How To Build a Larger Than Life Marketing Persona

“You’re an asshole”.

That’s what my wife’s friend told her after she got drunk on their girl’s night out.

She said I am a condescending smart ass who needs to get off his pedestal.

And you know what?

She’s half right.

I AM an asshole… most of the time… when I’m in public.

And I blame marketing.

My aggressive persona took over the real Igor.

Yet, I wouldn’t change it even if I could.

You see, becoming a polarizing personality is a must if you want to stand out in a crowded space.


Because the marketplace is full of people just like you, who offer the same service, for the same price… and each and every single one of them is so darn boring.

They’re so normal it’s disgusting.

People aren’t attracted to the usual middle ground anymore, they’re attracted to the extremities where the magic happens.

Make no mistake.

Creating an online marketing persona is critical to succeed.

And today’s episode is all about how to become larger than life marketer.


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Jonathan: You’re listening to List Building Lifestyle. Here is the Chief List
Builder himself, Mr. Igor Kheifets.

Igor: Hooah! Chief List Builder. Wait am I not supposed to be the Prince of List

Jonathan: Yeah, did we decide on a title? Alright. You’re listening to List
Building Lifestyle. Here is the Prince of List Building himself, Mr. Igor

Igor: Thank you, thank you very much.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: You know it’s funny that we started with that because today’s episode
is really all about bigger than life figures. I mean look in the marketplace,
Jonathan, it’s boring. The marketplace is fricking boring, people crave bigger
and better all of the time like be normal does not get you far anymore. In fact
being extraordinary doesn’t get you far anymore either. What gets you places in
this industry is becoming this larger than life figure in your industry that’s
why you see everyone try to build themselves up all of the time. We are sort of
this – Gary Halbert used to say that we are in the self-aggrandizement business
where we have to toot our own horns. Most people I know, they don’t like to do
that. Right? And in real life to be honest in real life I don’t like doing it
either. Every time I do I feel like an asshole. I was told recently that I am
an asshole believe it or not.

Jonathan: Good for you.

Igor: Yeah, like I read a text message that my wife received from one of her
friends. The text message said that she thinks I’m an asshole and that I should
get off my pedestal.

Jonathan: Really.

Igor: She thinks I’m on a pedestal. I mean why would she think that.

Jonathan: Wait a second, she’s writing your wife about you? Doesn’t she know
that you’re going to win that argument?

Igor: I’m not sure if she’s aware of that rule where who ever shares the same
bed your adversary wins but I also believe she is one of those people that
believes that being honest is more important than being a good friend so she
feels necessity to be truthful.

Jonathan: An asshole.

Igor: Yeah, yeah. That’s okay. I don’t mind. She is not the first one to call
me an asshole; I’m kind of used to it. I guess my point is that my marketing
behavior kind of translated into my real life behavior at some point and I became
this self-aggrandizing asshole both ways. The difference of course of being a
self-aggrandizing asshole in real life people kind of hate you and that’s why
most of us don’t do it. Most of us don’t like bragging for the very same

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: However when it comes to marketing it’s not real world, it’s not real
life. It’s totally different. This is where we are talking about influencing and
making money and you have to start building yourself up and at first you have to
be the one doing that simply because no one else will do it for you. The more you
accumulate credibility and the more you accumulate a customer base they will start
doing it for you the less you will have to do it but at first you have to find
ways to praise yourself and even claim titles. I remember reviewing someone’s
emails and that was the first piece of advice I gave them. I said, “Dude claim a
title.” He was like, “What does that even mean?” I was like well call
yourself something so you stand out and so you sound important. His name is
Desmond from England and he came up with this great title. He’s like, “This is
Desmond the Shogun of Progress.” It sounds so cool. Immediately it puts you in
state when you listen to his videos. So again going back to the primary idea of
this episode is that you have to become a larger than life figure just like all
these other amazing people you admire, think Frank Sinatra, Andre the Giant, Tony
Robbins, think who became famous and achieved something in life, they all ended up
becoming larger than life figures.

Jonathan: It’s like you’re speaking right to me. It’s my Achilles heel
there. That right there self-aggrandizing, I have a hard time with that because
I try to be modest and humble.

Igor: Come on dude, I read your newsletter, you’re doing okay. [laughter]

Jonathan: Yeah, I need to amp it up like you. I need people calling me an asshole.
That’s what I want.

