Tendency Is Not Destiny

“What’s the average optin rate for the MOBE squeeze page?”

“What’s the average sales conversion on the Digital Altitude VSL?”

“What’s the average open rate of your leads?”

These questions are annoying as hell.


Because there’s actually no such thing as an average result.

Averages can only be calculated in static environment where variables never change.

Marketing isn’t anything like that.

There’s too many moving parts.

Your offer, your traffic, the day of the week, the time of the year, your email autoresponder, your team, your domain name, your hosting, your follow up strategy, your mindset and so on.

Tendency isn’t destiny.

Someone else’s results never equal your own.

If averages dictated results we would never see such huge income gaps in a single company.

Let alone ALL opportunities.

What does that mean to you?

It means, even if average success rates seem pretty slim, it doesn’t mean you’ll fail.

It could, in fact, mean the opposite.

Find out how to turn poor averages into extraordinary success.


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle back in your earbuds
for another week of list building tips with your man, Igor Kheifets. What is up?

Igor: Hey Jonathan, well you know today’s episode ain’t going to just be about list
building because what we are going to discuss, I think applies to every area of
your life and especially to the areas most important to us like health, wealth,
relationships, you know and what I want to talk about is basically tendency is not
destiny. Now think about it for a second as a traffic provider I get this question a
lot where people say what’s the average conversion for X? What’s the average
conversion for an offer of some sort? Or what do people get when they promote
this sort of or this type of offer with you? They are looking for tendencies. They
are looking for averages. I really don’t like this question because in my opinion
that’s a really bad question to ask because tendency never guarantees results.
Tendency never really tells you what you’re going to get and if anything if I in
my life if I ever went by the tendency, right, or if I started this business for
example and just decided I’m just going to mention the results that people tend to
achieve I would be a failure just like most people out there.

Jonathan: Good point.

Igor: So this really comes up for me, this really stuck for me recently when I was
going through a rough patch in my health life. I got this back problem which I
developed over the last eight years of working sitting down behind a computer
and it’s a lower back pain sort of thing where I don’t really know how to explain
this but basically it hurts like hell. So I found this great chiropractor who started
twisting and turning me and basically made me do exercises which I really, really
hate. But I have to do it because that’s how this thing heals; you got to bring the
blood flow back into the spine. So he’s got this group of people that they come
in and they do these exercises either every other day or maybe twice or three
times a week and I look to them and I’m like man all these people are fucking
broken. They can barely turn their hips around and I don’t want to be like that
and I asked them the question like how long does this guy come and does the
exercise and he’s like he’s been doing it for six months. How long does this lady
doing it? She’s been doing it for year. I’m like wait a sec so most of your people
are lifers like they do it a lot; I’m going to be like that in six months? Still not
making any progress? To which of course he said, no you’re going to progress
much faster because this guy for example I put this guys spine together after a
horrible car accident. This lady over here she used to be in a wheelchair now
she’s walking straight. So basically he reminded me that look while the tendency
for this sort of condition is that people live their entire life with horrible back
pain and often times it gets so bad at the later stages of their life that they have to
go through surgery which is only 50/50 by the way like it doesn’t really
guarantee a cure while that is the tendency, you don’t have to be like the rest of
them. Right, you don’t have to be because you can apply yourself in a way
which guarantees much better more outstanding results which of course is
something that resonates with me because that is the same thing, that’s the same
message I want to deliver to the List Builders that most people suck at email
marketing, most people suck at list building, most people are afraid of paid
traffic, most people just plain and simple don’t achieve much but that is tendency
that’s not your destiny.

Jonathan: Wow, I like the net results of the average internet marketer, shit. [laughter]

Igor: Well they are. [laughter]

Jonathan: A little bit of truth for you there, boys and girls. [laughter]

Igor: You know what is ironic, Jonathan, is that it’s just not for the newbies. A ton of
people, I’m sure you’ve met them that have been online three, five, seven and ten
years still get no where and at first I thought it was the guru’s fault. Right, the
gurus were basically misleading and selling bogus information and stuff like that
but eventually when I moved into coaching I realized that it has nothing to do
with the gurus. In fact many gurus are actually nice folks, like they are really
cool people and they really care about their teams and they really care about their
clients. The problem is that most people don’t really apply themselves in the
habit creation aspect of the game and we spoke about this many times before
where success is all about you’re daily habits. Your results derive from the
habits you create in your life so if your habit is to read one book a month on
influence, it won’t be long before you become a great communicator and a great
influencer. But if your habit is to watch TV an hour before you go to sleep
instead of reading then your results will probably not change much from what
you’re getting right now. And circling back to my back pain healing class, I
noticed that there is a bunch of people who come there just to socialize like the
guy who leads the class, he is this Ex-Soviet Army dude who quite frankly puts
people together like he is very strict, very disciplined, like no bullshit attitude,
like the way you would imagine a Soviet person, like very straightforward let’s
get to work, let’s get the shit down like of guy. I respect that. I come from the
same sort of background only I was born just before the Soviet Union fell apart
but the mentality, the spirit of the times kind of stayed. So he is always getting
angry at these people because they come there to talk and to kind of slack off and
if you kind of notice how he’s doing the exercises where he is giving his all, the
intensity with which he doing it is just amazing. While other people they sort of
like do it half-assed way in the same way that people approach internet
marketing. It’s the same way that people approach writing emails. In the same
way that people approach their list building and their traffic generation. The
same way that people pretty much approach anything out there.

