Advanced Conversion Tactics With Adam Holland

Adam Holland is a conversion specialist.

He helps marketers develop winning marketing campaigns in the home based business market.

Adam messaged me saying he spotted a trend where no matter the offer or the traffic source, marketers struggle to make sales.

And he said he knew why.

What he shared was so profound… so dead on accurate… I had to get him on the show to share this with you.


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host
Igor Kheifets. Today my guest is someone who I've been following around since
about '09. His name is Adam Holland and he's the head of the Adam Holland
marketing agency at Once an Amway failure and is now in
demand speaker and consultant in the home-based business arena. He specializes at
building custom sales funnels and marketing campaigns for his clients. I first came
across Adam, like I said, back in '09 when I was still trying to wrap my head
around how this internet marking thing really works. He immediately stood out for me
and ever since I sort of lost touch with him, but today I'm truly excited to
reconnect and rap about list building, marketing, and conversions. Adam, thank you
so much for being here.

Adam: Yeah. Thanks man, for having me on. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm

Igor: Oh, yes sir. So just before we get into the meat and potatoes, just like the
rest of us you start out broke unemployed and you probably were short on time and
short on everything. I mean, that's how I remember my journey. Had zero
resources, zero time and still trying to make this work. So obviously, having gone
to $20,000 per month within your first year online and pretty much just instantly
becoming guru, because you immediately got invited to speak at seminars etc. The
question on everyone's mind is how?

Adam: Yeah. I mean, basically what it came down to and for those who don't
really know my story, this is back in like late 2007, I had found the internet
marketing industry and I was kind of putting around, trying some different things
out in the beginning of 2008 I had made some money online here and there, but I was
basically reinvesting all that into my business and I was very excited because I was
like, "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm going to become
financially free, free myself from a job. I'll never have to work for a boss
ever again and the boss beat me to the punch and I got laid off of my job."
Instead, before my business was totally ramped up, this is February of 2008, so just
hit my eight year anniversary of that I guess, and basically what happened after
that is I drew a line in the sand. I had to make a decision on am I going to go back
and find another job full time or am I going to go and make it on my own as an
entrepreneur. And I said, after going to so many jobs, after college, and really not
finding anything that I was passionate about, I'm like, "Well, this is my
shot." Like, "I'm not going to give in and just go and find another
job and keep hopping, keep job hopping for the rest of my life in different
occupations that I'm not excited about. I need to find something that I'm
passionate about." And I found that internet marketing ended up being that
outlet. And to answer the question the biggest thing that I was looking at, the
biggest factor in going from zero broke, time was more of a factor when I was
getting started because I was working a couple of different jobs at the time,
actually. But because I had more of that free time I focused on like a S.E.O. and
content marketing and that kind of stuff to generate traffic. And because I had a
follow up process down and I was very good at conversions I didn't need a whole
heck of a lot of leads to generate that income. And I slowly ramped it up and by the
end of my first full year I was making $20,000 a month, and a lot of that goes back
to the fact that I was focusing on income generating activities. Too many people
just, they kind of get on line and then like, "Well, I heard I need to do
podcasts and I need to do a blog and I need to do this and that." They're
literally doing like nine things at once to try and create a "brand" or an
audience, when it's like, "Well, even if you had that brand and you had
that audience, would be making money from them? And a lot of people, they kind of
put the cart before the horse and they don't really understand the conversion
process. How can we turn one visitor into a dollar amount. And then, once you get
that one visitor you get ten, you get one hundred. And then, as long as you have
that machine set up, now you can actually ramp up and really start to build out the

Igor: It's interesting you mention that because that was my chief mistake, I
believe, early on. I keep telling everyone who I come across and anyone who was
really willing to listen how blogging didn't work for me. And I too spent a lot
of time doing content marketing as you put it, where I built out a really huge blog,
put a ton of content, I literally created all the content myself, it was 100%
unique. In fact, I like caught other people stealing it from me, which I was very
upset about, but that's beside the point. The point is that I built it out into
page rank four, and it ranked really well for some moneymaking key words. However, I
noticed that in spite of having 250 unique visitors per day, somehow I was not
making any money whatsoever. So after eight months of grueling hard work I scraped
the blog. And I now realize as you say that is jut sort of like voice it a bell
goes off for me and I'm like, "That's why it didn't work."

