3 Step Formula To Creating Sales-Getting Content With Vick Strizheus

The universe is all about laws.

They either work for you.

Or against you.

In the real world, you’ve got Gravity and other laws.

Online – you got the law of income.

It’s a 3-part law which explains why 2% of all Internet marketers
make about 97% of all Internet income.

And why the rest struggle and suffer.

The new episode of the List Building Lifestyle features Vick Strizheus
who mastered the Law of Income.

He sort of made it his bitch lol.

And now he shares how you can do the same.


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Igor: Welcome back to List Building Lifestyle with your host, Igor Kheifets. Today, I’m hosting a guy who is absolutely phenomenal at building teams and launching money making projects in the home-based business opportunities space. In fact, this person has built a team of 35,000 members within just a year in a single company that he joined and pretty much just dominated. He instantly became the number one affiliate for the company and all thanks to his unmatched skill at building teams, building funnels, and he is just somebody who has the Midas touch, I think so without further ado, Mr. Vick Strizheus. How you doing Vick?

Vick: Igor, I’m doing awesome, brother. How are you?

Igor: I’m pumped. I am honestly pumped. I mean I’ve interviewed great guests on this show so far and I am genuinely excited for the value that is going to be shared on this call because you’re honestly – you’re unmatched as far as I’m concerned at creating large teams of people and large followings. I’m just going to ask the question that everyone wants to know the answer for and that is how do you go and build a 35,000 member team within less than 12 months?

Vick: Yeah, well first of all, thanks for having me. I’m happy to be here and happy to contribute to the community, to your followers and I’m a fellow entrepreneur. So you know I like to share stuff that has been working for me in hopes that people who are listening to this can get an idea or two and implement and you know who knows what’s going to happen. Right, so maybe they can go out there and build a giant team. But back to your question of how I did it, we can certainly talk about team building. It would be difficult to explain how to build teams without some preface as far as what it really takes to build a large team, right, what it really takes to build a team in online marketing, right.

Igor: Yeah, yeah, leadership…

Vick: A lot of people are coming into the industry and they have this mentality of you know what I’m just promoting this opportunity here and for me to really succeed and then go big with this I will just jam it with traffic, right, like nothing else. Unfortunately, what happens is I guess the best metaphor I can put it through would be like imagine if you get into a car and it’s a manual transmission, it’s a stick shift. You want to go 60 mph and the only gear you put it in is first and you just put it in first gear and you’re trying to get the thing up to 60 mph, what’s going to happen?

Igor: The engine explodes.

Vick: Exactly. Exactly right. So people are talking about so let this metaphor represent your team building so you want to get to a large team whatever that means to you or you want to build this really good grounded business and you only understand that first gear which is traffic. People like you – you provide traffic, you sell traffic that’s great but you’ve got to have something else that is behind it to really build and grow and scale. Because in a business we don’t want to just go crazy and go super fast and burn out, right? We want to focus on the three to four key activities as we are building our business and we want to do less work that produces more results.

Igor: Yeah, we all want more leverage and more freedom obviously because everyone talks about it, don’t they? I mean everyone talks about living the – we call it the “List Building Lifestyle” because we are all about list building here but people call it the internet lifestyle, the laptop lifestyle but whatever all I see is people hustling like crazy all of the time. So everyone wants more free time but it seems like that’s a commodity that very few people have.

