6 Books That’ll Make You Millions

Reading is the cheapest and fastest way I know to solve any problem I’ve got.

From weight loss to back pain to making my first million dollars online.

Which is why in the all new List Building Lifestyle I’m sharing the top 7 books you ought to read to grow your income.

(“Think And Grow Rich” is not one of them!)

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie
“No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert A. Glover
“The Secret of Selling Anything” by Harry Browne
“Influence: Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini
“No BS: Time Management for Entrepreneurs” by Dan Kennedy
“The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield


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Jonathan: You know I’m kind of embarrassed because I haven’t read any of the
classic books and I’m afraid today, Igor, that I might crap your style. So I
hope you’ll help me come along with you and the List Builders on this journey.

Igor: Don’t be afraid.

Jonathan: [laughter] Alright, alright that is my opening actually suckers but here
Igor what do you have in store for us today? Because I kind of gave it away.

Igor: Oh okay, wait we are recording? Shit okay.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Okay, well today’s episode is going to be all about books. If you hate
reading, you should not listen to it but if you want to get rich and if you want
to make millions then you should definitely pay attention because one thing we
have established is that millionaires are avid readers, it’s just a given. I
don’t know anyone who became successful who stepped out of poverty and became
great that isn’t always constantly reading. I mean one of the questions that
Donald Trump asks when you meet him at a seminar is what are the three books
you’re reading right now. That tell you something, right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: It tells you something.

Jonathan: You know what really gave it away for me and this is a guilty pleasure,
every once in awhile I’ll watch some of those shows where they have the old
estates and mansions and the homes of millionaires and billionaires and what
really drove it home for me was that in those giant homes almost every single one
always had a large library.

Igor: Yeah, yeah. But they never show them reading. Right?

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: It basically implies look at how many books you got to read before you can
become a billionaire.

Jonathan: Yeah, there is a standard. Yeah I agree, man. I love to read and even
though I haven’t read some of the classics, I do thoroughly enjoy reading so
I’m looking forward to this list.

Igor: So this list, we are going to give you seven books in this episode and
it’s not all about, not every single book is not about money and not every
single book is about success. However, each and every single one relates to
helping you mold yourself into the kind of person you need to become in order to
be a millionaire. We already spoke about this many times where we share that you
have to not strive to make a million dollars but you have to strive to become a
person that is worth a million dollars. So become that person and that’s what
all of these books are about. So the first one I want to recommend and basically
it’s a classic, it sold more copies than the bible and it’s called “How to
Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Have you read that one,

Jonathan: I actually have read that one. [laughter]

Igor: So you can testify how amazing that book is. It is one of the first
self-help books I’ve ever read. I was never a social person, I was actually
anti-social and I was really like poor communicator before I read this book and it
gave me some rules and guidelines on how to become somebody who is able to quickly
connect with a stranger and create a great impression of himself, how to connect
with people, how to win friends. I mean the title is just exactly what it is.
It’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” through just proper ethical
communication, no dirty tricks or nothing just proper communication and you know
if you find yourself struggling with that, if you find yourself struggling to
create connections then you absolutely have to check this out, very easy read and
tremendous. I have read this three times now over the span of the last 10 years.
It’s just a great pleasure to kind of refresh my memory every time and it’s
full of tools and tricks that assist you at becoming a great communicator on a
very basic level, no complicated stuff. You know no mind games, no tricks, no
manipulation tactics, no nothing, just proper communication. The way you’re
supposed to communicate really because most people they can’t communicate. Just
the other day, I was so upset about my mother, Jonathan. She can say something
insignificant but she can say it in such a way that really fucking hurts.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Because she is my mom I can’t really lash out at her and I have to kind of
keep myself in check but it could get so frustrating just talking to her and you
want to be the opposite of that if you are going to be an influencer. You want to
become a person that people enjoy communicating with and that just by
communicating with you they feel better about themselves.

Jonathan: Yeah, man.

