The Big Fat LIE of Niche Marketing

Which one’s more profitable:

a) Niche market which isn’t showing much activity
with ton of room for new products?

b) Niche market which is gushing with products,
programs and offers already?

The answer might surprise you!


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another addition of list building life style. We have the man here with us, our mentor, our chief list builder Mr. Igor Kheifets what’s up brother?

Igor: Doing well Johnathon, hope you’re doing well as well, I hope our list builders are doing well too. It seemed I used the word well like 16 times in the last 20 seconds. What’s up with that? You know Johnathon I want to ask you a question for a change.

Jonathan: Okay.

Igor: So you started a bunch of business, some have failed, a lot of them have succeeded. So how do you go about choosing a market. How do you go about choosing the next project?

Jonathan: I didn’t know we were turning this around on me but what I have found and this goes back, I don’t know if the list builders know him or not but Gary Halbert is a great copywriter. He passed but I believe he’s got the Halbert letter online, maybe we’ll have to get a link but I was just checking out one of his popular newsletters and posed a challenge to the people reading it and he asked them if you were going to start a hamburger stand anywhere and you wanted one advantage to make your stand really just be head and shoulders above the competition what would you want? People had answers like the best beef, the best cooking, the best location. He’s like you can have anything, they were naming off things and he said I just need one thing and I promise you that if I have this one thing I will crush you. He probably didn’t use the word crush, that’s something we use now days but what was the one thing? He said the one thing he wanted was a starving crowd because it doesn’t matter how good your burgers are, where your location is. Any of that stuff doesn’t matter as long as you have a starving crowd. So this is what I look for now days when I’m building new businesses is do we have a starving crowd. That’s how I got into this podcast thing because there’s a starving crowd but that’s where I look for my advantage. Does that answer your question Egor?

Igor: Yeah absolutely. The thing about starving crowd is everybody knows there is a huge starving crowd of people who want to make money online this why a lot of people move into this market place in the first place. [3:00] the concern they have at the same time is too many competitors. How can you hit a market that’s already full of people a business that are offering the services and solutions you want to offer to the same marketplace? The one thing I can Jonathon and Igor say is that unless there are already a bunch of different people in business that are offering the same or similar solution to this marketplace there is no point in hitting that niche or area because there’s probably no money to be made in there. It’s like I live in Irod, Israel which is like a hick town but it’s on the way to the Dead Sea resorts. You can’t really get there unless you pass the town. So one of the sources of income for the town is tourist. The Dead Sea is very interesting because there’s only a few ways to make money on the Dead Sea and that is hotel business, restaurants, taking tourists on trips to Jerusalem and Dead Sea products. Each and every single one of these markets, the Dead Sea products, the transportation, the hotel business, the food business etc. they all have a ton of businesses competing for the same market share. Given that for the most part the people who come here are Russians and Germans with the special type of disease that’s being healed and then treated over here. The market is pretty small. It’s pretty much the same people coming in every single year. They come back all the time for treatments. Even with such a small marketplace there’s so many business competing in every single niche. The reason is because ton of money to be made here Jonathan. The only reason this business suffers right now is when Israel, is in a state of war. That’s pretty much it. Whenever there is no war which is two months out of the year they make a lot of money and there’s always new people getting into that space and everyone makes money. Personally I know seven people who make their money by taking tourists from the airport to the Dead Sea and back. That’s what they do, that’s all they do and they live in this hicktown. There’s always new people showing up doing the same thing and they all make a living. How is that possible?

Jonathan: Hungry market?

Igor: Absolutely. Hungry market coming here with a specific reason, with a specific agenda, on a specific mission it doesn’t matter. There’s plenty of money to be made for everyone. This brings me to a curious point of scarcity. A lot of people believe that the marketplace is extremely scarce. I’m not talking about the Dead Sea market at this point I’m talking about make money online space. For some reason Jonathon [6:00] I don’t know why but I get a lot of people who want to buy traffic from me. They’re genuinely concerned about marketplace saturation. I don’t know why but a lot of people have the idea there’s not enough highly qualified leads us to go around for everyone. For some reason the idea is that the marketplace is only half a million leads big and at the moment a new opportunity launches it will take less than a month before its saturated and ineffective and it won’t convert. I find it to be not true. There is a good point about something new launching to the marketplace and there is a buzz around it and so people make more sales because its brand new and unique but the fact of the matter is the marketplace is so huge not one single person can tap it out. I’ll tell you a secret that most people don’t know, and if you’re listening to this now consider yourself extremely lucky. Whenever we hit any marketplace we see a handful of major businesses or competitors being aggressively dominating the marketplace. So if it’s the make money online space you can probably bring all the guru’s together into a small room of 25 seats right John? Maybe a bit more maybe a bit less but that’s pretty much it. The fun part is all these guys are competing for about 10% of the market share at most.

Jonathan: All the same little bit?

Igor: Yeah they don’t really divide between themselves the entire marketplace. They fight for a percentage of a very small piece because they’re all advertising the same sources, use the same people, they try to climb over each other’s heads. It’s like there’s 10 people and each gets 1% market share out of the 100% and if they combine they get 10% with the 90% being untapped. That is why I never understood the issue or the concern people have about saturation. The moment an opportunity has been available for more than three months or something like that everyone’s genuinely concerned about it not converting anymore because the market is tapped out. You can’t tap out the huge marketplace in just 90 days. Not to mention it’s being replenished every single day. Every single day You get a ton of people lose jobs, a ton of people who are retiring, you’ve got a ton of people get bored and seek other means of making a living. There’s so many people coming into this market place every single day that even if you wanted you probably couldn’t saturate it. Even if it was free. Not to mention the most effective methods are paid and there’s only 5% of people who do paid advertising these days. [9:00] So that alone takes out 95% of potential competitors out of the game.

