Enzo Ferrari’s School Of Marketing Business Opportunities

How’s buying a Ferrari similar to joining an online business?


Let xplaineth…

When you’re looking to start a business or join a company, you want to join the best one.

You look into all the features, benefits and the high-tech gizmos which come with the package.

And more often than not, the most robuts system wins you over.

The Ferrari of money-making systems, so to speak.

So you go all in and hope it’s going to produce amazing results for you quickly.

Because that’s what a great system is supposed to do.

Plus, that’s what the hollywood-smile sales guy said it’s going to do for you.

But it doesn’t.

So you join another system.

This one’s the Lamborghini of biz opps.

But it doesn’t work either.

You see…

Investing in a Ferrari or a Lambo doesn’t automatically make you a world class driver. In fact, most people who buy a Ferrari end up crashing it within the first 6 months, because they’ve got below average driving skills.

There’s another secret ingredient you’re missing (not talent or brains).

Stream now to find out what it is.


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Jonathan: Welcome List Builders to another edition of List Building Lifestyle. I have here
with me the chieftain of list building himself, coolest guy on the planet, Mr. Igor Kheifets,
what is up my man?

Igor: What’s up man? Greeting from the coffee shop.

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah. I’m glad to be talking to you. I feel like we haven’t spoken in a
while but before I let you do your thing. I got to pilot the airwaves for a second.
I want to read a review that we just got. Is that cool?

Igor: Sure, go for it.

Jonathan: This comes in from Tina Carlson and here is what she writes, it’s a five star
review by the way. If you’re going to leave a review, it ought to be five stars. So
Tina writes, “It’s Igor who took me to the top. It’s Igor who launched me out of
bed every morning eager to hear how to master marketing in my biz. He’s more
than making you money. He cares. He inspires. He loves the biz. Don’t even
think of leaving him behind in building your biz. Get ready to fly with him.”
How about that?

Igor: Thank you, Tina.

Jonathan: Very poetic of Tina. Very lovely. I think we should do this a little bit more
often. I think we should read reviews more often, what do you think?

Igor: Yeah, absolutely. I mean I feel we should reward everyone if they felt compelled
to express an opinion even if it’s a one star review. In fact, if you do hate the
show by all means tell us. Post a one star review and write some nasty crap
about us so we can laugh at you on the show.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Give us some fodder to work with here.

Jonathan: Okay, alright, I’m open to one star reviews too. Sometimes they are fun. But
have you ever noticed how when you get a one star review, you seem to focus on that above
all the others?

Igor: Oh yeah, absolutely. Sometimes the client will say something and it will really
get to me and I used to really take it seriously. I used really, really, really let it
get to me. In fact, there was one guy, his name is Danny Chiquito. I actually
remember his name because the experience was so emotional. Back in the days
when I was selling high ticket coaching, this guy, he was a charity case. He
approached me and he says I got a wedding coming up in six months. I really
need to money online. I’ve been online for two years. I can’t figure this out.
Look I don’t have much money, I only have 500 bucks in my pocket, it’s all I’ve
got and please, please, please help me. I said, “Danny, I will help you but first
off it’s not an overnight thing and you’ll need some money to get traffic but I can
help you for 500 bucks I’ll give you my thing, I’ll give you my system so you
can follow along with the trainees in the video etc.” This guy takes the system
and gives me his last 500 bucks and a month later, he hasn’t done anything so he
wanted to get his money back. Although I was clear there was a no money back
guarantee. So long story short, he gets in the Warrior Forum and starts posting
crap about me. He goes on some scamworld.com or scamsite.com or
scamreport.com like all of these scam reporting sites that all crazy people go to.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So he goes posts a nasty review over there. You can still find it actually if you
go and Google Igor Kheifets scam report. You can actually find this guy’s
comment. It was devastating to me. I was out of the game for four days. I could
not concentrate on work. I could not concentrate on my family. I couldn’t do
much at all until a point when I shared this with my students at the time, with my
mastermind and what happened Jonathan?

Jonathan: What?

Igor: My students did something I never expected them to do and they kind of turned
like when life gives you lemons you turn it into lemonade kind of thing. They
went out there and they protected me against Danny Chiquito.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: So Danny’s comment which was one negative comment after me working with a
hundred people or something all of a sudden there is a good dozen of positive
comments of people claiming that I helped them change their life and some even
think that I changed their life for them which of course is a bit of an exaggeration
but you know how people are. Before you know, this scam report link got on the
first page of Google because these scam reports sites actually have a really high
SEO potential. Everyone who researched me from that point forward seen how
my clients protected me and that actually boosted my business.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: So that was when I learned that every single time when there is a nasty comment
from one client that doesn’t represent the big picture, it’s just one point of view
from one customer that isn’t backed up by facts but just opinion. Right? I go in
and I just watch some of my testimonials and go through positive reviews
because there are so many of them to get back on track. Otherwise, it can be
devastating to my performance.

Jonathan: Yeah, no kidding. I took you on a side track but what do you have planned
for us today, Igor?