Adam: Yeah. Too many people are focusing on, "Oh, well if you build it they
will come." It's like, “No, if you market they will come."
[laughter] It's not field of dreams, it's on a paper click of dreams or
something like that. [laughter] Too many people, and this is very predominant in
the industry, I mean, I was I was given my buddy a bunch of flack on it recently,
because he's got a podcast and he's just showing like a couple of hundred
downloads a day and he's looking at his stats and for, excuse the term, but one
of my mentors when I first got into direct mail and direct response, he said,
"When you start getting hyped over numbers that aren't traffic and revenue
it's just mental masturbation." It's literally like you can pull out a
calculator and be like, "Oh, my God. This is going to be so good. If this many
people convert from the buyers..." or "Oh, my God." It's just
like, "Dude, you're literally jerking off over your marketing right now
which is not getting you anywhere." It's literally, "Getting a million
downloads of an e- book isn't going to give you anything unless you know how to
turn those e-book downloaders into actual buyers. You're giving away free
e-book." or something like that. So yes. I mean, it's great to have that
audience, but you need to understand that process. And once you have that process
it's literally like printing money at that point.

Igor: I really thought that for once, after all these episodes; we're going to
have one without any sort of dirty words like masturbation, but [laughter]

Adam: [laughter]

Igor: That was just a dream.

Adam: Sorry to disappoint you. Does that give me like the license to drop off some F
bombs for the rest of the show?

Igor: Absolutely. I think you earned some karma points right there.

Igor: Yeah. Exactly, exactly. So yeah, and it's mostly because it's
something that I'm very passionate about. Because I've worked with so many
people that are startups or they're are other affiliates for lots of different
home-based businesses and I take, I don't want to say like I take everything
personally, but I really put a lot of effort into helping other people succeed and
when I see that they're not succeeding, no matter what traffic source that
they've got or what their funnel looks like, you can have a halfway decent
traffic source and not even a halfway decent funnel, but if you're doing the
proper activities on the back end to generate those sales you get those results and
when I see people not doing the right activities and they're wasting lots and
lots of time I get, I want to say ticked off, but it's... I get very passionate
about it because I see so many people that like, there are a couple of degrees of
separation between doing lots of work and not making any money, into doing the right
work and making lots of money. And it's literally a couple degrees of
separation, because a lot of them, they've got, a lot of people have the capture
pages, they've got a free trip wire, $7 trip wire type offer, they've got
maybe a $50 application on the front end for their home business or something, and
it's that, I don't want to say it's like... On one hand you could say
it's the lie of every home-based business system that's ever been created,
it says, "Oh, it's system. It's all done for you." That works up
to a point, but if you look at every single top earner and every single opportunity,
if you look at anybody that's a personal development coach, whatever,
they've got their own products, they've got their own brand, they've got
their own relationship really with that list and it's not like, "Hey,
you're on my list. I'm just going to keep hitting the 'send' button
until you buy something. They're a lot more proactive in getting those sales.
And if you're not getting those sales, and this isn't making sense as well,
what are they doing? That's a surefire sign of the fact that you've
basically been sold into, "I'll just get an opt-in form and just send
traffic and it's all hands-off." I mean, I'm much more of a person
that's going to grab the flag and charge the hill and go after the sale, rather
than, "Oh, I want my website to do the work." I know lots of gurus that
will get 300, 500, plus leads a day and they can make the same amount of money as
somebody with 50 leads a day that are actually really following up with those leads.
It's a concept I like to call "slow down to speed up". So many people
just are trying to shove as many leads into their funnel as possible, to try and get
these stats on this and that. But if you're slowing down and you're trying
to connect with each individual lead, see what their needs are and be a little bit
more consultative. Your business opportunity, let's say, I'm sure a lot of
people on your list Igor, are in that industry, if your business opportunity
isn't necessarily the fit for them. Guess what? You might have another business
opportunity as like a second tier option or something like that. Or you might have
e-book that you liked on ClickBank that you purchased a few months ago that
you're like, "Hey, well, I purchased this a few months ago, you might get
some value out of this instead of my business opportunity. You can't afford my
business opportunity, here's a ClickBank product." At least, that way
you're monetizing that lead. And this is really how you can go from a $3 per
lead C.P.A. to a $30 per lead C.P.A. You know earning $30 per lead as opposed to 3.