Jonathan: That is so interesting I didn’t realize people were competing for such a small share.

Igor: This what they think and that’s a good thing for guys like us who understand the principle of abundance, who understand money is not the end zone game. Who understand high quality leads are available in abundance. This is a great example someone has given to me a couple years ago. Most people look at the marketplace as a glass of water. If you drink a little bit from that glass of water, there’s less water in the glass until you can drink all of it and you have there’s no water in the glass but in reality the marketplace aint’ a glass. The marketplace is a fountain and its constantly gushing with new leads and new prospects and new opportunities and you can’t drink it away. You can be standing there drinking from a fountain until you die from over hydration. It’s going to keep gushing more water until someone turns it off I guess but I don’t see the industry being turned off any time soon. The internet is on an upward trajectory and the marketplace is growing every day so right now is the perfect time to be hitting.

Jonathan: With the smart phones and everybody getting on the internet more of the world is getting connected so it only makes sense that the market is growing and not just that its growing but people are in their first phase of this thing and there’s different levels all the way through you could be hitting.

Igor: Don’t get me started on the smart phone. My wife is like- She’s always on the phone she doesn’t know how to use the computer anymore. I ask her to do something and she’s doing it on her phone and I’m like why don’t you get a computer. I’m like we have 5 MAC’s, I’m a MAC addict, I’m an apple addict and you’re not using them. Why don’t you use the computer and she’s like I’m just used to use my phone. She would download documents on her phone, she would fill out forms on her phone, get a movie schedule on her phone, she would get everything on the phone and on one hand it’s so convenient and on the other hand its annoying because I’m a computer guy.

Jonathan: Me too actually I like my laptop.

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: So Igor what tips do you have for people when they’re looking into markets? What should they be looking for? What would you say are obvious things that would let them know the markets not saturated?

Igor: For one they’re looking for a market with a crowd. If they see lots and lots of activity on the marketplace, the forums are active that’s definitely a good sign. Second thing you’re looking for is a market that’s spending money if you get into a marketplace of same gaming. It’s going to be very hard for you to extract money [12:00] unless your selling videogames or your maybe taking advantage of an opportunity where they’re willing to pay something. You want to hit a hungry market and know for a fact buys things. How do you know they buy things? There’s probably a data that is accessible at least from the previous couple of years of that industry where you can see sales numbers for different companies and different products. So if you see there is money to be made. There’s one or two or three businesses that are making serious money you can now step in. I’m not sure if it’s good advice but you can also use your hunch when I got into the online market space. I was like if I’m looking for solutions and I’m willing to pay for them there’s probably a bunch of other people who are. That’s the only decision making process that went in my head at the time because I wasn’t experienced. Maybe I just got lucky. Who knows.

Jonathan: In your experience because you sell lots of solo ads and stuff like that. What are two or three hot markets you’re willing to share with our listeners?

Igor: It’s always a good idea to start your search from a broad perspective and go deeper into the marketplace. The broad perspective marketplaces you want to start with is make money online market, weight loss market, the forex market, and probably the personal development market. These are the four big markets that are gushing with customers. They’re evolving all the time. Once you choose the broad market for yourself then you can go deeper into that market and start paying attention to micro markets in that niche. If we’re talking about making money for example. you can be making money social media, you can be making money with MLM programs, you can be making money by blogging, you can be making money with Ecommerce sites, you could be making money with- I don’t know there’s a million ways you could be making money. Go deep into the micro market and this is where you settle. You don’t want to settle for a broad market, you always want to go micro.

JonathAn: Smart, good advice. Smaller gets you bigger profits, I always believe that. Anything else you want to say as we’re coming to a close here today?

Igor: Yeah, I want our list builders to wake up. Sometimes it’s frustrating to me to see people buy into these limitations so easily. They turn on the TV or they talk to a friend and the friend says like oh my business is tanking; my industry is dying. One person’s opinion becomes the truth and that’s it. [15:00] Your actions and your thoughts and your words are affected by it and before you know it you get discouraged and you don’t do anything to change your life. Develop a habit to buy easily into abundance thinking. The world is truly abundant and if you believe it you will take the proper action steps to tap these abundances and make your life abundant as well. Until that you will not find the motivation to push yourself to do something if you honestly believe that the marketplace is so scarce you don’t stand a chance.

Jonathan: Yeah, that’s true. I came from scarcity and when I started looking at how abundant the world really is. One of the things if you don’t mind me sharing a tip, a way to tap into this mindset is little exercise called the gratitude eservices. Just starting your day and ending your day with 2,3,4,5 things your grateful for your going to realize just how much stuff in your life there is to be grateful for and you’re going to notice that more overall and it gets you opened up to that abundance mindset.

Igor: That’s very good advice Jonathon thank you for sharing that. I’m not big on the law of attraction, at some point I realized it was just a very good sales letter. I do believe in gratitude because it allows you to truly appreciate everything in your life. Once your mindset shifts from being this complainer to becoming a person that pays attention to little things and appreciates the little things. All of a sudden the little things become big things and the big things become huge things and Life is just colorful. Before doing the gratitude exercises especially back in the day when I was consumed by scarcity growing up in an impoverished household. Life is kind of gray, just black and white. Once you start doing gratitude realize how much you’ve got to be grateful for, life just becomes colorful and you’re driven to create, you’re driven to excel and that changes everything about your attitude and your discipline and your ability to achieve.

Jonathan: Well said my friend. That is a wrap for list building life style number 20. We’ll be back next time. I don’t know when next time is. [Crosstalk] [18:00]

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