How To Become A Success Magnet In 5 Easy Steps With Tom Beal

Sometimes even taking a piss can be life changing.

Orlando, FL.

August 2012.

I’m standing at the urinal. The bathroom door swings open and a guy walks in. His face is familiar. It’s Tom Beal. It’s the guy behind the syndicate which created Internet marketing legends such as Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and Jeff Johnson.

I had no idea of the impact this person was going to make on my life and my business in years to come.

Tom has become my trusted adviser in matters of business, marketing, and self-development.

In the short time that we have been working together, Tom has helped me double my business and figure out more time in my schedule which resulted in me actually launching this very show.

Hands down one of the best “self-help” episodes we’ve ever done.


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“When I look back on my life in the very low moments, the moments that
put me on my knees and I thought how am I ever going to get out of this,
I can look back and be thankful for those moments because they gave me
the lessons that made me who I am today.”

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle
with your host Igor Kheifets. Tom Beal was born to teenagers, grew up
around four divorces and six marriages between his parents. He went on
to nine different schools by the eighth grade and became a national
bicycle champion, honor graduate from the United States Marine Corps
Boot Camp, became number one in five separate sales organizations,
assisted in producing tens of millions of dollars in online sales while
working as Vice President of Marketing for Mike Filsaime and President
of Strategic Profits for Rich Schefren. I first met Tom in Orlando,
Florida in August of 2012; he was standing at the urinal next to me. I
had no idea of the impact this person was going to make on my life and
my business in years to come. Tom has become my trusted advisor in
matters of business, marketing, and self-development. In the short time
that we have been working together, Tom has helped me double my business
and figure out more time in my schedule which resulted in me actually
launching this very show. I’m excited to introduce to you the man, the
myth, the legend, the kingpin behind this syndicate, Sir Tom of Beal.

Tom: Igor, thank you for that great introduction and hopefully standing
next to me at the urinal was an impressive experience, I don’t quite
recall. [laughter] But that is awesome. Funny enough, I was actually
next to the urinal in 2005 to Jay Abrahams so apparently a lot of great
meetings occur at the urinal so interesting to know.

Igor: Yeah, we should spend more time at the urinal, absolutely.

Tom: Excited to be here and share some great value with your List
Building Lifestyle people.

Igor: Awesome. So the one thing that List Builders are always curious
about is what are some of the biggest challenges and issues that you see
as a veteran of this business in our industry today?

Tom: Great question, Igor. This reflects back on 2015 where I travelled
to 11 different countries and spoke in front of thousands of home-based
business entrepreneurs and got to speak with hundreds of them
individually to really find out what were the problems, what were the
issues, what were the challenges they were facing. Igor, I have narrowed
it down to a few things that I feel that people are overcomplicating in
their life and in their business and it’s restricting their growth.
One of the main things is this statement. “An imperfect action always
beats perfect inaction.” So you probably have heard that before Igor
and you listening to this hear on the podcast but really let that sink
in. “An imperfect action always beats perfect inaction.” So what do
I mean by that. When I was speaking with these people, I was hearing all
these elaborate plans that they had, ready to roll when the time was
right. Well, Igor, I think you and I both know that the time is never
right. It’s kind of like you have a child, I have several children and
most people I know don’t have kids when they’ve got all their
“t’s” crossed and all of their “i’s” dotted. There’s
really not going to be a perfect time, now is the best time. There is a
statement that says something like, “the best time to plant tree was
20 years ago and the second best time is today.” So let that really
sink in. An imperfect action always beats perfect inaction. You don’t
have to over plan. You need to stop, think, and act in about that order.

Igor: That’s a big problem for the people in our industry, Tom,
because there is so much confusion out there, there’s so much
information overload. People are just deer in headlights often.
Sometimes it’s the simplest things. The other day I was talking to a
VIP client of mine, a nice lady just got into business 3 months ago. I
mean she is doing her best. She is a single mom of three. Her husband
just passed away. She was stuck for a week on this one simple task and
that is choosing a domain name. In fact that got her so confused and so
timid that she quite literally put everything else to a halt and she was
just waiting for the call with me for about a week to understand like
what is the right domain name. What I proposed, “Okay why not go with
your name?” She was like well I could then there are a million other
arguments as to why that would not be a great idea. So all in all, I
left that she was extremely confused about something as simple as
choosing a domain name and that seems to be the reality for many of the
people that I see in our industry.

