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I’m Jewish.

Born and raised in Ukraine I was the outsider.

Once I even had to beat up a kid in my class for racial slurring at my expense.

I’ve been dealing with racists my whole life.

But ever since my family moved to Israel on June 1st, 2000, things got even worse.

Terrorism is commonplace in Israel.

Every other day someone gets stabbed or shot or kidnapped.

Of course, the western media won’t show it, but it’s going on every single day.

Al Kaida, Hamas, ISIS… and all the good fellas of WWTN (World Wide Terrorism Network).

They’re here.

And they’re taking innocent lives.

And for what?

For a vague promise of 72 virgins that are (allegedly) waiting for them in heaven?

I never go political on my show, but today I decided to make an exception with the purpose of teaching rookie list builders a life-altering lesson which transformed my business.


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Jonathan: You are listening to List Building Lifestyle with your host, Mr. Igor Kheifets. What is up brother?

Igor: All good, man. All good. If not for all of the terrorism around me here, I mean I live in Israel and every single day in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv someone either gets stabbed or shot or something. I mean it’s been crazy lately if you’ve been following the news and I am upset obviously I’m upset about all of this but I decided to use this as a way to help List Builders get better. You know raise their game a little bit because I see one huge misconception here in the inner game and the targeting specifically like you know prospect targeting that List Builders are doing right now which I would like to address.

Jonathan: Wow, okay. You got my attention.

Igor: Cool. So I live in Israel and terrorism here is as common as I don't know, sand in a desert. So thing about terrorism is that it never make sense to me, if you’re a terrorist, you work for Al-Qaeda or Hamas or whatever else corporation you’re supporting, you get promised, this is a true story by the way, you get promised 72 virgins if you kill enough Jews or infidels and then you go to heaven and you get 72 virgins. Now here is the problem with that, virgins don’t know what the hell they are doing, they are very timid and seducing virgins is just expensive and unproductive when comes to marketing specifically. In other words, if you ever tried selling to a “virgin” customer, a customer who never purchased a type of product that you are trying to sell, you will find yourself struggling to convince that person because there is so many questions unanswered, there are so many insecurities. There are so many fears that they are not voicing and it’s really difficult to get through their barriers if will but that is exactly what I see most List Builders do out there when they come to me asking for traffic. They say Igor give me these fresh leads, I want people who have never been exposed to business opportunities before. I’m thinking to myself why would you ever want to mark business opportunities to someone who never buys business opportunities. Why don’t you position yourself in front of the people that all they do, that have this crazy desire to buy biz ops, wouldn’t that make more sense? It’s actually cheaper, easier; it’s just overall a better business model. Why would you sell golf equipment to people who never played golf before? Or who are just getting into the habit of playing golf who are still you really not into getting their buddies ass kicked on the golf course.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: They are not going to buy $2000 equipment pack. They are not going to buy a country club membership. They are just going to go and try to play a little bit of golf in their office or something, where no one can point a finger at them and laugh at how bad they suck. So that’s, Jonathan, my point. Most people out there they go around and they try to seduce the wrong people. They try to seduce virgins instead they ought to be seeking the people that are already buying what they are selling. They ought to be trying to have “sex” with whoever is already open to the idea in the first place.

Jonathan: This is getting interesting. It reminds me a little bit of Frank Kern and remember Frank Kern used to do big launches on how to start an online business and all of a sudden he put on a suit and grew a launch collection and started consulting big corporations because that was where he could get the most leverage without having to change anything else in his business.

Igor: Yeah and he doesn’t need to convince a corporation, a CEO of a corporation of the value of better marketing or higher conversions. Right? Besides of course the fact that CEO does not put out his own money but he actually puts up company money which is even easier. So if he could also find a corporation that’s always investing in that sort of stuff. Let’s just say that they have invited Tony Robbins to help them with motivation and then they invited Jim Rollins and then they invited whoever else and then whoever else and then Brandon Broussard, etc. Like if they always bring people on like outsiders to help them develop then of course they are going to bring Kern in if he comes in and shows them what he can do for them. I mean that just a very easy sell for Frank. He would be smart to do so not only will he make more money but it will be easier as well and so that’s a true leverage point right there.

