How To Not Think To Grow Rich

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is considered the Bible for Self Made Millionaires.

Walk into any millionaire’s library and you’ll find it right there on top shelf.

But did you know Napoleon Hill died broke?

Did you know he got rich briefly thanks to the book… and not thanks to applying the 13 principles in business?

Makes you wonder – do the 13 principles really work?

Find out how to NOT think to grow rich in the all new List Building Lifestyle.


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle, here is your
host, the Chief List Builder himself, Mr. Igor Kheifets. What is up, my man?

Igor: JR, great to be here. Hey to all the List Builders out there listening right
now. I missed you. I missed you trust me it’s been a really, really long week for
me and I can’t wait to do another episode.

Jonathan: Yeah, you missed them. You’re in their ears twice week. I think they
don’t have a chance to miss you, Igor. You don’t give them a chance but it has
been awhile since we recorded. What do you have in store for the List Builders

Igor: You know, Jonathan, how every single successful business person especially
millionaires talk about how this one book changed their life and that book is always
is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Well, I would like to express my uncensored opinion and share why I believe
that this book is actually misleading, not the actual book but the title of the book
is very misleading, and it causes lots and lots of failure.

Jonathan: Wow. You’re going to tear down one of the sacred calves here.

Igor: I know and it’s one of the most – it’s a best seller. It hasn’t been
promoted in any way and it still literally sells hundreds of thousands of copies
every year. It is by far the most recommended book with our space, the marketing
space. Yet it’s just maybe the people misinterpreting it but it does cause a lot
of failure. It has to do with the fact that the title says think and you’ll grow
rich which implies that if you just think right, you will be rich. Truth of the
matter is it can’t be right because you just sit in the corner and think a certain
way and the money kind of falls in your lap. It just doesn’t happen. Not to
mention that’s one element but the second element which I think is a much deeper
element is the “if I just” mentality. Do you know what that means, Jonathan?

Jonathan: Yeah, if I just had this advantage, if I just had this software, if I just
had the easy button, everything would be awesome.

Igor: Exactly. So in other words, you sort of say, my success depends on this one
thing and if I just have that thing whatever that is: the mental game, the software,
the technique, the traffic source, Jonathan, I get it all of the time. People reach
out to me and they are like you’re like the traffic source everyone talks about.
You’re my silver bullet. We have to spend the time and explain that we’re not.
We can’t be the silver bullet because that would imply that your success has
nothing to do with you and that is simply not true. So this whole ‘if I just’
mentality is causing so many problems for people they kind of place the reason for
their success and failure outside of themselves and they say if I just do this, if
I just think that, if I just had Igor drive traffic for me then I would be
successful. That creates a nation if you will; it’s a breed of dependable
marketers that never get anywhere.

Jonathan: Hmm.

Igor: And that’s a problem.

Jonathan: Well, wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. Is it a problem or is
it an advantage for those of us that do work?

Igor: I guess just like anything you can look at it from several perspectives. It is
an advantage for you if you’re different. If you recognize how wrong this thinking
is and if you think differently, if you think that your success is the sum total of
your habits and you are awaking up in the morning and taking action to develop the
correct habits, to develop yourself into the kind of person you must become in order
to make the kind of money you want to make. I know that sounds a little bit
complicated but bear with me for just a sec. In other words, if you want to make a
million dollars, you must become a person that is worth a million dollars. You must
become the person that is capable of making a million dollars first before you can
make that million. It will not land in your lap if you just have the right software,
if you just think of the right product, if you just have the right marketing because
it will be the sum total of your habits, your daily habits, your daily action as
opposed to how most people think is I just had something that will be successful and
that’s why I think “Think and Grow Rich” is such a misleading title because
again it simply implies that if you just think, you’ll grow rich. If you just
think this correct way, you’ll grow rich and that’s where people fall. When I
used to sell the high end coaching, I used to ask people questions in the
questionnaire. One of the questions we asked was what are the three books you read
recently? Any time I saw anyone put “Think and Grow Rich”, it was a bittersweet
moment for me because on one hand that’s a good thing. That’s actually one of
the books you want to read to become successful because it lays down the 13
principles every single millionaire and billionaire list buy but at the same time it
is easily misinterpreted by the newbies and it is made into this metaphysical bible
that basically says so now that I’m aware of the principle of the mastermind I’m
going to be rich. Yeah, that’s going to happen. I just have to think about my
mastermind and that’s going to happen. I’m just going to kick back and think
about masterminding with the great minds out there and maybe I’ll even imagine
myself masterminding with Lincoln and Washington just like Napoleon Hill did and you
know something will happen that will make me rich. Well wake up, it’s not going to
happen. So that’s why, again I decided that it’s worth devoting a full episode
to alerting you, List Builders to this idea to this trap you might be falling into
because if you are finding yourself thinking all the right thoughts yet results
don’t show up then you’re probably doing this, you’re probably believing in
‘if I just’ principle.

