The Best Day And Time To Email Your List

What’s the best time to email your list?

Is there a specific time of day when your subscribers are most responsive?

Is it best to pitch on weekdays or weekends?

Should you even bother emailing during the holidays?

I answer all these questions (and more) in today’s episode of the List Building Lifestyle.


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle. List Builders, I have your hero, Mr. Igor Kheifets. How’s it going, brother?

Igor: Hey Jonathan, goes well, there’s like four people in the coffee shop today. It’s really relaxed. I’m chilled out and it’s just the perfect vibe for recording an episode.

Jonathan: Alright, man. What do you have in store for us today?

Igor: Well, I want to discuss one of the biggest issues for people which for me it’s not an issue at all but it looks like everyone is confused. What’s the best day and time to email your list? You ever wonder about that?

Jonathan: It reminds me of something you told me and I don’t know I wish I could remember which episode it was. It was in the very beginning when you told me that you started your hustle and started emailing twice a day and I don’t know if you had the experience a couple of months back where the Aweber, I think rates across all auto responders dropped badly but Aweber, my open rates dropped to about a third and I took your advice and I started emailing my list twice a day. I would email my normal 9pm at night and then I would do the no opens at 9:15 in the morning and it brought my open rates back I don’t know if there’s a great time to email but I know that emailing more is good.

Igor: Oh yeah, for sure. You kind of answered the question. The best time to email your list is every single day. Now which time of day to be honest for me it’s a really difficult question because I mail multiple times per day to kind of hit multiple time zones because there is the Pacific, there’s the Eastern, there’s the Central, there’s the European, there’s the British which is no longer part of the European unfortunately. There’s a bunch of different time zones and the marketplace is so global thanks to the internet that there is no perfect time of day to email your list which is why we can get away with mailing twice, three times, four times a day as long its all relevant but the best day to email your list is all the fricking time, every single day even on 4th of July. You know on 4th of July this year, I doubled my click through rates to my open rates. Like other people don’t even mail on 4th of July.

Jonathan: Really?

Igor: Yeah. The best thing they could do is just send a “Happy 4th of July email”. Now the more advanced marketers will do a “Happy 4th of July email” and tie it into a promotion. However I just ignored the whole 4th of July thing and I just focused on the very specific benefit driven email like if this is what you want go here to get it and my open rates and my click through rates doubled for my customer list on this day. A day where supposedly everyone is supposed to be outside, partying, getting drunk, firing fireworks, or whatever, I just made more money than an average day.

Jonathan: How about that. The people are ignoring – why do you think it is that people are afraid to email everyday?

Igor: For the same reason that people in real life are afraid to go and learn how to sell because they don’t know how to communicate and they never realized that for as long as you’re relevant and info-taining you’re a welcome guest in their inbox. The people usually feel like a pest.

Jonathan: Pest. Tough part.

Igor: Yeah, yeah. Like people feel like a pest because they feel “Oh I’m here to sell them something. I’m a pest. I’m a bad guy.” However if you’re selling something good and you’re doing it in a way which is educational and entertaining all at the same time then you’re selling the welcome in their life. That’s why you can get away with mailing twice a day, three times a day because your stuff is actually something they anticipate and they expect and they want to hear from you. So rather than thinking of yourself as a pest, as an unwanted person in their inbox that they sort like tolerate like that annoying cousin you’ve got. Think of yourself as their best friend as someone who they are happy to hear from. I got this buddy of mine, one of my best friends; we get together for coffee once a day. Now unfortunately, Jonathan thanks to you we had to skip coffee today because I had to sit down and record. I told him of course that it’s your fault but usually we get together and we just sit down and we have coffee once a day however there’s days when I would call him up or he would call me up, and he would say, “Hey dude, let’s have coffee.” Even if we had coffee three hours ago, I’m like, “Sure, let’s do it” because the whole experience of having coffee with my buddy is something that I look forward to, something that I enjoy, something that I like which is why you have to make your emails info-taining because if they like them, they anticipate them and they get this value of entertainment from them, they will love to hear from you everyday even it’s Christmas, 4th of July and so on and so forth.

Jonathan: I’m thinking when people don’t email they are more of a pest because the people who email less seem to me to only email when they have something “important” to say or “something to offer”. Are you offering stuff in every email?

Igor: Oh yeah, absolutely. I’m just following Ben Settle’s advice on this one and pitching in every single email. I don’t remember the last time I sent out an email without a pitch. The only time I think that I’ve ever done that was when I did a mini launch to my list and I’ve had five emails that were warm-up emails towards a big thing that was when I did not pitch in every email. I waited to pitch to the last one when I built up the interest. But when it comes to my daily emails absolutely, every single email ends up with a link to my traffic service. And lo and behold, my traffic service is doing really well.

Jonathan: Gee, I wonder why. [laughter]

Igor: We just recently installed a CRM which is – can you explain what a CRM is Jonathan because …?

