Irresistible Influence With Marshall Sylver

What’s irresistible influence?

If you ask, most marketers will tell you its about getting to a “YES!”

It’s about closing the sale.

It’s about singing up a new rep.

But it’s not.

Irresistible influence is getting the prospect to ask you for what you’re selling.

And get this…

It’s about getting the prospect to ask you for what you’re selling thinking it was her idea!

And there’s no one better to show you how to do it than the world’s most televized hypnotist Marshall Sylver!


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I don't think you can over-close. I don't think you can over-mail. And jus like you said,
"The folks that don’t want to hear from you, they'll unsubscribe. The folks that like
hearing from you sooner or later will end up opening the email, taking an action.

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. And boy, am I excited today, because I get to
interview world's leading business hypnotist whose been featured on
David Letterman, Howard Stern and the Late Show, and now on the List
Building Lifestyle, Mr. Marshall Sylver. Marshall, how are you, my friend?

Marshall: I am always awesome, Igor. So glad to be here.

Igor: Oh, man. I'm so glad to host you. So, what are you up to? Where you at
right now?

Marshall: Well I am at my home, Prosperity Palace, in Las Vegas right now. It's
17,000 ??square feet. I'm about to, after we'll be done with this
wonderful interview, a jump on the air on and get away $1,000
cash. So it's an exciting day for me.

Igor: Oh, and of course, the person's going to get the 1,000 bucks. So...

Marshall: Without a doubt. [laughter]

Igor: Yeah. So Marshall, you are pretty much world's leading authority on
influence. You're up there. You can literally make people do things. I've
never seen anything like it before. So let's talk a little bit about influence,
specifically since my crowd is internet marketers, and the folks in their
home base business arena. What's the number one mistake you see
internet marketers make when it comes to influencing and closing sales?
Marshall: I want to start by clearly defining what I call "influence" or specifically
"irresistible influence". So I want to get this definition, and by the way,
my intention during this interview is to share a lot of content that will be
very useful for online internet marketers or marketers or people who
influence or sell in general. So you want to take as many notes as you
possibly can. The first note that I want you to take is the definition of
"irresistible influence". Some people think that "influence" is getting
someone to say, "Yes." and that's not what I believe. I believe that
irresistible influence is getting someone else to ask you for what you're
selling and that is not even the part that'll make you tingle.
Irresistible influence is getting someone else to ask you for what
you're selling and have them believe it was their idea. [laughter] So when
you can come from that point of view, and you can come from evangelical
point of view that says, "I want to a position my products, my services, my
offer in such a way that people are begging to be a part of it, to purchase
it, to invest in it, to be in business with me. When you learn how to frame
your author in that way; you're not begging people to buy. You're telling
them, "Look, I'm doing you a favor. If you don't want the favor, I
understand. You may not be in a position to actually take advantage or
even recognize what an amazing offer this is. At the very same
time though, I want to give you one opportunity before I move on to the
other masses to take this amazing gift that I have for you and utilize it in
your own life.”

Igor: Wow, now that's a mouthful. So you're saying basically that the best way
to sell your product is to make the prospect believe it was their idea to buy
it in the first place.

Marshall: Absolutely and then how we do that. I want to take about influence in
general, before I get onto the specifics of the question you asked me. You
asked me what people do ineffectively, or what could they do better and
what do online marketing people do well or not so well. The belief and
knowledge that all buying decisions are based first on emotion and then
backed up with logic is the very thing that gives me an unfair advantage.
As you know, I am a hypnotist. The media calls me "the greatest
hypnotist of all time". And the reason they do that, is that it's in my press

Igor: [laughter]

Marshall: The thing that I know is that the subconscious mind is the emotional mind.
Our conscious mind is our logical mind. So that means all buying
decisions are based first in our subconscious mind and then backed up
logically. The simplicity of that is, you ask me where am I right now,
where am I speaking from. I'm in a 17,000 square foot palace in Las
Vegas, and I'm the first person to admit no one needs a 17,000 square foot
palace. Yes, I'm married. Yes, I have three young children. All of them
born via hypnosis. Some might even say conceived via hypnosis. Yet no
one needs a 17,000 square foot house. You walk into the foyer and the
foyer is 2,000 square feet of space. It's got a piano; it's got a nice table and
some beautiful flowers. It's just space. So when you recognize that is that
people don't buy because something makes sense, people buy something
because they feel it's the right thing to do. They're all avoiding every
purchase decision is based on either avoiding pain or moving toward
pleasure. Our job is to turn up the pain and offer the pleasure. Of course,
all of this conversation is based on people selling products worth what
they're selling them for. Moral and ethical obligation to sell only what
you believe in. Moral and ethical obligation is stop selling stuff that you
know isn't worth what you're offering it up for.

