How To Live An Extraordinary Life

2nd half of my final school year the talks in class switched from who’s the hottest couple in school to post-graduation plans.

My classmates became obsessed with figuring out where they’re headed next.

My best friend, Igor Genin (yep, another Igor), decided to continue his electronics studies.

99% of my friends shared his vision.

I wasn’t surprised.

After all, they’ve been groomed for this their entire lives.

Study hard, get a good steady job, get promoted to senion manager, buy a car, have a kid, work 8 hours a day 5 days a week the next 40 years and retire when you’re 67.

That’s normal.

And I hated it.

The idea of a normal life seemed stupid.

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life dreading my job slowly dying inside.

I wanted to do something I love.

And get paid lavishly for my time.

So I could work a lot… all the time… and feel like I’m living it up.

The one thing I loved and was always great at was the internet. I loved the idea of earning from my laptop and I was determined to find out how to do it. The idea seemed so great, in fact, I decided to share it with the one person who’s opinion I cared about most – my buddy Igor.

Unfortunately, he didn’t agree with me.

Just like many “drifters” I used to hang out with, Igor thought I was crazy. He said I wanted to have my pie and eat it too and that there were no magic buttons in life.

I told him he was wrong.

And that I’m going to prove it by making my first million online before he graduates college.

He brushed it off as if I didn’t know what I was talking about.

And that it was just a matter of time before I give up on my dream.

Fortunately for me, I made it.

Unfortunately for Igor, he made it too… he’s a mid-level manager in some crappy high-tech corporation.

Igor’s normal.

Just like he wanted to be.

He’s miserable, however, because he knows I make more in a month than he makes in 3 years.

We haven’t spoke since I shared my success with him 5 years ago.

Last I checked on Facebook, he’s still living pretty normal life… and is still going to school after work!

My point?

Nothing about success is “normal”

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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle. Thank you, guys, for joining us yet again. I have here with me, the guy that you are all here to listen to Mr. Igor Kheifets. How you are, sir?

Igor: I am doing great, Jonathan. Thank you for asking. How are you, sir?

Jonathan: I am doing good and here’s what I want to ask you. I’m just going to start right out here and ask you how your friends and family looked at you when you told them when you didn’t want to work anymore and you were going to create your own business?

Igor: Oh man, like I was some kind of a freak. Yeah, I mean, my father used to be an entrepreneur back in the day, back in Ukraine but he remembers that time as being very dangerous because you couldn’t be an entrepreneur back in the Ukraine in the 90s unless you were hooked up with the all the criminals in the city and that was dangerous in itself but also the government didn’t help either because it’s all corrupt. It’s all rotten from the inside. So to my father being an entrepreneur is a very difficult and challenging life where most people end up in prison or shot or some guy comes in and breaks their knee caps with a baseball bat. So naturally, he was reluctant not to mention that he failed unfortunately for him of course, he failed. He trusted too many people, too many wrong people. He risked too much and eventually the one bad investment resulted in him losing everything which is actually why we had to move to Israel in the first place because he owed so much money that we had to sell everything we had so we had an apartment and we had a car which was a Ford Sierra, 3.2 diesel engine, a station which was a really good car, I liked it. So we had to sell everything and we had to give all this money to a local like kingpin if you will. His name was Macar. It’s a really cool name by the way, I really liked his name. He was a cool dude. He didn’t kill people or anything but you didn’t want to mess with that guy. So my dad ended up selling everything and we just jumped in a plane. We had our visas done for Israel for that time because we’re Jewish, we had no problem getting accepted and we traveled with about $1000 which was all of our life savings at that point. As you can imagine, my dad wasn’t a great money manager and 11 bags of stuff. Now my mom being a Soviet mom, an ex-Soviet mom, she brought everything including toilet paper like all the clothes, all the bedsheets, like everything even knives and forks. I still have knives in my home where I live with my wife and my kid from back from Ukraine. I keep them as a memory.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: It’s just amazing. I remember clearly how when we arrived to the airport, we came out and we had catch a cab to the city, to the town actually the same hick town I’m in right now where we were going and so we hired this Bedouin driver who accepted to do this cheaply and he had to put all of these bags into his car which was a Transit. All the bags didn’t fit into car so he had put a bunch of them on top and I remember when he threw one bag on top of his car and then he would climb and tie it up but he threw it and it was the bag with all the dishes.

Jonathan: Ooo.

Igor: Man, you could hear my mother’s heart break. It was all the china that she brought in. The kind of china that would kind of put in the closet and don’t use only for really special occasion like a wedding or something. So all that stuff broken, my mom was just devastated. It took her awhile to recover from that. But anyway, we moved because my dad failed and naturally that is why he was really resistant to the idea of me becoming an entrepreneur. I’ve already shared how we always got into fights and scrapped with him especially when he drank which wasn’t pleasant but he and my mother and pretty much all my friends, nobody accepted the idea, nobody accepted the idea that I could actually succeed with this and so it was to them I was no longer normal. I was weird.

