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Fear of failure is something we all grapple with, but Igor has developed a method that never fails them. Tune in to learn how they tackle this paralyzing fear head-on, gaining insights that can empower you to overcome your own barriers.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor takes you back to the defining moment in their Internet marketing career when everything hung in the balance. Find out what pushed them to the brink and discover the resilience that emerged from this pivotal experience.

[00:32] A Glimpse Into Igor’s Life Before The Riches:

  • Today, I want to transport you back to the year 2009. You see, six months prior to that moment, I had quit my job. I was now a full-time hotel room cleaner, which meant I embarked on a daily 40-minute bus ride to and from work.
  • My day typically began at 6:30 in the morning and ended around 7:00 in the evening. Working long, physically demanding shifts left me utterly exhausted.
  • Despite being only 21 or 22 years old at the time, the mental and physical toll was taking its toll. After scrubbing rooms, toilets, and floors for 12 grueling hours, my enthusiasm for anything else had waned. All I craved was to return home, watch TV, munch on some Pringles, and drift off to sleep. However, I was determined to push myself to the limit.
  • Around the same period, my father lost his job and, after a few unsuccessful job-hunting attempts, decided to abandon the search altogether. That’s just how my father operated—once he gave up, he truly gave up.

[03:10] How Igor’s Father Impacted His Goals:

  • He believed I was wasting my time and never hesitated to remind me of that when he was intoxicated. You see, alcohol had a peculiar effect on him—it didn’t take much to trigger his aggression. Anything you said could set him off. So, when my mother occasionally worked night shifts, which she did on this particular night, we often found ourselves in heated arguments.
  • This time, the clash revolved around my pursuit of a career from home rather than finding a better job than scrubbing hotel rooms. Although I understood that the cleaning job was temporary, I endured it to put food on the table, support my family, and invest in advertising and software.
  • It’s worth noting that I couldn’t even afford my AWeber account—the naysayer himself, my dad, was covering that measly $19 monthly fee, along with the hosting for another $3 per month. So, there I was, grappling with yet another confrontation.
  • In the heat of the moment, I decided to escape the situation. I grabbed the car keys. Our car was far from luxurious—a ’99 Daewoo Nubira, which was as unattractive as they come.
  • I drove for miles, and then I realized I needed a cloth to clean my glasses. I reached for the glove compartment, and what I found there turned my world upside down. I had no inkling that my dad had taken out a loan just days earlier to pay off another loan. My initial reaction was to label him irresponsible, using more colorful language. But within just ten minutes, I had an epiphany. I realized that this was the natural consequence of our current circumstances.
  • At that moment, I decided that no obstacle, no fear, could hold me back. My family’s future depended on me, and I was determined to pull them out of this dire situation. The enemy wasn’t my father; it was poverty.
  • There’s magic in recognizing your defining moment. It’s crucial to identify what that moment is for you. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you must either create it or find it.
  • None of those fears mattered anymore. Why? Because the alternative was far worse. That moment became the driving force behind my actions. We’ve talked a lot about fear propelling us forward, and I wanted to share the story behind it so that you can feel its raw reality in your own life. That’s when everything changes.

[09:42] Finding YOUR Motivation:

  • I personally find myself leaning towards negative or fear-driven motivation. Some people are inspired and motivated by positive ideas.
  • The issue I see with positive motivation and grand ideas is that they tend to be short-lived. On the contrary, fear doesn’t dissipate unless you take action to address it. In my case, fear-based motivation is more effective.
  • Regarding how I motivate my clients, I typically start with positive motivation. However, if I sense that it’s not working effectively, I resort to pressing a few fear-based buttons.
  • In terms of figuring out your own motivation style, you can look for patterns and cues in your life. For me, negativity and fear are clear patterns, so I harness that energy to formulate desires and take action. Everyone is unique, so you can leverage both positive and negative motivation if that suits your goals.
  • Write down 100 reasons highlighting the benefits of taking action. Whether you lean towards positive or negative motivation, writing down these reasons can be a powerful way to get yourself moving. It doesn’t take long before you’re compelled to take action after listing just a few reasons.

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