Igor: Alright. So let's get down to the mistakes. What are some of the key
mistakes you see internet marketers make when they attempt to influence
others to buy their products?

Marshall: There's so much noise, and although I am not a huge fan of social media
myself from my lifestyle viewpoint, in order for us to create relationships
with people that are meaningful, we must be willing to give value upfront.
We got to do three things; I call them the three Es. As an internet
marketer, as a marketer in general, as anybody in a position of selling
something, the first thing we've got to do is capture people's attention, and
that E is entertain. We've got to entertain people. You've got to stop and
put yourself into the mindset, a very empathetic mindset of what the
consumer's going through. If they're online, they're looking at a massive
amount of ads; they're distracted by Facebook and Twitter
and searching things online. There's just massive distraction. So we've
got to do what any good marketer does and say, "Hey, here’s some fun
over here." This is something that will move you emotionally. Check it
out." I created this network, the Million Dollar Trading
Network as a means for people to be able to be trained without having to
pay anything upfront, that they need to be able to see, "Hey, Marshall
Sylver and all the other people on the network, those are people that
they've done what they're teaching and they are products of the product;
more than that they're easy on the eye, they're easy on the ear, they're easy
on my timeline, meaning that even if I didn't learn anything, and they're
entertaining. During the course of our conversation I made a couple of
jokes. I believe that funny needs money. If you take a look at the highest
grossing actors of all time, they're never action-heroes, they're always
comedians. So the highest-grossing movies are often movies that have
some sense of comedy inside of them. The other thing too, the highest-
paid actors on television are always comedians, usually in sitcoms. The
other thing to keep in mind though is that once we entertain the people, we
can only keep their attention for so long. So the second E is we must as
marketers and as gurus and as brands, we've got to educate people. We've
got to very quickly communicate to people that we know what we're
talking about, we are indeed a product of the product, we've been where
they are, now we are where they want to be and by being able to get them
solid education, credible knowledge, credible solutions to their challenges,
now we have done the two things we needed to do. We got their attention;
we presented our offer, our product, our services, our information in such
a way that they say, "Okay. I believe this person. I believe they're
credible. I believe they know what they're talking about. I believe it's the
solution for me." Now, here's the third E, and this is very, very, very
important. The challenge for most people is not that they don't want the
product. The challenge might not even be that they don't think the product
is worth what it is being sold for and when I said product I mean, could be
a service, could be information, could be anything. The challenge for
most people is they are more afraid of themselves than they are in making
an investment in what the person is selling. Meaning, somebody comes to
me and I show them, "Look, here is our training programs. We are a top
tutor affiliate program. We pay out the highest commissions in the
affiliate marketing industry. Seventy-five percent commissions on top to
your products that range from $2,000 to $40,000. Meaning, we pay out a
commission of $1,500 on the low-end or $30,000 on the upper-end for a
single sale." Now, somebody might look at my biggest program, our
summit that is taught right here at my palace in Las Vegas, and they may
say, "You know what? I've got the $40,000. I like the program. You've
demonstrated to me all these other people that have gone through
your summit and produced amazing results, some of them millionaires,
some of them deca-millionaires, some of them even a hundred millionaire.
The challenge is though, I don't believe in myself. So even though
I believe in that your program works and it's certainly worth the money, I
mean, I even have the money, I just don't know that I'll ever follow
through." So the best thing that a marketer, online or offline can do is
we've got to get in the mind of our avatar customer and say, "What would
I need to make a purchase decision here?" Years ago, I
was contemplating doing an infomercial in the mid-90s and unfortunately,
there was a guy who had already captured the business and personal
development infomercial market wholeheartedly. Nobody could usurp
him; nobody could get any business because he was just so strong. Of
course, I'm talking about Tony Robbins. So one of the things that you
want to do, you want to also take a look at who your competitors are and
what are the products that could be considered if somebody was going to
make a consideration for your product, offer, or service. It's okay. What
are they doing? If you take a look at the people that are very best in that
field, whether it's the best widget, or whether it's the best book, or whether
it's the best seminar or best service, if you find a person who’s best, then
the reason they're best is they're doing something in their marketing
message that is causing people to say, "Hey, I want to buy that." So I took
up Tony's program and he had a 90 Days to Personal Power program. I
realized that with the huge number of people that had purchased the
product, all his testimonials were celebrities. And while
celebrities' endorsements can be good, they can also be alienating. Just
because Leonardo DiCaprio had amazing success with that product doesn't
mean the average consumer will because they will go, "Yeah, Leonardo.
Everything he touches, he wins." I'm a common person, so when I did my
infomercial I used common people as my testimonials. I also though,
made sure that people realized it doesn't take 90 days to make a change.
Change occurs in the twinkle of an eye. In a simple moment we decide
that we want a better life, that were willing to do what it takes, that we
have the source in front of us to make it happen. The other thing too
though, is that we want not only to position our products as better products
all by themselves, we also want to make them faster, cheaper and easier to
access. So when I created Passion Profit and Power ?and we
knocked Personal Power off the air for five months, they couldn't even
run their infomercial because we were making such amazing sales and
such amazing conversions, they couldn't afford the airtime that we were
causing the price to go up on. When we created the product, I realized
that the biggest reason most people don't succeed in anything, online
marketing or otherwise Igor, is the programs of their brain. So because
Passion Profit and Power, because all of the programs that I do, not only
teach, but also program people, get right to a subconscious level and
influence them at the deepest level. It causes those products to be sold. If
I stand on a stage I promise you if there's other speaker selling things, I'm
going to crush it. I'm going to sell more than everyone else combined. It's
because I have that unfair advantage of subconscious influence,
understanding hypnosis and I'm able to speak directly to somebody's
subconscious mind.