Jonathan: Was your first entrepreneurial venture, the online thing or was there something else before that?

Igor: That was the first thing, man. That was the first thing. I knew it was going to be it because I was great with computers. I used to be an avid gamer. So there were two games I used to play which was FIFA and America’s Army which is a shooter game, first person shooter game where I was part of a team with clan wars going on and when it comes to FIFA I used to play online against my friends so I spent a lot of time at a computer growing up which is a hint why I was really bad with girls probably.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: But I was good on the computer and when I realized that we’re stepping into an age, an information age back in the year 2008 or 2007 or something like we’re stepping into this age where people make money on their computers. It wasn’t even so much the dream of being of free but it was the opportunity to make money from my computer that enticed me – I just fell in love with that idea instantly and I didn’t have any money so I actually had to go get a job to fund my endeavors online but like it’s just the idea of making money from computer even if I had to work 16 hour days that got me that got me that kind of hooked me.

Jonathan: I’m trying picture this. So how do you explain to your parents or to your friends that you’re going to be making money on the computer?

Igor: Well, it’s really hard to do with somebody who doesn’t understand how the internet works in the first place. Like my dad is the kind of person that when you sit him behind a computer and he has the keyboard and the mouse to the right of it like he would actually use the mouse to move the little pointy thing on the screen and when he needs to click on it, you know what he does? He actually leaves the mouse, he stops holding the mouse in his hand, and he kind tips the button with his index finger from the top.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Like he’s afraid to screw it up. He’s afraid to touch the mouse in the wrong way. So it’s really hard to explain to somebody who doesn’t understand what the internet is or how the computer works. How does one go about making money on the internet now that is of course until you realize the internet is actually is just a media. It’s a form of communication and so you make money the same way that you do on the internet as you would do with direct mail for example.

Jonathan: Good point. Good point and what about the people you worked with? So you were working, I remember you said you worked at a hotel and some other places, you’re working there just to get your business off the ground, what are they thinking? What are they saying? How are they looking at you?

Igor: Well, Jonathan, you know I obviously – I wasn’t stupid enough to actually tell people that I was working with what I’m trying to do. Besides just one person who actually shared my dream with me and he kind of wanted to do that himself so I don’t know how – I know how they felt, I didn’t have to ask them because it was for the most part regular people who came in from absolutely average backgrounds who are used to the idea that you have to work really hard to make a little bit of money who resent rich people, who resent the idea of wealth and abundance, who like all they know was that they got to scrub hotel rooms or scrub toilets to get paid the minimum hourly wage that the hotel was willing to pay. I remember distinctly as I worked a whole month of 14 hour shifts – okay 14 hours because I really wanted to get myself a laptop so I could take it with me on the bus rides because I was spending about an hour and 20 minutes back and forth between bus rides to get to work and from work. So I said I got to get myself a laptop so I can actually make that time productive because that the time we didn’t have smart phones and I think just iPhone 1 just came out so I worked really hard to collect some money to buy myself a laptop which at the time cost me about $1600. It was Asus laptop and I researched it for two months and I was really ready to go. So I grabbed a hold of every work hour I could at work and I worked 14 hours straight every single day, no weekends, no holidays, just work, work, work. At the end of this devastating month, I actually made Jonathan, about $200 short of what I needed to buy the laptop. Now, I worked almost double the amount of time an average employee works, almost double and I still did not make enough money to buy a damn laptop. Now at that point I really started questioning what the hell we are doing here. How come I am breaking my back an entire month and I’m not able to afford something that every household needs to have, a computer. It didn’t make any sense. Then I’m thinking okay, Igor, what happens when you want to buy a car or what happens if you want to buy some furniture like how would that even work? Then it’s like I realized I could no longer be normal so normal people would accept that, right? Normal people would probably slap it on the card. Normal people would probably like take out loans and mortgages, whatever. But I said look I can’t lead a normal life because normal fucking sucks.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Normal is just bad, bad for you, it’s bad for society, and it’s bad for everybody. I said look what I’m going to do I’m going to become extraordinary. I want to become extraordinary at making money using the internet and even if that’s the last thing I’m going to do in my life even if I’m going to die trying, I don’t care, I don’t want to be normal.

Jonathan: I can dig that, man. [laughter] Why do so many people then strive just to be normal, what is that all about?

Igor: I believe it has to do a lot with the fear of failure and the kind of expectations that society has of us. For example, there are some parents out there, Jonathan, and this is going to be interesting to you as just about to become a parent, you know there are some parents out there that consider themselves to be successful parents if their child does not end up in jail when they are 21.

Jonathan: [laughter] Congratulations.

