How To Develop A Magnetic Personality With Miles Segers

Miles Segers was a very successful real estate investor in Philadelphia during the US real estate boom.

Life was going really well.

He just quit corporate America, because his job kept getting outsourced, and the prospect of the next 5-10 years in real estate was promising.

Until the housing market imploded in 2008.

The bubble bursted and so did Miles’s real estate portfolio.

It brought him down on his knees financially.

He had to quickly liquidate his assets and figure out a way to earn money quickly as the bills were piling up and Sonia, his wife, insisted he’d get a job.

The thought of getting back into corporate America send shivers down Miles’s spine.

So he went the other way.

He decided to take on a life long dream of working from home.

He dabbled with internet marketing for years, but was never able to make it work. Plus, with a highly successful real estate business, he never “pushed” it hard.

This time it was different.

He had to make it work… or settle for a dead end job.

Miles ended up building a very successful $150,000 per year online business against all odds.

Discover how he did it in this episode of the List Building Lifestyle.


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Igor: Welcome to “List Building Lifestyle” with Igor Kheifets. Today, my guest is somebody who I respect a whole lot, he’s a dear friend and a long time client, Miles Segers. Now if you don’t know who Miles is he’s known as the “Magnetic Marketer” for having developed a magnetic personality, which allows him almost magically attract the right type of people into his businesses. Miles, how are you my friend?

Miles: I am doing fantastic. How are you, brother?

Igor: I’m doing great and I’m really grateful that you could wake up so early to do this with me. I know it’s usually, that’s a huge problem for my guests because I’m seven hours ahead of New York. No, you’re in Philadelphia so that’s about seven hours. I really appreciate you waking up at 7:30 just to do this with me, brother.

Miles: It’s a pleasure. Actually I’m honored to be here, brother. So it’s a pleasure.

Igor: Awesome. So just in case our listeners don’t know who you are, do you mind giving us a brief history lesson about why we should listen to you and how did you get into the online marketing scene and all the good stuff?

Miles: Yeah sure, I can tell you. I’m that guy, or I’ll say it this way, I’m that person because this could apply to a man or a woman. I’m that person that wanted the “American Dream” and I said if I’m going to get to the “American Dream” I need to do the right thing so I went to school, I got good grades, I went to college and I will give you a quick snapshot. I went to college, I graduated, I went into corporate America and just tried to climb the corporate ladder until my job kept getting outsourced. I said you know what I can’t take this corporate thing anymore, I would like to really start my own business and the business that I got into as you know you already mentioned was real estate. I did the real estate thing for awhile. I was an investor, very, very successful. I mean I have to say I was blessed because I started off kind of hot and you can make a lot of money in real estate. We were doing quite well, Igor but when that – in the U.S. here there was a boom, there was a crash right around 2008-2009 when the market crashed my business just went down, just totally. So at that point, I had a decision to make. The decision wasn’t really mine. It was my beautiful wife’s decision. She said, “Listen, sweetheart, the bills are piling up. You need to make a decision. We need to get some money coming into this house so either you need to get a job or you got to get that real estate thing going.” I had kind of lost confidence in real estate. So when she said that I needed to get a job again, Igor, shivers kind of went through my body just thinking I had to go back to corporate America so I had this thought in my mind that was there, she didn’t know about, and it was about “hey maybe I could make money online” maybe I could give that a try. That’s really when I ventured into this industry that I just fell in love with. So that’s kind of a snapshot.

Igor: Nice, nice. Cool. So now what differentiates you from other people that I’ve been talking to and really makes you unique to almost anyone who tries to make money online is that you actually made $150,000 your first year online. Is that true?

Miles: That’s true, very true.

Igor: Wow, okay, well obviously, we are curious how in hell did you do it?

Miles: I’ll tell you and it’s not as difficult as a lot of people think that was my first year online but before that year actually kind of got started, I kind of dabbled a little bit in internet marketing and by the way, brother, when I was dabbling I reached out to somebody because I was trying to drive traffic. I was trying to get traffic to my site and people don’t know what traffic is – I think most people know out there but anyway that’s just people, visitors who go onto your website and that’s actually about the time that I came across you. I started to get more serious with this business so for me the secret was, and I really believe this should apply to anybody, I found a mentor and not just a mentor. I found somebody that I resonated with somebody that was already doing two things, somebody that was already doing what I wanted to do and they were successful. They weren’t just saying they were successful to tell me something that the guy had made a ton of money online so I said whatever he knows, whatever he’s doing, I’m going to get with him and I’m going to listen him and I’m just going to do what – even if I don’t understand why he tells me to do something, I’m going to do whatever he tells me to do and that’s what I did. I’ll you; it’s true, this doesn’t happen to everybody. But my first real year online, I joined a network marketing company, I’m not going to mention the name, but my first two and half weeks, brother, I had earned $15,000 in my first two and half weeks selling their product.