Adam: Adam, I think you just burst a bunch of bubbles for a lot of people who
believe that they could push a button and send traffic to a page and just things to
happen magically. And I would love to keep going the same direction, for you to talk
a little bit about what really makes a great campaign, what really makes a campaign
which allows you to create automated sign-ups. What I mean is like, when it comes to
the equation of putting together traffic and the right offering and the right follow
up mechanisms, what are some of the chief components that perhaps you and your
company are building into something, or maybe something you've noticed over when
consulting with top earners, what is that secret sauce? Because there has to be some
sort of success pattern that my listeners are ignoring or are clueless about that
can propel them forward. Perhaps not make them millionaires overnight, but
definitely get them better results when they purchase advertising.

Igor: Right. So many people use like in their copyrighting on their sales pages, or
sales letters, via sales, whatever it might be, they use lots of different
copyrighting tactics like scarcity or creating a sense of urgency by putting a time
limit on things. And it's nice to have that kind of stuff for a launch, but what
I've found with most people, if you've got a business opportunity chances
are that business opportunity is going to be the same entry level product or buy in
or whatever it is, now, three weeks ago, or three months from today. So how can you
give people a sense of urgency or some kind of sense of scarcity when they can
virtually purchase whenever they want. And when you give people the option of being
able to purchase whenever they want, when do they buy? Never. [laughter] They
procrastinate, they forget about it, and they look at your emails months later and
are like, "Oh, I've been to check that out." And it's like, if
you're building a business on prospects that meant to check you out three months
ago. That's not a very good way to monetize your lists and you're going to
go broke really, really fast buying traffic, and everything. So the biggest
component I say is, I hate to use the same word you did, you say it's the
different marketing campaigns, well I use the word campaign in another sense where
it's not just the marketing campaigns where you're creating out paper click
campaigns, you're buying solo out ad traffic or whatever it might be, that is
one type of campaign, traffic campaign. I'm talking about a promotional campaign
and not to get into politics, but there is an election going on right now and all
these different potential next presidents of the United States are going to like
campaign in all these different states so they can get votes and delegates and stuff
like that. And it's time sensitive because there's a date set on when those
elections are going to actually be held. You know the location of that particular
state that they're going to be held and that timeframe. And people are either
going to vote or they're not going to vote. Or they're going to vote for
you, or not vote for you, that kind of a thing. So how do you do this in business?
Well, you do a promotional campaign that is time sensitive. So you might already
have a sales video set up that they've seen 50 to 100 times, whatever it is, 20
times, whatever it is. But now you say, 'Hey, everybody. We're going to a
webinar this next Tuesday night and I'm going to go over how I generated 50
leads last week. Again, it doesn't have to be huge numbers. People just, first
of all, need to see that you're in the game, you're taking action.
You're a doer, you're a leader. And you don't need 500 leads a day to do
that. Even five leads a day you're going to be able to show some kind of result
that you've got. And those five leads that you're getting on a daily basis
or five more than the newbie that's on your list. So what it comes down to is,
"Okay. We're going to webinar this Tuesday night and I'm going to show
you how I just got 50 leads this week. So go ahead here and register." So now
you've got people on your list that they may or may not have seen your business
opportunity video, but now you're going to do a webinar for them and provide
value. That's always been a big thing that you've probably heard a lot of
times, is you need to build that relationship, build that rapport with your list,
and build that value, and then in turn there will usually be some sort of
reciprocity for a percentage of those people that look at that content. They're
going to say, "Oh, this person knows what they're talking about. How do I
get more information? How do I work with this person?" Whatever it is. So the
next step is now you're actually on the webinar. Your webinar will be structured
where the first five, three to five minutes, you're going over a little bit
about your background, your history, how you found the industry, and then you're
going to get into the actual training. Go through 20-30 minutes of just rock solid
training, show them that you know, the back office of your campaigns, show them
whatever it is that you wanted to show them, to build that value. And then, you want
to have some kind of a bonus. It could be a one page PDF that literally is just a
checklist of everything that you went through in that webinar. It could be, if you
did the webinar on solo ads, you can say, "I'm going to give you my top
five solo ad providers." Igor, cough, cough. [laughter] Whatever.

Igor: That's right.