Vick: Yes, yes absolutely. So there are several things. Number one is for me, Igor, is this I never – for me to build a large team, I need to have something I call morale authority. Think about it if I want to promote something it’s going to start with the invisible. You know a lot of people promote just to make a buck and I would say number one tip and I will give you guys a lot of tips today based on my experience. I can’t teach you something I haven’t done but I’ve seen – I’ve been in the industry for 11 years now and I’ve seen patterns for success and patterns for failure and there are patterns. So if you do certain things in a certain way and you follow the pattern of success you will succeed and if you follow patterns for failures that failures do then you will not succeed. It’s really as simple as that. Unfortunately, so many people in the industry they don’t understand patterns of success. So everything else in my opinions starts with you. Like your belief system, what you will and what you will not tolerate? Why are you doing this? What do you do? Why should anybody listen to you? Why should anybody care? Right I think it starts from that perspective because there is a lot of different companies, think about it some people might be in company Y, company Z, company whatever, right, at the end of the day there are people who are making money in virtually every single company but very few people at the top most people are at the bottom, you know 98%. The people who are at the bottom, 98%, they are struggling, right. So what’s the difference here? Well, number one is identify exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. Then what you do is you focus on becoming an irreplaceable – somebody who will be really, really difficult to replace. You know there is a law of income that states three things. Number one is the need for what you need to do. Number two is your ability to do it and this becomes your marketing skills, your leadership skills, we can talk about that a little bit later on as well. And then number three is the law of income states your income will be in direct proportion in how difficult it would be to replace you. So here is somebody who is very easy to replace as a marketer then you are not going to make a lot of money just like people who work at McDonald’s for example. It’s really easy to replace them, any high schooler can flip burgers that’s why those people are making the money they are making. You look at the medical industry a generalist and a specialist; they are both doctors, same industry. One is pretty easy to replace, anybody can know a lot of things about a lot of things but if you are an expert and you decide to become an expert, you’ll become somebody who is really difficult to replace, your income is going to show it. Especially in network marketing, my suggestion or my biggest tip there is identify what you want to be known for and focus on that and fine tune and polish that particular skill of yours. So back to your question, Igor, you know when you asked how I build a team; I identify who I want it to be inside personally for myself. So before I even started promoting before I even – before I did any webinars or anything whatsoever I myself I got very, very clear on what my position would be as a marketer in building the team and that position was leader, leadership. So if I don’t see myself as a leader, I will never ever, ever, ever build a large team because people tend to follow leaders. Does that make sense?

Igor: Oh yeah absolutely. Here is a distinction I want to kind of point out, I don’t like – sure you talk about skill, you talk about number two in the three rules is your ability to do it. Your ability to basically accomplish something that skill set, become a specialist. You say you want to become a leader, not an expert because in my book an expert is someone who is knowledgeable about a subject but a leader or an authority is someone who actually gets paid to do what they do, someone who can command people’s attention, someone who can command people’s action if you will. So did you find ever that you could be leader perhaps not have all the skills a marketer can have but at the same time make a ton of money?

Vick: You know I think you need to have both. I think you need to have leadership ability. You need to see yourself as a leader first of all and then you might say well look I’m just getting started, I’ve never done this before, nobody is following me yet, how do I see myself as a leader? I’m not a leader and that would be wrong, right? So I did this exercise in a room of about 6000 people when I was on the stage speaking and I said look if I ask you – if I say hey who are you? Who are you? And give me that answer in like three seconds. Most people would say I’m John, I’m a father, I’m a banker, and that’s it. That’s what they see themselves as. The better answer would be or the lens through which you see yourself and you want to see others see you, it would be something like I asked “Who are you?” and you would say, “I’m a leader.” The first of all, I don’t need to have followers for me to be a leader. I’m first of all leader of self. See building network marketing teams, or building network companies or building teams within multi-level marketing or network marketing space or selling any products, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling really, every single dollar is going to come from people because we exchange products for money. We get people to buy our stuff, to become our team members and that is how we build the business. So realizing that every single dollar is going to come from somebody else who is a human, we need to interact with humans at the level that would make them be attracted to us without them having – without them understanding why. Igor, this is probably going to sound a little weird but I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about because you’ve been in this space. You’re going to have two people doing the exact same thing, getting the exact same traffic, promoting the exact same page. One person could be killing it. One person could be struggling. Right?

Igor: Yes, absolutely.