Igor: Wow. Alright. Well, first I can't believe you knocked Tony off of this
perch. That's just unbelievable. I hadn't known that.

Marshall: He's an amazing guy.

Igor: He is. It's true. I mean, just wow. I'm speechless right now. But without
going too deep into that conversation, I just want to circle back and
squeeze as much out of you as I possibly can because you're a machine.
So here's my question to you, I want you to picture this. I want you to
picture an average person, someone who just got online, three months ago,
they realized the value of list building, they want to make money using
email marketing, they are a member of a business opportunity which
they're promoting as an affiliate. They've bought into it; they got a link,
they now got it promoted. So they're buying traffic, they're growing the
list, but here's the challenge. They don't seem to make themselves mail
the list. This is like one of the biggest challenges I've had with my
students where I say, "Okay, so here's what you talk about in your emails.
Now, I want you to email every day and pitch in every email." For some
reason they just won't do it. So obviously there's some sort of
subconscious block going on that prevents people from really leveraging
their lists and their customer database and even though their social media
following. So perhaps you can help us identify what exactly that might be
or maybe give us a technique that allows us to go deep into our own
psyche and figure this out.

Igor: Yeah. I'll set everybody straight in a short phrase. Be sure to write this
down. It's the core of the reason most people don't mail to their email
lists. It's the reason most people don't offer something up for sale that
they're doing the webinar or a live training, phrases that they'll use is,
"This isn't going to be a pitch fest" as if being a pitch fest goes bad for
everybody. Here's the reason most people don't mail, they don't sell, they
don't close, they don't even offer what they're selling often enough, is
those that are afraid to buy are always afraid to sell. Let me repeat that
and explain. Those that are afraid to buy are always afraid to sell. If
somebody holds a subconscious belief every single thought we hold, every
belief that is ours that we own creates a psychosomatic physiological
response in the body to the point where if somebody holds a belief it's
impossible for them not to telegraph it in their emails, in their spoken
word, in their presence. So I am afraid to buy things. If I think, no, no,
no, no, I need to protect myself from buying from that person. They're
going to pull the wool over my eyes; they're going to try to sell me
something. If that's a belief that I hold, guess what happens? When I go to
sell something everything in my language communicates that same fear. It
causes people to say, "No, don’t buy. There's got to be something wrong
here. It's too good to be true. Oh, my gosh. We better hesitate. We better
wait. We better consider. We better research.” So that is the biggest
reason people are mailing to their list. I have two great friends of mine,
here in the states Igor, Ryan Diess and Perry Belcher and I am a closer
from the platform. I've been on stage since I was seven years old. I turn
54 next month, I have been on stage all of my life, 47 years. I've been
teaching people and helping people and selling from the platform since I
was 23 so that's 31 years. I said it before, when you believe in what you're
selling you have a moral and ethical obligation to sell it. You are doing
them a favor. It is in their best interest. So when Ryan Diess and Perry
Belcher sat on my couch here at Prosperity Palace, and they said, "How
big is your list?" I told the amount of people in my database. They said,
"How often do you mail to them?" I said, "Eh, once every, I don't know,
four, six weeks." They looked at each other and looked at me and said,
"You don't have a list." I said, "What do you mean? How often do you
mail to your list?" The number shocked me. They said, "Three times a
day." I said, "Three times a day?!" Here's another reason some people
don't mail. They have a fear that people will opt out. I say, "Won’t people
opt out." They said, "Absolutely. People that aren’t our customers always
opt out. It's awesome. We don't waste time mailing to them."

