How To Talk To People On The Phone About Your Biz Opp With Devon Brown

Ever wondered how some people always sell high ticket opportunities while you struggle with a $7 product?

I mean are they magicians of some kind?


They are humans like you and me.

But they have a technique up their sleeve that’s a game-changer.

And today one of those real life magicians, my man Devon Brown, explains this mesmerizing technique.

When he used it on a client, he exclaimed “Wait! Aren’t you going to sell me anything?”.

All Devon had to do then, was tell him about the $3,000 opportunity he was selling and the client replied “OK. Let me get my credit card”.

It’s THAT powerful.

And that’s not all.

Because I am a prince of a guy, I take it a step further.

Me and Devon put on our acting hats and roleplay a real life scenario, using his technique.

You see from A to Z what it takes to warm up prospects, make them feel comfortable, and even how to make the dreaded close of high ticket opportunities feel like second nature to you.


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“Nobody has ever gotten on the phone with me, or called me with regard to
spending a bunch of money if they were not interested.”

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle to an episode
I've personally been waiting for months. I’ve got here Mr. Devon Brown, the
Successful Renegade, finally giving me about 40 minutes of his time to a freaking
episode in List Building Lifestyle. Devon, how are you doing, man?

Devon: I'm doing great, brother. How are you?

Igor: Doing well, and trust me, I'm so freaking excited to have you on the show,
because you've always been one of the few people I've admired in this industry.
And I've had lots of different mentors, of course. You were never one of them, as
an officially. I never paid you money for mentoring, but I've always looked up to
you, I always modeled your stuff. I have funneled hack the crap out of you.

Devon: [laughter]

Igor: I've always just admired your work, and how organic you are at what you do.
And the reason I invited you on the show is because, for the last decade, you've
been in this industry. You've done everything from affiliate marketing, to product
launches, to business opportunity marketing, to even MLM. You started out as a
salesperson for ______ selling high ticket items on the phone.

Devon: Correct.

Igor: You, again, you've just done so much in this industry, you know it inside
and out. And obviously no wonder that as a result you are basically free to choose
a company you'd like to step in, and you dominate it. You've done it with Traffic
Authority and different other companies before hand. So my question to you, and
the biggest question that I believe that my listeners would love to hear an answer
to is, how do you do it? How do you collect all these high ticket sales without
seeming like you work too hard to make it happen?

Devon: [laughter] That's a good question, and a fair question, and before I answer
it let me just start off by saying to you, Igor, man, I've been watching your over
the past couple of years. I just got to give you mad props. You have really
stepped your game up, and you may have looked at me and admired me in the past,
but brother, I look at you and I admire you right now because the amount of value
that you are bringing to our industry is just unparalleled. So just real quickly
before we jump into things, I want to thank you for all that you do, and I'm happy
to be one of your biggest clients so just wanted to throw that out there before we

Igor: It's a pleasure serving you, my friend.

Devon: So, to your question. How is it that I am able to jump into it pretty much
any business opportunity, any, any especially these big ticket business
opportunities, and make these big dollar sales where I can make $3000 in
commissions from a single sale, or whatever the case may be? How able to do that
with relative consistency and relative ease? Well there are two answers to that
question. The first answer is the thing that you are probably the number one
person in our industry, yet, and that is driving traffic and list building. I mean
the name of this podcast is The List Building Lifestyle. So for years, the first
thing I've done is get the list, work on building the list. I've gotten lots and
lots of traffic to opt into my list from people like you, and from you
particularly so that I can get the people on my list, because if they're not on my
list, I cannot sell them. That's number one. But, assuming that you have that in
place, there is one thing that I am willing to do that most people are not willing
to do. And most people are scared of this thing, and because many people are
scared of this thing, they're leaving a lot of money on the table. And what it is
that I'm willing to do, that makes me a lot of money in this industry, is that I
am not scared to hop on a quick phone call with somebody and talk to them before
they buy some $3000, $5000 or $10,000 product. That is the secret.

