Email vs Facebook with Chiara Francica

Some marketers (like yours truly, Ben Settle and Doberman Dan) hate it.

While others swear by it.

Until now I kept the List Building Lifestyle primarily about email and paid traffic.

But after being invited to a couple of Google Hangouts by Chiara Francica, the Flakebook Queen, I decided to reciprocate and bring her to the studio to rap about organic Facebook marketing.

She made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it.

And she agreed to share exactly how she does it.


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“We are all attracted to different markets so there are people who would
not work with me but they would work I don’t know with someone else so
it’s got nothing to do with looks as much as looks help, it really doesn’t
come down to looks with Facebook.”

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with
your host Igor Kheifets and today’s episode is a very special one because
I’ve invited the enemy. That’s right. Today I’m hosting Chiara Francica who
is a social media marketer specifically Facebook and YouTube marketer and
she claims to have made more than $100,000 on Facebook last year which
means she made more money just chilling on Facebook than most people
will ever make on their day job within 2 or 3 years sometimes. So Chiara
thank you so much for being here and are you ready for some ass whoopin’?

Chiara: Oh yeah. [laughter]

Igor: Alright, cool. So first off just before we begin and before I grill you real,
real bad do you mind introducing yourself and sharing your story as how did
you arrive at this place in your life where you have to do something as silly
as social media marketing?

Chiara: Alright. First and foremost before I introduce myself, I don’t chill on
Facebook, I actually work. [laughter] So basically, I had a normal office job.
I have a HR professional for over 3 years. What happened was over 3 years,
I was always ambitious so I always wanted a better position in the company
but there was never that much room for growth everywhere I worked around
here. I had two main jobs. There was never room for growth or if there was
it would be a reasonable raise and whatnot and I was just tired of my
ambition being trampled on. Every time I wanted to share ideas and how to
better things in the company, they were disregarded or they would listen
and not do anything so I got to a point where I was like you know enough is
enough. I was tired of working for people, people telling me what to do and
I don’t want to do it or being jack of all trades when I was supposed to be a
HR professional. So I decided enough was enough. I was actually asked to
leave because I was so tired of working in this particular company that we
just had an argument and I was let go. So I decided instead of looking for
another job, do a temporary job and my brothers at the time needed someone.
I was getting a salary but I thought it was worth the risk. At the time, what I
did was instead of actually continuing my role in HR, I took the risk of just
forgetting all about and doing a temporary job and working as much as I
possibly can and as hard as I can on making this internet marketing thing work.
I spent 14 months trying to figure it out. I tried many traffic strategies. Like
most people I was overwhelmed, confused, going in the wrong direction and
then all of a sudden I had that aha moment. I started working with 2 or 3
professionals on specific program and within 45 days I had my first 10K and I
had decided to go with Facebook marketing so free Facebook strategies not
paid advertising and that’s how I broke my first 10K and made up to 100K
online. So that’s how I arrived to this point today.

Igor: Wait so you’re telling me, you said I don’t really chill on Facebook, I
work. Well what is work? Please describe your work.

Chiara: So you have the Adword oriented tasks which you can outsource like
sending the initial messages to people where you get in touch organically.
Then you have to build relationships through messaging and then through
content. So the actual work comes in when you’re creating the content. In my
case when I’m creating the content to get people to get attracted to me. So
most people on Facebook when they are say they are doing Facebook
marketing, you see them doing it the wrong way and they are not actually
creating content that going to draw people to them in order to want to work
with them. But me, my actual work when I say I work actually always thinking
of ways to create content in the form of Facebook posts which are going to
get people to resonate with me as a marketer and want to partner with me.

Igor: Wait, wait, wait so you are not one of those people that compulsively
add people as friends and then look like a beggar when she reaches out to
them asking to buy her opportunity?

Chiara: Absolutely not. I’m the complete contrary that’s not how I roll with
Facebook. Definitely not, it’s all about giving first and then this way the sales
flood in later.

Igor: You mean like flood in like with pay traffic like we do here or flood in
as you have to like talk to a gazillion people all the same time which would
drive you nuts and deal with objections and rejection and stuff like that.

