Sex, Money and Bright Shiny Objects

Money’s kind of like sex.

The more you chase it, the more it eludes you.

Most people I know put money on a pedestal like it’s some kind of unicorn.

They believe they have to work really hard and really long to make it show up in their space.

That it’s somehow knows who’s “worthy” and who’s not.

Money knows no such thing.

In fact, money is as abundant as air!

And those who know how to attract it as a byproduct of their behaviour never experience a shortage of this much-necessary resource.

What do they do? First, they don’t chase bright shiny objects…

Find the second thing they do by streaming this episode now!


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Jonathan: Welcome back to List Builders to another addition of List Building Lifestyle with the Chief List Builder himself, Mr. Igor Kheifets. What is up, my man?

Igor: What’s up, Jonathan? Great to be here. I’m ready of another episode, another kick ass episode actually because today I’d like to preach on success. I know that we have done a couple episodes back, you know about we talked about poverty and the things that people don’t really like to talk about but today’s it’s going to be all about success, money, accolades and triumph and specifically about the pursuit of.

Jonathan: Wow, that is a mouthful and I’m excited, man, I’m ready to rock and roll. You got a lot of good stuff for us today so why don’t we just dive into this thing.

Igor: Alright, sweet. So the one thing that I notice and this is what I do pretty much on a daily basis lately especially since starting this podcast is paying attention to the kind of mistakes people make both in the physical existence in the physical world where they go out marketing and in their inner game when it comes to success. So what I noticed is that a lot of people out there what they do is they chase success. Their purpose – they wake up in the morning and they go out there chasing success and they make it a mission. They wait for the moment. They wait for that moment when “Oh am I successful yet, am I successful yet? What am I supposed to do to be successful, Igor, tell me. What are the actions steps to becoming successful?” So here is the truth about that which I only realized several years into my journey because I too was going after success and specifically I was all about the money because that is the one thing that I never had so I was always looking for that next dollar which is incidentally why I never accumulated any because I was focused on one thing. Success just like money, just like anything – any goal that we pursue is usually a result, a byproduct of habit, of actions we take of habits we develop. It cannot in itself be found. In other words, you got to let it happen as a natural extension of your daily actions. You cannot find success. You cannot instantly become a guru that sort of happens on its own. The marketplace rewards you with that once you have developed enough proper success habits.

Jonathan: That is powerful, bro, because it reminds me of chasing a – like I’m thinking right now visual in my mind is a rainbow and I’m looking for the pot of gold at the end and the little leprechaun is there. Come on, I know that I’m going to get to success but forgetting about the journey to get there.

Igor: Yeah, exactly, exactly. So everyone sees that pot of gold that is a great analogy but they forget that their job, their daily task is to do the things that they ought to do in order to get close to the pot of gold. It’s not the pot of gold that is the goal, right? I know it’s a bit confusing but stick with me. It’s not the actual pot of gold that is the goal you set for yourself but it is what do I need to become, what kind of person do I need to become, what kind of habits do I need to develop in order for that pot of gold to naturally end up in my hands. You see that is why I believe – a lot of people out there they jump business opportunities and I work with a ton of business opportunity marketers that’s my main crowd so members of Empower Network, MOB, Inspire, Digital Altitude, Online Sales Pro, there is a bunch of companies so the one common theme that I notice is folks who don’t experience success and they can go on for years, Jonathan, I’m talking five to ten years not experiencing success that is what they do. They look for the next pot of gold. To them the next pot of gold is the opportunity, the next shiny company, the next shiny project that they are attempting to take on. So they start with one company, they try it for a month, it doesn’t work guess what happens they join the next one and then the next one and so every single time they join they have this sick feeling of hope and I really feel that this particular type of hope is very sick because it is misleading. They have this feeling that right now, right this time, Jonathan, it’s going to be different, it’s going to be ….

Jonathan: This is it.

Igor: Yeah, this is it, man. This is it. This opportunity is where I’m going to find my big break. But that is not true. That is simply not true. It doesn’t matter what the opportunity you’re with right now, you can succeed with almost any opportunity, I mean if it’s legit of course and it pays out on time and the product is good and obviously you got to keep that in mind but if all things being equal, it’s not the opportunity that matters here, it’s the habits that you bring to the table, it’s the behavior that you bring to the table which may or may not lead to you succeeding with the opportunity to collecting to that gold. So if you’ve been jumping from one opportunity to the next for a little while now and you’re asking yourself – “Hmm I wonder how come I’m not successful yet?” Well, it’s about time you stop and take a cold hard look at yourself and admit that that’s what you’ve been doing. You’ve been chasing that pot of gold on top of the rainbow that is my friend is just an illusion. It does not even exist. It appears when you create the right behavior in your life and you just let it go. So in other words, it’s sort of like the “Zen” concept Jonathan, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s like being detached.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: From the outcome. You almost need to forget about the pot of gold, you need to fully focus on the behavior you must create and better yet the specific behaviors you must create on a daily basis in order for that pot of gold to sort of become this natural result and natural byproduct of your habit.

