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What’s the best way to follow up with your list?

What’s the best time to follow up?

And should you even bother following up if they haven’t bought in the first 7 days?

Find out in today’s episode of the List Building Lifestyle.


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Jonathan: Welcome back to List Builders to another edition of List Building Lifestyle.
We’ve been going email crazy and that’s going to continue today with Mr. Igor
Kheifets. What’s happening, my man?

Igor: Hey Jonathan, I’m ready to talk some email. I’m ready to up the game for the
List Builders who honestly Jonathan I think email is where they suck, where
most people suck.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Almost no one pushes the envelope with email.

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah. That is true. Before you jump in, I’m going to do this because you
talked about reviews on the last one and let’s go ahead and give props to one of
our listeners who gave props to us. This comes in from Des Morgan and he is in
New Zealand and here is what he writes. “Igor is a wealth of knowledge when it
comes to solo ads and he freely shares his experiences and provides great advice
so that any novice list builder can survive and thrive and build a viable business
using solo ads.” How about that?

Igor: Nice. Finally, some appreciation for my work. Thank you Des.

Jonathan: [laughter] Listen the appreciation shows up in your bank account every month,
don’t try to fool us.

Igor: Well, you know. Okay, you got me.

Jonathan: [laughter] So what do you have in store for us today, Igor?

Igor: You know, Jonathan, I remember having a conversation with a buddy of mine,
Devon Brown, the creator of “The Easiest Sales System” and “The Web
Copycat”. We were masterminding about sales and about how soon should you
follow up with a prospect. It’s funny because I’ve had this question on my
questionnaire when they filled out a form, it was a question like “When would
you like us to contact you about this opportunity?” We would get all sorts of
crazy responses like 5pm the next day, next month, in August, like in two hours
of me submitting of the application, right now, etc. Since Devon had way more
experience in sales than I ever had like he started out selling cars actually. I
asked him like, “Hey D, how soon should I call them? Should I just wait for the
time that they requested for me to call them like if they say call me next
Saturday, I just call them next Saturday?” He’s like, “Are you crazy? You call
them right away. Like the moment you get the damn application, you pick up the
damn phone and you dial because they’ll forget about you before next Saturday.
They will forget about you tonight.” That is so true, Jonathan. That’s double for
email. If you ever wonder about how soon should you follow up with a lead
using email, okay, as soon as you get the opt in if you will. The answer is now.
The answer is immediately. The answer is as soon as humanly possible which is
why when you get into my world when you end up on planet Igor and you submit
an application or get on my list, all of a sudden you get at least three emails
within the first 10 minutes wanting to confirm your subscription, another one to
notify you what is going to happen next, another one to give you a gift or
something like that. There is a whole process we build out where 10 minutes into
it, we kind of put a blanket on you like an Igor blanket if you will.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: So you remember who Igor is, you remember why you opted in and you
remember that there is a conversation that’s about to happen by the end of which
you will have to give us a clear yes or no about a buying decision that you’re
planning to make.

Jonathan: I need to submit an app and see what you’re up to there, big boy.

Igor: Oh yeah, you should play prospect with me, man, for sure. I don’t mean in a
sexual way. You should just play prospect with me because I remember having
in another conversation with a guy who works for a very famous marketer who is
considered to be the go-to- guy when it comes to funnels. They purchased some
traffic from me and we got on the phone with them because we needed to consult
them on something. So he’s like, “Dude, how many times do you email?” I’m
like, “Well, it depends on which list you end up on but usually no less twice per
day and when you just get on a list you get several emails.” He said, “Yeah, I
noticed that, you’re like fricking spamming me.” I’m like, “Well, okay I can
appreciate that I definitely mail more than the average bear but let me ask you a
question. Did you buy?” He’s like, “Yeah, I purchased five hundred clicks.”
I’m like, “Case closed.” [laughter]

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: He’s like, “Good point, maybe we should email more.”

Jonathan: No kidding that’s funny especially from somebody buying traffic. He should
have been thanking you for making it so easy.

Igor: Yeah not only that but also a lot of people aren’t ready to buy right away,

Jonathan. I’m sure you noticed that. You’re doing these strategies session thing.
I mean is it everyone you talk like very receptive and says, “Oh yeah, let’s sign
up. Let’s do a podcast together.”