Tom: You’re absolutely right. Let’s think about that compared to
brick and mortar. You know back in the day, there was a lot of overhead
you had to go lease a space where you could have your desk, your phone,
your signage, your office all set up and that was a large investment so
back then in choosing a name there was probably more thought that needed
to be put into it. Even then in those scenarios that was geographically
located so as long as people knew what you were doing, what is it you
provide they would have that understanding so now online you don’t
have to have one domain name, you can have 100 domain names if that’s
right for your business. By the way, I’m not recommending that as
something but the bottom line is don’t overcomplicate the simple
things. Stop, think, act. Stop, think, act. So in that scenario like you
said that’s a whole week of waiting for as you and I know now, Igor, a
fairly insignificant thing, look at some of the biggest companies
nowadays; Google, Apple, back in the day Yahoo. What do those names
mean? Amazon, what’s that mean? You know it doesn’t really matter.
You can make up a name and then share your unique selling proposition in
a manner strategically that will when people see it say, “aha, I get
what they do.” Here is a secret that John Carlton and Frank Kern made
popular, here is what I got, here is what it will do for you, here is
what to do next and simply things in that manner and just move forward.
Imperfect action always beats perfect inaction. There is a quote from
one of my first mentors from over 12 years ago, “You don’t have to
get it right, you just have it get it going.” You just have to get it
going and you know Igor you can’t learn to ride a bike by reading a
book or listening to a podcast and you can’t learn to swim by
listening to a podcast or reading a book. You have to dive in. You have
to get on the bike. And guess what? There is going to be some scary
moments. There’s going to be some scraps on your knees if you’re
riding the bike. There’s going to be some times when you’re holy cow
that edge is so far away in this pool how am I going to make it but you
have to dive in and you have to learn from experience. The best teacher
in marketing is experience. Was I or was any of the big names you know,
was Igor great when he first started? No. As you heard, Igor didn’t
even really have a grasp of the English language. I mean he’s a great
example of you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it
going. Had he thought, well I can’t do this until I learn English?

Igor: You know it’s kind of embarrassing though. I’m sorry to cut
you off but it’s kind of embarrassing looking at my emails and my
videos from back in the day. My friend actually dug up a video and about
a couple months ago he sends me this link and he’s laughing his ass
off. I click it and it’s me in the park, recording a video about a
company called Global Resorts Network which is a huge network marketing
company where I tried selling $3,000 travel packages over the internet
but guess what of course I sold none but you know watching this video,
I’m just blushing because it was just horrible, just ridiculous but
you’re absolutely right when you say you got to get out there and you
got to get bitten by the cyber-tooth tiger as Ben Settle says because
without this necessary step of making a mistake you will actually not
going to get to the point where you’re doing it right.