Jonathan: Igor, I don’t want to side track you but I like the idea of these habits and even more than that rituals that you can create to put yourself into success mode. So how long did it take you to figure it out and what was it that you realized, when was it and how was it that you realized that the pot of gold wasn’t the actual reward you thought it was?

Igor: Well, it goes back to my very first sale. So that very first sale through which I realized I could finally make money from home, I made it while I was at work scrubbing rooms and then I got an notification email which I checked on my lunch break and I ended up making $137 that day. I was running the MLM Mastermind System and so I made one sale which was a $1 trial then it got picked up in an up sale so eventually came down to I think 137 bucks because the up sale was $400 something and I got a commission that was pretty cool. Now, remember, Jonathan, at the time, I have to work two days, two full eight hour days at that hotel in order to make that money. So all of a sudden, I’m making it within a few minutes. I’m making what I’m usually making in two days of hard work; I make that in two minutes. So it literally blows my mind. Now what I realized was that I wasn’t focused on the money because it came from something that I created which was incidentally my very first success blog post which I think was one of the three in total successful blog posts that I’ve ever made – that ever made any money.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: It came from that thing which I simply created and I never even considered what the result might be. I didn’t even think of making sales from that blog post. I just focused on getting it done in a way which is high quality. I focused on what I put on – what kind of words I put in the article, I focused on the setup, I focused on the copywriting element of it, I focused on positioning it in a way that would rank on the right key word, right, so I just remember being focused on the work that I was putting in and on the actual process and not on the end result which I was looking for which was the money. So the moment that I sort of released the end result from my mind, BAM! I finally made my first sale. Now incidentally I could not repeat that for a little while after that. It took me another six months before I could finally do something like that because the moment I taste a little bit of money I became desperate for the money and I started chasing it again and although, the very next day, you know feeling all this bliss if you will I came to my boss’ office and I said. His name was Yehonatan which is Jewish for Jonathan actually believe it or not, man.

Jonathan: How about that.

Igor: Yeah, so he was an ex-cop and he was now head of housekeeping in that hotel so I said, “Yehonatan, look man, I’m done. I’m sick and tired of you. I’m sick and tired of this place. You guys treat me like shit. I’m not going to work here.” And I just left. Now walking out of that hotel, into like 100 degree heat outside on the Dead Sea and like 70% humidity, I felt free for the very first time in my life. I really felt like I could do this but the next six months nothing happened and I had to drag my ass back to the day job which – I mean not the same one.

Jonathan: Oh man.

Igor: I couldn’t go back to work Yehonatan. I did drag my ass back to the lottery ticket thing and then the security guard at the chemical facility. Point being is that I eventually I figured I must develop rituals and habits and not seek goal as in result end goals. It works especially true with people as well. Like you can’t really convince someone to buy from you, you can’t really make them buy. But you can focus on creating the proper environment that maximize your chances of having that person agreeing or committing to your purchase but whenever I would get on to a sales call where I was thinking I got to make this guy buy, got to make him buy, got to make him buy and that wealthy the person on the other end of that phone was the more I had this going on, the more desperation built up in me. Like I remember talking to this guy who was an engineer working for the largest airplane companies like the ones that make planes I’m not even sure I’m allowed to mention their name but whatever. So they are pretty big, I mean you’ve flown their planes, I bet my bottom dollar you’ve flown their planes. So he was making 20 grand a month and so when I realized I was talking to someone who makes 20 grand a month I was like, man, I’m closing that sale. I’m closing this deal. I’m closing this deal. That’s all I thought throughout the sales call, guess what happened? I did not close the deal. [laughter]

Jonathan: [laughter] Yes, sir. He smelled it, didn’t he?

Igor: Oh yeah, I think he did. You know what’s funny; he brought up money as an objection. He said that he couldn’t afford me that he had a lifestyle that he needed to support like two cars, two houses or something. He said he just couldn’t afford me.

Jonathan: Oh boy.

