The UnEmployed Millionaire with Matt Morris

Matt Morris went from sleeping in his car on a church parking lot to running his own seven figure company traveling the world full time in less than a coupe of years.

He is the unEmployed Millionaire.

And he shares the key takeaways from his journey to riches in the all new List Building Lifestyle.


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Stop blaming your lack of success on someone else. If someone's not
celebrating you, they're just tolerating you, change your environment. If you
take your five best friends and you average their income, that's your income.
I mean it's going to be very close. Les Brown says it best. He said,
"If you hang around with nine broke friends, guess what? You're the tenth."

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of The List Building Lifestyle with your
host, Igor Kheifets. And today I've got the pleasure of hosting Matt Morris,
the author of the “Unemployed Millionaire”. At just 18 years old, Matt founded
his first marketing business. At 20, he dropped out of college to pursue business
full time. At 21 he was homeless and deeply in debt living out of a beat up Honda
Civic, bathing in gas station bathrooms. True story, by the way. It was then that
he made a life changing decision to reinvent himself and his career. By 29, Matt
was a self-made millionaire, and now he travels around the world speaking,
coaching and mentoring people in becoming unemployed millionaires. Matt,
thank you so much for being here.

Matt: Thanks for having me, man, excited to be here.

Igor: We're excited to host you, trust me. So Matt, I'd love to just dive
right in, and in your book, you debunk several misconceptions which are often used
as an excuse for being broke by people. Well I work with folks, mostly beginners
who are just getting into the pay traffic game, promoting their businesses and
that's what I see a lot. Excuse after excuse, and reasons why they fail or why
they're incapable of succeeding and becoming rich and wealthy that are rooted
outside of self if you will. So let's give List Builders a quick rundown of
the top three myths or urban legends that they got to watch out for.

