I’ve been talking about is being relatable to somebody. So start where
you’re at, acknowledge that you’re a newbie online, and start to bite off
something that you can digest now, don’t try to go for the million dollars a
year right off the bat.

Igor: That’s great advice because the mental leap that is required is
incredible. I remember the journey. It took me way more time to go from zero to a
million than it took me to go from one million to two.

Michael: Correct.

Igor: The growth was so much harder at the early stages often because of the
mindset, often because they couldn’t even comprehend, couldn’t get used to the
idea that I was making 13 times what I would make a Burger King busboy or
something like that.

Michael: Yeah.

Igor: Michael, I’m sure that there is a bunch of people who are listening to
this episode right who are just dying to know where can they go to find our more
about you and how could they link arms with you?

Michael: Yeah, absolutely. You can go to and that’s my own
personal team website. It’s got information about what I’m currently doing
with my team and that’s the best way to connect with me or just search for
Michael Mansell on Facebook and you’ll find me actually all over. The
TeamMansell hash tag on Facebook is trending at about 80,000 conversations right
now so not heard to find me.

Igor: Wow, that’s incredible. So you heard him guys that’s
Michael I could not be more grateful for you coming on to do this. This has been a
tremendous episode; I think it’s the most value rich episode yet. Thank you so
much for taking the time and until next time we talk. Have a good one.

Michael: Yeah, I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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