Igor: That’s a good standard to live by. Unless someone calls you an asshole,
you’re a nobody. I guess from now on that’s … I’m going to tattoo that on
my right arm. So if you’re wondering how to become a larger than life figure,
you want to study all the larger than life figures out there. Let’s say Donald
Trump. He became larger than life and you obviously say he’s a billionaire. Okay
cool but look at his behavior, his making claims, he’s very definite about the
statements he is making, he’s got big plans, and just the way that he presents
himself is that he believes he is larger than life. Now if we are talking about
marketing there are a couple of tricks that you can kind of install in your
business. First of off, always have rituals. You can force your people, your
prospects kind of – you can enforce rituals which makes you larger than life.
You can have them quote you. You can have them tell stories about you. All these
things again everything that we can say about say Jesus, Jesus is a larger than
life figure probably one of the largest ones so there is legends, there is
stories, there’s things that he has done, people he helped and all that
contributes to the image of Jesus and whether - I mean I’m not sure if he
existed or not but I live in a very religious country in fact I live about 2 hours
away from where he was killed. But if you ever been to Jerusalem, you see the kind
of affect it has on people, this being a larger than live figure. There is people
lining up and waiting in line for 3 hours each to just touch the stone where
either his blood was or his sweat was something like that. It’s crazy. It’s
crazy. They travel from all corners of the universe to do it.

Jonathan: No kidding. So Igor what are some more tips? One in particular that I
would like you to speak more about is claiming a title. I mean most people will
not do that and like you gave us the ‘Shogun of Progress’. How do you come up
with a title, how do you claim a title and how do you get other people latching
on to that title?

Igor: Just by claiming a title and starting to use it everywhere you and
introducing yourself that way, you will have other people pick it up automatically
that’s just the social nature of who we are.

Jonathan: Right.

Igor: So if you introduce yourself as Jonathan like let’s take Dwayne
‘The Rock’ Johnson. ‘The Rock’ is his nickname from WWF.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: But it stuck with him because that’s how people know him. Like if you just
say Dwayne Johnson half the people don’t even know who that is but if you say
the ‘The Rock’ oh that big guy. Yeah, yeah the big guy. So they remember that.
So you definitely want to claim a title and if WWE or WWF I mean it’s a great
place to study character building because each and every fighter in that
environment is a character. They all have storylines. Same thing for Marvel comic,
we talked about comic in the previous episode, each character has an origin story
like Batman. Why is Batman so amazing? First off, this guy got an amazing origin
story; parents get mugged and shot in front of him, he decides to fight crime
because of that. He falls into a cave with a bunch of bats in it that’s why he
becomes the Batman because he was afraid of them. Then he’s got all of these
gadgets which make him cool of course. So you can either create your own gadgets
or replace gadgets with rituals. He’s got his secret hideout place. So you can
have your own mastermind. All these things can be applied to the online marketing
world very easily if you’re just willing to look for them.

Jonathan: I like that. I’m going to claim a new title. I’m being interviewed
twice today; I’m claiming a new title right on the interview.

Igor: [laughter] Well you actually have done something right as well in case
you’re unaware, Mr. Rivera, that is you created your own media which in and of
itself puts you on a pedestal. You got your own newsletter, print newsletter which
you know is a big step forward and it kind of sets you apart and makes you larger
than life because you’re print my friend.

Jonathan: [laughter] Hey now, don’t give away my secrets, I’m supposed to be
the bumbling fool. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] Not to mention that in the first issue of your newsletter, you
disclose your blueprint to hitting the new and noteworthy or something like that
category on iTunes, right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So stepping in with your own system, strategy, or approach again that too
justifies putting you on a pedestal because an average person does not have a
system or an approach, they are just fucking average. That’s the difference.

Jonathan: Interesting.

Igor: So when you publish yourself in print, when you have a system of your own,
when you have written a book or created a product, all that contributes to
creating a larger than life figure not to mention that by limiting access to
yourself that too kind amplifies the entire thing. I think you’ve heard the
saying that’s by Dan Kennedy, “There is no long waiting line to meet the guru
at the bottom of the mountain.”

Jonathan: No kidding.

Igor: So the guru always sits on the top of the mountain so it’s hard to get the
guru which means if you are easily and widely accessible, you know the more
accessible you are the less likely you are to be perceived as a large figure.
However, the harder it is to get to you the larger you seem.

Jonathan: I want to press you on that because this is something that we talked
about a couple of episodes ago and it was when we were talking about the time, the
passage of time to build authority and you talked about how you’re in different
media, you’re on Facebook, you got videos, you got this podcast, is that being
more accessible or too accessible or how does that play into the accessibility
thing that we are talking about here?