Tom: Correct. It’s a progressive flow from going to unconsciously
incompetent to consciously incompetent to conscious competence to
unconscious competence. So you don’t know what you don’t know in the
beginning then you see holy cow I didn’t know that I didn’t know
this and now I know it and then you can hone that craft and become
better at it and now you’re consciously competent and then there comes
a point where Igor when you sit down to write an email, you are
unconsciously competent, you’ve woven in all these different points
that will influence people and it will psychologically speak to them
because you’ve honed that craft of drafting emails and writing emails
which when you rewind to when you started you were unconsciously
incompetent and then you were conscious incompetent then you became
consciously competent and then now you’ve mastered it to the point
where you can just sit down and it will flow and if people were to
deconstruct it, they would be like “wow” look at all the influence
and look at all the psychological triggers that were woven into this
email and you didn’t even think about it when you’re doing it
because you thought about it for all those years when you practiced.
None of us begin at the expert level. We begin as a novice but you
can’t go from a novice to an intermediate without practice. You’ll
never go from a novice to an expert. You have to go novice,
intermediate, expert and then pro and that goes back to my bicycle
freestyle days. I wanted to do those amazing tricks. I wanted to do
those very difficult tricks and fortunately my mentor at the time who
was another teenager said I can understand you want to do that tricks
you see me doing but those are expert level tricks and you’re a
novice. You need to start mastering the basics and once you master the
basics then we can go into some intermediate tricks and then once you
have a grasp of the novice and intermediate level tricks, you can then
move into the expert tricks but you can’t jump. You can’t go from
kindergarten to senior in high school. Similarly in business you have to
start where you are and that’s okay, there’s no judgment. Everybody
who’s a big shot now started as a novice and by the way started with
all the flaws that we as humans all have that’s the other thing, Igor.
So that’s one. Imperfect action always beat perfect inaction. You
don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going. The next
thing is thinking that everybody who you see on stage or you see that
has a book or you see is a big name has everything figured out and/or is
doing all that they know that they could and should do. That’s the
other fallacy, it’s like thinking that the people on stage have life
and business all figured out. They are just as flawed as you and
probably more so. This is coming from someone who you are listening to
now who has hung out and spent time with all the big names in the
industry. Igor, you know all of them but we are talking Brendan
Burchard, Ryan Dice, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime, Rich
Schefren, Randy Jenkins, you name it. I’ve spent massive quality time
behind the scenes with all of these people and the funny thing is not
only are they flawed just because every human is but many of them have
extremely big deficiencies. I won’t share anything that isn’t
already published but for instance Rich Schefren, he’s got the double
whammy; procrastination and perfectionism are his two big flaws. He has
succeeded wildly while having those two huge flaws. That’s like the
double whammy; most entrepreneurs will never succeed if they have that
combination of perfectionism and procrastination. He built a team and he
built systems to where he can still have those flaws, he knows it’s
very difficult to change a person. So he’s not seeking to change
himself, he’s seeking to win with those deficiencies, with those huge
weights that are hold many people down he still has those yet built
systems and the team that allows him to thrive immensely not changing
himself but building a system where he can be who he is flawed and all
and have success. So recognizing that all these people have the big
names and have the big companies, in essence behind the scenes, they are
like “wow, I know I could be doing a lot more. I know we have a lot of
holes in our business. We have a lot of deficiencies. We have a lot of
areas that are far from optimal yet we are still succeeding wildly.”
It goes back to fail forward fast. Fail forward fast, they know that
they are far from perfect yet they are still taking that imperfect
action and they are failing forward fast. There is another quote from a
famous racecar driver where he says, “If everything is under control,
you’re not going fast enough.” Think about that if everything is
under control, you’re not going fast enough.

Igor: This is so true.

Tom: Yeah and Igor, I know you’ve done videos racing around the track
and I’ve done that as well and I’m telling you. My heart was going
out of my chest because we are hitting curves at a much more rapid speed
than I’m used to driving on normal roads and I’m thinking, “Wow,
is the car going to slip out?” But when you’re with that expert who
has done it hundreds and hundreds of times, you are just confident that
you have control of it yet it’s outside our comfort zone which is the
third thing. You need to push yourself outside your comfort zone. You
need to take that imperfect action. You need to recognize you’re no
different than the other experts. The only difference is they took the
imperfect action regardless of the fear that they had inside, regardless
of wondering what other people are going to think or say, regardless of
knowing that they don’t have all their ducks in a row, their
“t’s” are not all crossed, their “i’s” are not all dotted
yet they are still taking that action. You need to push yourself out of
your comfort zone and I’m telling you, Igor. I’ve listened to all of
the podcast episodes that you’ve put out. If your people were to just
listen to all of those, you have outlined the steps, what it takes to
really succeed and really to grow your list and really to deliver that
value to your list with the proper offers, it can and will create a list
building lifestyle for your listeners. You listening to this, you’re
in the right place. It’s just hopefully some of these words will seep
into you and really just drive you to say, “You know what I don’t
have it all figured out” and that’s okay neither does anyone else.
I’m not perfect and that’s okay because neither is anyone else but I
am willing to do the steps necessary and here is what they are. That
leads to the next thing, it’s not the big homerun, Igor and you
listening here. It’s the daily consistent seemingly small tasks that
you do on a regular basis, day in and day out, week in and week out that
pay the big rewards. It’s that consistency that pushes you forward.
There is another quote, “You are either consistent or non-
existent.” You need to become consistent in your activities. You need
to take this seriously. You need to treat this as you would a true
business. This is not a hobby. This is something that can literally
transform your lifestyle. I’ve been blessed for the last 12 years to
do things I never would have imagined myself doing as a child growing up
around all that adversity you heard when Igor introduced me. I didn’t
even know that kind of life was possible. It just wasn’t in the
growing up experiences that I had but I’ve now been able to travel the
world. I’ve been able to impact thousands and thousands of lives
throughout the world and make a difference and I want that for you. You
are capable of it. You can do it. You have the road map to do it. It’s
time to push yourself out of your comfort zone, know that you are
starting where you are and that’s okay. Start where you are. It’s
like Igor said his video makes him laugh, it makes his friends laugh but
guess what had he not done that it wouldn’t have put into motion all
the other things that made him go from that novice to intermediate to
expert and pro. You can do it too. So I have some steps and I don’t
know how much time we have, Igor, but I have what I’ve called the
“Success Magnet System” which can help you think proactively about
okay here are the five steps that I can put into motion that will get me
from where I am to where I want to be. Let me know if that something
that makes sense to move into.

