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One of the reasons email marketers fail is because they write boring emails.

Why their emails are boring?

Because they’re (for the most part) product-focused.

They write about the features, benefits and price of their offer. From a marketing stand point that may be correct, but it doesn’t sell with email.

What does?

Find out in the new episode of the List Building Lifestyle!

Who Is Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

He’s also the host of List Building Lifestyle, the podcast for anyone who wants to make more money and have more freedom by leveraging the power of an email list.

He’s widely referred to as the go-to authority on building large responsive email lists in record time.

Igor’s passionate about showing people how to live the List Building Lifestyle.


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