Igor: I smell rejection. I smell the fear of rejection. [laughter]

Devon: I hear people all the time. "Devon, I don't want to talk to anybody. I'm
not a sales person." Okay, great. You don't you don't have to want to talk to
anybody, but just know that, number one, if you don't want to talk to anybody that
you're leaving money on the table. So now that you know that, you can make the
decision not to talk to anybody, but just know that you're leaving on the table,
leaving money on the table, number one. Number two, there are false assumptions, I
think that many people make with regard to talking to others, and so what I'd like
to do, if it's okay with you Igor, is I'd like to spend a little bit of time
talking about what a "sales call" actually is. And I don't even really want to
call it that. Because I don't even know if that's the right thing that I do, but
let's spend a little bit of time kind of dispelling some myths with regard to
getting on the phone talk. Is that fair?

Igor: That's my favorite thing on the show. It's like dispelling the most common
ideas that people have about things, and just showing them, "Hey, it's not what
you've been told. It's not what you've been conditioned to believe." And all the
sudden when you bring just one poor, sort of like “poor mindset paradigm”, you
know where people like believe that for example money is a zero sum game. That if
Devon makes a $1000, and then Igor makes $1000 less today. When you break things
like that, it's sort of like; it frees your mind to finally see the money hidden
in plain sight. So I am looking forward to hearing what you've got to say about

Devon: Excellent. Great. Let's jump into it. So the first thing we have to
understand, the first thing you need to understand is that the people who you want
to buy from you, are just like you. Now I want you to think about something.
Before you shell out $1000 or $2000 or $3000 or $10,000 to buy something,
especially if it's some business opportunity thing, before you shell out that
money, question. Do you or do you not or would you or would you not rather at
least talk to somebody on the phone for a few minutes, just so that you can hear a
human being talk, so that you can have a feeling that this is actually real. Does
that make you more comfortable or less comfortable? That somebody is willing to
talk to you.

Igor: Well obviously, I want to talk. I mean, just as we recorded this, there is
the new iPhone coming out. And even though I got every single iPhone since the
3GS, as well as the iPad. I got three MacBooks, one iMac. I got everything Apple.
But never the less, since I live in Israel. I want to order the iPhone 7, I don't
know if it's going to come unlocked. I get a bunch of different questions about
that. I just want to go on Apple's website and I had to speak on them on the
phone, obviously even though I'm a raving fan.

Devon: So there is a human X factor that makes this game work. So if you feel more
comfortable talking to somebody before making a major purchase, or major buying
decision, doesn't it just make sense that somebody who is on your list, who you
want to buy something might feel a little bit more comfortable just talking to you
for a couple of minutes before they make that buying decision? Understanding that
all of us have a lot in common, that we're all a lot alike? So that's number one.
Number two, let's take that to the next step. Let's take a step further. When
you're looking to talk to somebody, Igor let me ask you this, when you're looking
to talk to somebody and get a few questions answered, can you tell me what you're
really, really looking for? I hope I'm asking the question right.

Igor: Well, if I'm understanding the question right, I'm looking for someone to
reassure me that I'm making a wise, intelligent decision.

Devon: Right. That's it. You're just looking for a little bit of reassurance. Are
you looking to be hard sold?

Igor: No.

Devon: No. But you're just looking for a little bit of reassurance. So I think
that part of the common myths about getting on the phone and talking to people is
that you have to be some kind of master salesperson. You don't. What you need to
be, is just a human being that understands that the human being on the other end
of the phone is just looking for a little bit of reassurance. That is it. 80-90%
of the call is just reassuring somebody, that's it. You don't even have that the
answers to most of their questions, as long as you can be friendly, and reassure,
then and you're 80% of the way they're already.

Igor: You know Devon, I found this after doing a lot of sales on the phone, when I
was doing my high ticket coaching program, that often times people come sort of
pre-sold on their own. And even when they try to talk them out of making a buy
decision, because it didn't feel like it was a good fit for them, the more I
talked them out of it, the more they wanted it so it was almost like, if you want
to sell someone something, you almost have to start asking them for a reason why
they shouldn't buy it. All of a sudden, they will do the opposite. They will push
back and they will tell you that, "Hey, I want to buy this. Don't tell me what I
can and cannot do. Sell me this right now. Let me buy this right now."