Jonathan: It also reminds me of our friend, mutual friend, I believe Ben said it on the show if he hasn’t I know he said it personally but copywriters trying to get copy work and they are going trying to convince “mom and pop” store here, hey you should really should do direct response marketing because it’s going be really good for your business meanwhile the way that Ben recommends is go to people who are already using direct response and show them how you can do something different so just taking that person who is open to what you’re bringing and delivering the goods.

Igor: Exactly and we had the same shift in our own business when you know back in the day I used to try and go around and educate people about the power of solo ads for example. I would tell them that paid traffic was the way to go and I would literally spend a lot of time talking to people and convincing them that solo ads is better than social media and you could keep leveraging your business so on and so forth. I was talking to people that were well let’s just put it this way were paid traffic virgins and they had never purchased paid traffic before. They are not open to the idea, they are very timid. Then we shifted, we shifted. We started talking to people who were buying traffic but kept having bad experiences. So we showed up as someone who was able to help them get a better experience, someone who was able to help them stop losing money and start making money instead and so there was no more the conversation of should you or should you not buy paid traffic. They were already looking to buy it from somebody now we just had to convince them that we were the source that they had to go to.

Jonathan: That was a much easier sale wasn’t it?

Igor: Absolutely. I mean we went from like having like 100 customers a month to having 500 customers a month in literally 30 days because we started focusing on our ideal prospect and when you think about it the ideal prospect for you if you’re promoting business opportunities is somebody who is already a member of a business opportunity yet he’s not getting good results which is 99% of all business opportunists.

Jonathan: Isn’t that interesting? Just the little shift in your positioning made that big of a difference. I mean that’s a huge, huge increase in your business.

Igor: Yes and the reason it creates that huge shift, it’s called – Dan Kennedy says small hinges swing big doors which is one of my favorite sayings because I keep looking for those small hinges and the small hinge of changing the “who” was what lead us to exploding pretty much. Now here’s why. First off, we started going to do different places looking for customers because now we have to ask ourselves where do the people who are already buying traffic hang out. Rather than okay so we got like the universe at our feet like where do go? Do we just randomly start hitting people up or whatever? So we started focusing on the people that were the best, the most ideal type of prospect and we never even wasted a second anymore with folks who weren’t ready to purchase. In fact, whenever a client who we realized wasn’t ready hitting us up, we told them before you even talk to us go do this, this, this, read this book, study this course, etc. We weren’t even let them in until they educated themselves to a point of no longer being “a virgin”. We wanted them to get familiar with the idea of purchasing traffic. We wanted them to know the pitfalls of buying solos. We wanted them to realize that hey there is a lot of crap out there and they better make the right decision on the very first time they work with a traffic source. So just this one little shift, “the who” dramatically changed everything for us. Ever since, we have been focused really heavily on asking this question all of the time because that answer changes the more you evolve. It always changes. So today, believe it or not, this answer evolves for us again. Not to say that we don’t work with people who had better experience in the past, we do, we are happy to work with them but we have added if you will other avatars to the way we market so now we have 12 different avatars going out there targeting in order to get more business which is, Jonathan, you know it just works like gang busters and I couldn’t recommend more to anyone listening who promotes business opportunities right now to stop chasing the people who have no clue what business opportunities are, who have never been a member of one and who are not open to the idea of making money from home, who haven’t even yet realized that it’s possible, if you know what I mean. Like someone who is just toying with the idea is not a good fit for you. You need someone who is really dedicated to the pursuit of this goal.

Jonathan: Interesting thing you said there. You are promoting to 12 different avatars and I’ve seen and maybe you’ve seen this too where you talk to any marketer in any business and you ask him who their ideal customer is and they have this concept of anybody can use this or anybody. You’re talking about dialing into an avatar, one person, how does that affect your business when you get to talking to that one person?