Igor: Wow, okay, okay. Now you know what people are thinking right now listening to this, this guy probably just got lucky.

Miles: Yeah, you know what I can understand that because when it happened I thought to myself, I was telling my wife, I said you know I got lucky because I certainly didn’t have the confidence back then that I do now but again there was no luck involved. Internet marketing just like anything else is, a skill that you develop. I didn’t mention to you that the product that I was selling each sale the commission was around $5,000. So let’s look at this way. Let’s put it in perspective, I only sold three of those things but those things again they were like five grand a piece and there was a need for what I was selling, boom. I attracted the right people to what I was selling and they bought. It’s just a formula that we follow. You know that Igor.

Igor: Oh yeah absolutely, absolutely. Here is where you’re different, man. Here’s where you really, really are different, you see most people don’t have the personality. Most people don’t feel comfortable buying a $5,000 offer or product from somebody that they just meet on the internet. This is different with you. People connect with you over the internet. They want to either get into your down line or give you money in some way. They don’t make an impression of just another marketer. You’re not Joe Marketer, you know what I mean? So tell us how did you develop this magnetic persona?

Miles: Well again, I got to give all credit to my mentor because what you just mentioned and it’s funny. He said when I got started, “Miles, you know, to make a lot of income in this industry, you don’t just want to be another marketer.” I’m alright, cool, sounds good. How do I do that? So he told me I needed to start reading every day, reading books. I’m like okay still what’s that going to do for me just by reading. I want to learn drive traffic. I need to drive traffic to my site. He started pointing out that well these books that you’re going to read are going to change you on the inside. I was still not getting it then he started talking about everything that we really do is based on our subconscious mind and I don’t want to go too deep here but it is based on our subconscious mind that a lot of use think we’re in control when do something just like now. You and I are talking. We’re breathing right? We are not controlling our breath. We’re not thinking about that so really working on yourself getting down to the core, it’s going to change you. You’re going to build that confidence in yourself and he gave me a few books, a couple of books he told me to read and I started reading every day just like 30 minutes a day, no big deal, just doing it consistent. I started noticing a change in me. Even my wife, she started noticing a change in me, my confidence level because again I was reading the type of books about other people who came from nothing and they struggled and now they are successful. I started saying to myself, “Wow, if they can do that. They were just regular people, now of them were really even educated. If they can do, I really think I can do that. I think I can apply these principles and learning to my internet marketing business.” You know how I talk to people, how I relate to people and it must work, brother. It worked out pretty good for me.

Igor: Oh yeah, they say reader are leaders. I don’t know who said that but he was probably a smart guy. I too support this strategy. I believe a big part of why I became successful is because I’m an avid reader and the first time I heard about the concept was from Dan Kennedy. He was making fun of a lady who got on Oprah and Oprah said, “Oh wow, this lady she read 12 books this year and they made her into this hero.” He said, “How pathetic is that, our country worships somebody that only reads one book a month.” Because Dan Kennedy learned how to speed read so he sits down and reads a book within the hour. Obviously I never mastered speed reading or anything like that. I tried but I’m not a master. I’m getting good at it but you know I can get done with a book over two weeks. Usually I just read several books at the same time at this point. It all started out just like for you. It all started out with the classics, “Thinking Real Rich”, “How to Make Friends and Influence People”, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” and “As the Man Thinketh” and all these books that just teach you the right philosophy, the right approach to become successful like the foundation that is set in place which is so important, right?

Miles: Yeah exactly, definitely. You hit on a lot of books. You mentioned some names, those are some of my favorite books that I’ve read myself.

Igor: Oh yeah, and the more we study – the more we study successful folks, we notice the commonalities, it’s all the same books. So it gives you a clue. So with that said, what are you reading right now?

Miles: I’m reading right now for the fifth time because I started a little book club with my – I have a team of online marketers that I work with – we started a little book club. I’m reading “Thinking Real Rich” for like the fifth time and I tell people, it’s required reading. I will tell you something. It’s sort of like watching a movie or listening to a video. You may have seen it or read it but that next time you go through you’re going to read something or hear something that you didn’t hear the first time. You know what I mean? It’s going to be there.

Igor: Yeah, yeah. I remember reading “Harry Potter” like I’m a big Harry Potter fan and I read the fourth book and for some reason I read it again. I caught myself thinking towards the end of it, I was like, damn it, I read the book before but I don’t remember who did it, who actually put the magic spell on the thing and I was just so – I just dived into the book like I was reading it for the first time maybe even better. So I completely get where you’re coming from especially when you talk about self help books where there is so much stuff that we need to learn and it almost sinks in the very first time.