Jonathan: So Igor, you’re about to lose respect from me as are all the List
Builders, I’ve never read “Think and Grow Rich” even though I’m pretty sure
I have a copy somewhere.

Igor: What? Stop the recording. Stop it. I’m leaving.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: No, I need another person to the podcast with.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Right now, I want everyone to know I do not associate with JR.

Jonathan: [laughter] Except for the other 35 or 40 or 50 episodes that we’ve done.
But let’s talk about this for a second. So I’m coming from a brand new mind who
has never read it, how is it that is being misinterpreted because I’m sure inside
the book it doesn’t say just think, does it?

Igor: Well, but it doesn’t say go work either. What the book is simply an
information resource which educates you about how millionaires think because
Napoleon Hill was hired by Andrew Carnegie to go and interview all of these
millionaires. He helped him set up all the interviews with some of the richest
people on the planet at that time; with industrialist, you know people who were
banking massive amounts of money. I’m talking the Elon Musks, the Donald Trumps
and the TV media moguls of the world.

Jonathan: Gates, Clintons.

Igor: Yeah exactly. So imagine you going and interviewing all of these people and
when he sat down, he wanted to find out how they think and that’s a really good
thing to do if you want to become rich. You want to study other people who are
extremely successful because they give you clues on how to operate your life, how to
operate your day to day in order to make lots and lots of money. However, what
Napoleon cannot transfer through that book is the actions that these people had to
take along the way because they operate in those times, there were circumstances
they leveraged, there were opportunities they jumped on and wasn’t just their
thinking. It wasn’t just one thing. It was the sum total of their habits that lead
to them becoming billionaires.

Jonathan: So is this sort of like the secret where you are just wishing for good
things to happen or maybe people who are taking it like the secret where their
thinking is that just that alone will get them the results?

Igor: Well it wasn’t designed to be the secret. It wasn’t designed to be a
metaphysical kind of thing. It wasn’t designed to trick you into believing you can
just think a certain way and you’ll be rich. But that’s how people interpret it
because well let’s face it, everyone wants to believe whatever they want to
believe often times when I have a conversation with a client and I think I’m
saying something, one thing and they hear something completely different. So I could
spend 30 minutes talking about the marketing strategies that I want them to take.
You know the marketing strategies I implement in my business and how they can
implement these strategies in their business and at the end of the call I get
something like you’re saying that I should keep buying our traffic. It’s so
frustrating because you can’t really fix that. The person has to fix it for
themselves first so when it comes to “Think and Grow Rich” you should definitely
read it, you should definitely keep notes on all the 13 principles. They are really,
really powerful but every single principle has to be backed up by massive, massive
amounts of day to day action and habits. Habits that force you out of your comfort
zone, habits that require you to step outside into the marketplace, habits that go
beyond the thinking part. Now of course I recognize that thinking is probably the
most difficult part of it all. The mental game is about 80% of your success. I
honestly believe that. I believe that your success is (a) internal and (b) it’s
80% your mind game, your inner game. Yet at the same time, you have to take some
physical action as well in order to turn these thoughts and ideas into actual
earnings. You have to get on to the market place and do something and then put some
offers out there and put yourself out there in order for the marketplace to reward
you with income.

Jonathan: Man, I feel like there’s an opportunity for Igor to create a new book
doing “Do and Grow Rich Part 2” of this thing.

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Nice. Well, I’ve got to go ahead and copywrite this because someone is going
to steal it.

Jonathan: [laughter] So then give us some ideas how you would improve it, how you
could actually for our listeners because you already get it but how our listeners
could take what they get from the book and then actually put into action?