Igor: So the second one is “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert Glover. Now this
book is big especially for people who come out of big families because the one
thing that you learn when you grow up in a house full of lots of family members is
that selfish is bad, that taking the first bite of the pie is a bad thing. I
remember when I was a kid we used to visit my grandmother every now and again in
Russia so it would be like a 12 hour drive from Ukraine and we would come and stay
there for like a month. So obviously when we come over, my grandmom made sure
stocked up on candy, I was a chubby kid, and I loved candy. So anyway, there was a
last piece of candy left one time and I took it. My aunt saw me take it and just
before I was about to eat it, she said, “Hey what are you doing?” I’m eating
candy. She was like that is the last candy. I saw that it was the last candy. I
was like yeah that’s why I’m going to eat it because it’s the last one. She
said, “Did you ask anyone else if they want it?”

Jonathan: What?

Igor: In my mind, I’m thinking why the hell would I do that? Right?

Jonathan: They might eat it.

Igor: But to her I say, “No” and she was really angry with me about it
basically that was the first time I learned that being selfish is really, really
bad and from that point forward growing up in a post-Soviet household, you’re
being taught to think and care about other people more than you think and care
about yourself which isn’t such a bad thing but a lot of people take it to the
extreme and start living their life for other people and they put themselves on
the back burner all the time. As a result lots of issues develop, Jonathan.

Jonathan: No kidding.

Igor: Lots and lots of issues develop and people end up spending lots of money on
therapy and take pills and stuff like that so “No More Mr. Nice Guy” it’s
not just for guys, it’s for women as well. It’s for anyone who finds
themselves that they are always the last. They are always getting the bad deal.
They are always not getting what they want out of their life. I assure you that is
just a result of your habits, of the habit of putting yourself last. So “No More
Mr. Nice Guy” I highly recommend it if you’re to become a millionaire, you
want to read it asap because you can’t be a millionaire, you can’t become a
person of value, you can’t become an influencer, you can’t become successful
unless you put yourself first to some degree and demand what you think you’re
worth out of life rather than waiting for something to happen.

Jonathan: I want to take you on a side story. You know we were looking for
daycares because our child needs to socialize a little instead of just hanging out
with us but we went to this place the other day, Igor and I like it, they had a
good curriculum, they had languages, they had culture and I was really digging it
and then the director tells us this story about we have different months and this
month we are doing “sharing is caring, it’s better to give than it is to
receive” and right then I was like I don’t like this place anymore. Because
better to give than to receive is a poor person’s mentality in my opinion and
maybe that makes me a jerk but if you don’t have enough than how can you give.

Igor: Exactly.

Jonathan: It’s kind of interesting that you brought that up.

Igor: Yeah, you’re absolutely right and in an airplane when they do the whole
safety movie or whatever, you are told that you should put your own mask on first
and put whoever you’re assisting, you put their mask on second.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Because if you suffocate while you put their mask on, you didn’t help
yourself or them so that is exactly why “No More Mr. Nice Guy” is such a
valuable book and anyone who is – well for the lack of better terms thinks of
themselves as a loser. If you have a self-image of a loser you absolutely need
read that book. Now the next one is all about selling, it’s all about putting
selling into perspective for yourself is all about having a great relationship
with the skill set because often times it is being misinterpreted as sleaze ball
sort of thing. The book is called “The Secret of Selling Anything” by Harry
Brown and what it does is it shows you how to sell in an ethical way and generate
so much goodwill doing it that you would be stupid not to sell. I really don’t
need to “sell” this book to you because you need it. You trust me on this one.
Just trust my word on this; you need this book if you are to do anything with
selling. Now the next one is “Influence: Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert
Cialdini. Just like you mention, JR before we started this call, it is everywhere.
It’s been recommended pretty much by every single resource out there as the
bible for people who want to influence other people, who want to sell something,
who want to create a following of some sort and it is. It is a great book. It
describes the six principles, we got to use in order to convince other people to
basically comply with our will and do it in a fairly ethical way. Now there are
some tactics describe in that book that are borderline ethical but overall
extremely just fascinating read, fascinating and you’ll learn a whole lot just
reading what Cialdini writes about because he did a great job of summarizing
everything you need to know in order to become an influencer. I wouldn’t say
that’s the only book on influencing that you got to read, there are plenty of
other books like “The True Believer” for example however it is a great start
if you never influenced before and if you really have an issue with getting other
people to do as you want them to do. By the way, this includes parents. I mean
there is one concept that Robert Cialdini talks about in that book, scarcity,
which works really great on kids like the fear of losing out, the fear of missing
out is just – I use it so many times that it’s just automatic now. I often use
it to convince my daughter to do what I feel is right. So anyway, I highly
recommend it, I highly recommend “Influence: Psychology of Persuasion.” Now
that next one is “No BS: Time Management for Entrepreneurs” by Dan Kennedy.
Now as a disclaimer, okay I always tell this but maybe you’re brand new to this
show, I’m a Dan Kennedy fan boy. Anything with Dan Kennedy’s name on it, get
it. I don’t care he published it in the ‘70s, get it anyway. Dan Kennedy has
been a tremendous influence on my success, I really hope to meet him one day and
this guy knows what he is talking about, trust me. 90% of the things he says are
true for me in my business and in day to day life. So “No BS: Time Management
for Entrepreneurs” the reason I decided to include it in the seven books that
will make you millions is quite simply because if you don’t know how to manage
your time, if you allow other people to manage it for you, if you allow the time
to manage itself perhaps and the let things fall as are, you will never become
truly successful or truly rich because time is the only fleeting resource we
always are short on and in order to maximize your earnings you have to maximize
the output of your hours. So JR for example, JR this one thing- there is only one
thing by the way that I admire, just one.