Igor: Before you share that.

Tom: Sure.

Igor: We do have a little bit of time left before you dive into the five
steps which I would love for the List Builders to hear about, I have one
question. I have this friend of mine who he is working out actively,
he’s consistent about it, he really is and he lost a lot of weight in
the last six months but all the same time he goes to this gym where
everyone is just putting steroids all the time.

Tom: Right.

Igor: Now he says that when it comes to building muscle, a lot has to do
with genetics, a lot has to do how natural you are, with how blessed you
are with the perfect genetics. He says that Schwarzenegger as much as he
respects him, he had the perfect genetics for a bodybuilder and that’s
why he went into it. So my question to you is this, my friend tends to
kind of parallel the genetics things into everything else like he
believes unless you have been born smart enough you can’t get to a
certain level unless you have been blessed with some sort of talent that
you can’t get really good at something or at least he believes
you’ll get okay but you’ll never go pro stuff like that. So I have
the belief that if you really want something you go and you get it and
become great at it even if you lack something. Obviously there are
limitation like if I want to become a pro NBA player for me, it’s too
late now because I’m closing on 30 and that’s not realistic but if I
say I want to become a NBA coach that’s still on the map. So anyway,
my question to you is this, many people that I encounter, many clients
that I speak with they believe that you got to be a natural in order to
be successful in this business, they believe that the gurus and the big
shots, guys like you and guys like me, are naturals that you like you
said born and blessed with this stuff so are you saying that there is no
such thing as a natural in the internet marketing space?

Tom: Yes, absolutely, I’m saying that and here is the analogy that
comes to mind as you describe that, Igor. The Olympics are coming up
again and we have all witnessed a master gymnast whether they are no the
floor, whether they are on the pommel horse, whether they are on the
bars, we have all witnessed that in awe. We are all like wow, look at
that person perform. I guess, Igor, the question would pertain, okay did
that person come out of the womb and was just able to do all those
maneuvers that seem not even human to be able to accomplish or did they
pay the price behind the scenes for thousands of hours bleeding,
blisters, broken bones in some cases, hospital visits, pain that they
persevered and they did when no one was watching and yet when we see
them in that two minute of glory sharing their thousands of hours of
preparation, it appears to be magical and it puts us in awe like wow I
wasn’t aware the human body was able to do that and for anyone to
think, oh those people were just born that way is kind of preposterous
because we all know that no one can get to that level without paying the
price. I would say and I would submit to you listening that’s exactly
what you see in the online world. What you don’t see is behind the
scenes, the thousands of hours that Igor, myself and many of these top
names that you know of and respect are that gymnast that you see the
magic occurring in front of your eyes like wow look at them they must be
blessed, they must have been born with that. What you don’t see are
the thousands of hours of books that they have read, the thousands of
hours of conversations that they had, the thousands of hours that they
have been at live events, they have put the work in, they have just as
much time as that professional Olympic gymnast but behind the scenes
that no one saw that’s what you’re not seeing in the internet
marketing game, in the people who succeed in business. There is price
that is paid. There is opportunity cost that they gave up, some things
that people would consider fun because from my life I remember in my 20s
people going out to the clubs and stuff and I still went to the clubs on
many occasions but many times I would be like staying home, I’m
studying. They were like you’re not in college anymore; I was like no
I’m not in college. What are you studying for? For my future. What?
And it didn’t make sense to them. But I would stay home and study Tony
Robbins. I would stay home and study Wayne Dyer, I would stay home and
study Brian Tracy and what I picked up in 1990, Igor, or when I just
graduated high school, I picked up Tony Robbins, “Awaken the Giant
Within”, and there was something in there along the lines of
“leaders are leaders”. Tony came to that realization when he was
working with Jim Rohn that “wow all I have to do is read and put all
this great information in my mind and that’s the common element that I
see in all these successful people that I admire.” I said okay if
that’s all it takes I’ll dedicate hours to reading. So over the
years, over the decades, I’ve read thousands of books and good
information in is good information out. People don’t see that. People
don’t recognize the time and the opportunity cost that I put into
investing in myself that now allows me to do podcasts like this, allows
me to speak in 11 countries last year alone and impact thousands of
lives around the world because I prepared myself just like that gymnast
prepared himself or herself for that moment in the Olympics. So that’s
my answer.

