3-Step Daily Action Blueprint For Marketing Rookies

I invite you to get excited about a very special episode of the List Building Lifestyle.

Mayhaps the only technical episode you’ll see me do.


It’s all about the specific daily actions you must take to ensure success online.

I decided to put it together because I got tired of answering this one nagging question I get all the time, “Igor, what should I do to start making sales? I’m already buying traffic. What else should I be doing?”

This is what you need to do.


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Jonathan: You are listening to List Building Lifestyle, welcome back to another
edition. I have with me your host, your leader, your mentor, your guide, Mr. Igor
Kheifets. How goes it sir?

Igor: Goes it well, sir. Very well.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: In fact it feels really, really good now that you’re back from your trip
and my life is back to normal because you know not having you there for a little
while was really difficult.

Jonathan: Look Igor, let’s not play around. I just feel lucky that you let me
come back after my damaging admission in the last episode, so thank you for
having me here. What do you have in store for us today?

Igor: Well, you know Jonathan, I love doing episodes, I love talking about –
well first of all I like talking and second I like talking about myself.

Jonathan: [laughter] Really.

Igor: I’m not sure if you paid attention in the previous 60 something episodes
that we have done so far. But I love doing episodes about things that come up all
the time that are evergreen, the problems that are I know people experience every
single fricking day. So one thing that keeps popping up that I never spoke about
is this and you know I believe this episode is going to be tremendous for many of
our listeners and List Builders that is basically this: the question I get a lot
is Igor I’m already buying your traffic and I’m buying traffic from other
people, I’m already emailing my list everyday, I understand the value of list
building, what else should I be doing and how come sales aren’t coming in? I
feel like I’m missing something. We already spoke about, right, in the previous
episode how to escape the whole “if I just” mentality. If I just have this one
extra trick, if I just do this thing right and that’s one element. Okay you
should keep in mind. So let’s say you’re doing it right, let’s just say you
feel like you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do but yet at that same
time there is something else you should be doing in order to bring more sales
for yourself and your business. And I decided that for once, Jonathan, I’m going
to do a technical episode, an episode…

Jonathan: What?

Igor: Yeah, I know. An episode when we’re not going to be doing this marketing
philosophy, we are actually going to be doing marketing implementation and you
guys are going to walk away an action plan from this episode. There is three
things that you should be doing on a daily basis in order to develop your
marketing presence and have other people want to reach out to you and say hey I
want to join you in business, I want to buy your product, I want to hire you to do
this thing for me and whatever you do. There are three things you should be doing
to position yourself to be there and to be present in the marketplace. That is
number one: reading; number two: curating content, I’m going to explain what
that is in a second and three: selling and making offers. So number one: reading,
why do you need to read every single day? I recommend reading no less than 30
minutes a day, it’s better if you do an hour a day. Even Donald Trump by the way
if you’re thinking Igor I’m so busy I have a day job and all that bullshit,
even Donald Trump wakes up in the morning and reads for one hour. If Donald Trump
who wakes up with a list of headaches as long as the Mississippi River can find an
hour every day to read, don’t tell me you don’t have an hour to read everyday.
That’s just bullshit. You’re just making up excuses. So you should be reading
every single day for at least an hour because that’s the way you become
experienced and valuable to your marketplace without actually having 50 years
worth of experience and wisdom behind your back. That’s how I became, you know
at the age of 23 or 24, I sounded like I was 54 to my clients as if I had so much
wisdom, I lived a long prosperous life but I didn’t. All I have done is I
consumed enough information and I studied under many, many mentors through books
and through courses and through seminars that I went through and through private
coaching that I’ve taken as well and I simply – what I have done is I curated
their content which is the number two thing you have to be doing. Now curating
content is very simple, the principle is ‘learn, do, teach.’ You learn
something from a guru you’re following or a mentor you’re studying with then
you take that and you implement it in your business and then you feed back to the
marketplace the exact same concepts, the exact same thing you’ve done only
through your way of delivery because you’re a different person. So you will
deliver that principle, you’re going to deliver that information or deliver that
content in your own unique way which is going to position you as a unique
individual, a unique professional in a very intense volatile marketplace. So
number one is reading. Number two is curating content. By the way, Jonathan if
you’re ever wonder, I’m not sure if you did but if you ever wondered how does
a person step into the marketplace within a week start positioning themselves as
an expert that’s how you do it. You consume content and you curate it to the
marketplace. In fact you should even give credit, you should say I learned this
from so and so and you just basically share what you learned. That puts you in a
position of an expert because all you are doing is you’re consuming information
from the ones that walked before you and you’re sharing it and then you’re
giving it to the people who walk behind you which is kind of like this chain, this
never ending cycle that we are a part of. Because every single day there are new
people coming in and there is people succeeding and becoming gurus and so you’re
basically somewhere in between. You’re taking from somebody and you’re feeding
it back to someone else who walks behind you and all you have to do to be valuable
to that person who walks behind you is know a little bit more and be a bit more
experienced than they are that’s all that needs to happen for them to look up at
you and say, “Oh wow, I want to work with that person.” So number one again,
reading, number two, curate content, and number three just as important is
selling. So now what do I mean by that? What I mean is no one will sign up with
you unless you make an offer to do so, unless you have a call to action to sign up
with you. So I notice that a lot of people, they do a lot of things right. Let’s
be honest, they do a lot of things right and they are active and they are present
in the marketplace and if you Google their name, shit comes up yet they don’t
make many sales often times because they don’t make many offers to sign up with
them. That is actually why I always say, you should pitch in every email because
the more offers you make to join you in business, the more people will join you.
Your income will be in direct proportion to the amount of offers you put out in
the marketplace. So these are the three things that you should be doing on a daily
basis and you ever find yourself wondering what you should be doing? Just do
these. Read, curate content, and sell and make offers. That’s all you have to
do. And if you do this for long enough, you’ll find yourself becoming an owner
or a creator or at the head of a non-stop prospect and customer generating machine
that to the outsider would seem like you’re just clicking your fingers and shit
happens. But the reality is if you do this enough times every single day, the
content that you create which is timeless, right because the content you create
today will found by somebody ten years from now because it’s the internet, it
doesn’t disappear anywhere. It stays that will lead to an ongoing stream of new
customers that come in predisposed to talk to you and to buy from you.