Matt: [laughter] Okay. In my mind, belief is everything. Belief is going to make
or break you, and in fact I did a Periscope this morning, and I did a couple
Q&A’s, and someone said, "Do you believe that it's going to happen
when it's going to happen for people?" The answer was no, I mean my
belief is it's going to happen for people when they make it happen. I think
people will sit on businesses, sit on their journey to success for years not doing
shit because it's like, "It's going to happen when it's going to
happen. I'm going to take my time." No, you got to make it happen.
You've got to be intentional with it. That's an excuse to stay in your
comfort zone. It's an excuse to be lazy. It's an excuse not to educate
yourself. I mean I think you have to be super intentional with making it happen.
And you've got to be willing to go out and do the work. Whether its network
marketing or internet marketing or sales, you name it. I mean the reason why
people fail is because they're lazy in most cases. They're lazy to do the
work, or they're lazy to learn, or lazy to become an expert in it. That's
one. Number two is just, and I think this is maybe the biggest, is really the
underline question of really can I do it. Can I be successful? Because we've
been, everyone has been brainwashed without a doubt. We grew up, our parents
brainwashed us telling us different things. I mean no matter where I go around the
world and speak, I'll say I'll prove everyone's brainwashed. "Money doesn't grow on…"
and everyone says "Trees" I mean, our parents I guess told us that growing up.”
Money isn't..."Everything". Everyone says everything. And so we've been programmed
to believe money is the root of all evil. So we've got these negative belief
systems, and I grew up with them too. I mean I had it going on. I was raised by, I
mean I had a crazy, crazy upbringing. My father went to prison when I was, I think
I was 5, got out of prison, severe alcoholic. He committed suicide when I was
thirty, raised by a single mom. Struggled financially growing up. Thank God my mom
wasn't an excuse maker. She worked two and three jobs to work her way through
college. Then she worked her way through law school. Became an attorney, became a
judge. She actually just recently retired as a judge. So, I had that inspiration.
But the way I grew up was, my father wasn't around and committed suicide. He
missed my birthdays, avoiding child support, and all that kind of thing. So I
adopt a belief that says I'm not good enough. I'm not worthy enough. I
didn't have a lot of friends, so I made up a story that I'm not good with
people, I'm shy, I am not confident. So I had all this baggage, all this
garbage, was my belief system, about me being able to actually go out succeed at
life. I didn't have a lot of people that I saw, other than my mom. And what
was interesting is, my mom even when she became an attorney when I was in high
school, she got a job as a staff attorney which is a low paying position. She was
actually was working a second job selling cosmetics in the mall even as an
attorney. And so I had this belief that money is hard to come by. And no matter
how hard you work, money is hard to come by, and guess what, I attracted it in my
life. I attracted scarcity. I attracted poverty, and I struggled, and I struggled,
and I struggled, and I finally realized how messed up my belief system was. I was
always saying, "Why am I such an idiot? Why am I so broke?" I'm a
big fan of Tony Robins, and many others as well, but what I believe is, the
quality of your life is going to be based on the quality of the conversations you
have with yourself. And if you're always having negative scarcity
conversations, you're going to produce negative scarcity type results. So I
think it's important for everyone to understand. The income that you're
earning right now is exactly what you believe you should be earning. Exactly. I
mean to the dollar. Otherwise you'd be earning more or less. I mean if you
believe you should be earning less, you'd earning less. If you really believe
that you should be earning more, you'd be earning more. You'd figure out a
way to get there. Motivation. Everyone is like, "Man, how do I get
self-motivated? Matt, you're so motivated, how you do it?" Well, you got
to understand how motivation is created. Motivation is created when there's a
gap between the results you're experiencing and the result you truly believe
you should be experiencing. And so most people are, they've never worked on
their belief system. And they typically think, "Alright, whatever belief
system I have, I have." No. You got to be intentional with producing
motivation. You've got to be intentional with producing your desire. People
are like, "Well, I just don't have that burning desire." Well you
don't have the burning desire because you're a pussy because you don't
take the time to work on your desires. You don't dream build, you don't
program yourself, and so how beliefs are created. You can go read a book “What
to Say When You Talk to Yourself”, and with “What to Say When You Talk to
Yourself”, he really... I mean, I think that book probably does the best job of
understanding and explaining the science of the mind, or what I would call kind of
behavioral psychology. If you look at the ladder of behavioral psychology, your
success comes from your actions, your actions come from your feelings, your
feelings come from your thoughts and your beliefs. And so everything boils down to
what is your belief about you. What is your belief about network marketing, what
is your belief about internet marketing, what is your belief about success, what
is your belief about money? So that's the core. Well how do you fix the
belief? It's work. You've got to work to fix the belief, and the way you
fix the belief is through programming. You've got to be constantly programming
yourself in a positive manner, otherwise are going to produce negative results. I
had to take the time when I had struggled for five years; I struggled as an
entrepreneur, so I'm by no means the smartest guy in the world. It took me a
while, I had to figure it out, but I realized, "Alright, I need to be
intentional with who I am. So who do I really want to be? Well I want to be
someone who's build up with a desire. I want to be one of the most confident
men in the world. I want to be able to produce millions of dollars. I want to be
able to travel around the world. I want to do all these things, so I had to
intentionally program myself that way. So you got to have the awareness and the
understanding of how beliefs are created. Beliefs are created do three ways.
Number one and the most important way is, what you say and what you think about
yourself. So if you're saying things like, "I'm an idiot."
You've got to block that out. You cannot continue to say things like that.
Otherwise, you make it more true. So that's a big piece of it, is that
internal programming. Number two is your external programming. So throughout
your life, what other people said about you? What have your teachers said about you?
What have your friends said about you? And we take it on to be true what other
people say about you. And if you continue to allow other people to negatively
program you, shame on you. Okay? That's your fault. It's like, "Ohh,
well my family's not supportive." I hear it all the time. "My spouse
isn't supportive, my family is not supportive." Well, shame on you. Stop
blaming it on them. Stop blaming your lack of success on someone else. If someone
is not, if someone is not celebrating you, they're just tolerating you, change
your environment. If you take your five best friends and you average their income,
that's your income. I mean it's going to be very close. Les Brown says it
best. He said, "If you hang around with nine broke friends, guess what?
You're the tenth." So you got to change your environment. Get around a
better, positive environment. The other thing is your experiences. So the
experiences that you've had throughout your career, throughout your career in
business as an example, if you don't have awareness of how this works, you can
have a negative experience and allow that to negatively program you, or if you can
adopt a belief that says nothing has any meaning and so I give it meaning, you can
adopt whatever belief you want. So I'll give an example. I started an internet
marketing company when I was about 24. I had an organization and network marketing
was doing well. Had an idea for a marketing system, so put it together, and ended
up doing really well. And making great money. I'm 25, crushing it. And long
story short, I didn't do a very good job of managing the company
operationally, expenses, things like that and ended up one $100,000 in debt. I had
a business partner and we chose to part ways. I took over the business, and being
a $100,000 in debt it 20, I think I was 26 at the time; I could have done two
things based on that experience. I could have said, "Man, I'm a really
shitty businessman. I need to go back to doing whatever I was doing before."
Or I can say, "You know what? This experience means that I'm an amazing
business person. It means that I'm an amazing leader because now I know what
not to do. Now I'm tough, now I've got battle scars. So let's go back
in the battle." And so went, back into battle and was able to pay off all the
debt and make more money than we've ever made. When I was 32, a couple years
after that, I started my own network marketing company, did amazingly well,
brought in people from all around the world, and made every mistake you can make.
We got hit with a large amount of fraud, crippled our company. I ended up $750,000
in debt. And it was tough at the time, but I had to say, "You know what? I
got one of two choices." I can say, "You know what? I'm going to go
back to... I'm not going to try so hard in the future." Or I can say,
"Man, I got to get excited about this, because this is going to be an amazing
come from behind story. A set back as a set up for a comeback." And so I had
to suck it up and go out and produce again. And I was able to pay off that debt
and make more money than I ever made before and create a much better lifestyle
than ever made before. So be super intentional with your belief system, and that
kind of covers two or three. I mean I could go through all kinds of stuff with
you, but one is, I think you have to be grateful for all of the challenges that
come up. When I was 21, I was $30,000 in debt. I took a good job selling swimming
pools, living out of my car, living out of my Honda Civic. I'm incredibly
grateful for that experience now, because it gave me a story to tell. I'm
grateful for the fact that it took me five years to become successful as an
entrepreneur, because I feel like I can relate to people much more, and I can help
people much more than someone who had quick success. I can relate to the lack
of belief because I had the lack of belief. I can relate to the frustration, I can
relate to the discouragement, because I had it. So now I'm grateful for it. So
I think that's one of the beliefs that you have to, a little counterintuitive
when challenges come up, be grateful for them. Because, you know what I
believe is, if you want to build a really tall building, you've got to dig a really
deep foundation, and so when the challenges come up, congratulations, you're
making your foundation even deeper, even stronger. And then another belief is,
having the belief that no matter what happens, if something negative happens,
you're going to get it all back and more. Any adversity carries with it a seed
of a greater benefit. So whatever negative happens to you. Have a positive
expectation; get excited about it because it's just part of the game. For me
success, life, business, it's a game. I love the game. That's why I feel
like I could work 16 hours a day and never feel like I'm working, because
I'm playing. I mean it's literally; it's just a game for me. I'm
excited about it. And how is it exciting for me? Why do I get so excited that
it's a game? I tell myself it's a game, I tell myself I'm excited
about it. I tell myself I love to work hard, and that's what manifests.