Jonathan: Yeah, Customer Retention Manager so the way I look at CRM so let’s go basic. Most of us have Aweber or some sort of auto-responder that’s the first level of getting a lead and the way I look at a lead is that’s a seed. That person on your email list is a seed and they grow into your CRM so once they go into your email list then you’re next goal is to turn them into a customer and when you turn them into a customer that’s where that seed is growing and that’s what the CRM is for. Now you’re adding leaves onto that tree because you have their credit card information, you have their address, you have their phone number and if you use a CRM properly then you’re always adding to that which is more branches and more leaves so you find out what books they like, you like what their wife’s name is, you find out that their son just graduated and by the end of some time you have a really built out view of who your customer is and what they like and that is why it’s a customer relationship manager because you know enough about them and you can keep that relationship going if you’re using it properly.

Igor: Exactly, thank you very much. I don’t think that I’ve heard a better explanation of what a CRM is. So to me this is a data management platform where I can track things. I can find out how many people I’m converting from the total amount of people who are reaching out. How many customers come from this source or that source and so forth. So believe it or not, Jonathan, about 53% of my monthly business comes from repeat customers, from people who have been on my list for awhile. Now would it happen if I wasn’t emailing them everyday and pitching every email? Hell no. Hell no. It only happens because I’m in their face all the time obviously doing it this certain way and if you still don’t understand what info-tainment is and how we do it, I recommend going to to get a taste for it. Definitely get on Ben Settle’s newsletter, get on my list for sure, go to and submit an application, you’ll be added to my list automatically and see how we mail in order to kind of get understanding on what info-tainment is. That is how you turn from being one of those marketer types to becoming that person they actually want to hear from and your name actually not your subject lines but your name becomes a force in their inbox.

Jonathan: That’s the thing that I believe most people over look. They think the subject line is the strength and the way that you do it, the way that Ben does it, the way that I do it, it’s your name because once they start seeing you everyday, they either become interested or they get the hell off and either way is fine with me but that name is more powerful than anything.

Igor: Yeah, yeah and Ken Hokoana said the same exact thing when I spoke to him. Ray Higdon mentioned it I think as well. Anyone who’s a really powerful email marketer realizes that at some point that the name matters more than the subject line and the way I found out it was when I developed this group of coaching clients who paid me a lot of money and incidentally I guess it was inevitable they started stealing my subject lines. They just went in and Igor is my coach and I paid him a lot of money so now I supposedly have permission to copy and paste his entire emails and so sometimes they would steal the whole email, sometimes they would just steal the subject line either way it wouldn’t work for them. They would come back and Igor it doesn’t work and blah blah blah and you swiped some work and I’m like “Dude check out my results.” They work. Why didn’t they work for me? Oh because you’re not Igor. You haven’t developed your voice and you haven’t built up the credibility and the authority with client through your daily emails. They have been getting my emails for months now, they have been enjoying them for the months, some of them are hating me but still read my emails to see what I’m going to say next so naturally my name is what pops up for them. When they scan their inbox for relevancy in the morning, my emails don’t get thrown into the trash because they are important on some level and yours are not so they get thrown into the trash or they get marked as spam or etc because your name is not worth anything. Again you make it worth something by daily consistent emailing.

Jonathan: So that’s a problem when people are trying to reverse engineer, they look at what you’re doing and they say, “Hey, that subject line must have worked, I’m going to use that.” That’s reverse engineering. How important is it to actually get the information from the source, to work with you and to be able to be aligned with you versus trying to reverse engineer?

Igor: Well, I guess when it comes to email; a lot of it comes down to the style. You can’t really copy my email and expect to get results. It simply won’t work because I got my own style and my own tone of voice in which I deliver the email. However, if you’re able to reverse engineer my thinking behind why I use this word and not that word, how come the first line of my email is a one word paragraph and not a five word paragraph, how come the idea of the email that rolls around like squeeze pages and not about clicks etc. This is when you’re able to transform or transcend your copy/paste nature which is how we learn in the beginning, right, Jonathan?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Like when we were kids we model. That’s what we do. We just copy and paste. You’re about to transcend that and you start thinking for yourself. You become consciously competent of the kind of process an email marketer goes through when writing email and you start following that process for yourself and you end up developing your own unique version of that process at which point this is when you become an authority to your list when you truly project a unique personality, a unique sense of style, a unique tone and you’re not afraid to do it daily and you have something important to say.

Jonathan: Do you help your members develop that style; is that part of what you do when they sign up with you?

Igor: Oh yeah, not everybody, obviously if you just purchased traffic from me, we don’t go beyond just a building you a landing page and guarantee 30% opt in rate in and of itself is an amazing guarantee. However, member of my VIP Club which you can find our more about at, they do get this privilege of having me review their emails and tell them exactly what they are doing right, exactly what they are doing wrong and exactly how to fix their emails so it gets great response. In fact, I have this client who has been going through a rough patch who got great open rates with Aweber, Jonathan, and all of a sudden something happened just like you mentioned a couple of weeks ago and his open rates plummeted. So at first no one was able to figure out what was wrong, we started working on his swipes and we dramatically improved his open rates simply by teaching him write better subject lines for one and two we were actually able to identify a technical issue which helped us help him double his open rates simply because the links he was using were getting him to the spam box.