Vick: What’s the difference? Well, the difference is just like when, I guess the best metaphor I can put it in this context is like a dog can smell fear, right, people can smell if you’re insecure. People can feel if you’re sincere or not. People can feel if you’re doing this make 20 bucks or 500 bucks or 5000 bucks or people can feel if you’re somebody if you’re a leader of self first of all and you have a mission and you have a vision that’s big enough for other people to be part of it and people who want to be part of something bigger than they are. You don’t have to go out there and proclaim my vision is this, this and this. It starts with you internally, right, because that feeling that you’re going to radiate this leadership when you talk to people when they come to your site. You want to build your world that radiates leadership and expertise. So I think you need to have some leadership skills but also when it comes to skills and specific things that you do. It’s the whole concept of being a specialist at something like if you know how to do a little bit of everything but you’re not really, really, really good at one particular thing then again it goes back to that same concept of how difficult is it to replace you. If I have an ability to build large teams or if I have an ability to create system that convert and I have an ability to create funnels that can be replicated and lots of people can use them and become successful with them as a result of running them then I become a person who is difficult to replace. But if I don’t provide value, if I don’t have an ability to do something that I decided that I’m going to be really, really good at this one thing. It can be something as simple as inspiring people. You can be the best inspirer. You can be somebody who is perhaps you want to master – let’s talk about traffic here, maybe one particular channel of traffic and you decide I’m going to own this category. Right, I’m going to own this category and you get really good. You get every single course. You get as much training as you possibly can on that one particular topic and then you implement the training and then you put it to use and you develop your own perspectives and then you share and teach from your experience and not theory. See you become somebody who is really, really difficult to replace because there is not very many people who make those kinds of decisions. If you want to own, let’s say if you wanted to be come really good at creating at landing pages that convert and that’s the skill you want to perfect and this is what you want to be known for in the industry then when somebody thinks of landing page or how do I collect more leads, immediately they’ll think of you. Maybe you’re somebody who can walk people through because of what you’ve done and you’ve developed this three step process that works every single time for people and that’s kind of like your expertise. You can take anybody from the street. You can put them through that three step process and help them start earning money online or whatever the case is. Does that make sense Igor?

Igor: Yeah, actually.

Vick: So what I’m saying is what is that one thing – I think off air you asked me what’s your magic power?

Igor: Yeah, what’s your super power? Mhh hhm.

Vick: Yeah, what’s your super power? So that is the same question I would ask to the audience is what is your one thing that you are really, really good at that nobody else can do what you do? Or not to the extent that you can do it? It’s a simple decision to decide and get it and then work on it.

Igor: Yeah and it takes some balls too. I mean when you’re just getting started you have zero confidence. You just have to decide and move forward having zero proof that it’s actually going to work but you’re absolutely right. My friend, John Carlton, that’s why I use the term super power because he was the first one to kind of tell me that. He says, “You have to have a super power.” You can’t just be a generalist versus a specialist. You have to have a super power that’s what you’re going to be known for. Now, it doesn’t mean that’s all you’re going to do but that’s what your market is going to know you for and from that point forward they are going to basically get into your world. Now, this leads me to a very important question which I’m sure our listeners are wondering and that is what if there is already a bunch of people out there who have this super power. Who have this power I want to develop? Is it still okay to go for it? Should I change it? Should I just give up?