Chiara: So no.

Igor: No rejection?

Chiara: No, like everyone you deal with rejections and objections, every
strategy has it’s downfall but with Facebook it’s still a numbers game but what
I do is I’m more of an attraction marketer so the way I post on Facebook,
people ask how can work with me. So it’s all about the way you position
yourself and how you’re coming across to people on Facebook, you know how
are you standing out in their newsfeed and that’s what gets people to message
me and ask me for more information. I also create posts and content telling
people this is what I’m working on, you can send me a message and ask me
how you can work with me and start duplicating what I do.

Igor: Right so you’re putting stuff out there, like putting bait out there.

Chiara: Mhh hhm.

Igor: You have people reach out to you so they initiate the sales conversation
putting you in a very profitable position.

Chiara: Exactly. So basically what I do is I make people look up to me. So you
can look at it this way so that we can use your language, Igor, and you know
how you send out emails on daily basis or every two days.

Igor: Daily. Daily. We email daily!

Chiara: Alright, daily. [laughter] Not everyone emails daily though.

Igor: But they should.

Chiara: They should, I agree with you. The money is definitely in the follow up.
And it’s the same with Facebook. Instead of emails, we do Facebook posts. So
instead of getting people to click on a link, sometimes you can put a link, you
just have to mask it and brand it with your name or whatever. But instead we
do a Facebook post instead of the email and that’s how we get people to
message us as Facebook marketers, so to speak, your enemies.

Igor: Wait a second but there is a core difference between Facebook posts and
emails. You see with email, I know that I’m hitting really targeted people that
got on my list in the first place who I segmented through my squeeze page.
When you do a Facebook post, you reach what 7% of your friends and their
friends’ friends or whatever and how do you even know that they are targeted
like you’re almost sticking your finger into the phone book trying to randomly
reach strangers that have no idea who you are and what you talk about.

Chiara: Alright so no, first and foremost with the Facebook profile, the
percentage varies for each person. So if you’re creating content that is
targeting your audience and I will speak about the audience in a minute
because you mentioned that as well. If you’re creating content every day
that targets your specific audience then you’re going to get engagement
on your posts and if Facebook sees that your audience is engaging in your
post then each time you post, you will notice that engagement increases.
In fact over time, my engagements have increased drastically because I’m
always posting stuff out there that attracts my audience. Now the people
that I’m connected to, I’m not connected to anyone, actually I’m so picky
about how I connect to you. Before I message anyone or send a friend
request and I start building a relationship I profile the people or I get very
specific on the kind of groups that I go to and reach out to people to get
connected to. So I make sure that they are people who are already in the
lens or who know what internet marketing is at least so when I’m creating
content around these topics, they know what I’m talking about.

Igor: Okay. Okay but what would say is someone, me for example, that
questions this tactic like profiling people then reaching out to them and says
that you’re special here because you’re young and you’re beautiful. What if
you’re an old guy and you’re kind of ugly like who would befriend you?

Chiara: Okay, it is a factor that helps but there are people – I have students
who are not all beautiful or who are not all young and they put in the work
and they actually get results because the thing is we all attract different people.
There are some people who do not want to work with me at all like they look
at me as this young chick and just wants to have fun maybe but there are
people that simply do not want to work with me at all costs. They would have
been connected with me for ages and then for example I get a student in and
they are start doing the same tactic but they resonate more their value, their
profile, and their lifestyle so say someone that’s maybe more family oriented
than I am, they would resonate more with his kind of stuff. We are all attracted
to different markets so there are people who would not work with me but they
would work I don’t know with someone else so it’s got nothing to do with looks
as much as looks help, it really doesn’t come down to looks with Facebook.

Igor: Hmm. Maybe I can try this thing after all. You know there is a reason why
I do the podcast audio only, no video.

Chiara: Hmm, yeah, I see you post on Facebook so it must work. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] Yeah, I’ve been playing around with some Facebook posts recently,
doing some videos and I got to tell you a lot of the things that you’re saying here
resonate with me but there is one thing that I believe we need to discuss and that
is the content which appears to be the secret sauce. If it’s not the looks, it’s not
the energy, it’s not any technicalities then it has to be the content you’re putting
out so what type of content are you putting out?