Jonathan: [laughter] At least there is something.

Igor: Just one, everything else you suck at. But if there is one thing that I
admire in you, man, is your ability to get lots of work done in a short period of
time. I was never this, I’m still not there that’s what I want to say. I’m
pretty good with my time. I get accomplished a lot. In the last eight years, I
accomplished more than most people accomplish in their lifetime yet I feel that
there is the next level and you’re really, really good at time management so
perhaps you could recommend a couple more books on this.

Jonathan: I got to tell you that book you just mentioned from Dan Kennedy was one
of the biggest influences with my time management because like Dan is a master at
that. You can’t even get him, you have to fax him to talk to him, and he’s got
layers insulating him. That book really inspired me to be a real asshole about my

Igor: Yeah and you got to be. You got to be to protect yourself, you got to be an
asshole about your time, you got to be an asshole about your money, you got to be
an asshole about your relationships. I mean often times; I had to cut out friends
out of my life because I realized how much time they sucked and how very little
value they brought into my life. That’s an asshole thing to do but I had to do
it. I had to put myself and my interests and my family first that’s as simple as
that because let’s face it we are all going to die and I want to spend my life
the way I see as the right way to do it. So last but not least and again remember
these are seven books I chose for this episode but there are plenty, plenty more
you could read. The last but not least is “The War of Art” by Steven
Pressfield and this is a book for anyone who procrastinates in anyway about
anything. If you find yourself not being able to start a new project or to
complete a new project or to do anything that might make you successful. Maybe you
keep putting something off, maybe you keep fearing something – whatever that
procrastination is read the “The World of Art” and you will beat it. You will
not procrastinate about shit anymore. That book is amazing. It’s written by the
guy who wrote “The Legend of Bagger Vance”, there is a movie with Matt Damon,
I think.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So that’s the guy who wrote it and the book is just tremendous. If
you’re procrastinating about anything just make sure you read it so that’s my
list for today.

Jonathan: Good stuff, Igor. Very good list. I’m actually going to go back and
read the time management book. You’ve encouraged me to even to take it up a
level, I’m going to go back and read a couple of these again. But what do you
have coming up for us next time?

Igor: Next time, I decided to do something I’ve never done before and invited a
guest that I’ve already hosted on the show. Someone whose episode is one of the
highest in the rankings of all time for our show, that’s John Lavenia. We
decided to another episode this time about how to motivate, inspire, and recruit
when you’re just starting out. So in other words about how influence other
people, how to generate a following, how to get them to know, like and trust you
when you have zero authority and zero real world experience.

Jonathan: Man, that is going to be awesome. Looking forward to it. So that is a
wrap for another edition of List Building Lifestyle, we’ll be back you next

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