Igor: Well the first thing I would do is I would probably change the title and I
would probably do what Dan Kennedy suggested to do because he was the first person I
have ever heard talk about Napoleon Hill being broke. So the guy who wrote the bible
for millionaires died broke and was rich for a very brief period of his life because
he wrote this book. He never succeeded in business and he failed many, many times
and he lost all of his wealth and he was bailed out by W. Clement Stone at the end
of his rope and who hired him to train his sales people. He basically died without
having anything to his name. So I would change the title just like Dan Kennedy
recommends and you guys know I’m a big Dan Kennedy fan boy so whatever you can
find by Dan Kennedy, get it. He actually gives you practical advice on how to get
rich. I would change the title to “How to Think to Grow Rich”, okay?

Jonathan: Got it.

Igor: So it’s different to just thinking and growing rich so how to think to grow
rich and I wouldn’t change the book. I would go as far as changing the book. What
I would do though is I would pay closer attention to the examples and the stories
that Napoleon Hill describes in the book than to the principles themselves. For
example, there is, I remember, one story he tells about the creation of the shopping
cart because there used to be a time where people went those grocery stores and they
didn’t have anything to drive around with to put the groceries in so the average
customer value was really low because they could carry so much but then someone
figured it out and they created the shopping cart and bam they became rich. So they
spotted an opportunity, they had an idea how to fix the problem that the marketplace
was suffering from that the people were suffering from and he supplied that solution
to the people and became a millionaire. So that is a way more effective way to study
the book and to leverage it to become a rich than to just read about the principles
that Napoleon Hill describes because what this example gives you is a very specific
idea about what to look for so if you get outside right now and just observing
people and the kind of problems they experience on a day to day basis, you can say
so I spotted these 10 problems that my friends and family complained about all of
the time so if I can - there is a good chance now that there are other families that
are experiencing the same problem and if I can fix this problem using a gadget or a
do-hicky or a software or whatever else that I have to create to fix that problem
and I can fill that gap and I can solve that problem for the people, it’s likely
that these people will pay lots of money for me to do it.

Jonathan: That’s one of the things, Igor, that I have found in being an
entrepreneur which is missing in most people is the problem solving, usually a good
product, a good service comes from you or me having a problem, making a solution to
solve our problem and then figuring out oh my gosh there is a bunch of other people
with this problem, they would probably pay for this.

Igor: Oh yeah, I can circle back to at least 8 products that I created this way and
in fact I became a traffic provider, a certified traffic agency because of that.
Because I realized that that’s one of the biggest problems that people have with
this business is that getting targeted visitors to their pages and I’m like if I
know how to do it and I know how to do it well then I might as well help other
people do it and bam that kind of blew up. There is demand in the marketplace. There
is actually an evergreen demand too. Like if you know of a traffic source and you
can leverage it and you can offer it to other people, you’re going to be
successful because offering traffic services and offering any other type of services
that solve evergreen problems for online businesses is always going to be in demand.
Because some problems are always there like let’s just step away from the online
world for a sec, let’s just do offline, gas, food, electricity, insurance,
whatever. There is so many things that a person needs on a day to day basis that
it’s really not that difficult to figure out which problem you want to solve so
again circling back to “Think and Grow Rich” the examples that Napoleon Hill
provides in the book are way more valuable than the actually principles he discusses
because they give you specific implementation examples and they teach you specific
lessons, specific as in the real world that allow you to say okay how can I model
this into today’s world, to the offline marketplace, the online marketplace, how
can I model this behavior not just the principle but the behavior into my life.

Jonathan: Good stuff man. Good stuff. Now I should probably go read that book and
dig into the examples. [laughter] So Igor what do you have coming up for us next

Igor: Well, next time, I’m hosting a very special guest. He is considered to be
the forefather of internet marketing, Mr. Ken McCarthy. We are going to be talking
copy, salesmanship, marketing, trust building and lots and lots of good stuff. So
I’m really excited to have you guys hear it and share your thoughts with me by
messaging me on Facebook.

Jonathan: Wow. That’s a good one, Ken is always fun. So that is a wrap for another
edition of List Building Lifestyle. Thank you List Builders for tuning in and we
will be back in your earbuds next time.

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