Jonathan: No, not even close.

Igor: So in order for us to pre-qualify people and to talk to only the best prospects and
not to even waste time with people who aren’t ready to make a buying decision
yet not that we don’t respect them, it’s just that we don’t believe it right to ask
them to make a decision if they are not ready mentally or emotionally or
financially or whatever.

Jonathan: Right.

Igor: We want to take them through this process. We want to build them up towards
that point. We want them to feel comfortable during this conversation and we
want to align ourselves and understand where these people are. This is really
important. Like other people don’t realize the fact that most people who get on
your list although interested are not going to buy right away. It doesn’t mean that
they don’t want to hear from you. It doesn’t mean that they just get on your list
for the sake of getting on your list and they will never read your email. Some
people are like that. Sometimes they need to stay on the list for awhile before
they can make a buying decision maybe not even make a buying decision but
some need to just stay on your list just to make a decision to talk to you about
making a buying decision. Again remember people are very timid and fearful.
People have doubts. They are skeptics. They’ve been scammed before. They
don’t feel educated enough about your product. I was going through this process
a couple of weeks ago. This buddy of mine who I told you about Jonathan, who
we have coffee everyday.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: It was his birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to gift him with a camera
lens because he actually getting in the habit of shooting daily videos for his
grocery store. So I’m like the last person on the planet to know what to do in this
case. I don’t understand cameras. The closest I’ve ever come to a camera is
probably my iPhone. I don’t own a digital camera. I never took interest in them,
nothing. So naturally, I go online and try to research what’s the best lens for his
camera which I got the name of from his wife. So after 30 minutes of research
going back and forth, I realized there are too many options, it’s too confusing and
I gave up. I just gave up. For two days I procrastinated about doing it again
although like the birthday was fast approaching because I felt so stupid about
this. I felt like an idiot. Naturally, I did not want to go the camera store because
I was like well they are going to see that I’m an idiot about this and they are
going to take advantage of me.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Because we live in Israel and that’s what people do over here. They are going to
see that I’m an idiot, they are going to see that I don’t understand anything about
cameras, I can’t make an educated buying decision so they are probably going to
sell me something super expensive because I’m going to come in. They are
going to see me pull up in my $80,000 car, they are going to see me come in with
my wife who has a Prada bag or whatever and they are going to sell me
something really expensive which I don’t need which my friend doesn’t need. So
long story short, what I’ve done. I’ve spent a couple of days watching YouTube
videos, camera reviews and then I also called up a friend of mine who is very
knowledgeable in this and expressed what the goal was and my friend needed to
be able to shoot videos in a poorly lit closed door environment like his store.
There is no sunshine there. So he needs a lens that can actually pick up light.
She instructed me on what to do and I went ahead and I stepped into the store
feeling confident knowing exactly what I needed. I knew how to test it. I knew
what I wanted. I knew what I was looking for. I didn’t show up as an idiot
which again allowed me to feel that I was making an educated buying decision
because we all want to feel that way, Jonathan. No one likes to feel stupid when
making a buying decision.

Jonathan: Of course not then they are not going make that decision like you didn’t, you
delayed it until you got educated.

Igor: Exactly. If there was not a deadline, I would have probably kept on delaying
that. Now the beautiful part of list building is that it allows you to educate your
clients seamlessly and slowly but surely get through to them to a point where
they feel educated enough and smart enough to approach you and have a
conversation by which point you’re already a trusted advisor, you’re not just a
salesman. They trust you. They want you to suggest what they are supposed to
do because you projected the value and you projected your expertise through
your daily emails.

Jonathan: So I want to go back to something you mentioned. You had to make that
decision to buy the lens because you had a deadline. So how do you use that or
do you use that in your emails?