Igor: Obviously, I knew he was full of shit. It was my fault for not presenting a clear case and not positioning it in a way that it made sense for him to purchase because again. I was focused on the end result and I could already picture myself collecting if you will and I did not pay attention to all the details associated with the actual sales process.

Jonathan: So Igor why do you think that people are so obsessed with that end result when the journey there is where you spend most of your time?

Igor: Well, I guess it has to do with its gratification that we all seek. We are a nation of very entitled sons of bitches.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: We have be about that where we expect things to handed to us and we want things fast. I mean look at technology right now. Look how fast things are. So if you tell people you have to work hard for a year before you can see money, no one is going to do it. So I believe it has to do a lot with that plus it’s just I guess human nature. We tend to future pace. We tend to idealize. I just to do the same thing with women, I talk about it all of the time on the show where I would idealize a woman. I would future pace myself into having a family together, building a house, planting a tree, raising a kid. I did it immediately the moment I saw her across the room. So I’m as guilty about all of this stuff as anyone else out there. Why do we do it? Man, Jonathan, I wish I had the definite answer to that because I would immediately develop the protocol to fight this urge.

Jonathan: Yeah, right. [laughter] That would be it. This is it, Igor. [laughter] Nice, man. So yeah, so what are some of the rituals or habits that you practice on a daily basis now that make you so successful? If you don’t mind sharing them.

Igor: Oh yeah, of course. First off, I read a lot like 30 to 60 minutes a day at the very least, usually more than that depending on the day. Like today’s pretty busy for me so I only stole like 20 minutes of reading but I’m going to do more in the evening. So reading is a must. Going through seminars and recordings of seminars of leaders and influential players that I respect with whose philosophies I agree so that keeps me on my toes making sure I’m always good in the basics. I invest a lot of time into influence, persuasion, and psychology because that’s the backbone of marketing. So in order to constantly be effective at that, my habits are focused on enriching my skill set in that department all of the time. I recently have been working on expanding my network as well so I set time aside to connect with influential players. I find ways to reach them. I find ways to interview them. So that is also a habit which means I strategically try to develop relationships that serve me in the purpose of achieving that goal. But you know what is interesting, Jonathan? The days when I’m busier than ever like the days when I’m just consumed with the activities that might lead to the goal not with the goal itself are the days when I’m the happiest, right, when I get back home from the coffee shop. I’m exhausted but I’m really, really happy. I’m proud to hug my daughter because I know that today’s work was productive. But the days when all I do is sit and think about the end result and I future pace myself into having it and I try to think how to get it, right, the days when I don’t necessarily consume myself with the actions steps, with the habits is the days when I come back home and I feel sick. I honestly feel sick looking into my daughter’s eyes. I know it’s bullshit. I know she doesn’t love me because of what I do, right, she loves me because of who I am. But I look into her eyes and I realize, man, a day wasted, a day wasted. I could have made it more productive. I could have spent this with her. I could have spent this day with Erica instead of wasting it at on just thinking of my end result and so this is where I guess me and the secret, the philosophy of the secret we do not align at all.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Because.

Jonathan: The secret is BS.

Igor: Yes. The secret is BS. They tell you just sit there under a tree and think of what it would be like to have your dream thing come true. Well, I say, get your ass off the ground, get out of there, out of the garden or whatever, get into your car, get behind your laptop, and do something to advance towards the goal. Just don’t sit there thinking about it. It’s not going to help you. It is not going to help you. Man, there is no magic out there. There is only cause and effect. You make the cause happen and effect happens. So the cause is you and your behavior, the effect is the end result that you’re looking for.

Jonathan: I’m smiling ear to ear right now. [laughter] Shredding up the secret. Man, that is so good, Igor. Thank you for that insight. So what do you have coming up for the List Builders next time?

Igor: Oh man, the next episode is a beauty. I’m actually hosting Doberman Dan, our mutual friend and your client as well from the Doberman Dan Show, “Doberman Dan’s Off The Chain Show” which is the proper title.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: As you know, he is a ex-cop and one of the world’s leading copywriters right now so he is going to give us some street smart persuasions secrets that he learned on the force and then preceded to use these in marketing, copywriting, email writing, you name it so it’s going to be a beautiful episode for anyone whose into email marketing, into persuasion psychology and making people do what you want them to do which is clicking that “Buy Now” button.

Jonathan: Hmm. Alright, I hope you have the ‘E’ rating on that show, I have a feeling you’re going to need it.

Igor: You know me, man.

Jonathan: Good stuff. Alright. So that is a wrap, List Builders for another List Building Lifestyle with your man, Igor Kheifets. We will be back in your earbuds next week. Thank you for tuning in.

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