Igor: Yeah, true story, man, true story. This is the kind of attitude I see all around me. My neighbor, so I live in a house which is like a huge home and it is divided in half and so I have a wall which connects me to my neighbor. So naturally, I can hear everything that is going on in his house. So he’s got three kids, two boys and a girl. They are about 8, 9, and 7, I think. The girl is seven and the two boys are eight and nine. So I can hear how him and his wife are constantly yelling at their children. I realize that’s not the way to go because when you yell at your kid, when you lose control, the child can actually see that and what you end up bringing up is a kid that gets attention by doing things that make them yell at them, right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So that is normal, that is actually concerned normal in our society and the reason they do it is because their parents did it to them and when you look at my neighbor and his wife, they are pretty normal couple like they are a normal average Israeli couple. He’s got a decent job like he’s able to pay the bills and she’s a nurse in the local hospital but their household and everything about them is pretty much average. Not to judge them or anything like that – nothing wrong with being average in fact like you said a lot of people want to be average but to me settling for mediocrity is just a crime. I mean I myself would not be satisfied with my achievements and my life and even with my wife and with my kid if all we do is we strive for average, average health, average income, average achievement, average impact, right, oh man, what am I talking about what impact? Average has no impact. Average has zero impact. So as far as I’m concerned average sucks. Average means you settled for something. Average means you’re not living up to your true potential and I believe it has to do with the fear of failure. Honestly, I believe that people don’t strive beyond average because they are so comfortable being average because it’s safe, it’s something that they can achieve automatically without trying too hard and I mean there is no risk. There is just no risk.

Jonathan: Yeah, I think you really hit there where people just want to be accepted and being normal guarantees them acceptance. So the question I want to ask next is you’ve become extraordinary, you’ve had some extraordinary success in your life, can anyone have this type of success or should some people just be average and work for you and not strive for that?

Igor: Okay, there is twofold answer to that question. My belief is that anyone can truly become successful. My belief is that anyone can truly become extraordinary in some way in whatever it is that they want to become extraordinary. For me, it’s marketing. For others, it’s going to be something to do with art like I don’t consider myself to be an extraordinary artist or anything like that and I never strived to be, I don’t have desire to be but there has to be something that you know can be extraordinary at so that’s one thing. Second thing, the second side to that answer, truth is the way the world works right now is that only about 1% of people maybe 2% of people in the world will ever be extraordinary, the rest will settle for being average. The rest will settle for being just enough to be okay. That’s okay like the world works like that and so be it but what about the people who are below average, Jonathan? Why are the people that are way, way, way, way below the average line, why do they settle for being below average that is something that I don’t get.

Jonathan: Interesting idea there.

Igor: I mean there is average of course, there’s the middle class as far as I’m concerned that’s average but there is also a bunch of people out there that are just way below, people who live and they are carrying around this huge debt. There are people out there who just don’t care of their children. They don’t strive to become average parents, they’re just horrible parents. There are people out there who just are really bad at everything and they’re sort of okay with that. They are sort of okay with that. They are not bothered by the fact that they suck at everything.

Jonathan: They accept the fact that they suck at life, huh? [laughter]

Igor: Yeah, okay life sucks, I suck, and that’s how I’m going to live my life.

Jonathan: Yikes.

Igor: I mean it doesn’t fit in my brain. It just doesn’t make any sense because you only have one life and you’re going to waste it on being below average. You’re going to waste it on being average? You’re going to waste it, man, waste it not a single breath you make right now will ever be given to you for the second time. You’ll not have a second chance. Again obviously it depends on the kind of person you are and what you believe in. I mean I’ve got a friend who actually believes that this life is like a pre-life before the next one and what happens here will determine the kind of person or whatever you’re going to become in the next life but honestly, I don’t have any proof to that. The only proof that I do have is that people die all around. I live in Israel just recently we had a shooting. Now we are recording this and just recently there was a shooting in Orlando, 50 people died.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: They are not going to come back. Their families are going to suffer but they are going to be remembered for whatever they’ve done or been in the short period of time that they’ve been on this earth. So as far as I’m concerned I want to be remembered for something greater than just being average or below average. I want to be remembered for being extraordinary. I want to be remembered for touching lives. I want to be remembered for the kind of person I was, the kind of person that mattered to somebody and not a person that only mattered to their parents.

Jonathan: Wow. That’s deeper than I thought we were going today, Igor. So as we are coming to a close, what do you have coming up for us next time?

Igor: Whew, man. Man, I got to have another espresso now. So we got coming up next actually is a really interesting episode with someone who used to be a stand up comedian and who used to perform on the stage as Chris Rock. This person is going to share with us how you can use humor and storytelling in your emails to make more sales. I can’t wait to share this with you guys. It is whew – it is just going to be really great. It’s going to be amazing.

Jonathan: Looking forward to it so that is a wrap for another edition of List Building Lifestyle show. Thank you Igor and thank you List Builders for tuning in, we’ll be back next time.

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    I love this guy. I totally agree with his sentiments. I have got to get to millionairedom. I support Israel and I subscribe to the Podcastfactory, that’s a great place to start.


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