Igor: Obviously, we had an episode where we spoke about scarcity. It’s a whole
science in and of itself and I recommend that you go back and you listen to it.
Scarcity is the single most powerful decision making driver on the planet, I think.
Just talk to pregnant women and the husbands of pregnant women you’ll see
what I’m talking about. The deadline is evident. How do I use it in my emails?
Very simple, I would do a sale with a clear deadline. I would imply scarcity
overtly like my traffic runs out this month and I’m booking the last couple of
spots for June or whatever so if you want to run your traffic in June, you got to
talk to me right now. I will talk about having allocated a very specific special
type of traffic and only having 10,000 clicks on that and running a special deal on
that. So long story short, I will use scarcity any way that I can in my emails. I
will use date driven scarcity. I will use amount scarcity. I will use price driven
scarcity. I will use whatever scarcity I have to as often as I can in order to help
people make buying decisions. But again only do that after I’ve established
myself as trusted advisor and not just a sleaze ball salesperson.

Jonathan: What does your intake campaign look like? You sent two or three emails on the
first day, is it like a set auto-responder or are they put right on broadcast?

Igor: Well, I’m actually more aggressive than that, Jonathan. I have two emails going
out right away. I have two more emails, one of which is manual going out about
30 minutes later and from that point forward they get a daily email on the follow
up and one more email on the broadcast.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: So this super aggressive, most people like I said they are not pushing the line, the
envelope hard enough but it works for me. So List Builders you can try with one
email a day, see where it takes you. If it works, try two emails per day. If it
works, keep on pushing until it stops working.

Jonathan: [laughter] I think you’re scaring people right now. [laughter] But I like it. It
makes me want to – it inspires me to up my game and so Igor what kind of stuff
do you do to help build that trust with the people as they come in so that they can
make that decision confidently.

Igor: Well, it all comes back to the info-taining principles. In fact, instead of telling
you about it, I recommend you pick up a copy of the free Igor “Survival Guide”
which you can get on our show website. Just go to
listbuildinglifestyleshow.com/blog and you will see a big banner ad. It’s a
training I recorded which reveals the 17 principles I use in order to be info-
taining in my emails which of course results in my list looking up at me as an
authority, building a pedestal for myself in their eyes.

Jonathan: Man, I’m surprised we haven’t talked more about that on the show. That’s a
good idea, I forgot that was there; always building resources, man. So any other
thoughts on emails going stale fast and what people can do to execute better?

Igor: The only one thing I believe that’s important to share and kind of drive home is
just like when you’re going out there hunting for numbers if you’re single and
you’re dating and you’re hunting: approach woman and try to get their phone
number. Once you got her phone number, there is absolutely zero guarantee
she’s going to pick up the phone the next day. If fact, she might not even
remember you. So email marketing is the same exact same thing. If they give
you their email, it does not guarantee by any means that they will remember who
you are tomorrow. It’s not going to guarantee they are going to buy from you. It
does not guarantee they will like you. It does not guarantee anything which is
why if you’ve been building your list and then emailing your list and nothing
happens and people just reply with an angry email saying, “Who the hell are you,
stop emailing me.” That is normal that is absolutely normal. You should take
that as part of doing business. However, this is also an indicator too of the fact
that you have to follow up quickly and aggressively. That is critical. This is
really important for you guys to understand. Just because they gave you their
email does not mean they like you, know you or want to buy from you.

Jonathan: [laughter] Surprise! Alright so what do you have coming up for us on the next
one, Igor?

Igor: Next one, we’re discussing funnel hacking. This is a term coined by Russell
Brunson, my guest on the show. One of the top email marketers if not the email
marketer in our registry right now, the creator of “Click Funnels”, the guy who
we all know, like and trust, great guy by the way. He talks so fast and he is going
to basically break down entirely how he funnel hacks. Basically how does he go
into a competitors sales funnel and identifies exactly what makes the funnel
successful so he can model that for his own business. This is the strategy he used
in order to build his four million dollar a month business in several different
niches. If anything, they should just listen to this episode because the guy knows
what he is talking about, he’s a trusted authority, we know that everything he
says is actually true but not rehashed theory, he practices what he preaches and
he is one of the greatest guys I ever gotten a chance to interview.

Jonathan: That’s funny; I was just talking about hacking your funnel. [laughter] How about
that? And we didn’t even plan it. That is a wrap for another List Building
Lifestyle. Thank you, Igor. Thank you, List Builders for tuning in and we will
be back with you next time.

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