Adam: Exactly. So now you've got an e-book, it could be, again, one page as a
bonus and you say at the end of the webinar, "I'm going to give you this
for free as a new member of my business opportunity, as a new partner of mine."
So now, you're still providing value and you're going to provide them
additional value in the form of this bonus e-book or whatever it might be. It could
be free 15 minutes of coaching. You can, again, come up with lots of different ideas
for bonuses, but in this case we're doing the example of, you're going to
show them how you get five leads per day. Here's the five leads per day formula,
checklist or whatever it is. "Purchase my $50 application of my business and
I'm going to throw in for free this e-book bonus, this checklist bonus."
whatever it is. And this webinar and this bonus expire this Friday at 11:59 PM so at
the stroke of midnight this is gone and I'm only going to allow this download by
20 people. So now, you've literally taken something that was the same $50 sale
that was the week before you figured out a way to repackage it, share additional
value, and now give them an incentive to purchase that because they have a bonus
that are going to give, they're going to get additional value. So you're
increasing the perceived value of that $50 because you're giving that additional
bonus and you also add the fact that there's a sense of urgency, you have a time
cap, which is Friday at 11:59 PM. So at the stroke of midnight they can no longer
get that bonus anymore. And you can also set a cap, "Only the next 20 people
that purchase are going to be able to get that." So all of you that are
listening to this right now, hopefully what you're hearing if you've read
between the lines is if you've been generating 20 leads a day for the last
month, but you have gotten zero sales or a couple of sales out of that and
you're wondering what the heck the problem is, go ahead and do one promotion.
Implement exactly what I just said in that, try and get 100-200 people to register
for that webinar. So you have 100 people register for that webinar, 50 of them show
up, 30 of them stay until the end, and then you close three or five people.
You've literally probably doubled or tripled your sales if that's the only
number of sales that you got in the past. So that's what it's all about, is
just basically figuring out time sensitive promotions. And now, let you've done
that once, guess what? Shut down the bonus and focus on your marketing and focus on
upgrading those people in your business for the next three weeks and then when the
fourth week comes around, guess what you're doing? Another webinar and another
training on another topic. And you literally repeat that cycle every single month.
You'll go from that three to five sales and then the next time you do a webinar
you'll do five or ten, the next time you do a webinar you'll do 10 to 20.
And it'll just keep ramping up and over the course of the year, now you'll
be able to batch all the people getting into your home business in one week during
each of those months. So that way everybody's getting started at the same time,
you can kind of weed out the people that aren't going to do anything and work
with the people that are. It's basically just a machine. [laughter] It's a
machine. It's not only a money printing machine, it's also like a leadership
printing machine, or a leadership cloning machine, I guess you could call it.
Because now you see the people that are duplicating based upon your bonuses and your
extra training and everything and you know the people, who the people are that you
are going to work with.

Igor: Wow. Okay. Well, first off, I did invite you to an interview, I did not
invite you to create an information product.

Adam: [laughter]

Igor: You just gave away a whole blueprint on how to become a top earner. Thank you
very much. You guys can unsubscribe from the List Building Lifestyle right now and
just go and do that.

Adam: [laughter]

Igor: I mean, you really don't need to be anymore. But to circle back to
scarcity, I believe it is the single most effective marketing concept out there
which is also the single, I believe, underused or underappreciated concept as well.
Because I've seen some top earners out there still forget to use it and they pay
for it dearly with lost profits. Now, if you've been working with me for some
time you would probably notice that we do scarcity a lot as well and that's
because there's only two concerns that people have when it comes to buying
something, that is timing and money. And both just disappear, they vanish, when
there is scarcity. When there's genuine scarcity and there is a desire that your
client has to purchase your product, because just like you said, Adam. If you allow
them to buy whenever that just never happens, because there is... I mean, life is
just so busy. It's so full of events. There is like social media everywhere.
Tens of thousands of advertising messages hit us every day and we just cannot keep
up with that. So unless they take action now or unless they know what that deadline
is, it is just not going to happen. And to give an example, we run a campaign over
Christmas, so I believe we started out on the 25th, and it ran all the way until the
31st midnight. Well, just midnight on the 1st, midnight on New Year's. And we
have generated more sales on the very last day of the campaign when I kept on
sending out emails saying how it's almost over, it's almost over, it's
closing in 60 minutes and 30 minutes and 15 minutes and so on. We made more sales
that day than we did in all preceding days of the campaign. So because the deadline
was there, that deadline drove all the sales because that's how people are. We
are it was weird bunch of beings and we will not act unless the resource we want to
get or that benefit we want to get is a scarce one. And I always bring up this quote
from Mark Twain who said, "I do not want to be a member of a club that will
happily accept me as their member."