Igor: Nice. I’m so happy that I came across you at the urinal to be
honest because it’s so easy being in the environment that I am in
today to give in right and I am easily influenced. If someone says
something, they just throw the idea out and the seeds plant themselves
in my brain and that’s it, I’m gone. I just end up thinking about it
and with you, it’s been great for me personally working with you is
that you plant so many seeds in my head when it comes to success that I
can’t help but eventually get my game up and conquer the challenge. I
mean so far in the last however how many months we have been working
together on this level. I don’t think there has been a challenge we
weren’t able to eventually over come together besides me getting me
into a proper jogging routine. I believe like that’s the only – or
taking the cold shower thing that’s one of the only things.

Tom: Yet, yet, we’ll say yet.

Igor: Yeah, we are still working on it.

Tom: Here’s the thing Igor, and you’ve witnessed this and there is a
quote that is not too comforting when you’re going through extremely
challenging times but I learned this quote from Napoleon Hill and it
goes like this, “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an
equivalent or greater benefit.” Once again, “Every adversity carries
with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.” Like I said
when I even tell myself that when I’m going through difficult times, I
want to tell someone BS, that’s crap. This is the big one. This is the
one and we all have those moments but I will tell you if you were to
reflect and for me personally when I look back on my life in the very
low moments, the moments that put me on my knees and I thought how am I
ever going to get out of this, I can look back and be thankful for those
moments because they gave me the lessons that made me who I am today.
And in business the one thing that you can definitely count on is chaos,
challenge, difficulties, obstacles, and change especially in this
internet marketing world. The internet is changing at the most rapid
pace any industry has ever changed in history, in human kind history. So
to think like the fitness thing, Igor you mentioned that earlier, great
I’ve reached my fitness level I never have to workout again, I never
have to watch what I eat and I never have to move anymore, I can just
chill, I reached my fitness goal. That’s ridiculous. That’s
preposterous. Similarly in business, it’s an ever evolving process,
you never finish. It’s never like Igor and I talk like we are great,
we’re done that’s it no more obstacles, no more challenges, no more
change, we’re set. We can count on change happening and being prepared
for that is the key and recognize that every adversity does carry with
it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit, you can pull through
this and you will pull through this. You may not know how in this moment
but we do circle back to standing up, dusting ourselves off and alright
I didn’t see that coming but here is where I am, where do I want to go
now with this new information that I have and if that’s the ideal
outcome that I have what can I do today to get one step closer to that
and that’s it. Dust ourselves off and stand up tall, get confident and
take that initial step. Stop, think, act.

Igor: Tom, so you kind of gave us the introduction, a brief introduction
now go ahead if you don’t mind give us the brief version of the
“Success Magnet System” without giving it away too much because we
do have very little time left, a very short time left and I still want
to leave some room towards the end to make a little announcement as