Devon: Into that point, nobody has ever gotten on the phone with me, or called me
with regard to spending a bunch of money if they were not interested. So let's
understand that I'm not talking about cold calling people here. I don't do that.
That's silly. I don't cold call leads. I'm not dialing for dollars, as they say.
Any and everyone that I talked to has reached out and either A- ask me to call, or
B- called me. That's it. So I'm not some kind of, you don't have to be some kind
of hard core shark sales guy or anything like that. All you have to do is, as
you're building your list, which Igor is helping you with, be willing to say to
people, "Hey, here's this opportunity that I have. If you've got a couple of
questions, don't be afraid to give me a shout." And then when you're on the phone
with them, to Igor’s point, to the point that you're making, Igor. Like you
said, they come pre-sold already. So when you ask them questions they will talk
themselves into it.

Igor: Isn't that the big secret, Devon? Most people, like you said they believe
that they got to be the ones doing all the talking right. As if to sweet talk the
prospect into making a buying decision but I find that people who are full of
shit, usually talk a lot. And people who are not, they don't. They often don't say
more than they have to say. And so when it comes to my experience on the phone,
when I was talking, just like, you I had an inbound strategy where they would ask
me for the phone conversation, and sometimes they would even pay a deposit to talk
to me on the phone. I just sat there and they ask questions. Not even about how my
product will help them, because that's sort of like a sleazy question. "So how do
you think buying this will improve your life? That's kind of, that's a loaded
question. And people understand that, but I was asking them about what brought
them to this conversation.

Devon: Exactly right.

Igor: Right? And often that was enough to get them to open up to me, and give me
all these details that I never even asked for that basically gave me all the ammo
I needed to convince them to buy my product, if I chose to do so.

Devon: Yeah. So, let's expand on that a little bit. The very first thing, you said
the main thing is that you ask a lot of questions. Alright. So let's kind of,
we'll do a little bit of roleplaying in here. I think that'll be a little bit

Igor: Sure.

Devon: So I've got my list. Let's say, Igor, you've been helping me build my email
list, and I've got my email list of people who are interested in business
opportunities and making money online and that kind of stuff. I'm emailing them on
a daily basis, emailing them regularly and I should add an email, and I'm just
going to make this up, and it says something to the effect of, "Hey, go check."
Obviously is going to be worded way better than this. "Hey. Go check out this
program and if you have any questions, yatta-yatta-yatta, give me a call back.
Don't hesitate to call, I'm here for you. I got your back." Something like that.
Let's say that somebody calls me. If you say to them, "Hey, go check out this
program, and then email me back with your phone number if you'd like me to call
you." Something like that. Now, I'm on the phone with somebody who's interested.
The very first thing that I might ask them if I'm kind of role playing here, is I
might say something to the effect of, So Mr. or Mrs. Person, before we get started
just I'm curious how did you get started in this industry? What's going on with
you and your efforts to make money online? Kind of tell me a little bit about you,
and where you're coming from?

Igor: You want to do a roleplay?

Devon: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Igor: Okay, cool. So, my name is Igor Person. I got online three years ago.
Originally I was just laid off out of my job, and I needed some way to make some
money, and so I went on the internet. But to this day, I can truly make it work.
I've never made more than $400 in a single month. I had to go back to a day job.
I had to find another job, but I realized this is what I want to do. I don't want
to make someone else rich anymore. I want to build my own thing.

Devon: Well before we get into why you and I are specifically on the phone, Mr
Igor Person, let me just take a second to congratulate you for making the $400,
because believe it or not, the majority of people never even make that much. I
know you might see all of the big name people out there and all these big
commissions and stuff, but I need you to kind of pat yourself on the back a little
bit, because the fact that you were even able to make your first dollar, actually
puts you in the top 20%. Don't know if you realize it or not.