Igor: Well, that's the exact same advice I give to my clients as well. I had an
actual episode, I think, about unsubscribes and how I celebrate
unsubscribes. If I have a high unsubscribe rate on email, I know that this
email, whatever it does, I mean, there's at least no indifference from my
list about it. I either pissed someone off, or at the same time as I pissed
somebody off I create a bond with another group of people and that allows
me to just, well just make a lot of money. Of course, through info-
tainments like you mentioned earlier that one of the three Es was
entertainment. So what we do is info-tain, the concept I learned from Ben
Settle, a fellow copywriter. He basically says the same thing, if you want
to get attention in such a saturated, noisy marketplace where people have
developed ad-blindness, you absolutely have to be entertaining and as you
entertain, you educate, but tiny little bit, you don't really hard-teach, right?
So yeah, I'm actually surprised you only mail to your list every four to six
weeks. I mean, you can probably get away with mailing that list six times
a day and hypnotizing your subscribers to do whatever you want to do.

Igor: Well, we definitely email every day now and that was huge lesson to me.
It's been amazing and it's been overnight a massive shift in
our marketing push, in our conversion and in our satisfaction even of our
customers. I didn't realize that my customers actually wanted to hear from
me more, that the challenge was that they thought that I just didn't care,
that's why I wasn't mailing. So I think that's a good lesson for everybody
to mail to their list, to stay in contact. Again, I have certain people that
they may email me every single day. I open up their emails every single
day. I have some other people; I don't always open up their emails every
single day, except I open them up periodically, so I stay subscribed. So
much like I think you can over-close, I don't think you can over-mail.
And just like you said, "The folks that don't want to hear from you, they'll
unsubscribe. The folks that like hearing from you, sooner or later will end
up opening the email and taking an action." I also don't think most people
realize in our day and age, where email has very much become the snail
mail of yesterday. Meaning, I go to my mailbox and I pull my mail out,
my snail mail out. Many of the envelopes I don't open. I look at the
offers, I don't necessarily open them because they're not interested. One
day, I decided I'm interested in solar panels for my palace. I go up to my
mailbox and I've gotten that mailing once every two weeks except today
it's pertinent. Today, it matters. So today is the day I opened it. So even
though they've mailed me 20 times over the course of the last year, it
doesn't matter. The day that I opened it is the only day that matters. I
think that's the biggest challenge that email marketers want to grasp is that
it's not that they don't like you because they didn't open it. Maybe they
didn't see it; maybe it wasn't right now. Yet you got to keep mailing. So I
get emails every single day from digital marketer Ryan Diess and Perry
Belcher. I get emails every single day form Frank Kern. I get emails
every single day from people that are the top of the top in our business and
at the very best in the business email every single day with due respect end
of conversation.

Igor: [laughter]

Marshall: What's the question to that one?

Igor: Exactly, exactly. So Marshall, we're coming towards the end of our
interview. I just want to ask you one final question. You mentioned you
created a network where people can start earning money without
investing. Do you mind speaking a little bit about that?