Vick: Great question. Here is what I would say. What is marketing when you think about what is marketing – there are tons of marketers out there, hundreds of thousands of people in the network marketing industry. You know millions; 80 million people something like that, in the network marketing industry alone, right? I don't know even know how many people who are in affiliate marketing when you combine all these three industries together, you know, affiliate, MLM, networking marketing, it’s a giant world. Right? So a lot of people are doing stuff. A lot of people are running and a lot of people are trying to be successful. When you look at what’s going on in the industry, when you look at what’s going on in the marketplace, right and you look at what everybody else is doing for the most part, for the most part, Igor, you will find that a lot of these so called gurus, right, “gurus”, they are trying to teach people concepts that deliberately – they make things complicated. They use jargons and they use words that are difficult to understand and the reason for that – the reason most people are engaging in those types of activities or training or presentations is so that can make themselves look more knowledge or whatever the case is. What I have found for myself and this is such an easy concept; I mean everybody can do it. What is marketing? Marketing in my opinion is education through simplicity. If you can educate your market, the roles have turned right now. Right now if you want to make a lot of money, if you want to become successful, if you realize that every single dollar that you’ll ever earn will come from somebody else’s pocket. My mindset is this, I see everybody in my marketplace, in our community, I see them as somebody who I really genuinely care about and I genuinely want them to succeed. So I will do a couple of things. Number one for me is I made a conscience decision, this was back when I started online and like everybody else I was failing, failing, failing and then came across some mentors, and my whole world changed. One of my mentors said Vick, never teach from theory always teach from experience. I really adopted that belief system and I said I made a commitment that I would never, ever teach something that I just read about or heard about and I never tested it myself. So I always teach from experience. Now what I do is in today’s world if you want to get ahead you want to market through value like what you’re doing right now, Igor, is you’re providing massive value to your marketplace, massive value to your subscribers, massive value to your followers and people who will come across this. There are a lot of ideas flying here around these podcasts and what not, so people getting massive value. You’re not really selling anything here; you’re just providing value, great. Take a look at this concept and then think about how can you provide value to your marketplace. If you’re building a network marketing company, I’m building a network marketing company for example, what kind of value can I provide, what kind of value that is strategic leading up to the making the decision to purchase. There is different ways that we can provide value. So we can just throw information at people or we can strategically compile or we can strategically put together like a journey kind of plan maybe three, four, five different steps so the best concept I learned was – I can’t claim this for myself because I learned it from Frank Kern. He’s talking about results in advanced theory. Your customer wants a specific result or your prospect gets into your world or checks out your business or whatever it is you’re promoting and at the end of the day when it’s all said and done, he wants to have a specific outcome. He wants to earn 5000 a month. He wants to earn whatever the amount of money or wants more time freedom. By the way, speaking of that, I see a lot of people are going after “Hey earn a million dollars in 90 days” that kind of stuff. I actually surveyed a lot of people in the industry and most people guess what they just want to earn an extra to $5000 to $10,000. If you’re putting together a marketing campaign just keep in mind that number. Five to ten thousand dollars is all a majority in this space, they all they want to get to initially, right? So knowing that that’s what most people want, what would be – option A would be I would just throw a bunch of random information at them and confuse them and they will be like how do I put it together, I’m getting all this information, that’s good but I don’t see how I can put it together. See what I’m saying so they are confused. Marketing and simplicity so what I do is I would say okay if somebody wants to go from zero to $5000 a month promoting or being part of my team here and we are promoting this company, or this product, or whatever the case is. What’s the first they need? Most people would say okay you just need to get your landing page for the company and you just need to jam it with traffic and that would be wrong because that’s what everybody else is doing. If you’re doing the same exact thing, what other 20,000 or 200,000 affiliates are doing, how are you different? See what I’m saying? So what I would do is I would say okay, this guy, I put myself in his shoes and I say look he is probably confused, he is probably overwhelmed with information already but he wants to get this end result, this 5000 a month. What would be the first step, logical step that he would need to take or what would be the first piece of content that I can deliver to him that would make him go, “Wow, that’s good. I understand it. I want more, what’s the next step?” So maybe the first piece of content I can talk to him about perhaps the possibility, perhaps this is what is available in the industry, here is what is possible, here is what I’ve done or if you don’t have a