Igor: Well no I actually thought, like I see all these gurus, they post on
Instagram and Facebook. They show all these earnings, and my sponsor, he's making
tens of thousands of dollars every single month. I don't feel like I make any

Devon: I want you to do yourself a favor throughout the rest of our conversation,
and as you're growing your business, even after we get off this call. I just want
you to do you still favor not compare yourself to people who have been doing this
for over a decade. It's like you going out and running against Usain Bolt, and
thinking that you're running slow or that what he does is the average of what most
people do. It's not, that's not a fair comparison. But with that, what do you feel
has been your biggest challenge? And out of curiosity, what made you want to talk
to me today?

Igor: Well my biggest challenge was, of course, getting those high ticket sign ups
to my business. I invested a lot of money into this program, and I still haven't
made most of it back. I lost more money than I have invested. That's been my
challenge. I just can't seem to make sales. I reached out to you because of your
email. I've been on your list for a while. I first heard about you from Igor,
another Igor, not me Igor.

Devon: [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] Another Igor that I'm following. Your email just kind of
resonated with me; I just felt that I should reach out.

Devon: I'm glad you did. I'll go ahead and tell you that the answers that I'm
going to give you and what we're talk about is actually just a lot simpler than
you might imagine. And the great thing about it is by the way just quick side
note, I want to commend you on your decision to jump into a program and actually,
and not be scared to invest money in it. Because you being willing to jump into
that program and put that money out, and put yourself out there means that you're
serious. So a couple of other questions. Have you been building your email list?

Igor: Well I've been trying. Well, I'm generally like 50 leads a month or sometime
I buy occasional solo here and there. I post them on Facebook. I do my best. I'm
getting about 50 leads a month.

Devon: Okay. Are you in a bunch of different business opportunities right now? How
many are you in?

Igor: Three, actually.

Devon: Okay, alright. So, you're kind of working on building your list. You're
currently... If you if you have to spend a little bit of money this month on your
internet business, what would you spend it on?

Igor: Well, since I've been following Igor, he says, "You should just do paid
traffic." Because it's fast, and converts. That's the way to build a business, and
I feel that that's, if I were to spend money, that's what I would probably spend
money on.

Devon: Okay. How big is your list currently? Igor: It's 350 leads, emails.

Devon: Okay, alright. So, if it's okay with you, real quick. Do I have permission
to be one 100% blunt and honest with you? Like I just don't want to hold meeting
back, but I don't want to be offensive. So just let me know if I can be 100% real
talk with you. Igor: Oh yes, please do. I'd appreciate it.

Devon: Okay. I'm going to tell you a secret real quick. Your up line who's making
all of those big giant sales, and making all of those umpteen $500 in commissions,
do the difference between him and you?

Igor: Deeper pockets?

Devon: No. It's he's got a list. He's got an email list of 100,000 and you have an
email list 300.

Igor: Probably because he's got so much money, that he was able to afford...

Devon: No, no. Because he's been doing it longer. Because when he has a dollar, he
spends it on building his list. Let me ask you this, when he started building his
email list, how big was his email list?

Igor: Well, I'm assuming it was zero. Devon: Right, because we all start zero. So
back when I was a Taekwondo instructor making $12 an hour, teaching Taekwondo, did
I have big money and deeper pockets than you?

Igor: Well, were you teaching Taekwondo in Hollywood? [laughter]

Devon: I was teaching Taekwondo in Atlanta. But I was still making $12 an hour.

Igor: [laughter] Well I get your point.

Devon: So here's the point. Number one, the bigger your list the more people you
have that might potentially buy your stuff. So the first thing you need to focus
on, is building that big list. So keep buying traffic from Igor, keep building
your list. That is the primary focus. That's number one. Get a big list. I can
jump into any program I want, because I've been building my list for years. I jump
in on a Monday, I email my list. I'm in profit by Thursday. But it took me a
little while to get to that point. The second thing is I have patience. I know,
it's exciting, we want it tomorrow, we do. And that's fair, and I understand that.
But, you're going to have to have a bit of patience in this game. Understand that
it's a process, not an event. Is that a fair request for me to be able to make of
you? For you to be patient and understand that it's a process, and not an event?

Igor: Yes, absolutely.