Igor: Well, today I want kind of give you the big picture how things work online and
specifically how come a lot of people out there can’t truly figure out what’s
wrong. You see most people buy into an online business opportunity like they
are buying a car. Obviously they want the best car so they search for a Ferrari or
an Aston Martin or whatever, the super car because they believe that the better
the car, the faster they go and in other words the more money they make. So
they go searching for a Ferrari and the sleaze ball salesmen take them for a test
drive and they are loving the experience. They show them the best system they
can possibly find. It has high ticket upsells and its automated and you get the
done for you full op sequence and it’s a slick design and its cutting edge and
yada, yada, yah. You’ve heard this stuff a million times before. Right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So they can already see themselves coaching down the highway with the wind
brushing their hair. When they stop at a line in the city, they know that everyone
is going to look at them like it’s a head turner. It’s an amazing system. This is
exactly what they were looking for which is what they think. So they get this
Ferrari, they buy into the system, they pay $49, they pay 1000 bucks, they pay
3000, 5000, 10,000, it doesn’t matter what it costs. They get it because they
believe that the system is the key. Right? So they get this Ferrari but they don’t
get past the gates of the lot because they have no fricking clue how to drive.
Okay, no one taught them how to drive. They never even seen a stick shift
before and it’s just that they are stuck. They got the best car in the world but
they got no skills to use it. That is I think one of the greatest tragedies of the
online marketing game right now where there are so many great systems out
there but no one teaches you how to drive. No one teaches you how to use these
systems to actually earn a living.

Jonathan: That’s it. The bright shiny object type of distraction, people just love a good
sales letter or bells and whistles but they don’t know the basics.

Igor: Yeah, exactly and you know the weird part is that when it doesn’t work out like
if they buy into the system and they spend six months trying to do something
although they don’t do anything because they get overwhelmed and they
procrastinate and their up line doesn’t seem to help much. You know what they
do? They go ahead and they look for another system because they feel that it’s
the system that is broken, nothing to do with my driving skills. Nothing to do
with me, it’s the system that’s broken so I’m going to go ahead and look for
another system which is where the whole Bright Shiny Object Syndrome comes
from and that’s only half the trouble. Because as a traffic provider, I get a lot of
people coming to me buying traffic for their system and each and every single
one of them is convinced that my system is the greatest system on the planet. I
got the best stuff so if I don’t make sales, basically it’s your fault because it’s
your traffic because what they think is I got the great car and now I’m going to
go ahead and put a great fuel in it which is the traffic so your car is your sales
funnel and system, the traffic is your engine so they put great traffic into it, they
put great fuel into it and they think now I’ve got the perfect combination. I got a
great engine, I’ve got great fuel. It’s supposed to work. It’s supposed to go fast
and if it doesn’t go fast, it’s the fuel to blame. I put in a bad fuel. So they go
looking for other traffic sources. But the reality is if they are working with
someone who is basically reputable, the fuel is not the problem as well as the car,
it’s the driving skills because you can put the best fuel into the best car but if you
don’t know how to drive and you’re driving without proper training, you going to
end up in the ditch upside down very, very quickly or you’re going to crash into a

Jonathan: No kidding, man. It’s such a weird world. I feel like people should have to start
with something basic just learn how to sell just something simple that’s what is
missing because they get into the opportunity and I feel lucky because I haven’t
had to do this, I’ve come through a different route but they get into the
opportunity thinking that it’s the answer to whatever problem they are having,
their shortage of money or their missing freedom and they don’t actually learn
how to sell. That’s what’s missing. You have to learn what really sells or else
you’re just wasting time.

Igor: Yeah, exactly. Well fortunately or unfortunately I don’t really know but I
actually went through this path. I went into an opportunity which was a shiny
object for me and I was told just tell about this to your friends like get your
friends in, they will pay 10 bucks a month, you’ll make a buck per month and it’s
going to be building up passive. So I was basically on my way to make 3K per
month just sharing this stuff with my friends which of course never happened.
My best friend got in and got out two days later, never even told me. So I ended
up kind of having a grudge against him but I didn’t realize what I was doing
wrong. So I had to go through this transformation where I went from just being a
member of an opportunity to becoming a marketer, to becoming an influencer. It
took me awhile to get this of course. You already know my story if you’ve been
listening to the podcast for awhile. It took me three and half years to make
anything at all. I believe if I just focused immediately if I just focused on the
selling, on the marketing, on the influence part, I would probably dominate that
company within the first six months of being a member.

Jonathan: I don’t know if you know a guy by the name of Big Al, I believe its Big Al
Schreiter. He’s an old school MLM guy but I spoke to him yesterday. I was
doing an interview with him. He said something similar. He got into an
opportunity when he was young. He was looking for something part-time and
responded to this ad in the paper. For two years, he didn’t make any money. I
said why didn’t make money, he said for those two years I was selling
supplements. I was selling supplements and I was trying to tell people why these
vitamins were the best and why they were better than anything out there and two
years into it he realized that he wasn’t in the supplement business, he was the
decision business. The decision is yes or no do you join my opportunity? Yes or
no do you take these supplements? It changed everything that he ever thought
about it and from then on he built a very, very successful business and a
successful down line by just re-evaluating what his role was in that company.