Adam: Right. [laughter] Exactly. It's too funny. But yeah, absolutely. You got
to have scarcity, you got to implement a lot of the copyrighting techniques. Just
don't do it all corny, where it's just like, "We only have 10 copies of
this digital product left." And then they check the website three months later
and it still says, "Ten copies left." or something like that."
[laughter] Please, don't be like... It's not like... People just get carried
away with trying to use tactics for the sake of using tactics and not doing it with
any kind of strategy behind it necessarily too. So that's my little side mark
near my side note.

Igor: Yeah. Fake scarcity doesn't work, guys. I don't think you should use
it. And to create scarcity it's actually very easy. Oftentimes you don't
even have to mention a limited amount of copies. You know what I do? I just go to and they create a timer that's date based. And I say,
"Alright, so this special offer is only available until date." And they
place this little java script code on my page and it just counts down automatically
and remembers everyone too. And I will say this, the more expensive and the more
complicated the offer you put out there, I guess the more value intensive it is,
which means it costs more money, the more it is critical for you to inject genuine
scarcity, and you will find that or just split test it if you don't believe us.
Split test running the same offer without scarcity and see your sales just plummet.

Adam: And then quickly turn off that split test.

Igor: [laughter]

Adam: [laughter]

Igor: So Adam, one last question. So after having been a top earner for such a long
time consulted top earners for such a long time, spoke on stages, done so many great
things and helped so many people, what would be your number one piece of advice to a
beginner list builder who's just getting into paid advertising?

Adam: Boy, that's a good one. God, I almost want to give a top three. But one,
basically just whenever you're spending money on ads to build your list,
there's no real such thing as losing money on advertising, you're just
figuring out what doesn't work and you're getting data in return. So if
you're concerned about losing money, first of all, I've actually way back,
way back when I did more consulting, now I just run the agency more and stuff, but
when I was doing coaching, probably six-seven years ago, I had flat out tell people
based upon their skill sets and how much money they may or may not have, they might
need to get like another part time job to save up some money to actually be able to
spend it on traffic, if things are that tight for them. And they're like,
"Well, why wouldn't I just learn SEO and spend all the time..." Like,
"No, no, no." SEO can go away tomorrow. All your rankings can go away
tomorrow. But when you get paid traffic you can just keep buying traffic. You can
keep ramping up those ads and everything. So I mean, that's I think number one,
is not to get all freaked out. You're never losing money. It all comes back in
the data that you received from those tests. And I think the biggest one though, is
just don't quit. I mean, if there's one major tip, it's not complicated;
it's not real technical and strategic. It's simply, don't quit. Because
I can't tell you that, like I was literally coming downstairs this morning and
the thought that came to my mind was the fact that football season's been gone
for three months and everybody wants their Super Bowl moment and we can't wait
until Super Bowl starts or we can't wait until the NFL starts up here in the
next three or four months or whatever it is, four or five months more like it. And
everybody's just waiting for it and they just, everybody here in the States, we
love football so much that we just love the athletes, and being able to cheer for
them and cheer on our team, and we want our team to go to the Super Bowl and win.
And it's that image of that MVP quarterback or whatever it is holding that
trophy above their head, their arms in a V and I kind of feel like that walking down
my stairs onto the first floor every morning, because I don't have the body type
to be a football player. [laughter] I'll just put it at that. I'm a thin
guy. So for me to be able to go and play a sport and achieve that kind of success,
and for most people, that's just not going to happen. But you know what we can
do? We can do list building, we can generate obvious subscribers, and we can
generate income online. And I feel like every single morning I've won the Super
Bowl because I get so wake up in this 3000 square foot house that we just bought
last year, just bought another car this past week, I've been to Cancun, Fiji,
London, Tampa, Atlanta, Minneapolis, a bunch of places, just in the last two years,
probably 20 different places in the last two years. I've been able to watch my
kids grow up, my wife's been a stay at home mom, she hasn't had to work for
about two and a half-three years now, and even before that she had her own home
business before we closed that down. So you don't realize the memories that
you're missing out on by already not having that capture page being built or
spending that few dollars on your first ad. So don't rob yourself of that future
success, don't rob yourself of those memories, get the shit done now, so that
you can in the future in the very near future, because you don't really like I
said, only a couple of degrees of separation you don't really realize how fast
it can come once you're in that mode and you're actually creating those
results. And then you can start to achieve that success that you've been wanting
to realize now for however long, get the results that's going to get you free
from the job and just experience life in a whole new level. And for me guys,
it's never really been about the house or about the cars, it's being able to
wake up when I want to make up, or go to the gym before I start work. Igor is like,
"You're probably a busy guy." And like, "I was playing video
games for like 45 minutes before we got on this call. I outsource a lot of stuff
now." So life is a lot easier. So hopefully, that gives you that are listening
to this right now, some inspiration and a little bit more fuel to your fire to want
and go out to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

Igor: I was going to ask what's the car that you bought, but now I'm going
to ask what did you play?