Jonathan: So Igor why do you think that so many people out there don’t really
talk about – well I guess it depends on who you’re listening to but I find
that a lot of the gurus out there don’t talk nearly enough about reading more
and here you are just giving away the farm. Why do you suppose that is?

Igor: I’ll tell you why, Jonathan. Because reading is the single fastest and the
cheapest way one can educate himself or herself and become valuable to other
people and thus of course become valuable to the marketplace and make money.
Because books are cheap, let’s face it. I mean you can get a book for as little
as a dollar. I mean Jon Benson’s latest release; “Open Click Buy” which I
highly recommend which a book about email marketing and Jon Benson is a highly
accomplished copywriter who wrote copy for virtually every single major internet
weight loss launch out there. He sells it for a dollar, for a dollar. I read the
book last month. Trust me, it’s fricking good. The tips he shares are amazing.
They literally made millions if not hundreds of millions collectively to all the
people who used them yet it only cost a dollar and it only takes a couple of days
to read or if you’re super busy it will take you a week. It’s brilliant.
It’s a shortcut; honestly it’s just one of my shortcuts. If you see my Kindle
list exploding with material and there is like dozens of books that I still
haven’t read which I really, really want to. So reading is cheap, reading is
fast and reading gives you the real wisdom unlike the courses that they sell for
27.97, 1.97, 4.97, 19.97 which are created by people that have no substance and
have no reason to be preaching you on how to get rich. The one thing I love about
book is that and nobody won’t publish it. And nobody who doesn’t have access
to Printhouse aren’t willing to put themselves out there to go through all the
trouble to not only write the damn thing but also to publish it. I mean he won’t
write a book, somebody who is not qualified to give advice will not write a book
for the most part. There are a few exceptions. But for the most part if you only
read the books that are recommended by accomplished people, you will 95% of the
time, you will come out after reading the book, you will come out more equip and
more skilled and more confident and more excited about taking your life to the
next level.

Jonathan: So not to take you off track here but I don’t where I saw it or heard
of it but are you still doing like the Igor’s Book Club or Book Reviews on

Igor: To be honest, man, I really want to but I can’t keep up. There are so many
things on my ‘to do’ list that I have to prioritize. I have been slacking off.
But I will get back on it. You know I’m making a public statement right now that
I will get back on doing Igor’s Book Club because often times just recommending
a book to a client is enough to set them off on a upward trajectory towards
success. For me that’s big. I mean we spoke about why I do this. We spoke about
why we started the podcast and the reason is it’s the people, educating the
crowd about really run a business, how to really get rich and recommending the
right book to the right person can often be the difference maker for them that
takes them to new heights.

Jonathan: A couple of things and then I want to play devil’s advocate but
I agree even what I do a lot times I get to know the people I work with and then I
find books to match where they are at because I do a lot of reading. I find that
helps bond us and it also helps them think differently about things. But let’s
play devil’s advocate for a second here.

Igor: Okay, I’m ready. I’m ready.

Jonathan: So, [laughter]

Igor: What you got – bring it!

Jonathan: [laughter] Bring it! So then what about the idea of reading too much
because in the last episode we talked about “Think and Grow Rich” and there
wasn’t enough action, what about too much reading and not enough action?
Is that a thing?