Tom: Cool, so here’s the thing. If you look back on your history of
any successful person and/or you personally listening to this, you’ll
hear the five step “Success Magnet System” and you’ll see that
yes, you apply these five steps whether you knew it or not. Now, the
good news is knowing these in advance you can proactively determine
where you want to go using these five steps, get there very quickly and
efficiently. So the first step of the five step “Success Magnet
System” is vision. What is your desired outcome? What do you want to
do? What are you seeking to accomplish? You need to get clear on that
vision. The more clear you are on that vision, specifically the better
and easier it is for you to get there in the most efficient effective
manner. Second step is belief. Belief in the fact that if others can do
it, you can do it too, belief in the law of cause and effect, belief in
the law of sowing and reaping so belief on numerous levels, belief in
your product, belief in your service, belief in yourself. Belief is key.
There is a quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think
you can’t, you’re right.” So whether you believe you can or
believe you can’t, you’re right. Belief is key. Third step, identify
and align. What does that mean? That means find someone who has done
what you’re seeking to do and you align with them and that can be in
this day and age, it’s unlike any other, you can get it from audio,
like you’re listening to now, videos, Kindle books, audio books, you
name it videos on YouTube, and/or the best personal mentoring. They are
able to bring you from where you are to where you want to be in the
quickest most efficient manor. Fourth step, commitment to action, we
already talked a lot about action that’s where the rubber meets the
road. Most everyone listening to this now, you included already knows
what you could and should do but you also know the inaction that
you’re taking in certain areas that if you were to transfer that to
taking and making commitment to get those done, your life, and your
results would transform. Commitment to action, consistent, improper
action was what the key is. The fifth step is have fun. This is the
secret step. Just think about climbing a mountain. If we were drudging
and hating this mountain climb how fun would that be? Man this sucks,
why did I choose to do this. Complaining is no way to go through life in
my opinion. If you choose to have fun on this journey, enjoy every step,
enjoy the cuts, enjoy the bruises, enjoy the missteps and the challenge
of climbing this mountain. When you get to the top, it’s a much more
glorious time and then you pick your next mountain. Right, you celebrate
for a little while and then you pick the next mountain. So have fun on
this journey and that ties into this journey is brief. Hey look, this is
a couple days after a tragedy and massacre in the United States and none
of us have a guarantee of tomorrow or next week or next month or next
year. You might as well have fun and make this a fun journey on the way
and achieve great results in the process. So those are the five steps,
Igor, of the “Success Magnet System” and for you listening I hope
you listen to this again and write them down and put them to work for
your next goals.

Igor: Wow! That’s deep. Even for me, even though we have been over
this a million times with you that is still very, very deep. Alright so,
here something I want to do, something that I never do on the show
actually and this is a shameless pitch. Now I’ve been working with you
for well quite some time now and just like I shared in the introduction,
I was quickly able to double my business when we started and very, very
quickly we kind of overcame lots of challenges so the kind of problems
we dealt with in my business just last year seemed kind of ridiculous at
this point. The challenges that seemed like a huge mountain are now like
bread crumbs so it’s nothing and that is why List Builders, I highly
recommend you go and visit and see if you can find a link or
some information on how you can link arms with Tom on a more intimate
level because I have never had someone who was more trusted ally on my
team someone who has had more impact on my success in this scope both
professionally and personally. I couldn’t recommend Tom highly enough
to be that person for you. Because we all need that person, we all need
that trusted advisor, we all need that guide, we all need that ally
because the world is a dangerous place, the only constant is change and
you just sometimes don’t know how to deal with it on your own. I
highly recommend no matter how many coaching programs you went through
before or whatever, reach out to Tom see if you can work together, make
sure you mention that you’re a client of mine. Just grab a hold of
this guy and don’t let go because he will impact your life in a way
that you would never thought possible.

Tom: Wow! Well, thank you Igor and that means a lot to me. I will share
a nice feedback for you as well. I’m thoroughly impressed with you as
you are a person who is committed to improving your results, improving
your impacts, spreading your message and improving your life but that
revolves around you knowing that that’s all going to occur by you
helping more people. You are the epitome of what I learned long ago from
Zig Zigler. You can have everything in life you want if you help other
what they want. I love your commitment to your clients. I love your
commitment and dedication to elite service for your people and you are
as I mentioned earlier doing it in a manner that few have chosen to step
up at that level and like I said you had tremendous guests on your show,
on this podcast, but I love the ones that are just you as well. You
share wisdom that can literally and is literally transforming lives
around the globe. I commend you for that and looking forward to
fulfilling this belief that I know your best is yet to come. So thank
you for your kind words and yes, you mention that you are a client of
Igor’s, a friend of Igor’s, I’ll take care of you tremendously as
well. Igor, thank you for having me here, my hope is that this touched
your people’s lives and that they reach out and that they share some
impact like here is the moment, the quote or the part of the audio that
really touched me, thank you. That’s why we do what we do. Nothing
fulfills me more than hearing how I’ve assisted you in taking your
life where it is to where you want it to be.