success, you haven’t seen great success yet, you here is what some of our team members have done, you can borrow credibility from other people. You just open their eyes to possibility. Get them emotionally connected, right, with a big vision. But then right away, you can follow up with you know what there is one big giant problem and that is here is the problem and you explain to them what most marketers would – what he would hear from most marketers, you know and you can address the issue of why people are not making money and people want to have what these guys want. They are not making it because, you know, they are doing what everybody else is doing so right away you start telling them how to differentiate themselves. Number one thing that I tell everybody is it doesn’t matter what company you promote, you always want to have your own custom wrapper and what I mean by custom wrapper is your custom landing page that you promoting that would be different the companies landing page because if I have the same landing page as the company and every other affiliate has the same page, it makes no difference. The candy inside can be the same, same company but the wrapper on the candy is different. So when I’m promoting with a custom landing page for example and I explain the importance of this to my prospect, see what I’m doing here is I’m teaching but I’m teaching in a way that is simple to understand and the response I want to elicit from viewer is “Ah hah”. If I can elicit that “Ah hah” that’s making sense to me, right, response then I know they’re following what I’m saying. Then immediately unconsciously they will see you as somebody who is different, somebody you is just not talking about the same stuff that everybody else is talking about. Make sense? But it is actually the truth what you’re saying is at the end of the day if genuinely want to make money you got to teach people how this business really works and that is you really never want to depend on anybody else. Part of the reason why I say custom wrapper is because A. you want to build your own list, right? B. is I don’t care how great the company is that you’re promoting. I don’t care if you think they will be around for 300 years, you cannot depend on the company and you cannot put your entire – you just can’t depend on somebody else to provide the kind of lifestyle that you want. You got to go out there deliberately and create it. So if I have my own wrapper and if I understand some of these principles, leadership and giving value and creating my own world that I can plug any company into that work that I want as long as I believe in it, as long as I feel good about it and people just follow me because people don’t buy companies, people buy people, does that make sense, Igor?

Igor: Oh yeah. I hope your listeners are taking notes. Do you hear me List Builders, I hope you’re taking notes because I am. I have two pages worth of them right here. I even forgot a bunch of questions I wanted to ask. Now Vick, we are actually almost out of time and I have one final question for you as a guy who built two major companies like mega successful companies, what would you say to someone who is just starting out? Like one sentence advice and one sentence just one quick tip.

Vick: Sure one quick tip is – it would be lead with value. I mean if people want to – look we just launched this project, Project Breakthrough and it came from an idea of people were coming to us and they were like okay I’m trying to make it but it’s still confusing what do I do? One day I sat down and I said, “look what if I just created like a quick start program. Like a 14-day quick start program. I just tell people what to do, day one, day two, day three and just kind of walk them through the process of 14 days. Initially I called it “The 14-Day Quick Start Program.” I started to put out video one, video two, you know like they are daily videos, the response from them was tremendous. So I said look I might be on to something here because it is really resonating with people, people love it, people are getting tons of value and so that became what is now known as “Project Breakthrough”. We launched this “Project Breakthrough”, it’s a 14-day totally free training program designed to walk people through the process of how do you go from zero to earning your first dollar. I don’t care if it’s your first dollar or first $1000 or a million. Your first million is going to start with you’re earning the first dollar, right? So I said that if I can teach somebody who has absolutely no experience, they have on idea how to make this work or what it takes to become successful online, what if I took him through the process and in 14 days I show them how to earn their first dollar. I show them and make sure they understood how they did it so they can replicate the process over and over again themselves so they don’t have to depend on anybody else. Number three is how do I help them scale that and take it to another level, right? What if we did it all in just 14 days? So “Project Breakthrough”, we launched it out about the time we are talking right now, it’s about a month and half into it now. In about a month and half we have 220,000 people, Igor, went through the process. The results are just absolutely phenomenal. Why am I saying this? The reason I’m saying this is if you just make a commitment to become valuable member of this community. Somebody who is just jamming people with hate – buy my thing, buy my thing, buy my thing. What can you deliver? What kind of value can you provide? If you want to check out “Project Breakthrough”, it’s 100% free, go to projectbreakthrough.com. You can actually see the process that you can model. I say it’s a great example of what you can model after as you’re building your business. You’ll be able to see it actually in action. But the biggest tip, man, the biggest tip is value, number two is value, number three is value. Then your value needs to be strategic so that every single step, every single video you put out there, every single email you put out there, blog post, or Facebook post, it needs to cover three things for me anyways. I want to make sure that I can inspire people that is where your emotional connection comes in. If people can feel better as a result of connecting with you that’s important. That’s what creates that magnetism for you as a marketer. Inspiration and then education, I want to give them a tip, I want to give them a nugget, I want to give them a something that they can implement that is actually implementable and usable in their business. And then number three is what is the call to action that you want them to do? Part of being a leader and developing that skill, this is important when you go to – see if you want to be a leader and an authority in your place, how do you behave? There is patterns that you can engage that will make you look like a leader so when you go to think about the doctor patient mentality, when you go to a doctor and doctor comes in and you are like okay I have this problem and the doctors asks you questions. Now he tells you to do something and he is a real doc, he knows what he is talking about. What’s the tone of his voice?