Miles: I agree, yeah. Exactly. That’s the thing, I always tell people, and I’m like repetition. I agree sometime it maybe get a little boring to do things repetitively but as human beings that’s how we learn repetition.

Igor: Yeah, absolutely. So tell me then what were some of the other books that you read in the last six months?

Miles: One of my favorites is called “Pyscho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. It’s a great book. I’ll kind of step away. I’m looking at my bookshelf over here. I got a ton of books on the shelf. Another one that I recently read, this is the second time I read this one on Dale Carnegie, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. It’s like isn’t that a great book? When I read this ….

Igor: All time favorite.

Miles: Yup. I go out, this is cool. When I read this book, I go out like that day or the next day and I try to apply immediately with other people stuff I’ve learned from this book. It does work because listen whoever we’re talking to or whoever we’re dealing with there are two people standing in a room – question for you Igor – who is the most important person in that room to that person? Them.

Igor: Themselves, yeah.

Miles: Yeah, yeah so.

Igor: This is a great book. That was one of the first few self help books I read, I’ve realized just how inadequate I was when it came to relationships with other people and then when you realize that your success is in the hands of the other people. It is all about what other people think of you, all about whether other people want to do business with you and you start realizing how important it is the skill of relationship building. You then start reading books like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and many, many others. Again there are too many probably to mention and I’m sure your library is the size of the Empire State building but if you could just a couple more book titles for our listeners so that we can get on the right track here.

Miles: Yeah, another one which is one that I really, really, really like – I’ve been using this one kind of like a little guide when I’m writing my copy – when I’m writing different copy stuff like that “Hypnotic Writing” by Dr. Joe Vitale. It’s a very, very good book for us marketers writing headlines and copy.

Igor: Cool, nice.

Miles: Another one here, this one is kind of thick but “The 48 Laws of Power”, this one is kind of heavy. I don’t mean heavy in weight. I mean heavy in really makes you think, again it goes deep into the core of self-confidence and developing ourselves not just as a marketer but as a person.

Igor: Yeah, another one I like if I may is “13 Profiles of Power and Success” I think it’s called where they break down Napoleon, Hitler and a lot of like successful people that we remember through generations like how it’s used and like really a lot of people too many to remember right now and he just pulls out the commonalities in their life experiences and how they responded to those life experiences and the character they developed in order to become immensely successful. That’s also very, very good book.

Miles: Yeah, and I just want to mention one more, I cannot, I cannot forget to mention this book because it’s really – again people get into business to make money but what are you going to do once you make that money, what is your thinking going to be and I know you probably read this one, Igor, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. I met him actually twice. I’ve been to two of his seminars. That’s a great book.

Igor: Oh yeah, I disagree with you on one point though. I don’t think this book is essential to those who made the money who are basically worrying about what to do with it. I think this book is way more essential to the people who are trying to make money because it goes over so many misconceptions and limiting beliefs about money and success that get in the way of you becoming successful. We have talked about this a little bit before the call. You mentioned on particular belief that you found to be absolutely devastating unless – you know and you got to get rid of it. Unless, you do you’re not going to become successful.

Miles: Yup.

Igor: So what’s that belief?

Miles: It’s something that I live by every day. It’s like a tag line. The thing is I learned this, years ago. It goes like this; you don’t get in life necessarily what you want. We all want things money, success, fame, or whatever. You don’t get in life what you want; you get in life what you are. The first time I heard that it just kind of blew my mind, it’s powerful.

Igor: So how does that come to fruition, let’s just say I’m starting out online. I’m brand new to the internet marketing game. I want to make $10,000 per month. What prevents me, what’s the belief that holds me back from hitting that number?

Miles: Well I think the number one thing is confidence. Confidence in yourself and believing that you deserve it, I mean a lot of us want things. I went through this but deep down inside a lot time we’re thinking that we’re deserving of that. I see that with people.

Igor: Yeah, absolutely, I agree with you completely. Like you also see even the accomplished people sort of diminish their success, it’s like “Oh you made a million dollars”, “Well you know, but I probably just got lucky” or “You developed this amazing product.” “Well you know I’ve had this team working with me which is really, really great and I could not have done it without them.”

It’s like you see people down playing their achievements all of the time and this shows, right?

Miles: Never ever do that. I tell my team. I say, “Listen guys, celebrate your successes, your small successes.” Let me just back up for a second. You know what we really do here; Igor and you know this so I’m just talking off to the listeners. This internet marketing game that I love so much, this is a people business. I mean it’s not – we are sitting in a room behind a computer screen but this is really a people business. People really need to understand that. So if you, out there, just made your first $10 or $100 online, you need to go out and celebrate.