Igor: Well, thank you for that and yeah you’re absolutely right. This
is deep. I mean I think it’s one of the deeper shows we’ve had and I
mean a lot of the shows I’ve done with guests are focused on the
technique and the method but you know this has really gone down the deep
psych of the entrepreneur and this is where most entrepreneurs really
struggle. So we’ve been over this many times on our coaching calls
where you have kind of shared with me that well not really shared but
you really beat this into my thick skull where you kept on telling me
how we can only control our thoughts, our words, and our actions. I see
all too many people kind seek the reason for their successes and their
failures outside of themselves and if more people took more
self-responsibility and tell themselves and looked at themselves in the
mirror and say I am the only person responsible for achieving or not
achieving this result then first off I believe the world would be a much
greater and better place to live and second we would see more people
become successful. We would not see the average information junkie or
the average frustrated business opportunity seeker go out there and yell
from the top of their lungs about another guru scamming them or
something like that.

Tom: Right and let me just share – you hit a spot in my mind that
reminded me of when I was in corporate America. As you heard, I was
number one in five sales organizations in corporate America and I had
reached the top and I should have been happy but I knew that that
wasn’t all that I was capable of achieving. I remember listening to
podcasts, attending tele-seminars, actually they were not podcasts they
were tele-seminars back in the day and this was in the early 2000s and I
remember being in a spot where I’m like man I know my life, I have so
much more to do and I don’t feel that this corporate world is helping
me fulfill my potential. I know I want to travel, I know I want to help
other people and I remember listening to audios thinking man one day I
want to be great and by taking the actions that we have talked about in
this podcast episode here, I went from being at the top of corporate
America but miserable and having a dream to failing myself forward and
let me just tell you this, it wasn’t on a piece of paper of like a
graph of here is Tom’s dream and just draw a straight line up to
success. It was more of that squiggly line like of here is what success
looks like going down and you think you’re going to die and the plane
is going down. I’ve had that type of experience so wherever you are
listening to this know that you’re exactly where I was 15 plus years
ago. You’re probably where Igor was just a few years ago. I commend
you for being here. This is what it takes. These are the small seemingly
simple steps that get you from where you are to living your dreams, the
lifestyle that the List Building Lifestyle can give you. I’ve been
there. I’ve gone through it. I’m giving you that encouragement. You
can do this. You have aligned yourself with Igor. He’s pointing you in
the right direction. You’ve heard the five steps now it’s time to
get off your duff and take that imperfect action flawed and all and
watch what happens over the years. When I see you just like I saw Igor
at the urinal I want you to share like Tom here is where I was when I
heard this, it inspired me to take action, here is where I am now, thank
you. I’ve had people come up to me and they have heard I’m speaking
at an event. They flew from wherever they were to come see me, one guy
individually, he came up, I heard you were speaking and I had to come
thank you for what I heard five years ago, I implemented, I took action
and I now have a five million dollar company with 100 employees. He’s
like your impactful audio inspired me and now it touches hundreds of
lives of people that I now employ. That’s one of many testimonials and
I want yours to be the next. Don’t disappoint Igor, don’t disappoint
me, and don’t disappoint yourself and/or your family. You deserve to
take action. You deserve the results that are waiting for you by taking
those actions. You can do this. You got this, go make it happen.

Igor: Alright so before we wrap up. I just want to share with you guys
that you can also hit Tom up on Facebook at so if
you want to share how this interview impacted your life or maybe
you’ve probably heard Tom speak somewhere because he’s pretty much
fricking everywhere, go ahead and add him on Facebook, google him, do
whatever you have to do but seriously link arms with this guy on some
level because only good stuff can come out of it. Honestly, I don’t
see anything else happening. Tom, thank you so much for taking the time
to do with me. I know you’re a busy dude, fitting 12 years worth of
productivity into 12 weeks and until next time we talk, have a good one.

Tom: Thanks for having me Igor, make today great.

Thanks for listening to The List Building Lifestyle Show, make sure to subscribe on iTunes
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