Igor: Wow. Well you mentioned so many great concepts, but I want to circle back to
the one about failure and how your setbacks have turned into your gold. There is
one concept to learn from David DeAngelo, and he said something really profound.
I don't remember who he learned from, so much going to credit David DeAngelo.
He said that failure is a learned concept. In other words, you're not born into
the world where failure actually exists. It is a belief that someone else has
instilled into us, and therefore it does not exist. So we can make failure into
anything we want, and I believe the most productive thing a failure can become,
for you listening, is a learning experience. An absolutely incredible and super,
super valuable learning experience. Is that what you did with your failures?

Matt: Yeah. That's it, that's it. I mean every failure is a learning
experience. It's learning what not to do. Whether it's internet marketing
or network marketing, and network marketing I just did a webinar with my team
in Australia last night and today their time. And the false belief is that it's
you go straight towards success. In network marketing specifically, you have to go
through massive fail, massive rejection rather you have through massive rejection.
See, what I did for years is, I would only show the business to someone if I
thought there was a chance they would enroll. But if I thought there's no way
this person will enroll, I wouldn't show them the business. Because I thought
I had to avoid rejection. Because of the fear of failure, that's what I did.
And one of the things that turned things around for me is when I finally realized,
"Wow. I should make it a goal. I should go get rejected more. I should get
excited about it." Because the more objection you get, the more success you
get, Tom Watson founder of IBM, he said, "If you want to greatly increase
your success and life, double your rate of failure." And internet marketing,
or we have a information publishing company now, and have run one for years
and one of the things that we do all the time is we fail. We run offers, different
ads, we do split tests, and we're always testing and tweaking and the only way
if you're going to test an offer out, and you're going to split test it,
one of them has to be a failure. One of them has the work less than the other one.
And so we just get excited at something. Something doesn't work we say,
"Okay, cool. Now we know it doesn't work. Try something else. That
doesn't work, try something else." But we know if we keep trying things
eventually we get something that works. So, don't despair over the challenges
or the failures, they're learning experiences. So yeah man. You're spot

Igor: Wow. Well now I'm curious to hear what are some other sabotage
patterns you’ve noticed?