Devon: And number three. Don't be scared when you’re emailing your list, and if
somebody emails you might be interested in a program, don't be scared to hop on
the phone with them for five minutes. If you ever have anybody or have you ever
emailed somebody about one of your opportunities and have them email you back and
ask you if this is real, or maybe hunt you down on Facebook and say, "Hey, was
this real? Are people actually making money with this? Have you ever had that

Igor: Yeah. And the person was so aggressive, that I didn't know what to tell
them. I just ignored. I just didn't ignore them, but I don't know what to tell
them, so I didn't say anything.

Devon: So thank you for mentioning the fact that people are aggressive. I need you
to understand that when somebody is aggressive, that's actually fear. They're not
mad. When somebody, they're not mad, they're scared. So when that person emailed
you back in an aggressive nature about whatever you sent them, it's because
they're interested in it, but they're scared of being taken, and it's a defense
mechanism. So here's how you respond to that. You respond by simply, respond with
love and you basically say, "Hey so and so, thanks for taking the time to email
me. I understand that you're interested in program X. I understand you might have
some questions. You want to talk on the phone for a couple minutes?"

Igor: Yeah.

Devon: Great. What's your phone number? What's the good time for me call you?

Igor: Okay. Let's stop the roleplay here, because I got a huge question for you.

Devon: Okay.

Igor: Up until this point, you're not selling anything.

Devon: Correct.

Igor: Why?

Devon: Because what this is about, is this is about. And this is the thing. This
isn't about, "Let me tell you why my program has it, and people made this much
money blah-blah-blah-blah-blah." What this is really about, this is really about
human to human connection. This is about somebody knowing that you actually give a
damn about them. This is about you actually being genuinely concerned for another
human being. So when I hop on the phone with you, the first thing I need to do, is
I need to, or the thing I need to do, excuse me, is I need to come from a place of
you genuinely wanting to serve. So when I hop on the phone with you the first
thing I need to do is I need to... Or the thing I need to do, excuse me, is I need
to come from a place of genuinely wanting to serve. I make the sale, here me on
this, this is important, I make a lot of sales because I'm not scared of losing
the sale.

Igor: Oh, this is deep. This is Jedi-level sales training right here.

Devon: [laughter] I make a lot of sales. There's a book that I want all of you to
read. Tell you a quick story, it's a book that I want all of you to read. The book
is called The Go-Giver. The Go-Giver. It's by a guy named Bob Burg, B U R G. Now,
I read this book back in 2008-ish, I think. I think it was 2008. And the day after
I read this book I went into the office and I was on a "sales call". And the book
basically says, "You want to come from a place of giving without the expectation
of anything in return. Just give for the sake of giving. Just help as much as you
can." That's the essence of the book. And it's a really short book. Please,
please, please, go get it. So I read this book called The Go-Giver and the next
day, and I had already been selling for years and years and years, but I read this
book and the next day I go into the office and I'm on the phone with a client or
with a prospect, excuse me, and the thing that I had to sell was a $2500 coaching
package. But when I got on the phone, since the book was so fresh in my mind, all
I did was ask him about himself and his business and what he wanted and I gave him
so much value that it was like, "Oh, here's what you should do. Oh, my God. Tell
me more about that. Okay. Well, great. I saw this guy and he did X, Y, and Z. And
here's what you should do. And I think this might work and help in your business.
And I was just giving him so much value that at the end of the call I almost hung
up the phone before and I forgot to ask for the sale. So I'm just about to hang up
the phone, I'm not going to ask for the sale just because it slipped my mind in
all honesty, and he says to me, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Devon, before we get off the
phone. Aren't you going to sell me something?" And I'm like, "Oh, yeah. I forgot.
My bad. I got a coaching program if you want it, it's 2500 dollars." He's like,
"Hold on. Let me go get my credit card." That was it.

Igor: It's like the easiest thing ever.

Devon: Yes. Why? Why did he buy? Because I was less concerned with selling him and
more concerned with helping him.