Igor: When I say accessibility I mean the prospects ability to just reach out to
you and get your attention that same moment which means if they send you a message
on Facebook and you respond in two minutes that’s easy accessible. However if
you market on Facebook, if you’re present on Facebook and you’ve got a podcast
and you’ve got a support desk and you got an email list and you’ve got a
YouTube channel and they decide to send you an email and it takes you two days to
get back to them that projects kind of harder accessibility. Now if you really
want to take it one step further, you can actually have an assistant either real
or fake. I know people that made up an assistant then responded themselves as the
assistant which is more common than you think but if the prospect emails you can
respond as the assistant so this way you’re responding fast, you’re getting a
fast response to the prospect but you’re not doing it yourself, the assistant
does it so wait this guy has an assistant he’s probably professional at least.
I mean a person who’s not professional does not have an assistant.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So we can do down into crazy nuances on this one but my point is this create
an environment where you’re easily perceived as a being a larger than life or at
least larger than most figure and persona don’t think of yourself as a normal
regular person. If you want to be regular and normal stick to your fucking day

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: If you want to be extraordinary, if you want to live an extraordinary life,
if you want to influence people, you have to communicate with them the way that
they’re conditioned to be communicated with not the way that you feel like
communicating. So if you want to influence thousands, yet remain the exact same
person you were when you decided to quit your day job, you’re in for a huge
surprise. You have to change not only the way you behave but also the way they
access you.

Jonathan: Yeah. I like the assistant technique. I was using that before I actually
got an assistant. Now I’m trying to increase the layers of people around me to
detach me. That was the other question and you already hit it was how do you
balance that distance or that padding that you have around you with good customer
service and lead follow up. So I like the tip that you gave there. Any other stuff
that you can give us, any other tactics, tips, strategies on how we can take
ourselves from being ordinary to extraordinary?

Igor: Well, I gave you some gold nuggets there but I guess there is one more.
First off, writing a book which I realize most people are not going to do. I get
that but writing a book is probably the single most effective way to make yourself
into a larger than life figure. If you’re an author, you’re like god-like. I
mean take John Lavine for instance he’s been on the show twice at this point and
John wrote a book, an amazing person, extremely knowledgeable, when he published
the book, it really didn’t matter how many copies he sold all that mattered is
that he published one. So can refer to himself as an author, other people can
introduce him as an author, I introduce him on the show as an author simply
because he published a book that alone is enough to put him on huge pedestal, way
above most marketers out there. Now obviously if you don’t want to publish a
book but you still want to position yourself somehow definitely produce some sort
of information product whether free or paid that will boost your credibility and
will boost your presence. It will allow you to position yourself in a much better
way than just being another nobody. An information product that solves some sort
of problem or perhaps educates people on a brand new discovery about whatever it
is that they are interested in. So if it’s a weight loss thing, tell them about
the new muscle building technique that you discovered or that you used to gain 60
pounds of muscle in two weeks or whatever. I’m not going to go into the examples
about what you can write about, what you can produce, you can probably figure out
without me. The point is publish an information product whether physical or
digital or both and that puts you way ahead of most people out there.

Jonathan: You have given some gold in this episode. I’m even sitting here taking
notes of what I need to improve on. I appreciate that Igor. Anything else you want
to say as we are wrapping up this episode?

Igor: Yeah, you know a lot of people step into this marketplace, they say,
“Well, I’m an ordinary person, marketing isn’t really me, putting myself out
there is not really me, doing videos isn’t really me that’s not me.” You
know what if none of this is you then what the hell are you doing here?

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: What the hell are you doing here? Sure I understand that you’ve been sold
on the dream of making money from home and not having to work real hard etc. I
guess at this point you realized that it’s not really true. You get to that
point after a lot of hard work and that’s okay. If you’re willing to accept
that then accept that, shut up and do the work. Get yourself out there, put up the
videos, read the information products, do what you have to do. If not then why are
you still here? That’s the crazy part. Even the ones that are not willing to do
the work, they listen to this advice, they will nod their head in agreement but
then they will turn around go buy some crap that will promise to make them rich
overnight doing absolutely nothing. So if that’s what you’re planning to do,
please don’t just unsubscribe from my email list and unsubscribe from my iTunes
subscription list to this podcast but also quit this business. This will at least
save you some time and some money and perhaps maybe your marriage.

Jonathan: There it is some golden advice from Igor Kheifets. Thank you, Igor.
Thank you, List Builders. We will be back with you next time.

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