Number one you need to express your gratitude because gratitude is going breed more success. Celebrate don’t just tell you significant other or whoever, “Hey I only made $100 online this week” especially if you just made your first dollar online. You need to celebrate that. If you have a list, tell them. For you marketers out there, you online marketers, tell them. Take out your phone, your little camera shoot a video, “Hey guys, guess what? I just made $100 online and I’m going to tell you how I did it.” I’m telling you that works great.

Igor: Yeah, you’re basically saying that the number one thing that keeps people away from making a lot of money is their belief that they actually do not deserve it.

Miles: Yeah, their flawed belief deep down inside that they don’t deserve success because a lot of us get beat up, me included. It happened. We get beat up by society. They are listening to the news too much, negativity, watching too much television or whatever, thinking that they’ll never break that cycle and break through and that in turn turns into well reason why I haven’t made this amount of money or I never will is because I don’t deserve it.

Igor: Yeah, you know, there is a lot of stuff like you should actually pick up a copy of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. But by far and away, I see more failures where people hold themselves back than anything else. Like a lot of people want to blame the external factors on their lack of success, they want to say it’s the guru’s fault, it’s the marketplace it’s saturated or it’s this guy who sold me something and he didn’t tell me how it works and it’s my up line that didn’t take me by the hand and lead me to the promise land and all that stuff. But the reality of it is do you even feel that you deserve it. Do you do everything that you’re supposed to do to claim that like there is nobody out there that can take your success away from you. There is nobody out there that can prevent you from getting rich that can prevent you from getting the accolades and the success that you desire but you. So that’s why I always encourage my listeners that if you’re not getting the results you want look within, don’t look out, look within yourself for the cause usually it is tied to some sort of limiting belief and then that stuff goes way back into your childhood. So anyway, Miles, what are you busy with right now? What are you up to? How can we learn more about you? How can we work with you? Please do share.

Miles: Man, I’m excited because I’m working on a project right now that I’ve been online now for about three years and it’s kind of like everything is coming to a head. I’ve been kind of grooming myself for this point. I’m involved with a program, a project right now, and it’s funny enough, it’s titled “Project Breakthrough”. I’m really, really excited about that for a number of reasons because just a snapshot, Igor. What it is, it’s a 14-day program and that’s the beautiful part. It’s quick. It’s a 14-day program that teaches people that have never ever ever made money online before, and there’s a lot of them out there, you know that. I mean I run into people, Igor, Igor – I run into people that have been online longer than me four or five years and they are good technical wise, they know how to build websites and all but they haven’t made their first $100 online. It blows my mind. This program is designed to teach people how to make their first dollar online and not just that once they do it, I see another problem with the industry sometimes people were able to do it but then they get stuck. They are not able to repeat it. They don’t even know how they made the money. But this program, it teaches people how to do it over again. In other words, you go through the program, you’ll clearly know how you made that money whatever it is, $10, $100, 500 bucks, you’ll know how you did it. Okay, we break it down. Then the third thing it does which is really, really cool, I just said it teaches people how to make that first buck online so people might be thinking out there it’s just for the beginners, Miles, I’ve been online, I’ve made a million bucks. No, it’s for veteran marketers too because what the program does it teaches you how to really scale and leverage your business. So again, you’re making I don’t know $100,000 a year, Igor wouldn’t you like to turn that into $200,000 or $300,000? So the program teaches you how to do that really scale your business up. I’m excited about that again it’s just a 14-day program and people are just having massive success. People who have struggled for years, they bought this program and they bought that program, they are going through “Project Breakthrough” right now and they are getting their breakthrough, they are making money. I’m really, really excited about that because right now the point of my career right now I know how to make money online but my focus really right now is helping other people do it and it’s cool to see people get those results because it kind of just spirals like once they get a result then they start believing, “Hey I think this works” and they make a little more money and they start gaining that confidence in themselves. As we just got done talking about that confidence turns you into a marketer, you start believing in yourself and when you start believing in yourself guess what other people do? They start believing in you too.

Igor: Nice. I like that. I love that. I love your – guys you just witnessed a sales page full with confidence, with tonality, I want you to rewind and listen to it again because that’s how you sell, damn it. So if you want to get more information about how you can join Miles and “Project Breakthrough” head over to and you will be able to find out more about “Project Breakthrough” and how you can link arms with Miles directly and Miles again thank you so much for not being just a great teacher but also for practicing what you preach, for showing up and being a role model for our listeners and again I appreciate you waking up so early to do this with me. Thank you so much.

Miles: Thank you. It was a pleasure. I enjoyed it.

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