Igor: Okay Devon, this is a big one, but let me stop you and let me be the devil's
advocate, whatever the term is, and ask you this. So most of the people listening
to this show, while they've been around in the industry for a little while, I
would assume that the average listener has been in line for at least a year trying
to make money. They don't have what you've got, my friend. They don't have such a
huge level of confidence and so much experience to feel confident go helping

Devon: So I think the challenge there, and tell me if I'm wrong, and if I'm not
please re-ask the question. You don't have to be a guru to help somebody. You
don't have to have years of experience to help somebody. So let me give an
example, if you're on the phone with somebody and they say something like, "Yeah.
But you just started, so why should I listen to you?" "Well, I'll tell you why. I
may not have all the answers, but I'll tell you what. You and I will figure this
stuff out together and we'll work hand by hand and you're going to rest assured
that you're a win for you as you're win for me. So anything I learn, I'm going to
pass on to you, and anything you learn I want you to pass on to me. Because I want
this to be a good relationship." You don't have to be a guru to say that. I'd just
say, "I'm not successful, but I'm willing to help." Did that help? Does that makes

Igor: What you just said, you actually didn't say that, you showed it. You showed

Devon: Right.

Igor: And honesty, it just disarms. There is no way someone will be angry at you
or keep questioning if you just say, "You know what? You're absolutely right. I am
a fucking newbie. I probably know just a little bit more than you do or maybe even
less than you do about this industry. But, you know what? That is exactly why I
will work my ass off to learn it, to devour every book that I read, every course
they I go through, and pass the stuff that works over to you, after I test it.
Devon, it's so funny when you say this like, "Why should I listen to you, since
you're a newbie and you don't have any income statements and income proof
screenshots?" It's funny. We all are so afraid of this objection. That's why most
people don't get on the phone. That's why most people don't write emails. Because
they don't "have proof". But the truth is I've only had one person tell that to me
in my entire presence online, in the last, what, eight or nine years. Just one
fricking person was, and I remember that person of course. It was my very first
sales call for my coaching program. It's a lady who purchased my offer on the
Warrior Forum. It's after I've had the proof actually, I already had some income
proof going on, and she was a Ukrainian lady. A Ukrainian. I'm Ukrainian. And out
of all the people in the world, she was the one to do that. So she was a Ukrainian
lady living in South Africa. She got on the phone with me and I quoted her a
price, which to me right now seems so ridiculous. It was $800 for a coaching for a
year's worth of coaching. To me, that was big money back then, but whatever. So I
said, "My coaching is 800 bucks and that's what you get etc." And she's like, "But
the why should I listen to you?" And at the time I got lost and I started
sweating. And I didn't know what to do. Basically, I lost that sale and we
actually ended the call in a very negative note. And back in the day I thought,
"Shit, I should have probably had some sort of slick line to respond to this
lead." But the truth of the matter is, it was not about that. If you actually have
someone ask you this question, it means you didn't ask enough questions. You
didn't listen enough because that's where most people don't follow through. In my
opinion, it's they don't see listening as an active, should I say, as a form of
activity. They think listening is a passive thing, but listening is a very active
thing. And if you listen enough they will not have any objections to throw your

Devon: Correct. Yeah. And here's the other thing, and if they do - great. One of
the things that I've learned in life is that when I get the result that I'm not
looking for, it is a great saying, you either get what you want or you learn
something. You either win or you grow. So I've learned to look at those types of
experiences as just growth. And growth is a good thing. You don't get good at
something; you don't get good at walking, unless you fall down a couple of times.
And the problem is as an adult we look at falling as a bad thing. Falling's not a
bad thing; it's just part of the process.

Igor: It's the labels we put on things.

Devon: So, "Oh, my God. I felt awkward. I didn't close this. I didn’t make that
sale. That person rejected me." And? Well, and what? What? Are you going to die?

Igor: [laughter]

Devon: Is your life over? Really, what? And?

Igor: Yeah, but Devon, you have to agree, in the moment, it feels like that.

Devon: Yeah, it does at first. Honestly, now it doesn't. Because here's why, I
look at this very logically, I look at this mathematically. I'm at the point now
where I'll sit there and say, "You know what? I'm going to make up some numbers
here. I need to talk to 10 people to get three of them to say 'yes' to me. So if I
get a 'no". I was like, 'Boom. I'm one down. Awesome.' Because I got to get to my
next." You know what I mean?