Adam: What did I play this morning?

Igor: Yes.

Adam: The game was... I was playing a game called Payday 2, it's a game on the
Steam platform for a PC and it's made by some independent guys whatever it is.
It sold like several million copies, or three million copies. But it's basically
a game where you and like three other people do like heists. You rob banks or you
steal jewelry or whatever and it's you versus the cops kind of stuff. It's
pretty crazy.

Igor: Realizing some dreams, I'm assuming. [laughter]

Adam: [laughter] You're right. Yeah. I just think of like, I'm taking back
the money from the IRS. That's what I...

Igor: I'm down for that. I'm playing too. I'm joining...

Adam: And as far as... I got to say, as far as the car goes, for people that know
me, I like the size of the house right now, I probably won't buy anything
bigger, but I am so not a car person. So by the time people see this I believe the
video will be out where me going to the Ferrari and the Porsche dealership and all
the Tesla dealership. It's kind of like all a big prank that I'm going to
be pulling on everybody. So if you're listening to this before the prank
happens, just keep watching my Facebook wall or whatever. Don't try to give it
away, but I'm going to be doing a rap video in front of a car that's,
let's say, not a Ferrari. Let’s put it that way. And it has a flashy bling and
it's just going to be a whole parody and it's going to be hysterical. So
I'm looking forward to it. This is the fun shit that you do when you've got
time and money to be able to do whatever the hell you want to. You make stupid
videos all day and prank your friends and troll them on online. It's all in good

Igor: That's the meaning of life. [laughter]

Adam: Exactly. Pranking each other and having fun. It's all good.

Igor: Alright. So as far as I know Adam does not offer coaching at this point, but I
believe you could go to and hire him to create you a
full-blown, done-for- you, marketing campaign. I believe it's regardless of the
niche, you serve all the niches, correct?

Adam: Yeah. I serve a lot of different issues. I'm predominant in obviously
those home business, personal development, fitness space, and if you're involved
in any kind of an info product, especially if it's e-commerce, but any kind of
info product and if you have a coaching back end, anything related to personal
development and life coaching. I've got some personal offers as well that
I'm launching here very, very soon. They've been on the back burner for, I
don't know, six or seven years. But now it's finally coming to fruition so
lots of different opportunities for traffic and for partnerships and stuff. I'm
also interested in hiring if you have certain skill sets. Feel free to shoot me a
message and we'll see what I can do for you.

Igor: Alright. So this might be that extra job you need in order to be able to
afford our traffic. Very good.

Adam: Yes. That's how I hired my assistant. Man, he's a great email
copywriter but he's got no audience. So I hired him.

Igor: [laughter]

Adam: So awesome.

Igor: Nice. I love it. Alright. Well, thank you so much for sitting down with us,
Adam. And I truly appreciate taking the time. Now that I know that you're not
busy I'm going to be harassing you some more.

Adam: [laughter]

Igor: Distracting you from all the video games and the fun stuff that you do.
Because I'm sitting here recording at 9 PM at night and my life doesn't seem
so exciting right now.

Adam: [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Adam: It's all good man. This is still the dream. You get to inspire some
entrepreneurs to go out and create their lives. So it's well worth it, man. Any
hour that you've got to work, it's still worth it.

Igor: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I mean, I couldn't be happier as far as the
business. And sometimes when there's time zone differences and stuff like that,
especially when you want to talk to really interesting people, I don't mind
staying out. But it's my wife that has problems with that. But she'll have
to deal with it.

Adam: [laughter]

Igor: Because ever since we started making money she doesn't quite complain as

Adam: Yeah. And these conversations are so much better than like the water cooler
conversations back in corporate America. So I'd rather have these at 2 in the
morning than be at a freaking job at 2 PM. It's not happening.

Igor: Man, I love it how you're passionate about not having a job. Guys, you
should read adopt that into your marketing because it's really, I mean, I can
sense this. I can really sense this listening to you. Sweet. So Adam, I'll let
you go. You've got some banks to rob and some heist to pull off and I'm
going to go ahead and see what's going on back home. So until next time we talk,
have a good one.

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