Jonathan: I don’t know if I’ve ever asked you Igor but how did you make the transition into
coaching from what you were doing before that?

Igor: Well to be honest, it circles back to Dan Kennedy. Dan Kennedy is great at
helping you get outside of your comfort zone and he always preaches information
marketing so for example, if he consults a chiropractor, he insists the chiropractor
keeps offering his services as a chiro, fixing peoples’ backs and helping them
walk again however he also insists that this chiropractor goes out and teaches his
business to other chiropractors which turns into second stream of income often
times matching or outgrowing the income he makes with his profession if you
will. So once I became an established traffic provider, I stemmed into the niche
of teaching other people how to build traffic businesses which actually at the
time matched my income as a traffic provider. But eventually, I decided to move
away from it because it became too time consuming and I had to make a decision
between spending more time with kid and giving more attention to my wife or
making more money in that business. So had basically shift phase and ask
myself what can I do with my traffic business to double my income so I don’t
basically give up half of my income, right? So I can double my income without
adding as much work which eventually we ended up creating Igor Solo Ads.

Jonathan: Right, right so you have the Solo VIP Club also right which is some sort of
coaching but it’s more on a group level rather than that one on one deal.

Igor: Actually it’s more of a hybrid.

Jonathan: Okay.

Igor: Unlike other coaching programs, I don’t like doing weekly webinars. I just don’t
like the idea. So instead what I do is I do calls. I do 30 minute calls once a
month with each every member which we schedule upfront and I usually do
those on a call day. So the call day is Sunday and I just stack up my Sunday with
calls back to back so I can give personal undivided attention to each and every
client that wants it rather than do the webinar thing which again in my opinion I
don’t like that. I don’t like the group environment. I prefer doing one on ones so
that’s how I decided to structure the coaching and at that the same time there is
also the mastermind where you can ask questions and collaborate, there’s the
members’ area where there’s a bunch of marketing material and content on
training and email marketing, traffic generation, influence, persuasion etc.,
psychology which basically gets you up to speed on the kind of marketer you
have become in order to make money. So while there is that personal element, it
is very limited just one day per week so I have the rest of the week for my own
business and my family.

Jonathan: Ahh, I see so you restructured everything. That’s good. Good to know, good
little tips there for anybody that wants to start that kind of business. So I derailed
you, my apologies. Every once and awhile, I want to dig into your business.

Igor: Well, you know, we’ll just let it slide this time. [laughter]

Jonathan: [laughter] Thank you.

Igor: But if you ever pull that one on me again, man, I swear to God, I’m going to

Jonathan: Hop a plane?

Igor: I’m probably going to spill the secrets anyway so yeah I can’t say no to you.
You know that.

Jonathan: Good stuff, Igor. So let’s get back on track here with the intention that you
started with.

Igor: Yeah, so tendency is not destiny which means if you are attempting a new
endeavor if you’re stepping into a market, if you are trying to make a name for
yourself and all you see around you is people that fail who often times will also
convince you to give up on your dream, you should not do that. You should not
give in to their doubts and even more importantly you should not give into your
own doubts because your own doubts will set in quickly and they will just have a
grip on you – they usually do on me so I’m only assuming your experience will
be similar. So you have to protect your mind from these unproductive prophecies
if you will. Right? So the predictions that your mind makes saying that it’s not
going to work, most people who attempt this fail etc, etc, etc. Don’t buy into that
shit. It’s not true because tendency or in other words what most people do and
get does not have to be your reality. If you ask anyone who is successful in life
or in business, you’ll see that that’s the case because there is always this black
sheep out there so there’s an industry full of losers and a black sheep that makes
it. Now most people will attribute their success to luck and being at the right
place at the right time and yada yada yada but I honestly don’t buy that. I believe
that anyone who became successful even if they have had luck which if they
practiced they probably had luck because I know that the more I practice the
more luck I get because I’m prepared to take advantage of opportunities so never
ever ever buy into the idea that someone became successful simply because they
won the lottery and they don’t deserve it. Usually they do and if they don’t, they
lose their success very quickly so you can actually see them become successful
and kind of fall, right? Just fall very very quickly.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Which is why you should look at those black sheep as the potentiality of where
you can be rather than an exception to the rule which dictates your life.

Jonathan: So Igor, I want to talk about the flipside of that so you’re saying that the
tendency overall in most of these industries is a lot of people fail but one of the
things that I run into is when I’m talking to people they see guys like you and
like Ben and Doberman Dan and they are like, “God, those guys are so
successful, I want it quicker.” So what would you say to those people who think,
“Ah, I just need it quicker, I need to be at their level right now”?