Igor: Oh, yeah.

Devon: If I make a fun out of every sales, I'm like, "Alright, cool I got to get
two 'no's. I got to hurry up and get my two 'no's as quickly as possible, so that
I can get my 'yes'." But if while going for those 'no's I give as much value as
possible and I care as much as possible, then I'm planting seeds for more wins
later on down the road, and more 'yes'es later on down the road.

Igor: For me, it was always like, when I was getting on a cold streak like, "'No',
'no', 'no'". At first I was sad, but then I realized, "Okay. Well, I'm about to
hit a 'yes' streak, because I've almost had this... I'm not sure if you're
familiar with the idea of a financial thermostat?

Devon: Yes.

Igor: So every single sales person has one. Anyone who works based on commissions
or sales only who doesn't have like a clear pay check every month no matter what.
If my financial thermostat's set to 10000 dollars a month and the first 20 days of
the month I made 1000 dollars, I know I'm going to make the missing 9000 in the
next 10 days.

Devon: Exactly.

Igor: And the other way around, if I made 10 grand in the first 15 days, I'm
almost positive that the next 15 days are almost not going to make anything. And
so, whenever I would hit a 'no' streak, I knew I was looking at a 'yes' streak in
a little bit, and the other way around. And now, everything we shared here on this
call, I'm not sure if you realize this Devon, but I've paid people tens of
thousands of dollars for coaching and courses and just for them to say this to me,
and we've just shared this on a free podcast episode.

Devon: That's an example of the stuff from The Go-Giver where we just want to
give. The only thing I want, if you're listening to this right now, the only
thing, and I'm going to speak for Igor a little bit as well, even though I don’t
have permission to, the only thing I want you to do is take this information and
this knowledge and go do something with it. That's what I want. I want you to take
this information and just go apply it. I want you to email somebody, I want you to
understand the value that is being presented to you, and I want you to see because
this is valuable, and because Igor was gracious enough to put this together, you
owe it to him and you owe it to yourself to go out there and give it a try and
give it a shot. And you owe it to yourself to get on the phone with somebody and
to say to that person who you're on the phone with, "Hey, I have no earthly idea
what I'm doing. I just know you needed some help. So here I am. If you sign up
with the program just know that I've got your back." or something as simple and as
honest as that.

Igor: First of, you said it very well. I agree with you. Just implement it, so
this work doesn't go to waste. And even if just one person does, I'm going to be
happy about it. And as far as being honest, again just coming back, I remember, I
actually, at one point my life; I was a part of this community which qualifies
more like a cult actually. But I should try to get you into it, Devon. You just
didn’t bite though.

Devon: I know what you're talking about.

Igor: Yes.

Devon: Yes.

Igor: Yes. It was a really interesting journey. I learned a lot. And they kept
saying, we just make this shit up as we go. They would actually say it every time
we would meet for a get together. "Guys, we're just making this up as we go." And
we'd be like, "Yeah, yeah." We'll be cheering that up, just the honesty. When
you're super honest, through honesty you can generate so much support, so much
trust, that you don't need to impress people with your expertise. Although, of
course, being an expert helps, but often times it's enough to just be a) honest,
b) be compassionate. So the little demo, the roleplay exercise, you came across as
a very compassionate person. Just trying to be understanding of where your
prospect is in their journey. That was enough to create an aura of trust. So guys,
you can see how you really don't have to have tons of proof or tons of experience,
just simply have a conversation, that's what we honestly just forgot how to do,
with developing of the internet. People just don't know how to fricking
communicate the simplest things. So get The Go-Giver, definitely just get into
that mindset of just being compassionate. And you'll see wonders happening in your
business. So Devon, first of thank you so much for sharing all this stuff. Like I
said, this is tens of thousands of dollars worth of seminar, coaching, and other
type of training that I've paid for, as well as years of experience. So I can't
thank you enough for sharing this with our listeners.