Matt: Sabotage? Like things that sabotage people?

Igor: Self-sabotage, of course.

Matt: Self-sabotage, I mean the belief system is the biggest thing. And the belief
is what leads to most of it, because you can say people self-sabotage themselves
because they don't feel smart enough. They don't feel intelligent enough.
If you study leadership over the last 100 years and you take the top leadership
gurus in the qualities that great leaders have, one of the qualities one of the
about six that have been consistent over a decade by decade, is intelligence. And
people make the mistake of saying intelligence is something you're born with
or not born with. And if you look at the meaning of intelligence, it's the
capacity to learn. Okay? So great leaders have an amazing capacity to learn. Well,
the capacity to learn is learned. How do you get a bigger capacity to learn, is
you learn more. You work at it. It's kind of like going to the gym. If you
were to do bicep curls every single day for a year, you have an amazingly strong
bicep. You can't help but have a bigger capacity there to lift more weight.
By learning and applying and learning and applying, guess what? You become more
intelligent, you increase your capacity to learn. So it's having the belief
that someone else a smarter than me. No, maybe they were born with a little bit
higher IQ but with work, I can become more intelligent. I can have more of a
capacity to learn. So that's one. I mean there are just so many things that
hold people back, it's hard to... [laughter] Hard to even say what the main
things are, because there are so many. Not breaking out of your comfort zone, not
becoming an expert. I think one of the biggest keys, whether it's network
marketing, internet marketing, sales, relationships, parenting, whatever it is, if
you want to succeed at the highest levels, you've got to become an expert. How
do you become an expert? I was listening to an audio years ago, it was over a
decade ago. Jack Canfield was talking about this concept of being an expert. He
said, "If you were to read five books on one subject, that's more than
what 99% of everyone in the world will ever do." Most people are going to be
too lazy to do that. So you can be in the top 1% knowledge level compared to
everyone else in the world if you go read five books. Because it's amazing
when I speak at events, I'll say, "How many of, you raise, your hand if
you've read five books specific to network marketing." And very few hands
go up. It's like your goal is to become a millionaire in network marketing,
but you haven't even read five books? How can you honestly say you want to
become a millionaire if you're not willing to go out and learn? Same thing
with internet marketing. I mean there's no shortage of training out there. So
that's a big one, and then it's investing in yourself. See, most people
will think nothing of putting thousands of dollars a year into fuel for their
vehicle, their car, their truck. But they complain about having to invest money in
their most important asset, which is their mind. Okay? So most people, one of the
reasons why they fail, is they don't invest in themselves. They don't invest in the
business. If you were to start a McDonald's franchise, you got to go to Hamburger
University. You're going to have to spend well over a million dollars per McDonald's
just to start one franchise that on average is going to earn you a little over $100,000
a year. But it's like, "Come to this training of it for $200." And people are saying,
"I can't afford to go." If you can't afford to go, you can't afford to have success
in life. If you can't afford to buy an educational program, you can't afford to have
success. It's like I went to Tony Robbins when I was young, and he had his Master
University. And it was $10,000 to go to through his Master University, and I didn't
have $10,000 but thankfully, what I realized is the biggest reason that I needed
to go to his Master University was to change my belief system, was to change who
I was, so that I could get into a situation where I never had to say, "I don't have
$10,000 to invest in myself." It's sad. If you don't have $10,000 to invest in your
future, that's sad. No one should be in that situation. And so it's the investment
into the mind. You've got to have that as a huge priority. I invest tens of thousands
of dollars every year on my education. Because if I want to be a top producer, if
I want to be in the top 0.5% of 1%, I better know more than 99.9% of everyone else.
And the way to do that is through the investment.