Jonathan: Ahh.

Igor: So by being hands on or should I say more hands on with my VIP members because I obviously have my own life and my own business to run but we do have scheduled times when we get together and you get access to me on Facebook as well. We are able to help our clients dramatically improve their results.

Jonathan: Excellent stuff, man. So any other tips you can give us to be better email marketers?

Igor: Oh yeah, there is one tip which I never heard anyone mention anywhere even the one email marketer we all put on the pedestal, Ben Settle. That is how do you come up with things to write about? That’s one of the biggest questions I get as well is, “Igor you write so many emails, you say you write two or three emails per day which I do, how do you know what to write about? How do you never run out of things to talk about?” So the reason I don’t ever run out of things to talk about is because I don’t talk about subjects. I don’t sit there and say okay let me choose my next subject and that is going to be the Chinese economy. All of a sudden, I’m like what do I write about Chinese economy that’s too big of a subject, that’s too big of a challenge if you will, that’s too confusing. You don’t know where to start. Instead what I do is I write about slants, I have a slant. The definition of a slant I believe is a point of view from which you talk about something. So Jonathan, you did a great slant in the first issue of your podcast newsletter about what is the proper way to launch a new podcast. Now you could have probably written about a million other things when it comes to podcasting like what software to use or what’s the best day to publish a podcast, how many podcasts per do you have to publish. This is something I just got recently, a friend of mine who watches this podcast right now, he’s like dude what’s the best frequency for a podcast? I’m like, “How the hell do I know, ask Jonathan.” But that is one of those questions you can talk about and so all of these are slants. You don’t just write about podcasting in general, you focus on one specific point of view or question or element or issue or desire and you talk about that. So don’t talk about list building, talk about building a list with solo ads. Don’t talk about solo ads, talk about what is the best day to run a solo ad. Don’t talk about email marketing, talk about what the three best ways to increase your delivery rates when using Aweber. See you go into the specifics and you’re offering your point of view that’s the best way to give your list a daily dose of who you are as well as establish yourself as a trusted authority in the desired field of whatever it is that you’re doing.

Jonathan: That’s gold. That is gold right there, break it down into smaller stuff and then give your perspective and people that agree with you are going to bond with you, the people who hate you are going to hate you more and you just keep on making money. [laughter]

Igor: Exactly, you make money and you win either way. I was just talking to Wayne about this the other day. I got someone who pushed a spam complaint on me; the other guy found me on Facebook and wrote a very angry message to me. I’m like great, use it. Just make fun of him to your list because if there is one person who hates you there are a hundred people who love you. It’s just that they don’t voice it. They write to tell you about it. Jonathan, how many downloads do we get a week right now on the List Building Lifestyle?

Jonathan: Oh, right off the top of my head, I think it’s a couple thousand.

Igor: Okay so a couple thousand a week so let’s just round up to say 10,000 downloads a month. Now with 10,000 download a month going on for several months now, we only have less than 40 5-star reviews now does that mean only 40 people out of 10,000 people per month who download this thing actually like it? No. Because they keep downloading it so they like it obviously. There is like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them however only 40 took the time to actually go ahead and submit a review. Many of them actually, Jonathan, because I asked them to, I actually went into my VIP Club and I said, “Hey guys, take a few moment to do me a favor and leave a review, an honest review of what you think about the podcast.” Thankfully, they went ahead and they’ve done it. They took the time to do it which is not an easy thing and we don’t take it for granted. We do get an extra five reviews a week or maybe five reviews a month or something however most people don’t do it. They don’t take the time to leave a review. Although they really enjoy the podcast so when I talk to them on Facebook, they will tell me, “Igor, great episode.” Or they will like my Facebook post which advertised the episodes or they leave a comment or something. But you see most people who love you, who adore you, who can’t get enough of you don’t take the time to go and tell you, “Hey dude, I love you.” Or “Hey girl, I really, really enjoy your podcast, keep going.” They don’t tell you but they do love you. They do appreciate you. They do need you to put yourself out there and not doing so I think you’re doing them a great disservice.

Jonathan: Yeah man. You’re holding out on them. So what do you have coming up for us next time, Igor?

Igor: Next time, I’m hosting Danny Levis, the Email Alchemist and we’re going to discuss the three cardinal sins of email marketing. We are going to keep on with the email marketing theme and basically we’re going to blow your socks off, you’re going to realize how bad you are when it comes to emails and where you are and where the actual line is up to which it can be pushed. Again, huge eye opener. If you got a list, make sure you listen. If you ain’t got a list but you want to build one, make sure you don’t miss this episode.

Jonathan: Alright, looking forward to it. So that is a wrap for another edition of List Building Lifestyle. We will back with you next time.

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