Igor: It’s impossible. It’s impossible. Ben says, “You got to get bitten by the cyber-
tooth tigers out there.” In other words, you have to go and make mistakes and
learn from your mistakes and learn from your experiences. There are so many
things starting out that you don’t know that you don’t know yet that you simply
will not be able to shortcut this. You are where you are right now and that’s
basically the perfect place for you. Now the challenge is to learn and grow in a
way which allows you to get results and build on those results. I understand the
feeling, I understand the desire. I used to be the exact same way. I used to look
at Abel James and I used to look at Frank Kern and I used to look at Jeff Walker,
Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsaime, and all these guys. I remember going through
Frank Kern’s “Mass Control 2.0”, I implemented, Jonathan, I kid you not, I
implemented the entire course to a tee, all four modules starting with product
creation to JV invitations, I sent out snail mail letters to people, I did everything
but I sold maybe four copies of my e-book.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: Now it’s not because Frank’s method didn’t work. It still works. If you do this
now, it still works but I still was not in a place in my life and in my business
where I could really take advantage of that. I didn’t have the network required to
make that happen, I did not have the rep required to make that happen. Like if
you get a snail mail letter from a guy you don’t know inviting you to do a launch
sure you might pay attention for a little bit but unless he is super convincing you
ain’t going to do it so that’s what happened with me. I sent out letters to all the
big guns. If found their websites. I went to whois.com to look up their
addresses. I did everything; I worked really hard on that launch. I think I
worked for two months. It didn’t happen but at first I thought it was because the
course was crap but it wasn’t. I now realize that I lacked so much and the
problem, Jonathan, for someone in my position at the time was I didn’t even
understand that I lacked that. I didn’t even get that. I couldn’t, I just couldn’t –
my knowledge base, my experience base wasn’t rich enough to appreciate many
of those things and you know sometimes I train new employees and I really hate
that I’ll be honest; I really hate training new employees but sometimes you got to
do it. So when training a new sales person, I know the challenge is not to snap
for me personally not to snap at the sales guy because I see things that the new
sales guy cannot see because I read hundreds of books. I’ve done tens of
thousands of sales conversations. I have done hundreds of conversations over the
phone selling coaching etc etc etc so now I’m able to spot things most people
can’t. Like I look for clues which most people which are invisible to most people
just like you Jonathan if you listen to a podcast you can probably pinpoint exactly
what are the mistakes you know the podcast owner is making however to most
audiences – most audiences are oblivious, they don’t know, they just listen to the
podcast. Right, so it just stands out for you because that’s your thing, you know
that’s your profession. So same thing for me so when I train a new sales guy, I
used to snap at them because how can you not see this, how can you say
something like this which means that and now can you not understand that and
that wasn’t right of me. I should have kept in mind the curse of knowledge and
the fact that I was at the place so far ahead that they couldn’t even like
comprehend what I was talking about. So that same thing when it comes to
success, you know someone looks at Doberman Dan or someone looks at you or
someone looks at Ben, they say, “Oh my God, these guys are so successful, they
rake in a ton of money, they have the lifestyle.” Jonathan surfs every other day
doesn’t seem to work at all. It looks like he is living the dream lifestyle. He’s
got the beard, everything but truth of the matter is Jonathan probably went
through a shit ton of trial and error. Jonathan has probably read a bunch of
books. Jonathan went to Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach Training, right?
Jonathan has gone through a bunch of different things. Jonathan has probably
failed at two or three other business before this one so all of that preceded his
supposedly overnight success.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Right?

Jonathan: I like the sounds of that. [laughter] Thank you for painting a pretty picture.

Igor: Well there you go. So anyway, my point is that the reason Jonathan, Ben and
Doberman Dan and every other guru out there are successful ain’t because they
are lucky but because they failed enough times and studied enough things to
become the kind of person you must become to make X amount of dollars. I
believe Napoleon Hill said that in “Think and Grow Rich”. He said, “If you want
to make a million dollars, you have to become a person that is worth a million
dollars.” This sentence, this quote, really sums up what this idea is all about like
what I’m trying to say right now where you will not make 10 grand per month
until your inner game is worth 10 grand a month and that can only happen once
you learn 10 grand per month worth of skills, once you make 10 grand worth of
mistakes, right once you go through 10 K per month worth of life experiences
and on and on and on.

Jonathan: Good stuff Igor. Good stuff, man and I feel like we got to do a future show, we
got to go back to inner game some more deeper. But what do you have coming
up for us next time?

Igor: Next time, I pulled a rabbit out of a hat, man, honestly because I secured an
interview with a person who never does them anymore. He’s one of the co-
creators of Black Belt Recruiting his name is Mike Dillard. He created Magnetic
Sponsoring which changed literally hundreds of thousands of lives. I remember
starting out in online marketing and that was the first course I purchased and
went through because I started in network marketing. So basically I’m truly
excited to share with you, guys, that the next episode is me grilling Mike Dillard
about what it takes become success on the internet.

Jonathan: Wow! That’s a big score. So I’m looking forward to that one. This is a wrap for
List Building Lifestyle; we will be back in your earbuds next time. Thanks for
tuning in.

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