Igor: He just tell you what to do. It’s like….

Vick: Is he desperate? Is he like I hope you buy these pills here. No, he goes here is a prescription, go fill it. Boom. He is very matter of fact.

Igor: And you don’t argue with a doctor, right?

Vick: Exactly so how can you become that doctor in your space? Think about it if somebody comes to world, they have a need. Your mentality, this whole marketing game, you guys, is 90% is mental. How you see yourself, how you behave. 10% is mechanics, you know, what’s your landing page, what systems do I use, how do I get people, traffic, all of that stuff. It’s important but it’s 10% in my opinion. 90% is your posture, how do you behave, how you talk, how you see yourself because that’s exactly what is going to be projected to your prospect’s mindset. So my thing is look I want to be that doctor so matter of fact the tone of your voice, you expect people to take action on whatever you tell them. Expectation is huge and never, ever, ever, ever come across as desperate. I don’t care if you don’t have a dollar in your bank account. I was at one point in my life to where we didn’t have a dollar or 19 cents to my name. But you cannot come across as somebody who is desperate. I also see and this is, Igor, I don’t know if you want to stop this or you want to continue for a few more minutes.

Igor: Oh no, go on.

Vick: Here is something else that I see especially in network marketing, people are trying to build their team, right, but they’re going about building their team talking about their problems, talking about hey I’m not making any money yet, somebody asked him how you doing with this business? I’m not making money yet. Dude, think about it if you put that kind of vibe out there, or if you want to build a team and you’re talking about the lack of your success, it’s incredible how many people we see engage in that kind of stuff. Here they want to build a team but yet they are talking about it on Facebook and just interaction on chat or webinars or things like that. They are talking about how they are struggling. You never, ever, ever, ever succeed by doing that. You don’t talk about your problems until you’ve over come them, right? Then when you overcome your problems then you talk about them so that’s another thing. Where I was going with this is in network marketing you want to come across as someone who puts things in a simplistic way for newbies to understand. The simpler you can keep things, the more people will connect with you and the more people will follow you because people are desperate for somebody who is the position of power and authority. How do you get that? You just decide. You’re going to be a leader. What you do is you get educated in that space and you deliberately seek out, you deliberately build those skills. Okay? That is number one. Number two is when you provide value, you keep it simple. You can make it one, two, three, simple, I call it apple simple when you buy an Apple computer you don’t need a manual. It’s just plug and play, right. So if you can explain things in a very simple to understand way and if people can see how they could do what you are explaining to them, what to do or how to do they can see themselves in their mind doing it then they will connect with you like there is no tomorrow, man. It’s incredible and they will follow you and most importantly you guys, is don’t build your business to where you’re depending on a particular product or service. Same thing with traffic, you want to make sure that you have your own well of fresh water to drink out of, you want to have your own world that you created and you’re not dependent on anybody else but you.

Igor: Alright, man, so much for one sentence. That’s why I wanted to get you on the show by the way because it just seems to pour of you. It’s like you feel that you walk the talk unlike so many fake experts out there. So guys, if you want to check out “Project Breakthrough” which is a new project that Vick just launched where he is helping people make their first dollar online in 14 days, please head over to projectbreakthrough.com. Now if you want to find out more about Vick, head over to his hub at vic.tv which is a brand new hub that he is building up right now and in the meanwhile you should absolutely make sure you don’t miss a single episode of List Building Lifestyle. So Vick thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us. I know that you’re busy and I know – well you’re pretty much busy living the lifestyle and I truly appreciate you sitting down and sharing all that you shared today. I mean there is just so many nuggets that I couldn’t begin to list them. So truly thank you so much, man.

Vick: No problem Igor, it was fun.

Igor: And that’s a wrap, guys, so I’ll talk to you soon.

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