Devon: I thank you for inviting me on and just allowing me to share and allowing
me to give back a little, because this industry has given me so much and I've
learned so much. So anything I can do to give back a little I'm more than happy to
do. And I hope it's been, at the absolute least, a little educational and

Igor: And hopefully entertaining as well.

Devon: Yeah.

Igor: So allow me as the host of this show to give a little bit back to you. What
are you up to these days? Where do you invest most of your time right now?

Devon: I have a program called Web Copycat that is specifically for newbies, for
people that are looking to get started making money online, where I basically do
all the heavy lifting for them and getting them started. It's really, really easy
program. We're getting great results with it, but that is where all of my time as
of right this moment is being spent, is just doing Web Copycat.

Igor: Okay, cool. So who's the ideal candidate for this program?

Devon: The ideal candidate for this program is somebody who has struggled to even
really get started in this industry, the person who is having a hard time building
their list, the person who has maybe bought courses in the past and they tried to
put up their own sales pages or put up or develop their own products and stuff
like that, and they can't seem to figure it out, the person who maybe wants to
build a big list easily so that they can promote other stuff as well, other
programs that they're involved in, other business opportunities that they're
involved in, people who want a big list of people in the make-money-online space,
so that you can offer them different products and services and business
opportunities in the make-money-online space, people who are not technically
savvy, because with Web Copycat, we go in there and we set up your autoresponder
and we set up everything for you. We set up the follow-up messages. We order the
traffic for you and the whole nine. We do the follow-up. We do all the selling.
Somebody who's really looking for all of the hard work to be done, which is what
we do, but who also wants to learn. So with Web Copycat, we'll do the set-up,
we'll do the follow-up, we'll create the products. We'll help you make the sales;
all you literally have to do is order traffic from somebody like Igor. All you
have to do is order the traffic, and we'll take care of it from there. But I also
want you to be engaged. I also want you to be the kind of person who's really
interested in learning about this stuff and learning how to email your list and
communicate with your list and that kind of stuff as well.

Igor: So basically, what I'm hearing you say is it's a program for someone who
struggles to get started, who's looking for that foundation to be set up for them,
but who's ready to take that foundation and just to advance it to the next level.

Devon: Correct. I'm going to give you some stats here just real quickly on the
program. These stats, you can tell me if I'm right or if I'm exaggerating here.
For every 100 people who actually jump in and in do what I say, and by that I mean
they pay my staff a couple of dollars to get us to set everything up one time,
initially, just to get the initial set-up, and then they order some traffic. For
every 100 people who go through the steps, and it doesn't take more than an hour
or so to go through the steps, for every person who has done that, within 30 days
literally 100% of them have gotten people on their email list, and 30% have made
their first sale.

Igor: Wow, that's actually pretty huge for this industry.

Devon: That's ridiculous for this industry. Yes, exactly. And so the program is
that powerful, and it's not a guarantee of result, I can't guarantee exactly what
will happen, I'm just telling you what has happened in the past, with our past
clients, our current lives.

Igor: Okay. Cool. Well, one question on everyone's mind is probably where the hell
do we go? How do we sign up?

Devon: You can just go to and check it out. W E B C O P Y C A T, and check it out.

Igor: Alright, that's, one word, You check out
Devon's program if you're looking for a way to get started, to get things set up
for you, and then take that to the next level, learn and grow with your business.
So Devon, man, thank you so much. This has been tremendous. I know I've said this
a lot on many previous calls I've recorded with other marketing superstars, but
this has been freaking value-rich call. And as a huge enthusiast of sales and
influence and communication in general, man, I love it. I love it. I can't thank
you enough for sharing everything you shared so far.

Devon: I can't think you enough for inviting me. I'm really glad to take up the
time to be a part of what you're doing here. And I appreciate you.

Igor: Thank you. And this is not going to be the last time you're on the show, I
promise you. So guys, thank you so much for tuning in. Devon, thank you again for
showing up and delivering amazing amount of value. And until next time we talk,
have a good one.

Thanks for listening to The List Building Lifestyle Show, make sure to subscribe on iTunes
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