Igor: At first, I thought it would narrow down my market and would minimize my results. I thought that by ignoring all of the other people will be leaving lots of money on the table but it turns out that is not true. First off, by going for a specific person and willing to lose other people, you actually end up attracting those other people to you. Not to mention that the folks you are going for feel naturally - they just connect with you on a such a level that is beyond the sale which is really what we want to create here, your solo ads. We want to create a community. We want to create a group of motivated individuals that all work towards the same cause. By going for the specific avatars with each and every single one of our funnels, we were able to set up consistent like a dozen consistent incoming client streams that – well these are hinges, man. These are the small hinges that swing the giant doors of Igor solo ads.

Jonathan: Nice. So you started with one and then you add – how did you do that? Was it just like we built one and we just keep reproducing it or was it hey we built one, we got it all dialed in and working and now let’s go for the next market? What was the process there?

Igor: Well, the process is interesting. So first of all, we decided on who’s the ideal customer based on experience, so people who fit a certain criteria were most likely to buy. So we went for those. Then what happened is we almost accidently started attracting a different type of person that would still buy so we noticed that there was a market there as well so we created a specific funnel for those people and went on advertising to them. Slowly but surely over time, we started just noticing, we got good at noticing avatars. So it could be the stay-at- home mom that’s part of a company that has a reasonable budget so she needed a very different approach than someone who has a team and was willing to invest a thousand dollars a month. By realizing – by recognizing that each and every avatar requires a different approach, we have adjusted our lead generation campaigns accordingly. Not only that I trained my sales people to treat each and every single customer according to their avatar which of course Jonathan, you guessed it right just quadrupled our sales.

Jonathan: [Laughter] Yeah but it didn’t happen overnight and it took some diving into the numbers but in order to get the numbers you had to get some sales so dialing the one in first and then being very perceptive you were able to grow that thing.

Igor: Yes, absolutely. Nothing happens overnight. The point for List Builders listening to this is to stop trying to go after “the virgins” and stop trying to go after everyone and their brother. You don’t need everybody. There are 6 billion or 7 billion people right now. You don’t need that many customers. You need your own little tribe of people that’s all you need to run a very successful business. Besides by willing to let go of the ones that don’t fit, you project authority. You’re actually stating to the marketplace in a very overt yet definite way, I don’t care whether or not you buy from me. When you do guess what happens, Jonathan, they want to buy from you.

Jonathan: They get hot and heavy for you. They want it more. [laughter]

Igor: Same thing with women. The moment you get desperate, the moment you project neediness, they don’t want you anymore. But the moment you show up and you are indifferent, so like okay you’re cool, you’re okay and if we hang out great but if we don’t my life ain’t going to be over. If that’s the projection you’re putting out into the marketplace, they will want to hang out with you more, they will want to buy from you more and they will respect you more. They will put you on the pedestal because most marketers out there all they do is they hype it up and they try to convince other people to buy from them. They are desperate. They are chasing the sale. Right, they are not willing to let you anybody and they desperately try to cling to every single sale. Don’t be that person. Have a definite idea of who that is that you want to work with and go specifically for that person and when you meet someone who is not that person just tell them. You know what based on what you shared with me, I believe it’s not a great fit for us to work together because I work with that sort of type of client and you just don’t fit. If you would like I can refer to somebody who might be a good fit for you but you and me I don’t think we should work together. You do that and you will see people flocking to you faster than bees to honey.

Jonathan: Hmm. I love that. So it’s worth mentioning Igor since we talked about it a little bit where can people find out more about buying traffic from you and getting into the solo ads game?

Igor: Well, if you would like to just the traffic, you should visit or if you would like to get traffic and my personal assistance at basically making that traffic convert, you should go ahead and check which is a coaching program where you also get traffic as a bonus every single month.

Jonathan: Excellent so what do you have coming up in the List Builders next time?

Igor: Well, next time, I got a special guest. He’s one of the top earners in the world. He’s the guy who makes more money with business opportunities and affiliate programs than almost anyone I know. He does it without leaving his home. He has dominated several companies since I started online and even before me – well he’s been making millions every year none stop like clockwork no matter what is going on in the marketplace and next week he’s going to share with us his three step formula to creating sales getting content. Now I also got him to share some leadership skills but I’ll leave that for later. For now, just make sure you stream the next episode on Monday because it’s going to be a big one.

Jonathan: Alright so that is a wrap for List Building Lifestyle with your man, Igor Kheifets. We’ll be back with you next time.

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