Igor: I'd like to kind of go back on two points you mentioned. First off,
people who say they can't afford stuff. Well in my experience that's of
course an issue of will, not can. Because you will be able to afford something
you really, really want. It's just a matter of how bad you want to invest in
yourself, how bad you want to succeed in life. And like you said, most people are
just too lazy to do that, and too uninspired, too uninterested, too bored, too
complacent and to inapt, those kind of go on and on and on. But truth of the
matter is, if you want to go to an event or get a coaching program or let's
say, my case, get some traffic, and you don't have a couple hundred bucks to
invest. This is exactly the reason why you absolutely have to go and get that
money. You not being able to invest or not having that money available to you
immediately is the very reason why you need to work harder, and why you need
to take those chances and risks, to achieve greater success in business.

Matt: Yeah. I mean with the way I put it is, if you don't have a few hundred
dollars, if you don't have $10,000, whatever it is, that problem, that
challenge is more powerful than you. And how long are you going to live your life
letting a small sum of money be more powerful than you. You got to make the
decision tha you're going to be more powerful than your lack of money, or lack
of 10,000. I mean I'm saying $10,000 because I think everyone should be at
that point. I mean I sell a program for like such a ridiculously low, it's
$300, and people are like, "I'm going to save up the money. I'd love
to do this, but I don't have the $300." It's actually three payments
of $97. I mean, "Gosh, you can't come up with $97 in one month."
You're never going to have success with that mindset, you just never will. And
then, "Can I pay you back? Can I get on a loan?" No. No. Not at all. You
decide to be more powerful than your problem, come up with the money and
there you go. It's like when people say they don't have the money to join the
program. I always ask this question. "Who do you love the most?" They
always say your mom, your wife, something like that. "My mom." And I
say, "Listen well if your mom, let's say she got pulled over and there
was a case of mistaken identity from the police, and they thought she committed
some heinous crime and they took her in, and she calls you saying, 'Oh my God
I'm in this rat hole jail cell, and I need $500 to bail me out.' Are you
going to bail your mom out, or are you going to let or spend the night in jail
with a bunch of crack whores?" You're going to come up with the $500.
That night you're going to come up with the money. Okay? So anyone could come
up with the money. If I said I'll sell you a Ferrari tomorrow for a $1000,
you'd come up with the money because you can go sell it. So it's never a
question of do you have the money, it's a question of do you have the desire
to change your situation.

Igor: Your example so modest. I usually say, "Look, if I took your daughter
hostage, and put a gun to your head. Would you get me $10,000 tomorrow?"

Matt: [laughter]

Igor: Obviously the answer is yes. So going back to the second point that really
resonates with me, and that is books. When I used to sell $15,000 coaching
packages couple years ago, back when I was doing intensive coaching, one of the
questions we asked on the questionnaire was, "What are the three books about
marketing or success that you read in the last six months?" So whoever had
less than three books, did not qualify, and whoever told me about the books they
read which are like either just philosophy books or books that didn't even
have to do anything with marketing, like fiction books, I knew immediately that
that person is not ready yet to even talk to me like they're not ready to
commit at that level, not just financially. Because what that financial
commitment's going to make you do, is going to make you take the whole thing
really, really seriously. And you can't possibly comprehend investing $15,000
in yourself, even if that is to learn how to make $15,000 per month for the rest
of your life, or at least for another decade, I mean I don't know how long the
Internet is going to keep printing us money like that. So even at that point, like
no one will do it unless they are educated to a point of being at where of what it
really takes to become successful, and then being invested in themselves to a
point, to a degree where now it is more than just a desire to make money. Now
it's a life mission. Now the meaning of life and the purpose of their
existence comes down to one thing, and one thing only, and that is stop being
poor. And these are the people which have always succeeded with my programs.

Matt: Mhh hmm. Yeah. Good stuff.

Igor: So Matt, it was a true pleasure hosting you on the show, so many great
nuggets. I would love to have you back some time, if you can possibly find the
time. And guys a while you're here, go ahead and type in Matt Morris,
that's double R. and download the five day video series that
teaches you how to go from amateur to pro in network marketing. Now, even if
you're internet market listening to this, you should still get it, because the
principles Matt spoke about on this call, obviously apply to success in internet
marketing as well, and in many different areas of your life. So you owe it to
yourself to grab a copy of that five day course and also consider joining Matt
because this guy obviously knows what he's talking about. So Matt, thank you
so much and until next time we talk, have a great one.

Matt: Alright man, thank you so much for having me on. Appreciate it.

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