Igor: Well that is big. Another great way of putting it that I heard from a friend of
mine is that this is not really a company or an opportunity or product business.
This is actually a people business. Every single dollar you’ll make will come
from another person which means you better stop wasting time studying product,
you better start putting time into studying people.

Jonathan: That’s it. That’s exactly it. That’s the gold, it’s like you can drop the mike now.

Igor: Boom! [laughter] I mean honestly this is where I spend most of my time. I don’t
really care what’s the company that you’re promoting, I don’t care what’s the
opportunity. In fact one of the most common questions I get is “Igor, what
converts right now?” Well matter of the fact is everything converts depending on
who is promoting it. I’m pretty sure that if I step into a company, I’ll make it
convert really quickly for myself however if Joe Blow that got online six months
ago and still jumps from one shiny object to another gets into a company. He’s
going to keep on getting zero results not because of the company but because of
his habits, because of his attitudes, because of his belief system, because of his
attitude which again is the only difference between me and Joe Blow.

Jonathan: So where would you start Igor? Would you recommend some reading or some
studying where people can get out of the mind of “I’m in X company or Y company” and
into the people business.

Igor: Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s actually a lot of the free stuff will work here for
example if you get on YouTube and you watch anything by Zig Ziglar about
sales. He’s got a great clip on YouTube called “Sales: the Noble Profession”
amazing stuff, amazing stuff. It’s so fundamental that he goes on to convince
you about how sales is the number one profession in the world right now that our
economy exists because of the sales people who make the money kind of go
round that help basically create the exchange of value for finance and once you
get okay with the idea that you have to sell then you start asking the right
questions such as what is the most effective way to sell someone ethically and
responsibly without being a sleaze ball. Until then you’re not even asking that
question, until then you hear about – you hear someone like me who tells you
“hey go sell, go learn how to sell, go learn how to market, go learn how to
email.” You’re feeling really bad. You’re feeling out of place. It’s not your
thing. A lot of people tell me writing is not my thing or selling is not my thing.
Well it really can be a thing. It’s a skill. It’s kind of like going into university
and saying you know what math is not my thing; well math is something you
learn. You read a book and you learn the rules of math, it’s not something you
have to feel good about necessarily. So same thing with sales, you don’t have to
treat this like a calling like some people do. You can just learn the rules of the
game, learn how to be an effective communicator and use those skills to attract
people to you and to basically get them to sign up with you because again at the
end of the day every single dollar you make ever from now until the end of time
will come from a person, from a person, from a decision maker even if it’s
government money still someone is going to make that decision usually a human
being and so if you’re able to influence them, you got it. You will not struggle to
ever convert a company ever again.

Jonathan: You mentioned being an effective communicator and I’m wondering if you’ll
share with the List Builders your number one thing for being an effective communicator.

Igor: You know what Jonathan? I think that’s one of the best questions you’ve ever
asked me on the show. There were some great questions you asked me off air
but on air this is by far one of the best questions you could ever ask. I applaud
you for doing so. I believe that when it comes to my skill set the best way that I
know or the best tool that I’ve got in my arsenal that helped me become a great
communicator was my ability to shut up and listen. I mean just sitting there with
your mouth shut and listening to what the person tells you as well as reading
between the lines of what they are telling you. This skill alone is in my opinion
like 70% of sales.

Jonathan: I wanted to let that sink in there. [laughter] Because so many people think being a
salesman is talking and I’m in the same school as you are. I believe that sales is listening.

Igor: Yeah because people tell you how they want to be sold. People will tell you how
they want to be seduced. People will tell you what the objections they got before
they are willing to make a buying decision. People will tell you everything if you
just listen. The reason is because no one listens. I mean honestly when was the
last time, you had a conversation with a stranger or a friend who actually listened
to you, who was present with you in a conversation? Almost never happens.
People are dying just for that connection. So if you’re able to ask a good question
and listen you are automatically becoming a super effective communicator.

Jonathan: Boom! Now you can drop the mike again. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: So Igor, good stuff man. What do you have coming up for us next time?

Igor: Next time I’ve got a very special episode, a guest who actually inspired me; one
of the few people who inspired me to start my own podcast, Mr. Ben Settle.

Jonathan: Oh that guy. [laughter]

Igor: Oh that guy, yeah. [laughter] That obnoxious, rude email marketer. So we’ve got
Ben Settle on the show. We are going to be talking about rejection marketing
and it’s going to be very fun, controversial and not to be missed. Listen guys if
you’re emailing, selling or doing whatever or you just in for lots and lots fun
entertainment. Make sure you tune in for the next episode.

Jonathan: Sounds like fun. I will be there. So that is a wrap for another episode of List
Building Lifestyle. Thank you List Builders for tuning in. Remember to give us
a rating and review on iTunes and we might mention your name on the air.
Lucky you! Be back in your earbuds next time.

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