Chiara: So the content you put on Facebook, what people need to understand with
Facebook is one thing, people are not only coming on to Facebook because they
want business tactics all the time or business tips. People go on to Facebook for
entertainment reasons. So when I post on Facebook, it’s basically a balance of
value and getting them to know me and like me easily. Now the way that I get
them to know and like me easily first and foremost is to my lifestyle photos.
Now I’ve travelled but before I have travelled, I was in Malta working a 9 to 5 so
I made use of what I had so my family, my brother’s dog, things that people
resonate with because unfortunately too many marketers are trying to position
themselves as a guru even if they don’t have results and people just don’t
resonate with that like you need to sell the idea that they can do it too. So if they
can relate to you as a human being first then when you provide value and
position yourself as an authority then that’s when they start approaching you
when you can balance out those two. So what you need to be posting on
Facebook, definitely you want to post pictures where you’re letting them in on
your life so I post photos of my family, I’ve posted photos of Malta so if I’m out,
I just take a photo. My camera is always with me. I’m always taking photos.
You just need your phone. Also I post lots and lots of videos. Every week, I
post 4 to 5 and video is very powerful. So you don’t need to be anywhere
special, you don’t have to be on some tropical island in Thailand. I do most of
my videos inside my house and they get me a ton of engagement because what
happens is when people watch you on video even if it’s just a simple video where
when you’re with your family and you just take a video of what’s happening on
the day with your family like an event, they start seeing you as a friend because
you just letting them in on your life. Literally when they can see you and they
can see you express yourself, when they can see you be yourself like they met a
friend. So people talk to me like they’ve known me for ages and I have no idea
who they are just because I post videos. Another thing and this is super mega
powerful is now there is Facebook live. I like to call it the new toy of the internet
now before it was Google Hangouts but when people that can watch you in the
moment live on Facebook that super mega powerful so what I do is I share value
and I have people question me four times a week on Facebook live. Other things
are a ton of value; even if you get results don’t just brag about your results, share
some content, some value that is going to help people achieve the same results as
you because when you do that what happens is they start trusting you more. So
this is how I see it, if I go out to two stores and I want to buy a new TV, if one
guy starts explaining all the details and how the TV works and whatnot like why
it’s a better quality than other TVs and you have another salesperson in another
store who is just pitching you and trying to sell you and is a pushy salesperson,
automatically I would go to the person who knows what they are talking about
and who’s trying to help me to understand how the TV works and whatnot.
That’s how we trust people; we are wired to trust the people that want to show us
how things work. So that’s why you want to be posting value and that’s how you
become an attraction marketer.

Igor: Okay, fair enough. But what if we don’t have results? What if someone
listening to this just literally started yesterday, what type of posts would you
recommend they do?

Chiara: Alright, so I started with no results and what I did was I would apply
the Learn to Teach principles so in the beginning, the person would really need
to focus simply as coming across as an authority and the way you do that is apply
the Learn to Teach principle. So what they could do is they could go for example
on YouTube and learn ways on how to either for example like get leads with
Facebook. I’m just going to use the same example on Facebook. Getting leads
with Facebook, they can get leads with Facebook. Those are results and what
they would do is they would teach for example people how to get 10 free leads
using Facebook and they would do a video on that. There are lots of people out
there struggling to get leads and there are a lot of people that would kill to learn
how to get 10 free targeted leads that would be a great piece of content that they
can put out and that would position them as an authority and get people asking
them for more information. That’s how I started so what I recommend is either 3
to 5 minute videos where they are teaching stuff to people about the market or
just content pieces where they write – it would be like a blog post but it would be
a Facebook post instead and they would post it on Sharing Tips On How People
Can Generate Their Target Leads for example.

Igor: Interesting. Can you talk a little bit more about Learn to Teach principle to
make sure List Builders really, really pick up on it?