Igor: Well, it is and there is a way to overcome that. It’s a principle I learned
from my mentor Tom Beale who basically said, “Igor, you got to make the
book your bitch.” I didn’t really understand what he meant. Basically, what it
turned out to be is you take the book and often times you don’t even have to
read the book in its entirety to understand what the concept the book is trying to
deliver. So if you pick up, let’s just say – what are some of the books you
read recently, Jonathan, please help me out here?

Jonathan: Right now I’m reading, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by
Chet Holmes.

Igor: Okay great. I was told to read it by Tom but I never did but I did see a
couple lectures by Chet and he is amazing. His lecture on how to hire superstars
is absolutely incredible. So basically, if you pick up the “The Ultimate Sales
Machine” I believe the major concept is that you got to constantly train your
sales people and create an inbound environment where they don’t have to go
out there to get leads they just have to close them. Is that correct?

Jonathan: There is bunch of parts to it but yeah definitely there is portions of
it that are exactly like you just said.

Igor: Yeah, so that is just one of the things you kind of walk away with when
you’re finished with the book. You don’t have to remember all the details, you
don’t have to remember all the stories, you just have to walk away with one
major concept which that starts to govern everything else you do. So that is what
making a book your bitch is all about. There is this book I did a negative video
about which is the “One Thing”. What I spoke was the book basically says
don’t try to do a million things just find this one thing that you know if you
really get good at it then you’ll be successful and that’s it. That’s what
200 pages were about how they found their one thing and how that one thing
doubled their profits and stuff like that. I mean you could get that just by
reading 10 pages.

Jonathan: [Laughter]

Igor: And that’s how many books are with a few exceptions like “Think and Grow
Rich” for example, we spoke about it in a previous episode. You can’t really
read it like that but you can quickly grasp what the 13 concepts are without
having to read the entire book. So basically if you don’t want to get caught up
in reading too much and getting stuck in this consumption mode where you have
to consume more and more information before you go out there and doing something
then definitely pick out a concept and just make yourself go and curate it.

Jonathan: Yeah and that’s what I want to do because we talk about selling all of
the time on here but the curating part so once again I’ll play devil’s advocate and
when you read a book and then you said you learn and then you do and then you
teach. A lot of people might see that as being sort of an imposter and how is it not
an imposter when you curate?

Igor: Well, it sort of is of course but I don’t remember who said that but if
you steal one person’s material, you are an imposter. You are a hypocrite.
You are a fraud. But if you do research and steal like from 10 different
sources that’s called research.

Jonathan: Hmm.

Igor: So the one thing you have to understand is that you learned everything from
somebody else, there are very few things you learned on your own not to mention
that even if you did learn them on your own, it doesn’t mean somebody didn’t
talk about those things already so when it comes to taking someone’s else’s
content I’m fine with it because I know that they learned if from someone else
too. As long as I deliver it in my own set of words and from own delivery model if
you will, with my own examples and my own stories, its all good however at the
same time if you’re really touchy about this give credit. Just say, here is an
amazing thing I learned from my mentor Jonathan or Igor or Tom whatever, here
is what I learned from him today and just share it. All you got to do is just credit
and if you think that is going to make you look bad or that is going to diminish
your authority in the eyes of your prospects, you’re wrong. It will not. In fact
they will respect you more for it. I mean how many times, Jonathan, I’m not sure
if you ever counted this but maybe perhaps, I don't know, how many times did
you hear me during these interviews, during these podcast episodes, how many
time did I recommend Ben Settle and kind of say I learned this from Ben Settle?

Jonathan: Dude, the guy that you quote the most is Dan Kennedy, almost like every
episode. I got this from Dan Kennedy.

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: So yeah it works. And I want to make a book recommendation as we are
coming to the end and it really drives home your point, there is this book called
“Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon and he talks about getting inspiration
and telling people where you got it from of course, crediting people and how
that grows you as a person so spot on with what you’re saying, a short fun book.
So Igor what do you have coming up for us next time?

Igor: Well, Jonathan, first off I’m getting that book for sure, okay.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Next time, I’m hosting the unemployed millionaire, Matt Morris. The guy
who went from sleeping in his car a while back to running a multi-million dollar
network marketing operation. He is a walking, quoting machine. He literally slept
in his car in a church parking lot under a tree so when he wakes up in the morning
he doesn’t get sun burnt and doesn’t suffocate. It’s an incredible story. He
wrote a book about it. The next episode I’m going to be interviewing him about
his journey and about what he believes to be one of the most detrimental
components to your success.

Jonathan: Wow, looking forward to that. So boys and girls, we have come to the
end of another episode of List Building Lifestyle. We will be back in your earbuds
next time.

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