Marshall: Absolutely. When I seek to grow a business? Once again, I model it, I just
spoke at a conference in San Diego with Russell Brunson and his Funnel
Hack live conference. He calls it hacking, to take a look at a business and
to see what's working in that business whether it's an ad, whether it's an
email copy, whatever it is, and then creates something similar with your
own twist and branding, because it's already working. You know it’s
working. I just call it modeling. Because that's all that it is. So when my
daughter, Prosperity was born and I came back out of retirement a year
ago I said, "What do I want to do?" and I said,” You know what? To get
me excited." I have made over $220,000,000 in personal income doing
what I do, selling products, teaching people through seminars, through live
performances, television appearances, over $220,000,000. So for me to
come out of retirement I said, "I need something to get my juices flowing.
Nothing short of a billion dollars a year is going to be fascinating for me."
Well, there are no billion dollar a year speakers. As far as I know there
are no independent billion dollar a year marketers. I went and I researched
and I found that number one field that people went from zero to a billion
or even zero to ten billion in five years or less, they all had one thing in
common. They all were vehicles of communication that used advertising
as their base, whether it's Facebook, whether it's Google, whatever it is,
they all became massively valuable because they ran ads. Now, that said,
the value of a platform exists because of the number of eyeballs on it. So I
thought too myself, "Hey, if I'm going to create a vehicle that creates over
a billion dollars a year in income for me and I gave away, gosh, I don't
know, three quarters of a billion dollars to the eyeballs that are actually
creating that revenue for me, than I've still made 250 million dollars. Yet
because I gave away 750 million dollars I probably have some raving fans.
So I created a network that we do just that. It doesn't cost anybody a dime
to join that stands for Million Dollar Training Network.
Doesn't cost anybody a dime to register for MDTN, they get a free account
the moment they log on, they start earning cash from the time that they
spend on the network. They also earn cash for any time of anybody
they've referred to the network that spends on the network with this
caveat as long as they're still logged on. Meaning, if I go to
the network and I create a free account and I refer a thousand people and
all one thousand people go to the website, they log on, they stayed logged
on, yet I don't, I log off and I don't come back, I earn nothing. Yet if I log
back on I earn for my time, plus the time of the thousand people that I've
referred, their time what they're logged on. What we discovered when we
were testing this Igor, is that any time a system can be gamed, people will
game that system. I knew it was going to happen and I was okay with it.
What happens is people go to the network, then log onto the
free account, they never log off. I also give away $1,000 cash, like I said,
in previous conversation I get away $1,000 cash every single time I'm live
on the show. I've given away in the course of our testing and in our
official launch; I've given away over $340,000, $1,000 at a time,
regular cash. In addition to fact that everybody, whether they win cash or
not get paid for the entire time that they're online so a far as internet
marketer goes, or as far as a marketer goes, I've created this amazing
vehicle that people can generate revenue from bad traffic. They can find a
way to introduce people to what they do, create that relationship we've
been talking about. If they don't even have any back-end products to sell,
we have a top-tear affiliate program attached to that as I said
pays out 75% commissions, $1,500 commission on one sale on the low-
end, $30,000 commission on one sale on the high-end, and it's all products
that have been sold for over 30 years without an affiliate program, they're
all proven, they're all tried. We have hundreds of thousands of people
who have already invested in the products and love them. So
people know they're dealing with somebody that is here to stay. That's
MDTN in a nutshell.

Igor: Wow. Well, first of I want to testify to the awesomeness of the products.
I'm actually going through your product right now, the Hypnotic
Selling product, wow. So I'm talking like, I almost said Tony
Robbins quality, I'm like talking really, really high quality stuff. I can
testify to the quality of the product. So guys, you heard him. It's Go ahead, log in, get a free account, check this out. I mean,
I'm just curious to go look at a just to see the structure behind it because
just like you I like modeling successful people. But regardless, I mean,
you're just on fire. You are just on fire, my friend.

Marshall: I wanted to add one more thing Igor, just so that your audience knows this.
We have one of our affiliates that purchased traffic through you and I want
to attest both to your quality of your traffic and also attest to the
conversion level. He's converting in about 44% right now. So for traffic,
basically cold traffic to converted at 44%. It says, number one, the traffic
is good. It also says, "The traffic is interested in this offer. So if anybody
is listening to this podcast right now and you are number one, considering
in buying traffic through Igor and his company, wholeheartedly I put my
reputation at stake, I've seen the results. You are in good hands there, and
we intend as a company to continue buying traffic there. Also though, if
you're wondering what kind of an offer would that traffic convert for.
Again, we're seeing it first time out of the shoe, we just re-launched
MDTN last week, the first affiliate that tested it with traffic getting 44%
conversion, opt in conversion right from the get go. Let us do our magic
for you, and let us all change some lives, make some money, and just
really enjoy our company. Hey, thanks so much for having me on the
show today, man.

Igor: Well, I appreciate taking the time. I mean, you're a really busy guy. So
guys, again, I also recommend, as a side note, go into, that Sylver with a "y", to just check out the product list and all
the testimonies that Marshall has. Just crazy. I've never seen anything
like it. In fact, I believe that Marshall's testimonials sort of like are way
above and beyond what we have as a company, and we're pretty
impressive. So man, I'm just really, truly grateful for taking the time.
This has been a tremendous call. It took a lot of notes. I mean like three
pages of notes, and I'm like, "I thought I'd excel at selling and influence."
Now, I'm like, "Okay. I got some room to grow now.” Yeah, so that's
about it. I will let you go. Thank you so much, and until next time.

Marshall: You are very welcome. You are awesome. I love what you do, like I said.
I'm a huge fan of your company and I love working with people that come
from a place of ethics and actually deliver what they say they're going to
deliver, and you, my friend, have over-delivered. Thanks so much for
having me on the show, I look forward to coming back and visiting with
you and your audience again soon.

Igor: Thank you, Marshall.

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