Chiara: Learn to Teach so basically the first thing is you go learn something.
Pick a topic, let’s take another example let’s take branding. A lot of people struggle
to brand themselves. So they would go on YouTube and start looking for ways to
teach people how to brand themselves better. When they are taking notes, they
need to take notes that obviously are going to help them create the content to
help people create a better brand. The next thing is to do it. So they need to do it.
They need to be leaders, right, so they need to start applying what they are
learning so they start branding themselves and applying the notes that they took.
Then next they want to teach it. They would teach people what they have done
to come across as a better brand on whatever social media channel they are using
of course and that is the Learn to Teach principle and honestly it’s worked for me
and it’s worked for many others that started with no results.

Igor: So in other words, you’re saying focusing on teaching something that doesn’t
necessarily revolve around money. It can be something that revolves around the
technical side of the business or perhaps the philosophies of the business but not
necessarily here is how I made a gazillion dollars yesterday using Facebook.

Chiara: Exactly. I mean many people don’t start with a sales conversion sequence,
people start with other sequence. Some people want to learn how to build a blog.
If you go on YouTube you can learn how to build a blog just from watching
YouTube videos. I learned how to build a blog from watching YouTube videos
even though blogging is not my specialty but the content is out there, there is a
wealth of information out there, people just need to use it and teach it. So it’s
just a matter of targeting other pinpoints before they get the results so to speak.

Igor: Wow! Okay well to be honest, you sort of dumbed it down for us. I mean it
sounds like Facebook marketing ain’t such a rocket science after all because you
know I was always looking at social media where it’s 99% of people try to
appear to be successful but in reality they are just phonies and there is like 1% or
maybe even half a percent that really make a killing. I appreciate you coming
down and really demystifying the whole thing. So guys, if you want to work
with Chiara whether with regards to social media coaching because I know she
offers it or whether to join her in her business opportunity, head over to and Chiara is C H I A R A or you can hit her up on
Facebook, she’s friends with me so you can look her up on Facebook and if you
and I are friends then she will pop up real quick. So Chiara any last piece of
advice you would like to share with the List Builders?

Chiara: Well, I can share a piece of advice. I mean it applies a lot with Facebook,
could apply with List Builders as well but basically the most important thing I
believe in social media especially is being different. So what is everyone doing
because most of the people are getting it wrong, a lot of people are struggling or
they are not being taught the right way so just be different. For example with
Facebook, a lot of people are still standing in groups and I still don’t get why
because it doesn’t work. It doesn’t make you stand out. So just do the opposite
and be different. Be the person that comes across as a person of value and people
will stick with you. Other than that thank you so much for inviting me, I really
enjoyed being grilled [laughter] and sharing some value on this podcast.

Igor: I got to be honest. I really hope that I could pin you down but you killed it.
You sort of wiped the floor with me. So guys, you won. The other day, List Builders
win because you just discovered $100,000 a year with Facebook strategy so
make sure you apply this information if you want to learn more about these
tactics and get some handholding, hit up Chiara on Facebook. I mean that is
where she is pretty much 24/7. Also if you want to join her in whatever she is
doing as far as business opportunities, head over to So with
that said thank you so much for being here and until next time we talk have a
good one.

Chiara: You too. Thank you.

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  • Stuart Arthur 2nd October 2016, 10:53 am

    Hmmm Igor, so looks don’t matter? Well, I actually think they might!
    Chiara ain’t exactly hard to look at, is she?
    But, there’s also a good story to follow with this gal.

    Actually, the nice thing about FB is that there are so many people there
    you are bound to find a few that are interested in what you do/say.
    I am constantly amazed by who will like one of my photos or posts.
    Thanks again for the great interview. Cheers, Stuart.

    • Igor Kheifets 5th October 2016, 4:08 am

      Chiara is pretty. That’s a fact. That’s hardly enough to get people to put out $15K per membership though. She’s obviously got something extra going on. Specifically, she’s able to quickly build rapport with her audience and she spends a lot of time in her prospects’ world. Her audience feels they can trust her, because she understands them. She’s also VERY active on Facebook. Very. That helps too.

  • Nancy Mteki 2nd November 2016, 7:06 pm

    She is pretty and open minded woman who is ready to share information about her business. Job well done Chiara you inspire me. l joined Digital Altitude through her facebook page she knows her business well.


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